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Sh Ajit

Sh Ajit, a resident of Khongman, Imphal East is a regular contributor of Imphal Times mostly news photo and articles. He is a father of a lovely son. His favourite quote is " A Picture is worth Thousand words". He can be contacted at [email protected]

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Imphal, Oct 30:

A book entitled ‘Dam and Indigenous Peoples Right in Manipur’ written by Jiten Yumnam was released today at Manipur Press Club today.

Prof Amar Yunman Head of Department South East Asia Studies, Manipur University, Dr Dhanabir Laishram, Ms Aram Pamei and Valley Rose, Editor Aja Daily attended the book released function as presidium members.

The book that gave a critical outlook on the construction of mega dam and its impact to the environment written by environmentalist Jiten Yumnam was published by the Centre for Research and Advocacy Manipur.

The book release function is organised by the Centre for Research and Advocacy Manipur and Citizens Concern for Dams and Development. 

Speaking about the book Dr. Dhanabir Laishram expressed that in the NorthEast States of Manipur, the central government is planning to construct 200 dams. Among these 32 Dams are in Manipur. The India government is also planning to construct 2 nuclear reactors in the region.

Dr. Dhanabir Laishram elaborated on the dependency character of the region to the mainland India.

IT News
Imphal, Oct 30:

Renowned cultural activist, playwright and radio personality  Sagolsem Indrakumar Singh passed away today morning.
Seram Mangi Singh Foundation condoles the demise. “His absence from the literary and cultural platform of Manipur is really irreparable”, a message said. The Foundation shares the grief of the bereaved family it added.
In the meantime, Union of Association of Manipur writer, Patriotic writer Forum Manipur Tripura and Assam IPAK Film production Manipur Nature cure and Yoga Hospital Kongba and Assam Pradesh Manipuri Association also deeply condoles the sudden demise. Prof Jodhachandra Sanasam expressed that Sagolsem Indrakumar is a All India radio Imphal Drama producer and later Assistant Director and after he served as DDK Dibrugarh station director and retired.
Patriotic Writers Forum Manipur also condole the demise of Sagolsem Indrakumar Singh .

IT News
Imphal, Oct 30:

Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh, Works Minister Th Biswajit, CAF and PD Minister Th. Satyabrata among others has greeted the people on occasion of the Mera Hou Chongba, which falls on October 31 this year. The festival is celebrated annually on the full-moon of the month of Mera in the Manipuri lunar calendar since time immemorial.
The festival endeavours to promote brotherhood, peace and unity among indigenous communities living in the hill and valley of the State.
It marks solidarity among different ethnic groups in Manipur and Symbolises our belief in the principle of pluralism and co-existence. Let us together reaffirm our unyielding commitment to maintain.
The Chief Minister extended its warm greetings and best wishes to the people of the State on the joyous Occasion of Mera-Houchongba .
Mera-Houchongba is a festival in which people from both hills and valleys participate with the sense of brotherhood and oneness.

IT News
Imphal, Oct 29:

While appreciating the government for its effort in developing the interior part of the state, the Chramram (Saramba) Segment Voice, has appealed to the concern authorities to review the reported new alignment of Tamenglong-Halflong road by the office of Deputy Commissioner, Tamenglong.
The Chramram (Saramba) Segment Voice on behalf of the people of 11 (eleven) villages including Tousem and Mandiu villages has appealed the Chief Minister and all the concern authorities to re-examine the decision taken by the office of district administration of Tamenglong. It is our earnest request to re-survey the process of road alignment to connect the Tamenglong-Halflong road through Achintiang, old NEC road.
“It is a fact that the existing old NEC road (i.e. Barak bridge to Achintiang) popularly known as the “Gupta Alignment” started its construction in 1960s-70s and is the only road in the area with good gradient connecting to Tousem areas”, a statement of the Chramram (Saramba) Segment Voice said.
It added that the Segment villages want the Tamenglong-Halflong road to be constructed and pass through “Achintiang’’ (border between Thiulon and Chramram Village), a strategic location on old NEC road where people of the area can be easily connected in the surrounding 11 (eleven) villages and beyond. However, the Deputy Commissioner of Tamenglong have ignored the request made by the area people and re-routed to Phelong-Jeichiktiang which has already been rejected and abandoned by the BRFT in 1 990s.
The statement further stated that for many generations have been waiting for this road to pass through it. With compassion the villagers have given NOC for the zero-land compensation but it seems that the district administration is just manipulating the innocent people without considering the value of land in this era. Despite the request being made by the villagers the Deputy Commissioner sought to re-route to a new alignment of Phelong-Jeichiktiang, a new alignment and new cutting which is not better than the NEC alignment. There are high suspicions that the Deputy Magistrate has convinced the young engineers of National Highways Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHIDCL) who came for the road survey and inspections. We appeal and request the engineers of NHIDCL to take a better look of how good the grade is in old NEC alignment (from Barak bridge point to Achintiang—Makhu river) and compare it with the new proposed alignment.
“In a participatory democracy, ignoring the people’s mandate and going against the wishes of the people is like genocide. The DC has even by-passed the appeal put forward by the elected representative of the Chramram ADC Segment. Accountability and transparency are the core of good governance. We expect the office of deputy commissioner to be more transparent. The Chramram ADC segment is the only Rongmei speaking area in the whole Tousem-Tamei constituency. And none of the Rongmei speaking villages will be connected in the proposed new alignment. If the Highway is re-routed, then it is a great injustice done to the Rongmeis living in Tousem sub-division. The Tamenglong -Halflong road will eventually become a Trans Asian Highway, therefore public opinion and mutual consensus should be taken as the utmost important”, the statement said.

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