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Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 15+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents.

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Mentally challenged lady murdered after being raped


A 35-year-old mentally retarded woman was found murdered after signed of raped today morning at Kongba Leikol, Imphal West. The victim has been identified as Th Premila (35), d/o Jateshwor of Mana Engkhol. Family members said that she had gone to attend Laiharaoba at Mana Engkhol yesterday evening 5.30. Seeing her physical conditions, it is believed that she had been murdered after forcefully harassed and looted her modesty. Her cloth was found in a disturb manner and was found to have been hit at her head by some hard object. A bamboo log was found besides the lifeless body.


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A lesson learnt from Alam’s released

The political conundrum over the ruckus in parliament to the released of alleged Kashmiri separatist has unveiled series of question regarding the jurisdiction of Indian legislative and judiciary. The Indian judiciary which is bound by the constitution of the country has absolute power and it has been clearly mention that legislatures have no jurisdiction over it.
Masarat Alam’s released was purely done based on the due process of laws. He was detained under draconian act the People Safety Act (PSA) and was released as no charged could be framed against him. The Public Safety Act allows authorities in Jammu and Kashmir to detain people in order to “prevent” them from acting in a manner that could affect public order. The law allows authorities to detain someone for 12 months without trial that can be extended to 2 years based on their behaviour and the potential threat to public order that they pose.
Surprisingly the ruckus in the parliament yesterday was not about the legitimacy of this draconian Act which detained a person for years for no crime he had committed, but it was about blame game among political parties. The motives of the parliamentarians on the opposition benches was not about treatment of Jammu and Kashmir brothers and sisters as the legitimate citizen of the country but it was rather about the failure to suppress the people of the state.

Another thing that matters is – whether a section of media are permitted to call a citizen ‘Traitor’. News Channel Times Now had termed Masarat Alam as a traitor. How could such a responsible news channel term a citizen who has not been convicted by the court of the land as traitors? Masarat Alam may have been hated by many Indians but is a hero for many Kashmiri brothers. Media should not exercise their power to mislead people through their agenda theory.
The conjunction to the episode rising over the released of Masarat Alam and the people living in the North Eastern states of India, particularly in Manipur is that, people here too is blessed with the same fate.  Pro- separatist Masarat Alam has rightly pointed out that change of political parties has nothing to do with the aspiration of the people. None of the political parties which had made countless promises for repeal of draconian act Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act during election campaign has ever fulfilled it after coming to powers. With the kind of suppressive legislations Indian is treating its people into two class of citizenship – one , a first class citizen and two, a second class citizen. Those in the power need to rethink it.

3 AR injured in ZUF’s ambush

At least three personnel of 8 Assam Rifles troopers were wounded when cadres of proscribed group Zeliangrong United front (ZUF) ambush a convoy near A Haochong Village in Tamenglong district at around 8.30 am today morning. Report reaching here said that heavily armed militants suspected to be cadres of ZUP attacked a convoy of 8 AR troopers who were on road patrol duty using grenade, IED and other sophisticated weapon. The AR troopers too retaliated however, the militants fled soon after striking to them. Source said that the militants exploded three IEDs during the ambush. The three AR personnel were immediately rushed to 183 Military Hospital at Leimakhong. Among those injured Rifleman Puia (27) was wounded by splinters of bomb at his left arm and left thigh, Chirmani Jamatia (32) another rifleman was hit by splinters at his right arm and Rajiv Kumar (29) sustain injury at his right thigh. Additional force of AR along with state police has been reinforced at the area and search operation was conducted at Haochong area till late hours today.

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More suspected swine flu case reported; panic stricken civilians rushes for protective masks

More people are seen rushing to pharmacies to buy protective mask, as more suspected cases of swine flu are reported in hospitals at Imphal. After a 35-year-old woman from Imphal East had been tested positive for swine flu, three more persons showing symptoms of the disease have been hospitalized at various hospitals including one at RIMS. Tension was seen running high at the hospital premises as a suspected case was admitted today morning. The person has been kept at isolated ward of RIMS hospital.
The first H1N1 confirmed victim is undergoing treatment at an isolation ward of Shija Hospitals and Research Institute. She was admitted to the hospital on February 27 and investigation report of her throat swab tested positive for swine flu later.
That was the first swine flu case in Manipur and the third in the Northeast after Mizoram and Nagaland.
The hospital’s managing director Kh Palin said the second person showing swine flu-like symptoms was admitted on Friday and her throat swab was sent for laboratory testing on Sunday morning. He added the third patient, an 11-year-old girl, was admitted on Sunday morning. “The state health authorities have provided all required materials, including medicines and protective gears, for our hospital staff who are dealing with the patients,” said Palin.
A few days ago, state health officials had sent the throat swab of a man from Nambol in Bishnupur district, who showed swine flu-like symptoms, for testing to Mumbai.
Though the department is yet to receive the report, the condition of the man, who is staying at his residence in isolation, is better, sources said.
The state government has opened isolation wards at the state-run Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Sciences and centre-run Regional Institute of Medical Sciences here. Surveillance cells that have been opened in all nine districts of the state are functioning properly.

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