Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 25+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents. Rinku can be contacted at [email protected] 

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IT News
Imphal, July 24:

All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union (AMWJU) today paid floral tribute to Imphal Times staff reporter Lairenjam Bijen Singh who succumbed to Covid -19 on July 23. A 2 minutes silence was also observed as a mark of respect to the departed soul before paying floral tribute to the Covid-19 victim Bijen Lairenjam. So far the state has lost 4 journalists due to Covid -19.
The first state journalist who succumbed to Covid-19 was S. Hemanta. Saikhom Shantikumar and Thotsang Shaiza were the two other journalists from the state.
Minister for Information and Public Relation Th. Biswajit condoled the untimely demise of Lairenjam Bijen Singh, Staff Reporter of Imphal Times on July 23, at RIMS due to COVID-19.
Lairenjam Bijen Singh, son of Lairenjam Muhindro Singh of Sagolband Tera Sapam Leirak, Imphal West is survived by his wife and daughter.
“His death has left a void that would be difficult to fill and is a loss to the media fraternity of Manipur. I offer my humble and heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family, friends and associates”, the IPR Minister said in his condolence message.
The All Jiribam Working Journalists’ Union also condoled the untimely demise of Lairenjam Bijen Singh.
The staff and management of Imphal Times express our deep regret and offer our heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family of our beloved friend Late Lairenjam Bijen Singh, who had been contributing to the cause of Imphal Times in various capacities as Staff Reporter, Illustrator, and Designer
Lairenjam Bijen Singh, Son of Lairenjam Muhindro Singh of Sagolband Tera Sapam Leirak was born in 5/8/1976. He is survived by his wife Leirenjam Ongbi Sangeeta Devi and daughter L. Chelsia Devi, currently studying Class XII. He joined Imphal Times as a Designer cum Reporter in 2016. He was instrumental in bringing out “Meeyamgi Khollao”, a discussion aired on Youtube by Imphal Times.
He was hospitalised on July 18, 2021 at around 4.30.pm at RIMS and was tested positive for Covid-19. He was shifted to the Trauma center the next day and expired at around 9.49 pm yesterday.
May His Soul Rest in Peace.

Saturday, 24 July 2021 19:15

Gurupurnima Celebrates Devotion and Love

- His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

What is the significance of Gurupurnima?

Gurupurnima is called the day of the Master. Actually, it is the day of the devotee. As a student you probably went to primary, middle and senior school. You collected information; you learned about the mind, about computers, mathematics, how two plus one is three. A student collects information. Information, however, is not knowledge; it is not wisdom.
Then there is the disciple who follows the example of the Master. But a disciple is with the Master to imbibe wisdom to help improve his life, for the sake of attaining enlightenment. He has a purpose, a cause, so he is not just collecting information. He goes a little deeper. He is trying to bring about transformation in his life. He wants to make sense of his life. That is a disciple. A disciple is still centred on himself, so he grows gradually and one day might get enlightened.
Then, there is the devotee. A devotee is not there for wisdom only. He is simply rejoicing in love. He has fallen deeply in love with the Master, with Infinity, with God. He doesn’t care as to whether he gets enlightened or not. He doesn’t care as to whether he acquires a lot of wisdom or not because every moment he is immersed in divine love: That is enough for him. A devotee is difficult to find. Students, there are in abundance, disciples are a few, but devotees are rare.
Everything is God, who is present in everything, so it is great to become a devotee. Do you see this? Everything, whether you want it or not, is already God, but when love and devotion has flowered in you totally, you become a devotee. Attraction is everywhere, love is somewhere, but devotion is rare. Devotion is beautiful. A student comes to the Master with tears in his eyes. There is so much pain and when he leaves, he is carrying the same tears, but the quality of the tears is different, they are of gratitude, of love. Entire creation is longing for only one thing, the transformation from salty tears to sweet tears.
The Buddha’s disciple Sariputra, got enlightened. The Buddha told him, “Now go ahead, go into the world and preach, teach and do the same work I do. Carry on my work”. Now Sariputra left, but he was crying and people asked him, “Why are you crying when you are enlightened?” He said, “Who cares about enlightenment, it could have waited, I would have waited. I didn’t even bother about it or ask for it because the joy of being at the feet of the Buddha was so great. Being a devotee was so great, now I am missing it. I would have preferred that to enlightenment”.
When Krishna was leaving his body, he spoke to his friend Uddhava with tears in his eyes. “These Gopis are so beautiful and I cannot bear the amount of devotion they have for me. Go and tell my devotees that only they can free me of their gratitude and of their love”. He rejoices, “Go tell them that where my devotees sing, I am right there”.
Love is something that even the Divine rejoices in. Infinity longs for you as much as you long for it. It is waiting to receive you. God is as anxious as you are to be close. So when a devotee flowers on this planet, God is happy. That is why Gurupurnima is the day of the devotee.

Saturday, 24 July 2021 19:14

Personality And Behavior Assessments

By - Kaustov Kashyap

Use of personality and behavior assessments has been in existence from 1920. They were primarily used to facilitate recruitment in the armed forces and screening for mental illness. MBTI, MMPI, 16 PF and various tests based on the big – five models have been used extensively for a range of purposes. It is interesting to follow its evolution in response to changing work environments.In the journey of an employee, personality and behavior assessments play an important role at crucial stages. Employee development, happiness, health, and work–life balance now receive serious attention along with a marked emphasis on employee productivity. A major catalyst to this wide application of personality / behavior assessments has been technological advances, trends in the modern workplace including increased globalization, virtual work, and technology-enabled platforms that drive recruitment, selection, and training.
The specific advantages of using behavioral assessments in organizations:
· Personality and behavior assessments are extensively used at entry level hiring. After the initial round of abilities assessment, which most of the test takers are learning to master, behavioral assessments are becoming a critical factor for selection.
· Every job role has unique behavior traitsthat are required to perform the job efficiently. However, most job roles have an overlap of some of these behavior traits. Accurate competency mapping for each job role has ensured that the candidates are measured for behavior that are most important for the given job role.
· Availability of behavioral and personality assessments online, which provide a user-friendly environment for the test taker to complete the test and provide immediate reports that reflect the profile of the candidate, have ensured quick selection of best fit employees.
· These reports are most often based on a scoring logic that ensures capturing of the tendency of the candidate to portray a socially desirable image and inconsistent responses.
· The reports also showcase the individual responses in comparison to the larger pool of test takers which help the organizations to understand the data trends in the test taker population.
· Personality and behavior assessments help collate a 3600 feedback. This facilitates appraisal activities and helps employees understand their strengths and weaknesses as seen by self and others.
· Identifying the right training programs for the employees have been made easier by personality and behavior assessments that clearly point towards behavior traits and tendencies that are trainable or non-trainable. Personality assessment reports indicate how trainable or stable a personality trait is, basis which the employee and organization can decide to undergo training. Unlike a few years back where the training was provided to one and all without knowing how relevant or impactful it might be on the employees undergoing training.
· Personality and behavior assessments also shed light on the emotional well-being of the employees. Stress – inability to cope with pressure, inability to adhere to timelines, lack of cohesiveness with the team, lack of motivation, etc., when brought to light (to the notice of the HR) can be countered with intervention by in-house counselors.
· Employees’ motivation for the job, commitment to the organization and her/his perception of job fitment is understood through personality and behavior and necessary steps are taken to retain or motivate employee morale.
· Experience alone cannot make one a leader. Assessment center activities which measure the leadership traits at its core are employed to identify potential leaders and top performers.
With new age assessments such as simulations and gaming introduced in personality and behavior assessments will define the future of recruitment, performance management, identifying leaders, training and development.

(The writer is Founder & Director, Pragatee HR & Career Consultant)

IT News
Imphal, July 23:

After almost two years, Professor Naorem Lokendra Singh, Professor and Head of Department of History, Manipur University has been appointed as the Vice-Chancellor and following the appointment Prof. N. Lokendra today took the office of the VC today.
Along with the appointment of Prof. N. Lokendra as the VC of Manipur University, President Ram Nath Kovind has finalised the names for the appointment of Vice-Chancellors in 11 central universities. The President is the Visitor for all Central Universities. Even with these appointments, there will still remain 10 vacancies in the top positions. Education minister Dharmendra Pradhan told Parliament that there are 22 vacant VC posts, including these 12.
The 12 names finalised by the Visitor as appointment vice-chancellors are:
1. Central University of Haryana : Prof. (Dr.) Tankeshwar Kumar
2. Central University of Himachal Pradesh : Prof. Sat Prakash Bansal
3. Central University of Jammu : Dr. Sanjeev Jain
4. Central University of Jharkhand : Prof. Kshiti Bhusan Das
5. Central University of Karnataka : Prof. Battu Satyanarayana
6. Central University of Tamil Nadu : Prof. Muthukalingan Krishnan
7. Central University of Hyderabad : Dr. Basuthkar J Rao
8. Central University of South Bihar : Prof. Kameshwar Nath Singh
9. North Eastern Hill University : Prof. Prabha Shankar Shukla
10. Guru Ghashidas University : Dr. Alok Kumar Chakrawal
11. Maulana Azad National Urdu University : Prof. Syed Ainul Hasan
12. Manipur University : Prof. N. Lokendra Singh
“A total of 22 posts of vice-chancellors (VCs) in central universities, under this ministry, are vacant, out of which appointments to 12 posts have already been finalised by the Visitor. The incidence and filling up of vacancies of VCs in universities is a continuous process,” said Union education minister Dharmendra Pradhan in a social media post.

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