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Sh Ajit

Sh Ajit, a resident of Khongman, Imphal East is a regular contributor of Imphal Times mostly news photo and articles. He is a father of a lovely son. His favourite quote is " A Picture is worth Thousand words". He can be contacted at [email protected]

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Sunday, 21 November 2021 16:51

Love in Pandemic times and Lai Lamthokpa

Idea of strengthening the administrative structure in rural and hill areas is not bad in all possible meanings. This idea will be subscribed by one and all. However, the idea of strengthening should not be confused with Lai Lamthokpa and MeleiLangba. Let us not forget one fact that the authority of Government is extended all over the state, be it ‘villages’ or be it ‘hill areas’; and state agencies are there in every square inch of the state.
The ideal picture of N Biren’s idea of ‘Go to Village’ or ‘Go to Hill’ is understood by many in different connotations. Some take it as the ‘physical presence’ of chief minister in a particular place on a particular day to deliver the ‘benefits’ of governmental, state or centre, schemes (as Chief Minister always counts the number of beneficiaries on every event). If physical presence of Chief Minister and his followers dominates over identifying the structural weakness and loopholes in administration, then the very idea of strengthening and reaching out the villages and tribal peoples is defeated. Physical presence and giving political speeches, as it looks like today, in a particular place and delivers some benefits which are expected to be done by officials (from District Collectors to Section Officers to Peons) are not proper ways of strengthening administration in rural and hill areas. His ideal concept is defeated by his own action; this may be due to lack of clarity and proper understanding of what he thinks.
Even in feudal days, the King used all his men at a different levels of administration, from a Leikai to Khungang to State level; sometimes the King himself went to some important and strategic places to interact with people so that he would be able to overcome or adjust the weakness of the structure. God did not show his miracles everywhere. In modern times, Chief Minister needs not to go every square inch of the state, he has to ensure his men are working properly and are performing in accordance with available schemes under different policies. Giving a wheelchair to a PWD in a hill station or a village does not signify anything. It looks like throwing out some coins on the road when Churachand Maharaja came out of his palace to show his authority over his subjects. If Chief Minister, as there is no Churachand Maharaja these days, likes to help needy persons in accordance with the principle of the welfare state, he should look into various departments linking with social welfare schemes, not that he helped one person who set in his eyes. Helping a road-side sweeper who came across while ‘Chief Minister’ is cycling in his leisure time cannot be equated with fulfilling the duties set in the constitution; likewise taking ten-thousand applications on a one-day event of ‘Go to Village’ does not suit the goal set by the same principle. It is not even the ‘showcase’ of various departments; it is a loss of ambitious governance to the feudal ego.
Make feel the people that the government is everywhere and the government is a democratic government. For this, rural and hill peoples should be integrated into the democratic ‘mainstream’ rather than speeches and activities for electoral gains. Integration requires complex coordination of different departments, agencies. This was known perfectly to those feudal kings of the state. Using khullakpa, lambus, Maibis, and performances like Lai Lamthokpa, the ancient and medieval kings could successfully integrate the peoples, urban, rural, or tribes. One should however know that the feudal mindset, institutions, and performances cannot hold water in democratic systems. You need to develop, strengthen democratic agencies, administration. Chief Minister is not EibuLoibaLeimaba; his council of ministers is not Angam-athou. Even though no one knows whether Narendra Modi performs rightly, one should understand not even the Prime Minister is EibuLoibaLeimaba, but a Pradhan Sevak.
Moreover, loving people is good; to show your love, you do not need an event. Amidst several thousand fears due to pandemic, crowd-pulling events, like the rallies from Mao to Moreh or Going to hill stations or villages, are not a proper expression of love. Let the people come to different departments according to their needs throughout the years and serve them every day with your agencies. Simple logics suggests to think, on a particular day, if ten-thousand persons are given their benefits (out of public money), then what the government and its agencies did in other 364 days. Practically, Chief Minister cannot go to every single village in his five-year tenure, then showing love, that too in pandemic days, in the crowded event does not mean anything but just a meleilangba.
As one suffers if he crosses the front line when Umang Lai marches along the road, one should not be made suffered if he crosses the line of Go to Village because Chief Minister is neither king nor umanglai. Moreover, Go to Village or Go to Hill should not be a mere event; it should be a continuous process in which even the single person sitting in the Chair is immaterial rather than the idea of democratization of every single feudal and tribal institutions, laws and associations.

Thursday, 18 November 2021 17:32

Bomb blast at Imphal East; no one injured

IT News
Imphal, Nov 18:

A powerful bomb blasted today at Kairang Muslim Mayai Leikai in Imphal East at around 4.20 am today. The blast took place inside the residential premises of one N B Tolen (aged about 40 years), fortunately, there were no human casualty other than causing damage to some of the properties belonging to Tolen and his neighbour.
Initial report, as per CCTV record said that one person was seen riding a two wheeler vehicle in front of the residence for some time while a four wheeler vehicle was seen parking at some distance from the site. It added that the two wheeler rider before exploding the powerful bomb suspected to be IED was noticed taking signal from those persons inside the four wheeler vehicle.
Top police officials rushed the blast site and inspected the situation.
No individuals or rebel groups has so far claimed responsibility of the blast.

IT News
Imphal, Nov 15:

An improvised explosive device (IED) was found at the eastern side of the residential gate of one Aribam Sashikumar Sharma son of Late Aribam Chitrashor Sharma of Khongman Zone-1 at around 5.30 am today. According to the CCTV camera record, the unidentified person was seen dropping a plastic packet at the south part of the gate and quickly escaped from the area around 4.24 am.
The IED was found wrapped in a plastic polythene bag when Aribam Sashikumar Sharma who came out morning walk checked it on suspicion. He immediately informed the matter to the Irilbung police station.
Aribam Sashikumar Sharma is a fish seller by profession and talking to reporters he said that he received a message through WhatsApp before Ningol Chakkouba to pay some monetary help to the KCP (People War Group). As he didn’t respond he received another WhatsApp call on November 3 asking him to pay the demanded money. He however told the person at the other end not to demand money from fish sellers, while explaining the kind of hardship they faced during Covid-19 pandemic.
Meanwhile, the Police team along with Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad team who rushed the site immediately pick up the IED and safely detonated somewhere at Imphal East area at around 10.10 am.

IT News
Imphal, Nov 14:

With a view to scaling up the Political Campaign of the National People’s Party (NPP) Singjamei Unit, a 13/18 Booth Committee Office is being inaugurated at Singjamei Sougrakpam Leikai, Imphal West District Manipur this morning.
The Office which is opened in Ward no. 17 was inaugurated by the NPP Intending Candidate of the Constituency in the forthcoming State General Elections 2022, Oinam Romen Singh in presence of the electors of the Constituency.
Inaugurating the office Romen Singh said that the youths should be encouraged to involve in Elections as their Electoral Participation is very much needed as they pledge for a change in the Society. They should be fully aware such a way that they can choose the right Candidate.
He said that he will open such offices in right and proper place with the very least number and will not compromise with the instinct of any vested interest groups. There are a number of Booth Committee Offices in the Constituency opened by the other rival candidates, it is of no use as it remains the places of liquor and other toxicants. It will misguide the youths. If the youths are misguided, the Society is also misguided and where the development will be, Romen asked. Such Candidates will never know the morals of the youths and the people as well. So choosing the right person at the right time is very important, he remarked.
Romen further said that a responsible person will do and everything with full responsibility. The election should be issue-based. Offering toxicants, without any issue, to the youths cannot showcase his strength. It is nothing but to mislead the youths only for his political gain not grooming them in a proper way instead. Now there comes the right time for every voter to teach such kind of so-called public leader a good lesson in the Elections, Romen Singh contended.

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