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MLAs of Manipur Legislative Assembly enjoy over Rs 1,14,000/- as monthly salary and allowances; have over 700 staffs

IT News
Imphal, Dec 13: Members of the Manipur Legislative Assembly enjoyed a sume of Rs. 1,14,000/- as salary cum allowances in month. In addition to this once a person is elected as member of state Legislative Assembly he or she is entitled to get a sum of Rs. 15 lakhs as loan, which is exempted in case he expired. As per official source a member is also entitled a yearly allowance of Rs. 2 lakhs every year for travel anywhere in the country. In case a member travel abroad a maximum ceiling of rupees 3,50,000 is sanction as travel allowances.
Besides, this an MLA also gets 700 litres of petrol, 3000 litres of SK oil  plus a sum of rupees 4,500/- as electricity bill. Quarters for accommodations are free for all MLAs. Every MLAs are also entitled to appoint one Computer Assistant and one Personal Assistant, each on a par with the monthly pay and allowances admissible at the minimum of the pay scale of a Lower Division Clerk, and also two drivers and one peon on par with the monthly pay and allowances admissible at the minimum of the pay of a driver and Peon of State Legislative secretariat. This pay and allowances of staffs are born by the state Legislative Assembly. Vehicles for the MLAs are also provided by the state Legislative Assembly.  
These do not include the local area development fund allotted to each MLAs for development of their respective constituencies.

On the other hand, total staffs of Manipur legislative Assembly, which has 60 members, has now cross 700, an official source said. The source said that even after knowing the excess staffs in the state Assembly some more post are also being created and recruitment advertisement are seen in some specific newspapers in the state.
Source added that the State Assemblies of Meghalaya and Tripura have not cross 500  staffs though these States and Manipur have the same number of MLAs.
The source further added that the smallest post such as peon gets salary of not less than Rs. 20,000 when those in the class 1 officer level reached nearly 1 lakhs.


  • Fr LM Mario
    Fr LM Mario Wednesday, 13 December 2017 21:24 Comment Link

    We wondered that's why those crezy Matric failed or attempted puc or ba r ambitioning to become MLA n when he do becomes he builds mansion palace within six months; and start again compaining for the next election with that left over amount....
    Is that much amount worth of his standard not to speak of his responsibility to people; his creative finding of developmental projects in his constituency ... it's too much.
    Let him be paid excluding other allowances Rs 30000/ pm enough.
    And paid or sanctioned adequately according to the nature of projects he presents, and more.

    G B SHARMA Wednesday, 13 December 2017 18:13 Comment Link

    Why should so much taxpayers'money be spent on these...

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