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Wednesday, 18 November 2020 18:12

NEFIS condemns arrest of student leaders

IT News
Imphal, Nov. 18:

North-East Forum for International Solidarity (NEFIS) expressed strong condemnation to the recent arrest of student organization leaders in Manipur. A press statement said that the student leaders were arrested for agitating against the various problems which have been plaguing the university since last several months.
“Arresting people merely for agitating and speaking up against the wrongs being committed by the university authorities tarnishes the democratic structure of our polity. The student leaders who have been arrested were well within their rights to demonstrate regarding the problems being faced by the university community. Curbing such democratic protests is bound to have a spiral effect”, the statement said.
NEFIS also demanded to release the arrested student leaders immediately and unconditionally. NEFIS also demanded that the issue of unjustified fee being levied from the students should be immediately resolved by reimbursement of fee to the students.

IT News
Imphal, Nov 13:

Tamenglong Village Tamenglong/ Students’ Federation (TVSF) has strongly opposed the district administration over its attempt to construct the Tamenglong –Haflong Highway with a new alignment by leaving aside the ‘Gupta Alignment’ which was already agreed upon since the initiation of the project to make the starting point of the project at Old Tamenglong.
The TVSF, while submitting a memorandum to the Chief Secretary of Manipur had elaborated for the reason to consider the old alignment (Gupta Alignment) and intimidated of dire consequences if the voice of the people are not listened and play delay tactics to consider the new alignment for the construction of the road.
The memorandum submitted to the Chief Secretary , signed by Gailinlung R.Panmei, Convenor, Tamenglong Village (Inriangluang) Students’ Federation (TVSF), Tamenglong, Manipur stated that, the starting point (0 point), of the highway should be at Old Tamenglong as previously agreed under ‘Gupta Alignment’ since the initiation of the project Moreover, Tamenglong Village along with other villages have given NOC to the claim for compensation with the idea that the highway will bring connectivity However, as per the new proposed alignment, the highway skins through the villages without crossing through intended areas The starting point of the highway should remain at Old Tamenglong as previously agreed
It said that since1990s there has been two alignments proposed and taken up for the said highway. Vast amount of cultivable lands, farms and forests have been destroyed in the course of work carried out for the two alignments. It amounts to further deterioration of environment and lose of cultivable land to take up mud culling and moving in a totally new alignment. Thus, the old alignment should be followed
The memorandum also stated that the District Administration in its defence for the new alignment stated that the starting point and the ending point of a National Highway have to be connected to a National Highway. There are no such regulations in relation to construction of National Highway; it is a flimsy excuse to confuse the people. The implementing agency should come out with a clarification regarding this Issue.
The Tamenglong - Haflong Highway, if constructed along the Old Alignment i.e. Gupta Alignment, the most feasible alignment with the starting point at Old Tamenglong will act as a major art, for more than Twenty two villages in relation to trade, commerce and tourism. The Highway along the Old Alignment will also serve as a route to the ‘Mystical Zeilad Lake’ and the ‘Majestic AhuKlunduang (Barak Waterfall)’, two popular tourist spots which are not fully developed to its full potential due to lack of proper road and connectivity.
While stating that the people of Tamenglong have no obligation in donating land for taking up welfare programme , TVSF stated that the new alignment as proposed by the District Administration had been rejected back in 1990s by the Border Road Task Force (BRTF) and work was abandoned, as the gradient was not suitable for the construction of a highway.
It also added that the District Administration sought NOC from the villages with the promise that the highway will not pass through the respective villages, if an NOC is not given by the respective village authority, However, on issuance of the NOC by the villages in good faith and trust that the old alignment i.e. ‘Gupta Alignment’ will be followed, the district administration proposed and forced upon a new alignment.
The first two previous alignments had severely destroyed and damaged our properties without adequate compensation. The new alignment proposed by the District administration is against the will of the people and shall be effectively opposed if it proceeds. Moreover, due compensation for the damaged caused upon our farmlands, forest and properties while earth cutting of the first two alignments, shall also be effectively recovered if the new alignment is taken up.
The Tamenglong Village (Inriangluang) Students’ Federation (TVSF), along with the public of Tamenglong appeals to the concern authority to consider the above mention facts and demands in implementing the project without indulging in any delay tactics. Further inactions in regard to the aspirations and demand shall attract strong mass based democratic agitations, for which the Federation will not be held responsible in case of any eventualities. The memorandum said.

IT News
Imphal, Nov 12:

The North East Students’ Organisation (NESO) once re-iterated its stands against the Citizenship Amendment Act.
In an online meeting held today by the members of the NESO which comprises representatives from the seven North Eastern states Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Nagaland the statement of the Union Home Minister in connection with the CAA has been strongly opposed.
“The house voiced its strong opposition and vehemently condemned the recent statement of the Union Home Minister with regards to the Citizenship Amendment Act. As had been expressed earlier through different mediums, NESO once again reiterated its stiff opposition to this draconian act which is clearly detrimental to the indigenous populace of the North East region. The NESO would like to mention that even though the case is pending in the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, yet the constituent organisations of NESO are at full liberty to design their own course of agitation taking into account their respective ground situation, in coordination with NESO, a statement signed by NESO Chairman Samuel B Jyrwa and Secretary General  Sinam Prakash Singh said.
The tenure of the current Executive Council of NESO has also been agreed to extend for another year due to the prevailing situation arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The statement of NESO expressed its anguish and grave concern of the situation arising out of the border dispute between Assam and Mizoram. NESO is strongly of the opinion that such unfortunate circumstances evolve due to the failure of the successive governments to solve this long pending issue in the past and present. Despite the ongoing stalemate, NESO strongly opines that there should be normal and free flow of goods, materials and essential commodities between the two states. Even though talks are initiated between the two states at the level of the respective Chief Secretaries, yet no improvement was observed on the ground.
NESO demands that talks should be conducted at the level of the two Chief Ministers so as to bring a lasting and permanent solution thereby ensuring safety and normalcy to the people living on both sides of the border at all times.
It further added that the Pandemic has brought untold miseries to people from all walks of life due to the restrictions and lockdowns imposed by the Government. At the receiving end are entrepreneurs and self-employed youths who are availing loans from various financial institutions.
The NESO appeals to all financial institutions in the region to exempt monthly loan payments during the restricted and lockdown periods and extends the deadline to a further date so as to ensure that entrepreneurs and self-employed youths do not suffer in their struggle to make ends meet.  
The statement further stated that the students are also largely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic whereby there is a long and abrupt disruption of classes and examinations. The Union Ministry of Education had recently announced that examinations should be conducted at all costs and states have to devise mechanisms to ensure that all students are able to appear in their respective examinations. At present, all North Eastern states are complying with the direction by conducting exams preferably through online mode. However, certain anomalies were detected with regards to the online examination conducted. There are many areas in the North East region which have very poor network connectivity and some are yet to be connected online. Owing to this fact, the NESO highly recommends the respective governments and educational institutions to facilitate both online and offline mode of examinations so as to ensure that not a single student is left out of the examination process conducted in this pandemic it added.

IT News
Imphal, Nov 9:

North-East Forum for International Solidarity (NEFIS) has supported the struggle of common students regarding unjustified fee being levied from the students in Manipur University. In this regard, a memorandum was submitted to the V-C office today by the common students. It should be noted that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, no physical classes have been conducted during the past year. Even the exams have not been conducted in the physical mode and assessment has been done only through the assignments. As such, levying of examination fee for the second semester for which only assignments have been taken, is unjustified. In this regard,
NEFIS further stated that after the students objected to it, a notice was recently released which made a provision for 30% deduction in fee which would be refunded after payment is made in full. There is no basis for taking examination fee when no examinations have been conducted. This move can be seen as extortion in the name of examination fee. Similarly, reduction of field trip fee by 50 per cent carries no logic. It is also appalling that when the students tried to raise the issue before Assistant Registrar (Academic), her response was completely insensitive and completely disregarded the concerns of the students.
“NEFIS supports the demands of common students that fees should not be unreasonably charged from the students, the unused fees should be refunded in toto, and examination fee should be charged reasonably i.e. under heads of form fill-up, marksheet, etc., and examination fee should not be taken as actual physical exams never happened. NEFIS pledges to support the common students in their struggle in the coming days:, a statement said.

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