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CorCom to observe 7th Anniversary tomorrow

IT News
Imphal July 7,

Conglomerate of rebel groups operating in the region Coordination Committee (CorCom) pays revolutionary salute to the departed souls who had laid down during the revolutionary struggle on occasion of its 7th anniversary which falls on July 8.
A statement issued by the chairman I. Chaoren also expressed gratitude to the people who are affected by the revolutionary movement for their endurance support to the movement.
The statement said that the Indian system of Democracy has pushed the CorCom’s idea of living to the point of armed violence that the outfit stands for, the statement specified while claiming that the CorCom’s concept of life has devolved in the way the outfit finds in common living in CorCom’s concomitants in Manipur (Kangleipak) for which the outfit holds responsible the Democratic system in India.
Some groups of Citizenry do not like the CorCom outfit and blame the CorCom of infringing on public rights available to such groups of people. The CorCom has not made any inroads into other systems of governance in lands belonging to other countries but the CorCom demand for CorCom’s land remains, the CorCom stated. Rejecting any sort of interpretation of the CorCom demand for Manipur (Kangleipak) in the statement the CorCom stated that as far as CorCom could see the armed outfit is not wrong, reiterating the complaint that the outfit’s armed violence started only after the Indian Democracy denied the CorCom the land the armed outfit has claimed all rights over.
Any Political dialogue is not proper on the CorCom demand, the CorCom stated while further quoting former Chief Minister Rishang Keishing stating that the ‘matter was to be addressed to the Indian government, not the State government’. The CorCom also stated that Politicians in the state have proved to be abject failures and all political dialogues or Agreements had rejected the CorCom demand and the CorCom demand has been deemed unfit for a consideration.
Former External Affairs Minister and former President Pranab Mukherjee’s statement that conforming to the Constitution of India was the decision of the Indian government for all matters, the CorCom specifically stated that BJP leader LK Advani had rejected any conditional or unconditional peace talks.

Maheshwar Gurumayum

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