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Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 15+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents.

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Indo-NSCN-IM deal HM says disclosure of the details of Naga Political Negotiations ‘Premature and Prejudicial’

IT News

Imphal, July 16,

Even after twenty two years of political dialogue, the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (Issac Muivah) group and the Government of India is yet to reach an agreement where the issues can be amicably settled.

Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, G. Kishan Reddy said that any disclosure to the details of the Frame Work agreement signed between the Government of India and the NSCN-IM on August 2015 will be premature and prejudicial to the final settlement.

The Union Minister of State for Home Affairs in a written reply to a star questioned by MP Manish Tiwari during the Parliament session today, however said that the Naga Political Negotiations are in advance stage.

In his question, Manish Tiwari sought the details of the Framework agreement signed by the Government of India with the Naga Underground groups in August 2015 along with the complete text of the said agreement, he also sought information from the Union Home Minister of State if the government is ready to consider a Naga Flag for a Pan-Naga Cultural body and term the final agreement as the “Naga Constitution” as reported in Section of Press on March 5, 2019.

The Union Home Minister did not answer the question on whether there will be a separate flag and constitution for the Pan Naga Cultural body but answered in a shrewd manner saying that disclosure of the details will be premature and prejudicial to the final settlement.

This means the eight point agreement signed between the NSCN-IM and the Government of India as reported in this newspaper time and again since the signing of the Framework Agreement in August 3 , 2015 and which was later carried by other newspaper has not been rule out.

As per this newspapers’ report the agreement signed between the GOI and the NSCN-IM are
1. A separate constitution for Nagaland.
2. Separate Flag
3. Separate Naga passport
4. Permanent UN Representative

5. Joint Foreign Affairs
 6. Joint Defence/Military
 7. Use of Currency Rupees (Right to use Naga Currency) and ,
8. Pan Naga Government to cover all Naga inhabited Areas.

As the Union Home Minister of state did not say that the reports are false it is likely that the Framework Agreement contains the eight points.

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Is the government harbouring hooligan?

Police still fails to take action against culprits involved in life attempt to human rights defenders’ daughter

IT News

Imphal, July 16,

Twelve days has gone, Police still fails to arrest those hooligans who attempted to kill [email protected],  the daughter of renowned Human Rights Defenders U. Nobokishor and M. Sobita, by shooting at her with guns right in front of her house.

Thoibi was attempted to murder by 6/7 persons coming in a Gypsy vehicle by shooting at her with a small arms in front of her house at Boroi Makhong , Kha Naorem Leikai under Singjamei Police Station on the evening of July 4.

Various Human Rights bodies had condemned the heinous crime and demanded action against those culprits.

A meeting of the Human Rights Defenders held at Manipur Press Club this week had vehemently condemn the incident and had urged the state government to take up prompt action against those hooligans, but no action has been initiated to arrest those culprits who roam in the streets of Imphal with deadly guns in Gypsy vehicles. Is the government harbouring those hooligans to eliminate and intimidate the Human Rights Defenders, Mrs. N. Jeevanmala, President of the United NGO Mission said to Imphal Times.

“Is the state intelligence agency too weak or is the government intentionally setting free those hooligans so that families of Human Rights Defenders can be attacked any time?”, Jeevanmala said.

Meanwhile, Khwairamband Keithel Street Vendors while condemning the gun attack to the daughter of Human Rights Defenders [email protected] staged a protest demonstration at Khwai Brahmapur Club today at 11:00 am.

Moirangthem Bina, President Khwairamband Keithel Lambi Mataida Potpham Phambi Lup ,condemning the frequent attack on Human Rights Defenders and its family members by unknown gunmen and urged the government to book the perpetrators at the earliest and urged the unknown persons to stop all kind of activities that threatened the life of Common people and especially women & children .


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The political conundrum

The recent development in the N. Biren Singh lead BJP government is a serious issue. Every concern citizen of the state need to stay alert and should be ready to give constructive criticism to the present fiasco.
For the first time in the two and half year old BJP led government, the people of the state has been witnessing a political drama at which an MLA of the ruling BJP attacked to a partner LJP MLA who is holding ministerial berth ( CAF & PD) demanding NFSA rice share for the people of his constituency.
The Chief Minister’s silence to the present blame game between an MLA of his party and a Minister in his government which is from another political party speaks volumes. Every politically conscious citizen are eager to know the reason for the ongoing war of words between the two representatives of the people.
Yes, the MLAs who wanted to change the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh, seems to be tight with their stand. As reported in some newspapers base on the source from the dissident MLAs they are not going to give up until the N. Biren Singh has been removed from the post of the Chief Minister.
By now as the crisis appeared in the public domain, it is difficult that they played and make the public a fools. They cannot hide that there is a cold war going on for power among the BJP MLAs. No matter how the people of the state suffer due to scarcity of water they are still fighting to get their goal. The paddy field which are supposed to start cultivation remain dry and the MLA waging war for change of the Chief Minister still stay at New Delhi enjoying five star life.
On the other hand the weakness of the chief Minister in bringing a solution to this matter is also another unfortunate for the people of the state. His remark regarding the uproar of the BJP MLAs as a family matter and telling the people that the problem will be settled soon is more like saying that “my father is not hiding under the bed”. Being the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh might have known the consequences of differences among MLAs of his party.

He had seen and witnessed some of the past government in the state crumbled due to disunity among the MLAs. So, why Chief Minister N. Biren Singh is not exercising any power to summoned all the BJP MLAs to talk over the matter for sorting out the difference?
Waiting for high command directives to solve the matter of his MLAs is a sign of incompetency. Moreover, the promises for the good governance at the time when he was sworn in as the Chief Minister is appeared to be another joke to the people as none of them can be converted into action due to the present political fiasco. Even the enquiry committee he had set up for withdrawal of Money in the PWD has been put to silence.  His announcement for reshuffle of the cabinet still could not be converted into action.
Amidst this, the show cause notice sent to the 7 Congress MLAs who had supported the BJP government by the speaker of the Manipur Legislative Assembly seems to be adding salt to the wound.
It is alright when MLAs of political parties argued, quarrel and criticized each other if it is for the welfare of the people. But the differences among the BJP MLAs and their demand for change of N. Biren Singf from the post of Chief Minister is rather a war for power.
What worried the people is that if the kind of fight continues then the Center may not left with no other option but to impose President Rule in the state by keeping the state assembly under animated suspension. They may try to solve the crisis within 6 month and in view of the crisis there seems no way for a solution. That is the time that the state assembly will be dissolved and fresh election may held.
A waste of time, money and career of the students. And who knows some of the dissident don’t return back if a fresh election is conducted.

The political crisis sidelines peoples problems

The tussle for power amongst the BJP MLAs of Manipur is increasingly threatening to slow down the already trudging pace of progress in the state. The tussle which the central leaders don’t seem to take interest is now over 30 plus days and the simmering enmity is now putting halt to almost all works which are supposed to be taken up by the government in consultation with the MLAs of various assembly constituencies – as farmers are in urgent need of government support.
Hardening the situation is the blame game between Khurai Assembly Constituency MLA L. Sishindro and CAF and PD Minister Karam Shyam. Who is right or who is wrong is known by every officials of the CAF and PD including the concern Minister himself. It is natural that the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh might have all knowledge of what has been going on between the two representatives of the people. Perhaps the Chief Minister could have called the two and could have easily shorted out as both the MLA and the Minister are under him. However, due to the ongoing blame political crisis ignited by the BJP dissident MLAs, the Chief seems helpless and is remaining silent.    
Well, while the gripe of the MLAs are understandable, their future prospects and political advancements depends on the present move, without giving a second though that the stubbornness of the dissidents may invite president rule in the state.

What is at stake is not just the position and the power, but the accompanying financial benefits and responsibilities which have sadly come to be viewed more as personal sanctions to be used as per their whims and fancies. The plethora of problems staring the State Government in the eye is on the brink of being sidelined, while the assembly session which is scheduled to begin in a couple of days is in danger of being disrupted. It goes without saying that the assembly session, which is held to discuss and deliberate on the development activities being carried out in the state, to draw up future course of action and also to review works and progress of the government will have to bear the brunt of the misunderstanding, and subsequently the state stands to suffer. Notwithstanding the politicking that goes on behind closed doors, from the point of view of a common man, there is a perceptible sense of the Chief Minister starting to lose his grip on the control as manifested in the haphazard activities being drawn up which has been evoking responses contrary to expectations. There has not been a proper and strict allocation of responsibilities, nor have there been the necessary steps of admonishing concerned ministers who have failed to deliver on the tasks assigned to them.
The protracted issues of non performing departments failing to furnish utilization certificates for projects for which huge amounts have been sanctioned have continued to plague the state, and yet there still lacks any visible signs of efforts to rectify the issues. The process of periodically evaluating the performance of the ministers and officials should be made a part of the governance process. Building up a transparent system of governance is the only way to go, and for that to happen, those in power should take the initiative and lead by example. We should shed the divisive mentality and embrace inclusive progress. The people have the right and the prerogative to understand the workings of the government. Keeping a psychological and physical boundary between the ruler and the ruled can work for only so long. The real power of these rulers lies with the people, and to try and sideline the issues that are troubling the public is bound to backfire, sooner or later.