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Sh Ajit

Sh Ajit

Sh Ajit, a resident of Khongman, Imphal East is a regular contributor of Imphal Times mostly news photo and articles. He is a father of a lovely son. His favourite quote is " A Picture is worth Thousand words". He can be contacted at [email protected]

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Save Nambul River: Mrs. Grimwood’s Nambul part of the story will be contrasting if written today

IT News
Imphal, July 6:

Recounting her boat ride at Nambul River, Mrs Ethel ST Grimwood in her book “My Three Years in Manipur” published in 1892 wrote Nambul River waterway as a short cut way to reach Loktak Lake.

“I don’t think I shall ever forget the first time I saw the lake”, Mrs. Grimwood wrote.  Perhaps the Nambul River was extraordinarily clean those days as Mrs. Grimwood prefer boat ride to get a glimpse of Loktak Lake.

The story of Nambul waterway 128 years later is not the same. The condition of the River after Manipur restored its Independence keeps on deteriorating days after another. Until the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, no persons including those in the Government’s Environment department had ever expected that people will someday use the river either for commercial transportation or for site seeing rides. Perhaps, the more than three-month-long lockdowns has somehow relieved the suffocating river making the dream for many to have a boat ride on the river possible.

On July 2, the All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union (AMWJU) in collaboration with Directorate of Environment and Climate Change, Government of Manipur organized a one-day media campaign on saving Nambul river on riding on modified traditional Manipuri Canoe on the river from Thong Nambonbi to Yangoi Karong area, which starts Loktak lake.

When we reached Yangon Karong area, we were not lucky enough to see the moon shedding a glorious silvery light on the broad expanse of waters, and making the islands, each one a small mountain in itself, that appear shadowy and far off as written by Mrs. Grimwood, as the sun was facing towards us in slanting manners. 

Had Mrs. Grimwood wrote her “My Three Years in Manipur” in these days, she would have pen-pictured the murky banks with waste plastic bottles and waste garbage at all the Riverbanks starting from Thong Nambonbi to Yangoi Karong area by not leaving aside the stinking odour that may cause a more ferocious disease than COVID-19.  

In olden days Nambul River is used as waterway transportation. The Nambul water start from Kangchup hill range around 3 small streams from Kangchup felled and meet at Iroisamba and start Nambul River. Besides waterways, the river water is mainly used by the peoples for irrigation and drinking. But today Nambul water is found unsuitable for human consumption. The river is hit by worse water pollution. People of the riverbank area need to keep the Nambul River clean for a healthy environment.

The portion between Iroishemba to Heirangoitong of the Nambul which is around 9.14 km long is the most polluted part as seen during the boat ride.

Experts say that the high pollution in Nambul River is due to urbanism. The urban area of this river from Iroisamba to Heirangoithong of the river bank both sides covers 12 Municipality ward. These 12 municipal ward areas contribute a lot of solid and liquid pollutants. This urban area has 72 drains falling to Nambul River so the BOD level and COD level are very high. The Nambul River is one of the main perennial sources of water for the Loktak Lake which is a designated Ramsar site since 23rd March 1990 under the Ramsar Convention, to which India is a state party.

Besides Manipur Government affords to combat water pollution, the peoples on the both sides, especially of urban area, should take extra care in shaping the river pollution free. The Nambul River, a key river in the maintenance of the micro climatic and ecological health of the Manipur Valley, is kept free of all encroachments by any human activities.

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Labour minister instructs officials to form task force to timely address labour shortage

IT News
Imphal, June 25: 

Labour & Employment Minister Dr. Thokchom Radheshyam had chaired a meeting with the officials of the Department of Labour, Employment and Manipur Society for Skill Development to discuss on feasible ways to fill up the labour gap in the state as result of the COVID-19 pandemic. He also directed the officials to create ‘a task force’ to bridge the gap.
Addressing the officials during the meeting held at Conference Hall, SSA Babupara, the Minister said that once the task force is created, it can collect data, analyse the labour gap, identify the trade/area to provide training so that the labour shortage is addressed timely. 
During the meeting the Minister said that because of the pandemic many migrant labourers have gone back to their respective native places creating a labour gap in the state. The migrant workers who were skilled, unskilled and semi skilled labours were engaged in the building and construction works and other sectors in the state. 
He pointed out that there are certain sectors/areas where there are shortages of skilled or semi skilled local labour as such in the trade of painting, pipe fitting, and tiles installer among others. He said that these gaps need to be filled up with the local labour force by providing them skill training so that labour shortage can be solved. He urged the officials to prioritise the trade and areas where the workforce will be highly required in the state so that the labour gap is filled up.
Dr. Th. Radheshyam said that there are also a huge number of returnees who were working outside the state in different sectors. He expressed that a database needs to be created so that the skilled or semi skilled returnees are identified. These returnees can be utilised to fill the labour gap. He expressed that such initiatives at this juncture will not only provide an opportunity for self reliance to the incoming returnees along with the existing local workforce, but also imbibe a good sense of work culture in the society.

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Make sure that all farmers get fertilizer on time - UPF

IT News
Imphal, June 20:

United Peoples’ Front (UPF) has appealed the Department of Agriculture, Government of Manipur to make available Urea Fertilizers to farmers of the state.
A statement issued by M. Sunil, Assistant Publicity of UPF, Manipur said that the department of Agriculture had announced through electronic and print media assuring urea fertilizers to all farmers. Now it is time that the farmers need the fertilizers and the UPF appealed the agri department to issue fertilizers to farmers.
The UPF statement said that the department should stop earlier decision distribution of one bag of fertilizer to only card holder farmers and Patta holder’s farmers. This is because most genuine farmers are cultivating on rented land. When farmers of rented farmland asked for patta of the field owner of the field are reluctant in giving the land patta. More over most farmers did not get farmers’ card as maximum of them do not have knowledge of how to apply for the farmers’ card.
At present the farmers are facing trouble in getting the urea fertilizers even as the department is taking up to distribute the urea fertilizers at every district. The department should also see the hardship being faced by the farmers from far flung area. The farmers who are from far flung area have to stand in queue from even midnight to get one bag of fertilizer. Most farmers do not own private vehicles and they prefer the public transport which is not available due to the lockdown to contain the COVID-19 Pandemic.
The UPF said that the authority of the Agriculture department should also stopped discussing issues of farmers only on table but should go to the field to get the actual difficulties and problems being face by the farmers. The UPF further appealed to make sure that farmers of the state get fertilizers on time.

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COVID-19: Manipur has 342 active cases, tally stands at 540

Imphal, June 17:

The number of COVID-19 cases in Manipur stands at 540 on Wednesday morning, official reports said.
Totally, 198 persons have recovered from the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) and the JN Institute of Medical Sciences (JNIMS).
Director of the JNIMS T. Bhimo said on Wednesday morning that so far there was no death related to the pandemic. Thirtysix persons were found to be COVID-19 positive on Tuesday and there were 342 active cases.
Medical Superintendent of the RIMS C. Arunkumar said that 57 persons were tested again on Tuesday and 17 were found to be positive. So far 15,826 persons had been tested in the RIMS, he added.
Health Minister L. Jayentakumar said that 243 beds were now available in a school at Meitram in Imphal west district. It would soon be converted to a 300-bedded COVID-19 care centre.
On Wednesday morning, there was social media post saying that a father and son died due to the infection. Officials say that the matter will be looked into. The deaths reportedly took place at Konjeng Leikai near the Imphal international airport.
So far, 198 persons have recovered from the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences and the JN Institute of Medical Sciences.

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