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Lack of proper infrastructures irk Jiribam locals; Journalists, Civil Society leaders of Jiribam district urge authority for opening of dist. DIO office, DRDO and Transport office

Jiribam, Jan 18: Journalists working at various media houses of the state from Jiribam have urged the concern government authority for opening of at least a District Information office (DIO) for the district while representatives of the Civil Society organization wanted the government to establish a DRDO and Transport office in the district at the earliest possible time.
Speaking on the 2nd day of the 13th annual conference of the All Jiribam Working Journalists’ Union (AJWJU) at PWD Guest House Jiribam recently, Dr. Ch. Kamal , Retd. Assistant Professor said that even though the Jiribam Sub Division has been upgraded to a full-fledged administrative district on the midnight of December 8, 2016, people still face inconveniences as the state government is yet to establish various infrastructures for the district.
“We understand the problems being faced by the government, but they should at least open a Transport Office and the DRDO office for the district”, Dr. Kamal said while speaking on the occasion.
He further added that Jiribam is 210 kilometer from Imphal the problem that were face by the public for transport department matters and also for development matter still continue as the district is yet to have a District Transport Office as well as the DRDO. There are many still yet to be opened but the urgent necessities should be open in the interest of the people.

Ng. Bishwajit, President of the All Jiribam Working Journalists Union (AJWJU) said that journalists working in the region faced many problems as there is no district information office for Jiribam. Every problems faced by the Journalists from the newly created district which is related with the media have to be depended at Imphal which is about a day journey as the condition of the 210 Kilometer stretch road is still yet to be improved.
Government is working hard for improvement of the Jiribam-Imphal road stretch but many portions are still yet to be improved. At present where there is no rain, it still takes nearly 8 hours for passenger vehicles to reach Imphal from Jiribam. Sometimes it is even more as the vehicles have to be stranded due to repairing works of Barak Bailey Bridge and others.
“If the road construction works being underway at Makru area is not completed before rainy season nothing is going to be changed even though it has been upgraded to district status”, M. Hemanta, Ex-President of Jiribam Development Organisation said.
On the other hand N. Dhamendra, General Secretary of All Jiribam United Club Association said that the state government should wait for another agitation for demanding of the require infrastructure of a district. He said the concern govt. authority should establish all the require infrastructure that a district ought to have, else there is no use for upgradation of Jirbam to a full-fledged district.

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