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Reality of Govt. Schools: Assurance for improvement skeptical as mismanagement put a High School without benches and desk

Imphal, March 12: Education Minister Th. Radheshyam assurances to improve the status of government schools turn out to be a mere joke as authorities of the Education (S) department put a high school which have 150 students without benches and desk.
The benches and desks of  Thamchet High School, Nongmeibung Pung Mathak, Imphal East were taken by an order of the ZEO , Zone 2 for utilization at other exam centers for the ongoing class X and Class XII examination.
“With no desks and benches, we fear of losing students from enrolling in the school”, N. Beni , Former Principle, Thamchet High School, Nongmeibung Pung Mathak, said during an award distribution of the school annual sports meet yesterday.
N Beni said that though Thamchet High School is a government school, using the school property for 10 and 12 exam purpose at other center under zone-2 by ZEO while the classes of the school is on the run is very unfortunate.
“Somehow, school managing committee is proving the needed infrastructure for the students from the nearby coaching centre which the government fails to notice”, she added.
Beni also said that Thamchet High School use to have more than 150 students while it was as Junior High School but with the government upgrading the school into Senior High School, more than 60 % of students enrolment in the school have decline leaving only 66 students since the school began resuming from 2015 after three years gape due to full renovation of the school building.

Due to the three years gape, many of the students have enrolled at other school which is very disappointing for the Thamchet High School and currently school property utilized for 10-12 exam hurts the school environment and the students who came to learn something new from the schools, she added.
Beni further said that while the school is facing infrastructure problems, there is shortest of teachers for each subjects.
Though the Thamchet High School is already upgraded to Senior High School (Class 1 to 10), it has 21 teachers, 5 of them are utilized teachers and atleast 10 RAMSA teachers among the 21 teachers are posted at the school while there is no teacher posted for home science as well as for Social Science with no primary teacher which the current teachers are managing on their own, so far, she added.
Being a government school, the concern authority should give more emphasis on the government run schools in the state rather than keeping it for namesake and at the end left to diminish on its own. If proper infrastructures can be provided no government school will fail in the state, N. Beni asserts.
Thamchet High School was established in the year 1965 from Lower Primary which is now a Senior High School.

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