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ACOAM -Lup submits memorandum for preservation of Indigenous paddy Crop CHAKHAO

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Imphal, Dec 4,

ACOAM-Lup Kangleipak has submitted a memorandum to the aagriculture Minister today urging the government for preservation of Indigenous paddy Crop CHAKHAO AMUBI/CHAKHAO POIREITON.
The memorandum expressed serious concern over the needs for the production of pure CHAKHAO AMUBI and CHAKHAO POIREITON SEED under NATURAL SOIL. It stated that the production of pure CHAKHAO AMUBI and CHAKHAO POIREITON SEED under NATURAL SOIL has become utmost importance due to the INFLUX of different varieties of BLACK RICE in the NATIONAL as well as INTERNATIONAL market.
The ACOAM-Lup also urged the Department of Agriculture to take up concrete measure using all possible resources to produce Genetically pure CHAKHAO AMUBI and CHAKHAO POIREITON Seeds using Natural Soil.
Drawing the attention of the agri Minister  the ACOAM- Lup Kangleipak purpose that the production of Genetically Pure CHAKHAO AMUBI and CHAKHAO POIREITON be taken up at the esteemed RICE RESEARCH CENTER WANGBAL of the State Agriculture Department.
The memorandum further added that the Variety of Manipuri Black Rice CHAKHAO AMUBI AND CHAKHAO POIREITON which is being cultivated only in the Geographical area of Manipur must be registered at the GEOGRAPHICAL INDICATION Registry for Better categorization in National and International Market.
The memorandum also stated that CHAKHAO AMUBI and CHAKHAO POIREITON must not be exported until and unless Genetically pure SEEDS has been produced and made available to our farmers and Registration of Geographical Index for protection of Property Rights.
The memorandum further said the state of Manipur has been hub to varieties of high value nutritional crops which has been grown since time immemorial which also makes the profession of Agriculture one of the most important occupation. Manipur is one of the most fertile sub-tropical rainfed farming zones of Asia. In fact, history of rice cultivation in Manipur state is as old as 6,000 years .Rice is the staple food for the people of both hill and plain areas of the state. Shifting cultivation in the hills and transplantation of nurseries in the low land valley areas are the traditional methods of conservation and production of rice in Manipur since times immemorial. Out of the numerous variety of rice cultivated in Manipur CHAKHAO AMUBI and CHAKHAO POIREITON has gained popularity throughout the world due to its Nutritional value and Anthocyanin content which is a valued Cancer fighting agent.
It further added that the Government of India through the Ministry of Agriculture has provided huge investment under Mission Organic and Value Chain Development for production and preservation  of CHAKHAO AMUBI and CHAKHAO POIREITON.
It said under the MOVCD more than 2000 Hectare of Agricultural land is under cultivation using organic methodology to maintain the natural Aroma, Flavour & Nutritional value of CHAKHAO AMUBI and CHAKHAO POIREITON. And the perplexity of using pure certified seed while growing CHAKHAO AMUBI and CHAKHAO POIREITON  under MOVCD has become a major hurdle in marketing of CHAKHAO AMUBI and CHAKHAO POIREITON because of the mixed production on maturity of crop.

Rinku Khumukcham

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