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PREPAK to observe 5th Indian Colonialism Resist Day

Imphal, April 25,

Armed rebel group People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) said that the outfit is observing 5th Indian Colonial Resist Day tomorrow the 26th April, 2018.
A press statement of the armed rebel group said that the day is being observed against the various form of atrocities, harassment, killings by the Indian armed force for years. For 69 years after the region has been occupied the colonial force has be suppressing the people of the region and the PREPAK stands to break the chain of colonialism to make a sovereign, self ruled, self sustain develop and socialist state.

Base on the colonisation and militarisation, the Indian imperialism has directly or indirectly giving impact to the live of the people of the region. PREPAK expressed shocked over the present condition of the people which is at the verge of extinction of the Kanglei society. The present regime has been trying to make the wrong as truth and the continuing process now make the people – an extreme hardship live. The imperialist regime in the name of democracy has been applying cultural assimilation theories, dilution theories of national identities in education curriculum by challenging the national values and social values of the people of the region. The statement also pointed out that the education force to student to learn the history, politics of the mainland depriving the history and politics of the region. PREPAK terms this process as a long term plant of the colonial India to build up spiritual ties with the people of the region.
The statement of the PREPAK said that if the people of both hill and plain people stands united and fight together, the lost sovereignty of the region can be restored.
The PREPAK statement said that one of the example of Indian force excess to the people of the region is the April 26 incident of 1980 at Patsoi Langjing Khunou . It said, on that day at around 9.30 am Red Army of the PREPAK killed 2 CRPF soldier and injured another. 2 3not3 Riffles were recovered from them by the Red army. As revenge to the attacked, the CRPF personnel station at Langjing killed 5 innocent civilians including a pregnant lady from the surrounding villages. Many villagers including aged people, women and children were tortured harassed by the CRPF personnel. To let the heinous crime against humanity committed by the CRPF remembered by the people as well as to make the people of the world known about such inhuman activities of the Indian Force, the PREPAK has been observing the day as Indian Colonialism Resist Day, the statement said.

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