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Sh Ajit

Sh Ajit, a resident of Khongman, Imphal East is a regular contributor of Imphal Times mostly news photo and articles. He is a father of a lovely son. His favourite quote is " A Picture is worth Thousand words". He can be contacted at [email protected]

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Imphal, April 5

Coalition Against Drugs & Alcohol (CADA) expressed serious concerned over the ferrying in of the huge quantities of betel leaf into the state in a special cargo flight on Saturday while state is facing hard time to prevent spreading of COVID-19 Corona virus into the state.
According to a statement issued by Khundongbam Anand, Secretary Information & Publicity CADA mentioned that following the total lock down imposed by the state Government with an objective to prevent further spreading of Corona virus the people have been facing multiple problems on scarcities of daily essential items and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
The release further mentioned that, ferrying ion of huge quantities of betel leafs in a special cargo flight into the state at this juncture shows total negligence of common interest by the behest interested businessmen. And it has been very unfortunate on the side of some peoples who have been addicted to the many of tobacco and other narcotic substances.
CADA caution the State government for proper implementation of Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Product Act  (COTPA) 2003 Manipur before it is too late, it added.

IT News
Tamenglong, April 5

In view of the outbreak of the COVID-19 and the nationwide lockdown which is being imposed to check the pandemic, the district administration of Tamenglong issue the market day and timing for availing essential commodities in Tamenglong district.
As per the notification only the shops dealing with groceries, food, vegetables, dairy products and meat will be open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 1:30pm to 4:30pm. District administration informs the public to follow this instruction with strict compliance during the lockdown.
From the day of lockdown till now 172 people are being keep in home quarantine and 41 people have completed home quarantine while two persons are still under institutional quarantine.
Meanwhile Armstrong Pame, IAS, DC, Tamenglong gifted 5 bags of rice and vegetables for the (Child Care Institutions) inmates of children homes in times of need.

IT News

Tml. April 2

The district administration of Tamenglong comprising the Deputy commissioner, CEO/ ADC, Superintendent of Police and the Chief Medical officer are in a war footing combating the dreaded COVID-19.

As of now a total of 119 persons are being kept under Home quarantine while 2 persons are under institutional quarantine. Out of these, 53 persons are from Tamei Sub-division, 13 from Tousem sub-division and 53 from Tamenglong sub-division. Both the institutional quarantine persons are being kept at JNV Tamenglong. Some persons have been released after completion of the quarantine period. All entry points to the district have been sealed except for some exceptional cases, according to Dr. Chambo Gonmei, Chief Medical Officer Tamenglong.

The district administration is providing free vegetables to the town dwellers by organizing villagers from different villages situated in the vicinity of the town. Today villagers from Tabanglong and Lamlaba brought home grown as well as wild vegetables in mini truck loads during the curfew relaxation period. The same provisions were managed by the district administration to see that both local and non locals people are benefited without any distinction. Another supplies of vegetables are coming again tomorrow from Khangchiulon, Chiulon and Duigailong for free distribution to the public.

Gaijinlung Thaimei, EE/PHED Tamenglong is also doing his bits by distributing water using the water tanker as water could not be supplied through the water pipelines due to water scarcity. The PHED also provided hand washing facilities in the town to facilitate people doing groceries during curfew relaxations.

Rice under NFSA meant for the month of December 2019 were distributed in the district through the rationing agents. However, rice being the staple food of the people are running out in the district. All rice stocks have been shifted from the shops to the Deputy commissioner’s office so that sales may be regulated. Kajaigai Gangmei, CEO, ADC Tamenglong who is also the ADM Tamenglong is leading an official team looking after the distribution of rice. There is no supplies of superfine or cheaper qualities now forcing the poor people to relish higher quality rice like Parmal and Andhra for Rs. 1000 or Rs. 1100 per 25 kilo packs.

Armstrong Pame, DC Tamenglong has assured that enough foodgrain would be provided and appeal the denizens not to panic over food. He also appealed the public to remain calm, follow instructions and cooperate with the authority in the fight against the pandemic.

IT News
Imphal, March 30

As an insignia of great concern for right to food of the children, amidst the curfew and 21 days lockdown promulgated in view of Covid-19 Pandemic, the Manipur Human Rights Commission passed a landmark directive today, which may bring a sigh of relief for thousands of children under lockdown in the state. Hearing a complaint case No.41 of 2020, The Manipur Human Rights Commission directed to the head of the concerned State Government departments namely social welfare and education department, to implement national flagship schemes namely ICPS, ICDS and Mid Day Meal schemes in line with the respected prescribed guidelines to ensure that children who are entitled under such schemes are not affected by the ongoing nationwide lockdown.
Drawing the immediate attention of the State’s Right Body the petitioner Mr. Keisam Pradipkumar, a child rights activist, submitted his petition on behalf of Manipur Alliance for Child Rights (MACR) and pursued to provide food grains, soaps, sanitary items to three category of children viz to those children who are living in different Child Care Institutions (children’s home, shelter homes, observation and special homes, place of safety, State Adoption Centres), to provide the quota of food grains of Midday Meal for a period of 21 days ( lockdown period), to those entitled children of government and aided schools across the state through home delivery system. The petitioner also requested the Commission to provide “Ready to Eat” food items to the young children enrolled under ICDS scheme, so that children are not suffered because of want of food during the 21 days nationwide lockdown imposed in view of Covid-19 pandemic. The acting Chairperson of MHRC Mr. Khaidem Mani notified three weeks times to the heads of Social Welfare and Education Department, Government of Manipur to submit their action taken report to the Commission.

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