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Series of Killing of Livestock is the impact of Destroying Natural Environment in the name of Developmental Projects –Eco Network

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Imphal, Dec 1,

A statement by the Environment Conservation Network (Eco Network) today stated that the the series of attack on the livestock is the major impact of degrading the natural environment in the name of Developmental Project.
“As we can see large number of forest are deforested for the construction of Power Grid Lines, Railway Lines, Road Expansion, Construction of Mega Dams, natural resources exploration, etc, as a result the habitation of wildlife is seriously impacted and its natural food chain”, the statement said.
The statement also shows concern about the loss of livestock and appealed the government of Manipur to conduct a survey on how many livestock have been lost and to compensate the farmers.
The statement said that target to the domestic animal by the wild animals is an impact of the greediness of the Human Activities by destroying their natural forest where the wild animals are dependent upon are often destroyed in the name of developments or for the developmental projects.
The Eco Network statement appealed the people and the government of Manipur to restore the forest which were destroyed in the name of development. It also appealed the Government of Manipur and the people not to destroy the forest so as not to experience the present ongoing experience again in the future.

Rinku Khumukcham

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