Janghaolun Haokip

Janghaolun Haokip

Janghaolun Haokip, a resident of Kholep Village, P.O –Motbung, Kangpokpi District, Manipur -795107  is a regular contributor of articles to Imphal Times. He completed his B.A (Psychology) Delhi University, Delhi and is currently pursuing Bachelor of Divinity at Manipur Theological College, Kangpokpi, Manipur. He used to work as a Assistant Teacher in English Literature for two years at MBC Higher Secondary School, Kangpokpi Mission Compound, Kangpokpi.

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Sunday, 06 September 2020 09:41

Thinking differently –Out of the box!

I've always been much of an extrovert; interacting often with quite a lot of people from friends to strangers and from people of different elite professions to daily labourers -once being one. Though often unpragmatic; sharing liberal ideas, as to one's understanding, feels like all of what one can contribute to his society with speculation on different subjects with much rationality as one believes it to be. The ideas and iota might not necessarily be an orthodox of the well-defined today's world. However, it's more applaudable if one could think differently -out of the box -the small grisly box.

A few hundred years ago life was a race for survival -the one for food and shelter. It then gradually changes its form from one to another taking with it a multiplicity of changes. Nowadays, our society is but myriads of abstruse; subtle and pernicious. While a few hundred hankers power and luxury the rest of millions tries to befit. The idea of humane value seems to have lost its meaning where humans are held in greed and insidiousness by the so
called civilization. Human minds are becoming despotism of elitism and decency with a little or no tranquillity. In a compendium, life has lost its meaning between the human struggle for luxury, power and the dogma of disquietedness.

Somewhere between the fading beauty of life and wholeness of its meaning lies a baffling question, 'why?' If our selves are questioned as to the change or shift in our desires, most of us will be lost in perplexity. Why have we changed to a speck of dirt in our own eyes? We are dogmatic of the principles of the so called today's world with its well-defined vagueness and delusions without speculating on foresights and insights to any of life's intricacy. One of Gautama Buddha's 'Four Noble Truths' states the 'Truth that there is misery', all along we tend to try to defy the dogma of life and suppress it with a bogus of personal enunciations. We tend to bent towards the cessation of misery through other destructive means without working out with the actual cause. This further brings us a bigger load until one can't take and until one collapse with his/her own troubled mind. While all along we were ignorant and arrogant towards change, we eventually realise, we've caused ourselves a great misery and then we lie buried ourselves in the regrets of our transgressions.

We are meant to live in harmony as social beings in a society, our students are meant to study, our forces are meant for public orders and our leaders and diplomats to negotiate for the best policies. But what happens when it's the contrary -this sadly is what happens in our society. Albeit the fact that this doesn't necessarily mean all of the society, this is an anomaly of our society today. The real anomaly moreover is our inabilities to discern the noble truths of life and the pernicious trends of our society. Besides, the crucial subtlety is this anomaly being considered a normality to which we have no resentment of any level. What do we think the world is getting into? –Laconically –no Love. It's getting realistically materialistic with our hearts diplomating a little less of our lives and our realist minds taking us to our way forward. The truth is we stagger along our path-to-death until we realise we'll soon be close enough to our graves.

I don't believe in the idea of a perfect world or perfect humans neither do I believe in the idea of coerciveness. Only that I know our world today is becoming pathetically indescribable. Living was just a race for food and shelter. But today, it has become an art that requires the finest form. Like Charles Darwin postulated, ours has become an age of 'survival of the fittest' -the theory of natural selection -the race of elimination. However, to quote Buddha's saying, "The mind is everything, what you think you become" -the fight for survival is in the power of our minds. Survival here will rather be defined as happiness and contentment not of the mind that recedes with an impede but of the soul that remains untouched by the world around.

It's no time to lay idle when someone follows a very hectic schedule; when someone races hard albeit all the complexities and hurdles of life. Remember you're in a RACE OF ELIMINATION -GENERATION OF PERFECTIONISM.

"Remember life is a race. If you don't run fast, you'll get trampled" - 3 Idiots (2009)

Jiribam, Henglep, Sapormaina to Kholep on Imphal-Dimapur road (NH-2), have frequently been on the news making big headlines and cover stories. These deteriorating conditions of roads and the sufferings of people have attracted wide criticism from people from all walks of life. The politicians are unsparing themselves for people’s sake (hopefully) as the opposition is going hard against the ruling party.
How bad are the roads?
From the latest video of a patient being transported on a makeshift bamboo stretcher by young boys from the village, the mud in the road can be seen going as high as up to the knees of the boys. The road conditions are not just bad but they are terrible. The recent patient to be transported in that pathetic condition is the fifth patient brought to the hospital in a makeshift stretcher from Henglep to District Hospital Lamka. 
In Jiribam, the roads are too bad that truck drivers reportedly have to maintain a speed not higher than 5km/hr at certain places. From Sapormaina to Kholep, the road condition is too bad that a car was caught in mud in the middle of the road and the driver and other occupants of the car had to helplessly abandon the car until a help was found the next day, with the car spending a lonely dark night in the middle of a national highway. 
Whose fault?
Obviously not the government, but these are largely all the fault of the politicians. Who else is to blame than the person who is the in-charge responsible for looking after and acting wherever and whenever necessary.
In some places, the government is putting the blame on extortions and harassment of workers but that cannot be reasonable enough considering the fact that there are thousands and thousands of law enforcers who are working under the direct supervision of the government. What then is the main problem is a question the government must honestly answer without any hidden agenda.
Furthermore, the idea of truly honest politicians is something to ponder upon. In fact, the public over the years are having growing suspicions against the government. Interestingly perhaps even a youngster in Manipur will have a general notion that the politicians are corrupt to the core and the system is mostly unreliable and not worthy of trust.
The thoughtful excuse –diversion!
The Chief Minister, Shri N.Biren Singh in one of his recent speeches had made a mention of the road conditions. Ironically, instead of addressing and deliberating on the real issues, the Chief Minister as usual was trying to divert the main issues and problems. In his speech, the Chief Minister made misleading remarks stating that the number of small villages that are newly established is making it hard for the government to construct all weather roads and thereby causing problems for people and the state.
However, what the Chief Minister has missed is that the most pathetic conditioned roads such as Henglep and Jiribam are clearly not of new and small villages. Contrastingly, these are roads that have served since decades. Furthermore, even in that case of a quest for compromise, it is highly advisable that the government can at least construct all weather roads for the sub-divisional headquarters.
Stating which, the Chief Minister and his government seems negligent of the fact that what is the need of the hour and the need of the people is the willingness to root out the real problems and find the most effective means to address them rather than diverting the issues behind superficial or designed problems. The government must realize these essences and must approach the same with careful analysis and benevolent devotion rather than ignorance and arrogance and personal and organizational incompetence.
Why diversion?
In fact, diversion of critical issues has always been a ready-made mechanism for the government to solve every problem challenging the administrative functionality of the government. It has become increasingly instrumental towards finding short-term solutions while leading the country into deeper complexities that are devastating to the country and the people.
Furthermore, it could be true that the government is diverting the issues of stagnant economic growth in the face of carefully designed propagandas and policies or the government is diverting their incompetence and inability in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, it may not be entirely true but the question isn’t wholly irrelevant to ask concluding from the entirety of the political scenario of the state and country.
The murderer of accountability?
Diversion as an ever-ready mechanism as it is, is the reason for diminishing accountability of the government. It is detrimental to the trust building between the government and the people as it discourages reliability but promotes suspicion against the government. Regrettably, all this has to do is bring about negative impacts largely affecting the performance of the state and its machineries.
The infamous diversion tactic of the government only destroys community cohesion as governments and people. It obstructs the collective and constructive engagement of the people in governance and governance policies that hinders every co-operation to be given to the government or that the government needs.
The way forward
This has to change, the government cannot go on making choices for the people through false education and hook and crook means. The people must decide for themselves and the government must fulfill demands.
The government must look for means to effectively engage the people in societal upliftment, it must give voice to the people and do the needful as lawmakers and as well as law enforcers. It must strictly distance itself from diverting critical issues but stand out and face those issues. The people have hearts and the government must step into that and invite cooperation from people and not try to play hide and seek in an age of CCTVs.
It’s time the government must come out real and play it real, as human beings, as a true and responsible person if they really want to bring positive change. Because we are now in a generation of “everyone knows everything” we are all politicians afterall.

*****The writer is a Social Activist, and Gen. Secy. International Human Rights Association, Manipur

Sunday, 23 August 2020 18:37

Live to live

By- Janghaolun Haokip

Live with the passion to love. Live to live. And it matters what your definition of living is. Your definition of living is of crucial importance as it really determines how you live. Despite the fact that most people chooses to live, to live life just the way they want to live, which is either irrational or made up of delusions.
Remember, that your reasons to live must never be another man’s misery but you must rather be a trustworthy soul who brightens someone else’s day.
The world is a global village, so does everybody believes it to be. Now, information can be shared every moment to every part of the world; to space and to the deepest under.
Yes! the world does is a global village when man can travel round the world in no time, making it feel like a really small village where you can take an evening walk in just half-an-hour. But have you ever felt like it misses out on a lot of things to be the ideal village?
I wouldn’t have an argument if science and technology alone serves the reason to a global village, you will be right in that case. But to me, humanity and life lessons must come before technology and the most luxurious mansions. This is what i believe is missed out by the pioneers of our globalisation. “Blinded by rage”, as I wrote on an earlier piece of mine, the world is blinded by the desires of our mind, caged in curiousity for inventions, discovery and explorations -the much loved science and technology that has proudly brought us its masterpiece, globalisation. However, this wouldn’t necessarily mean that I have no appreciations for all that science and technology is to our lives. But just simple as rice-cooked serves us better, so will things be when it serves right in it’s turn in our lives. For what use will a beauty be if one is blind to see. Shouldn’t we be a little more lively to really live?
The question of science and technology, whether it is a boon or a curse needs philosophical rationality. It first has to be back to our own basic interpretations of life and our thoughts on living. So, question your hearts and speak out what you feel. If you’ve really looked into your hearts, I bet you’ll be on the right side -humanity matters most.
Children starving and dying of malnutrition and improper care. Wars and battles fought with bullets and hates. For peace or power?. Soldiers dying, women crying, leaders worrying -agonizing. Even if peace takes twice as much as the population of our world today, there had already be peace saved for hundreds of generations to come.
In fact, where is peace and safety promised on every soldiers funeral?. But the wars won’t end, battles won’t stop, if you feel insecure you’ll always be even if special forces guarded you round the clock.
I’m sorry I can see no end to it, but, I do see an end of it in your life. Get out of it!. Hate of our own kind, dishonesty, grudges, are all the same, much as wars and battles are. Find a reason to live, let the people who hate hates, but we ought to love the world. Plant a few tress and more if you feel that your world is being threatened by global warming. Show more love if you feel the world needs it.
Hate has taken us too far now and our global village is at risk and we need global humanity. The world needs a little more of us to fight, with patience and endurance, to show love and our passion for peace and brotherhood.
Look within your heart, see, it does not delight in misery or the troubles of the world. How good would it feels to live in harmony?. I know hate will not and never leave the world. But then, someone has to hope for love. Someone has to keep hoping. Maybe that’s the part we’re supposed to play in this world.
Take a deep breathe and think, this isn’t just what the world has to be. It’s really going crazy and insane. Well, I’m not a saint but I know life’s not a game. This is about me, this is about you, this is about us and our world. This is about humanity. And even if ISIS won’t stop killing in the name of allah, even if our armed-undergrounds won’t surrender their arms, even if we hates our own kind and even if it you feel fighting against it would only be living in vanity.
We have to fight; this is the only way to make our world a better place to live in. To make someone believe in humanity amidst the brutality and cruelty of life. That must be our lives!

By -Janghaolun Haokip

Who knows where the dead go? Who knows what remains of a life when one stops to breathe? Who knows what happens to the bodies that are burnt and the coffins that are buried? Who knows what happens to us after we die? Who has seen it? Who can prove it? Who has gone to the Dead and came back alive? Who has seen the soul? Or who knows they have one?
Different people have different stories and myths, and systems of beliefs and creeds. But most of the major religions of the world believe that there is life after death. Maybe or maybe not, I don’t know, I haven’t seen it. Maybe if beliefs are essentially facts, then maybe we will live again a life after we die –a life after death. But for now, I don’t know. I don’t know what happens to us after we die. All I know is that the dead have a lesson for all.
The other day I was at a funeral, a man who was in his fifties died of prolonged illness. My friends and I were digging the grave. As I sat by the grave, staring down the depth of the grave, I was lost into thoughts. I was thinking about death. I was thinking about life. How do we simply come and go –live a life that we don’t know how to live and die a death we don’t know how to take? I was lost in the thought of life and death, but my mind wouldn’t comprehend –why do we die, and what happens to us then?
In the grave, they brought the lifeless body of the man. As the young men who were carrying the coffin lowered it into the grave, his wife was whimpering and reaching her hand out towards the coffin. His children were silently weeping, holding their mother as if they were utterly confused why. In the grave, the coffin laid still, the lifeless body of a man: a husband, a father and a friend, who was dearly missed but forever gone. The pain and emptiness in his wife and the loneliness in his children makes me think that if I could, I would bring him back to life.
And before the burial procession started, I was watching at the coffin and thought of the man. He was alive, I thought, just like me but now he lays in the coffin, still and lifeless. How simple is life when one moment can bring a change forever, when one moment can separate us forever as the living and the dead, each unaware of the other. Because the other night he slept with his family, but since that night, he will sleep with the cold and sing and dance with the dark and the unknown. How simply can death change it all?
Life is simply unfair, or so I believe, because the man died simply because he was poor. His house was half standing and half ready to fall. Of course he had laid a foundation to build his better house with all his effort, but what comes when the system doesn’t give opportunities to all. When one seeks for luxury, it pains me and baffles me to see one helplessly starving hard to survive. When one seeks for power, it pains me to see one becoming a victim to power and privileges he will never get to enjoy.
The pastor finished his prayer, but the wife still called, and the children still stood by the grave. If only the man could come back to life, but now the once loving husband and father could no longer console.
I learnt a lesson that day, “the message of the dead”. This is the message of the dead that everybody must learn: The old and young, the wise and the ordinary, and the rich and poor, death awaits us all. And nothing else that we worship is truly as much worth as to love and to live while we can. 
It pains me to think that I will someday lose a beloved, but I’ve learnt to love them more and help them live and help myself.

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