Sh Ajit

Sh Ajit

Sh Ajit, a resident of Khongman, Imphal East is a regular contributor of Imphal Times mostly news photo and articles. He is a father of a lovely son. His favourite quote is " A Picture is worth Thousand words". He can be contacted at [email protected]

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The people of Manipur faces many thousand problems brought by India’s classification of population such as Hindu and Muslim, Castes, Caste-Tribe as well as deliberate negligence of development in its broadest sense. Manipur, everyone knows, has a high number of educated unemployment and education was what she could do during the days of Part C or territorial council days. Though we could not plan anything during the first Five-Year Plans, with limited resources, Manipur gave high priority to education and hence, Manipur was not wiped out in those days.
The merger of Manipur and its aftermath gave a strong sense of Great Betrayal in the collective mind of those who wanted to merger Manipur with India.  There were three kinds of politicians or intellectuals in the Pro-merger Camp in the late 1940s. A section of Congress wanted Manipur to merger after the formation of Purvachal consisting of Manipur, Cachar District of Assam and Tripura. Another section of Congress wanted to merge Manipur as a State in India. Socialist Party shouted to merge Manipur as a District in Assam. The members of all the three thought the merger of Manipur would bring a new social and political life under the Democratic Republic of India. However, 15 October 1949 did not bring anything what they had thought of; rather they felt that they had been betrayed.
On the other hand, there was a section of the population who did not want to merger Manipur. Their dream was to emancipate Manipur from colonial and feudal systems in order to build a new Manipur. These days were days of interaction and counter-reaction of various ideas – ranging from liberal democracy to communism. There were many slogans, agitations of different sizes and colours. The 15 October gave a big full stop to these interactions of ideas in the collective mind of the people. The healthy growth of an Idea of New Manipur had a great fall. To them, 15 October was the transfer of power from British colonialism to Indian colonialism and hence, they also felt the act of merger was a great betrayal to the people of Manipur.
The subsequent days of Manipur are witnessing two streams of political actions: make Manipur bright in Indian framework and a New Manipur lies outside India. The first stream took the course of non-violent movement (with limited violence) for Statehood, establishment of university, medical college, inclusion of Manipuri language in the VIII Schedule to Indian Constitution etc. The second stream gained momentum from Anti-Merger agitations to full armed struggle to free Manipur from colonial yoke. In between two great streams of political action, there were agitations against Repeal of AFSPA etc. and many others.
The Agreement was signed in 1949 by the King of Manipur and representatives of Indian Union. The then King was Constitutional Head; the Agreement was never discussed in the then Assembly of Manipur. Many legal and political examinations are still going on in the collective mind. To some, Merger means extension of Instrument of Accession, already signed in 1947 and hence, no meaning to discuss it. To many, the entire process of becoming Indian was a game plan of Indian Republic. However, one can say, the Merger Agreement is still a living debate in the collective mind. Many Princely States forgot the act of signing the Agreements. Why do not Manipur forget it? The simple reason may be the different nature of the Princely State and India did not consider the unique position of Manipur in history and British colonial days. Manipur never resolved her own conflict between the two streams. Merger Agreement, one may accept or not, is a vital issue in resolving the conflict.  The 15 October 1949 was not an end of history, but birth of a sharp conflict between the two streams in Manipur. 

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Dimapur, Oct 14:

Security forces in an operation apprehended a cadre of NSCN (K-Nikki) near Purana Bazar, Dimapur on Oct 11.
Based on specific intelligence, the security forces launched a swift operation and apprehended the individual. It is suspected the individual is allegedly involved in the recent grenade lobbing incident on Dhansiri Assam Rifles camp on 10 Oct. The troops also recovered one 9 mm Pistol and three live rounds of ammunition from the possession of the individual.
The apprehended person along with recovered items have been handed over to East Police Station, Dimapur for further investigations.

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Imphal, Oct 13:

The All Manipur Students’ Unio (AMSU) today reiterated its stand against the collection of 30% school fees from students of private schools during the lock down period.
Talking to media persons at its head quarter, Human Resource Secretary of the AMSU , Bruce Pebam lambasted the government authority as well as some owners of the private school on their decision to collect 30% school fees from the students and payment of 50% salary to private school teachers.
“What is the motive of the government in issuing the October 5 notification for collection of 30% school fee from students? And why the school authority reciprocated with the government in paying 50% of the salary during the hard time , when all life were put to halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic?”, Bruce question the authority.
He said that the students have already paid school admission fees and during this hard time the school authority should sacrifice by managing the payment for the teachers from the admission fees. Saying so the HRD Secretary said that the government cannot put all the private school and treated in a similar way as some have few students and some have excess number of students.
Bruce question the private school authority on why they are reluctant to produce white paper of the expenditure and income of the school and why the government is not taking up any action to any of the private schools which have failed to submit the details of the expenses and income of the schools that the private owners runs.
Since April , all life have been put to halt and people particularly the students community has been facing the toughest time. For those poor students it is more difficult, Bruce said.
He warn the government to make it clear that people and the student communities be set free from any form torture and also warn of dire consequences if the decision of the AMSU to relax school fees starting from April till the pandemic continues is not followed. Bruce also said that they have information about some school collecting fees from the students by intimidating them and those fees collected in the way should be refunded at the earliest possible time.

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Imphal, Oct. 8:

Bail hearing for 3 rape accused among the 6 arrested in connection with the infamous Mayang Imphal rape and murder case of minor girl has been differed as counsel of both parties didn’t turn up today, a source said.

Large number of people including member of the JAC formed in connection with the brutal rape and murder case as well as various other members of civil bodies gathered at Cheirap Court Complex at Uripok and staged a sit-in-protest demanding punishment of all those involved in the rape and murder case.

According to source, counsel of the rape accused Salim Khan, Md. Noor Mahmmad and MD Feij had applied for bail to the court, however as counsel of both parties were not present the hearing has been differed.

The minor girl was found brutally raped and left to death on September 2 and she succumbed after undergoing treatment at RIMS. In connection with the brutal gang rape and murder police had picked up 6 persons and after producing to the Judicial magistrate on October 7, all the accused had been remanded in judicial custody till October 21 .

Those staging protest demanded speedy trial and punishment of those involved in the rape and murder case.

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