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Vijay Garg

Vijay Garg is a regular contributor of Imphal Times, mostly related with Education. Vijay is a resident of Street Kour Chand MHR Malout-152107 Distt Sri Muktsar sahib Punjab. Vijay Garg, Ex.PES-1 is a retired Principal from Government Girls Sen Sec school Mandi Harji Ram Malout -152106 Punjab. He is also the author of Quantitative Aptitude, NTSE , NMMS, Mathematics of XII, ICSE numerical physics and chemistry many more books.

Thursday, 02 December 2021 17:39

Mobile to Children

Our children have been away from their schools, class rooms, playgrounds, canteens, computers labs and over all from their most favourite friends and classmates since this I’ll omen appeared on our most beautiful and charming earth. This long unending gap between students and school is leaving very deep signs on the mental calibre of our children and teens. No doubt, onset of online classes have tried to compensate this loss to a large extend. Online classes have tried to keep the flame of education burning in the dark storm of corona virus.
This initiative of government is a best alternative to in-person teaching and also helped our aspirants to accomplish their dreams of development but friends, irony here is, this is only the story of big cities and urban centres which run on fast internet connection, rest of our rural indian children are almost deprived of benifits of this mode of education because of poor internet facility.
Friends, this fatal corona virus has not only snatched the precious lives of our dear one’s and deprived us from our happy and normal day to day life but also forced million of parents across the globe to provide smart phones to their children and teenagers.
As we all know adolescence is that juncture of life, when teenagers have to learn a lot of things, it is that crucial phase of life, when they have to work hard with books, it is that time of human struggle, when one has to form a principle of his life and it is that phase of our life where we cannot distinguish between right and wrong.
At this turning point of life, we are seeing our children and teenagers busy with mobile phones. I am sure every parent would agree with me that very few students are serious about online classes, majority of students are seen playing games, visiting objectionable sites, watching movies and vulgar videos on mobiles instead of taking their classes.
Following are some of drastic changes seen in our children due to misuse of mobile.
(1) Unlimited access to mobiles has given rise to drastic changes in their attitude and perception level. Our wards are becoming irritable, quarrelsome and irrational.
(2) Children prefer to spend more and more times with their mobiles than with their family, friends and relatives.
(3) Excessive use of mobiles is dragging them towards the dark world of isolation.
(4) Addiction of mobiles has reduced their interest in reading books to almost zero.
(5) This mobile addiction is going to be very dangerous for the future of our wards and for the future of whole society.
Above all, it is getting impossible for parents to bring out their wards from this mobile addiction.

Whatever the occasion for happiness, the tendency to cook at home is now declining.  Lack of time is one of the major reasons.  Therefore, the trend of packaged food has increased and employment opportunities in this sector have also increased.
Whatever the occasion for happiness, the tendency to cook at home is now declining.  Lack of time is one of the major reasons.  Therefore, the trend of packaged food has increased and employment opportunities have also increased in this sector.  Food technologists are responsible for a wide range of tasks, such as food manufacturing, storage, packaging, processing and canning.  Food processing involves the long-term maintenance of freshness and quality of food and beverages for the consumers as well as the delivery of hygienic food or beverages to them.  This includes processing dairy, fruits, vegetables, grains, packaged foods and beverages.  The government has also planned to provide financial assistance to start food processing units and equip them with modern technology.  They also have to test the raw materials in the plants and arrange the storage before sending the product to the market.  Therefore, along with the best job opportunities in the sector, there are also alternatives to self-employment.
Educational qualification
To graduate in Food Technology, students must have a 12th pass in Physics, Chemistry, Math or Biology.  It is necessary to pass graduation to do master or diploma in it.  If one has graduated in Home Science, Nutrition, Dietitian or Hotel Management, they can also pursue higher education in Food Technology.
After completing the course in Food Technology, the students have to do internship in Mother Dairy, Britannia Industries, Surya Foods and Agro Limited, Sky Chef, Food Research and Analysis Center etc.  This will make you better prepared to work in the industry. There are many job opportunities in both the public and private sectors. You can work in Processing Industries, Research Laboratories, Hotels, Quality Control Division, Rice Mills, Packaging Units and Catering Industries.
Best career
It is expected that 26 lakh new jobs will be created in the food processing industry by 2022.  Therefore, there will be continuous opportunities for professionals in this field to move forward in food processing companies, rice mills, soft drink companies.  Traditionally, the food processing industry employs unorganized workforce, but monitoring and management work requires qualified professionals.  In this industry you can start working as a trainee or operator by doing a certificate or diploma course.
There are good job opportunities as an operator or trainee in food processing or maintenance with an ITI diploma in related fields. Candidates specializing in Home Science Graduate and Nutritionist, Food Technology, Food Service, Management can make excellent careers in this field.
The food technologist initially gets a minimum of Rs 20,000-30,000 per month.  After two-three years of experience, the salary goes up. Professionals abroad earn a good salary, while working as a freelance consultant or advisor is paid according to their qualifications and experience.
The food technologist must have the ability to perform scientific analysis. They have to work as an important part of the team.  So the art of communication should be good. It is also important to be more aware of scientific and technological changes in the field of food and nutrition.

Cartoonists are a professional who expresses their thoughts, feelings and ideas through cartoons, drawings, and sketches. Their work combines writing and drawing to convey humour about current events, recent trends and even everyday life situations. They may create single pane drawings, like commenting on an issue or event or publish a serial cartoon, which follows a character over a period of time. Cartoonists’ work may appear in newspapers or magazines, graphic novels, Internet publications and computer games as well.
Cartoonists’ work comprises such as to draw freehand, using a pencil to sketch their creation. The next step is to go over the drawing in ink, erasing the pencil marks; preferring to use computer drawing software.
A Cartoonist’s job is not limited to newspapers, magazines and other print publications. They also work in the television and film industries. They draw animated cartoons, prepare model drawings, and sketches of characters, and draw special effects for animation projects. Cartoonists are more specialized than illustrators because they only deal with animated characters, subject material, and special effects. Illustrators may have dozens of specialities.
Cartoonist Eligibility
The minimum requirement to become eligible for Cartoonist courses is Bachelors Degree in Fines Arts.
Cartoonist Required Skills
Cartoonists should be able to draw from the personal perspectives to create cartoons that amuse, educate, or entertain readers.
They need to know that how to develop animated narrated sequences; interpret news in the form of cartoons in the political arena and develop ideas from context.
They should also be able to confer with editor or publisher’s representative on ideas; sketch rough drafts and submit to the editor for approval; participate in the storyboard, typesetting and editing process of animation.
Cartoonists should be able to assist in story development, directing, cinematography and editing; make changes to drawings as necessary.
They should also be able to utilize computer software or hand render drawings in accordance with preference; develop and draw comic strips on a regular basis for national or local publications.
Step 1
After completing 12 class preferably one of the fine arts subjects,  the aspiring Cartoonist can join Bachelor’s degree in fine art, illustration, painting, or animation. The degree program should include courses such as drawing, painting, illustration, anatomy, computer graphics, and photography to name a few.
Step 2
After getting Bachelor’s degree one can join some reputed organisation to get on job experience or go for Master’s Degree in the related field to enhance In addition to a degree, most employers prefer candidates with a minimum of 2 years’ experience in the industry for intermediate positions. An advanced degree is required for upper-level positions or at least 5-7 years’ professional experience in the industry.
Graduation Courses:
B.A. (Fine Arts)
B.F.A. (Animation)
Master’s Courses:
M.A. (Fine Arts and Painting)
M.A. (Fine Arts)
Institutes offering Courses for Cartoonist
Indian Institute of Cartoonists, Bangalore
National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad
Academy of Animation and Gaming, New Delhi
Cartoonist Job Description
Cartoonist job includes developing ideas and converting those ideas into Cartoons, Comic Strips, or Animations as per the requirement of their employers or clients. They are also supposed to develop and create cartoon by reading the material provided to them by their clients.
Cartoonist job also includes amending Cartoons, Comic Strip, or Animation as required by their clients.
They also prepare sketches and model drawings of characters, providing details from memory, live models, manufactured products, or reference material.
Cartoonist work profile also includes developing colour patterns and moods and paints background layouts to dramatize action for animated cartoon scenes.
Cartoonist Career Prospects
Cartoonists are usually self-employed and must devote a significant amount of time to building their following and promoting their work.
They may maintain a website where they respond to fan comments and offer cartoon-related merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs or greeting cards, as well as books featuring their most popular characters or comic strips.
Cartoonists also seek out potential new clients either in the media or with advertisers looking for a cartoon character. Conferring with clients to incorporate their ideas into the artwork is essential to maintaining good client relationships and can lead to referrals for additional work.
Freelancers have the option to work from homes anywhere in the world, so long as they have access to an internet connection. In India, most cartoonists are based in Mumbai and they work as freelancers.
They can also work as political cartoonists or comic cartoonists in any newspaper or magazine or can seek employment opportunities in animation houses. Nowadays, almost every newspaper reserves some space for cartoons.
Cartoonist Salary
The salary a Cartoonist depends a lot on a number of factors such as what you are making the cartoon for. And if it is likely to get reproduced in a large number of areas, the earnings can be considerable.
However, the remuneration of a cartoonist depends on the organization he/she is working for. A Cartoonist can start his/her career with a salary between Rs.20,000 to Rs.30,000 per month. With experience and proficiency, one can expect higher pay packages.

Tips to prepare for exams
Are you planning to prepare for the competitive exam while doing a job? Are you confused about how to start the preparation? Before starting any preparation, you should understand the pre-requisites for the examination like syllabus, subjects, weightage of each subject, etc., and then start preparing.
Apart from syllabus and subjects, there are many things that a person should manage in studies while doing a job.
The following are some tips on how to prepare for competitive exams while doing a job.
Manage your time – Almost all office timings are from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. To study in this busy schedule, wake up early in the morning and study for two hours before leaving for the office. You can also manage some time after dinner for the studies. By managing office time and study time, you can complete preparing for competitive exams while doing a job. 
Utilize your traveling time – You can utilize your travel time for studying. You can read online material or can carry books so that no time is wasted while traveling.
Make a strategy – To achieve anything in life, a strategy is required. Your aim to prepare for competitive exams while doing a job can’t be fulfilled without planning. Search out for your weak and strong subjects and make a plan for how much time is needed to complete a particular subject. 
Effective use of weekend days – On working days you may not be able to give time to study but on weekends you can spare whole time for preparation.
Use your office time efficiently – Whenever you are free in the office, take your time and start preparing for your exam. In this time, you can solve quizzes, mathematical problems, or you can read online material. In this way, you can utilize your office time efficiently. 
Solve mock tests and previous year question papers – While preparing for any exam, solving mock tests and old question papers will help you to score more in the exam as it will give you an idea of exam pattern and your weak and strong points.
Join coaching class – If you want to join a coaching class while doing a job, then join any morning shift or an evening batch so that it will not disturb your office hours.
All these are the effective tips that will help you to prepare for a competitive exam while doing a job. You have to be self-confident as this will be your key to success. Make notes, time table, and work on your weak points so that while doing a job you can prepare for competitive exams efficiently.

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