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Chemical used in Agri products: Pesticide residues are detected in human breast milk - Dr. Pramodkumar

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Imphal, Dec 5: Excessive use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides in the agricultural and horticulture corps has cause various affect to human health. Believe it or not Pesticides residues are detected in human breast milk.
This was stated by Dr. Pramodkumar, a renowned Public health advocate during a one day media interaction programme organised by Green Foundation at Manipur Press Club today on occasion of World Soil Day observance.
Green foundation is a non-government organisation which is working for promotion of organic farming in the state.
Elaborating on the need for promotion of organic farming in the state Dr. Pramodkumar further highlighted the various negative health effects that are associated with the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture and horticulture crops production.
“The excessive use of chemicals in agriculture and horticulture crops has now shorten the life span of human being. It cause various diseases associated with Dermatological, Gastrointestinal like Celiac, non-alcohlic fatty liver disease etc, Neurological such as Alzheimer, Parkisons etc, Carcinogenic effect, respiratory disease like Asthma, Reproductive , endocrine  and may even cause damage to DNA”, Dr. Pramod said.

Dr. Pramodkumar further added that the kind of food we consume today has cause serious health effect that when compare with those people who live 30 years ago, adult today are suffering from obesity, Children and adolescence are three times overweight and now some cases of Paediatric diabetes had been detected to some children.
Farmers in Manipur today have started organic farming understanding its importance. 3 years back that is in 2014, villagers in Italian Village mall near Austrian and Swiss Border  70% of the people had voted against the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticide in agricultural land, he added.
Dr. V. Pandey, Scientist in the Regional Centre of organic farming, Imphal said that  best way to improve the health condition of the people is to encourage organic farming.  Dr. Pandey also highlighted on the certification of organic products that are to be consumed in the state and that are supposed to be exported from the state.
Hitoshi Yokota, International Agricultural Consultant from Japan who has been working in India for promotion of organic farming highlighted how soil can be made more fertile using organic manure and other means.
Editor of Huiyen Lanpao, Hemanta Ningomba, U Himmat of Green Foundation, Dr. Ksh. Bimolata, Asst. Prof. Of Ideal College and K. Devdutta Sharma were also attended as resource persons in the session. Promot moderated the interaction session.    

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