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Imphal, Aug 8:

At a time when maximum testing for COVID -19 is urgently required with the spread of the COVID -19 pandemic at local level, number of samples that are presently tested at both VRDL of RIMS and JNIMS cannot increase more than 1200 at an average per day, besides having equipment to test more than 2000 per day due to lack of reagent kits Gene Mag DNA/RNA Extraction Kit) for automated RNA extraction machines installed each at JNIMS and RIMS.
The kit which is supposed to be supplied by the Health department through the ICMR has been converted into contract work by awarding the supply order to one M/S Meitram Medicos.
Both the RNA extraction machines installed at JNIMS and RIMS during middle week of July had the capacity to extract RNA for 96 samples at one go and it takes only around few hours to be sent to RT-PCR. At the time when the 96 capacity RNA extractors have been installed in July, 100 extraction kits (50 for JNIMS and another 50 for RIMS) has been provided by the State Health department. But as the state health department had reportedly stopped supply of the kits by now both the automated RNA extraction machines remain useless.
However, RT-PCR testing are still going on at both VRDLs of RIMS and JNIMS with other manual RNA extractor machines.
JNIMS at present have 2 RNA extractor at which one is the newly installed 96 capacity machine and other with 12 capacity as per source. The Institution also have another 2 Qiagen RNA extractor with the capacity of 12.
At RIMS VRDL with the newly automated equipments, the total RNA extractor is 5 according to a reliable source . Among this three of the Qiagen RNA extractor had the capacity of only 12 while one has the capacity of 14.
Lab technicians has been working round the clock at both the VRDLs however, the announcement by the Health Directorate about the testing capacity of around 2000 per day turn out to be a blatant lie as the automated genetics RNA extractor machine with the capacity of 96 sample is out of stock since the last couple of days.
When Imphal Times contacted the Medical Superintendent of JNIMS to enquire about this , the Medical Superintendent simply said that he have no idea of the stock.
When the matter was asked to State Health Department authority, an authority said that there are adequate stock of testing kits and no VRDLs has send report.
“At present around 500 to 800 sample arrived per day and there is no backlog at both the VRDLs of RIMS and JNIMS in the testing”, a source said to Imphal Times.
At a time when there are possibilities of community spread and the district administration declaring containment zone at many places, the number of samples received are enromous but the authority justifies saying the number of sample has been reduced as testing has been done through Rapid Antigen test and TruNat. However, source with the Imphal Times said that the sample collection has been intentionally delayed and lowered as some people are making profit out of the pandemic.
According to health expert, it is stated that the RTPCR is a gene based test that can detect presence of even 1 virus in the nose/pharynx coz it changes RNA to DNA and goes on amplifying that virus through 35 cycles giving 35 billion copies of 1 virus if done properly and in a standardized lab. TruNat tests an enzyme RdRp used by RNA viruses during multiplication in the body. So if negative, it’s a guarantee of no infection. But if positive, it needs to be confirmed that this RdRp is of nCovid19 origin, hence follow up by RTPCR. As for the Antigen, it tests the spike protein that the virus needs to attach to human cell. So, if positive, means virus is present, but if negative, may mean virus too small in quantity at the time to show up on test so negatives have to be reconfirmed by RTPCR.
That means, in all the test conducted to make sure that the spread of the virus is contained RTPCR test is a must. The number of testing can only be increased with the number of RNA extracted from the sample and sent to RTPCR which is still considered as the most accurate one.
Instead of making sure that there is no deficit of RNA extractor kits for the two newly installed machines why the State Health Department is outsourcing it to contractors/ suppliers for procuring of the much needed kits. At this time of crisis why is the need for the Department to award the supply work to private firm called M/S Meitram Medicos, when it should be done directly by the Health Department.

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Moreh, Aug 8:

President of the Hill Tribal Council Moreh, Joshep Ginkhosei Lhungdim today appealed to let the judiciary decide the drug hauled case of to Lukhosei Zou.
Speaking to reporters at its Moreh office Joshep Ginkhosei Lhungdim said, “we are all citizens of India and we are all equal in the eyes of the Law. No want is above the law, So let us give a chance to the judiciary, let them give a fair trail to Lukhosei Zou”.
He further added that this world of drug cases particularly in Manipur state, there have been cases were crores and crores worth drugs have been seized .
“Till today non of the cases has been as popular as the case of Lukhosei Zou” , he said and questioned why other cases have been set aside and his case is so popularize by parties, Individuals and organization so much.
“Let the judiciary decides. If he felt guilty let him be penalized . If he is innocent why him be called so long. Let ua also respect the sanctity and independence of judiciary of the Court.”, he said.
The Hill Tribal Council Moreh appealed all individuals, Political Parties and organization not to take deep interest in his case just to put him behind bars.
“That would not be fair. Therefore the Hill Tribal Council Moreh through this Press Meet appeal to one and all to refrain from taking part in this case”.

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Imphal, Aug 8:

Ahead of the World’s Indigenous Peoples Day which falls on August 9, the Center for Research and Advocacy , Manipur (CRA) greets the people of the state and expressed serious concern with the increased case of infection of indigenous peoples to COVID -19 infection, abetted by limitation in health in health infracture and inadequate testing facilities in Manipur.

A statement said that the increased loss of lives due to denial of urgent medical needs of non-COVID patients by medical establishment in Manipur on pretext of following Covid -19 regulations if a matter of serious concern.

The CRA also stated that the aggressive pursuance of extractive industries, unsustainable energy projects and large infrastructure projects under India’s Act East policy. Several memorandum of understanding were signed for dam building, oil exploration , mining , agribusiness etc. in Manipur . The jubilant Energy and Oil India Limited commenced oil and gas exploration woks in the year 2012 and 2017 without peoples’ consent in Tamenglong, Churanchandpur , Imphal West Districts etc.

The CRY demanded the government of Manipur to withdraw MoUs and all licenses granted to oil companies, mining companies , dam building companies etc without recognizing peoples’ self determined rights over their land and without their consent. It demanded to revoked all MoUs signed for mining and and for revocation of dam building proposal.

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Imphal, Aug. 8:

Health and Family Welfare minister L. Jayantakumar Singh has opened the campaign for “AYUSH Treatment Intervention in fighting of COVOD-19” at Pishumthong Community Hall today. Representatives from eight clubs and organizations in Keishamthong Assembly constituency attended the inaugural function.
Speaking at the occasion Minister Jayantakumar said that during this very juncture of COVID-19 we all need to take self precautions to contain this pandemic. He said that maintaining health hygiene and following the SOPs notified by the state government is very necessary. Keeping our surroundings need and clean with proper sanitization by using disinfectants if necessary, is also recommendable. Above all increasing of immune system by taking good food & food supplements and physical exercises will also help to protect ourselves from this viral disease. This needs to be preferred by both symptomatic and asymptomatic people, he added.
Minister said that with the objective to help to boost the immune system of the people to some extend the campaign for “AYUSH Treatment Intervention in fighting of COVOD-19” is being introduced. The campaign will continue covering the remaining parts of the state. All the population may not be able to cover by the campaign but maximum is being targeted to be covered, headed.
Mentioning about the ill effects of using sodium hypochlorite, Shri Jayantakumar said that using disinfectants like sodium hypochlorite very frequently may cause health hazard since the chemical contained in it is harmful to human health according to experts. Hence, using such disinfectants should be cultivated only when there is high necessity, he added.
Jayantakumar also appealed the public to strictly adhere to the health advisories of the state government. He also expressed deep concerned over the sudden increase of COVID-19 cases amongst the persons without travel history and also amongst the central paramilitary and armed forces posted in Manipur.
Ayurvedic immune booster products, such as AYUSH IMMUNE PLUS, Ars. Album-30, Chamanprash etc., were distributed as a part of the inaugural occasion. Minister also distributed face masks and hand sanitizers to the representatives of the clubs from Keshamthong A/C.  
Director, Department of AYUSH, Manipur Dr. Y. Lukhoi Singh, Member Secretary, National Ayush Mission, Manipur, Dr. A. Guneshore Sharma, Social Worker Smt. Arunapriya, President Yaifa lamjing Lup, L. haridash Singh and others also attended the occasion.

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Imphal, Aug 8:

A news item published on many media outlets in the Northeast as a part of a statement issued by Manipur Students’ Association Delhi (MSAD) alleging and linking StormyTV with human trafficking is alleged to be completely baseless and false, said a press release by Stormy TV. Stormy TV strongly condemns such defaming allegations as a company looking to work towards empowering the youths of the Northeast through its platform and are optimistic about Northeast India and bringing our innovative world-class AI technology to empower the talents of northeast India in line with the vision of ‘Digital North-East 2022’, said the press release
The release further said, “Once we got to know about the allegations and news being published around it, the StormyTV team reached out to these organisations and upon clarification, it has now been resolved with the student bodies and organisations issuing an apology letter accepting that the allegations were false and that there was no involvement of StormyTV in such heinous crimes at all. We also share the concern and interest of these bodies to build awareness towards the safety of girls/boys/child from the region against human trafficking or any kind of exploitation. We, as a legitimate business, assure that our platform will never use any of the contestant’s image or details for any form of illegal work and is focused on driving this partnership based on integrity, transparency and trust. StormyTV complies with all data privacy and security requirements under the Indian law and places the highest importance on user privacy and integrity.”

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During this challenging time of COVID-19 pandemic, electricity plays an important role. Whether it is work from home or for any other activities depending on electricity. Everyone heave a sigh of relief with the coming of Prepaid Electric and with the conversion of Manipur Electricity Department to Manipur State Power Distribution Company Limited (MSPDCL) and Manipur State Power Company Limited (MSPCL) in 2012. Gone were the days of regular load shedding and irregular power supply. Most of the people are now paying their Bills regularly and using power economically, all thanks to the prepaid system.

Albeit, for the past few weeks most of the consumers are experiencing frequent power cuts. When contacted to the concerned authority about the reason of the power outage, there seems to be always a reason or two for the power cut. One time, it will be a particular division feeder tripping or jungle cutting or some other reasons.

It is acceptable to have power outages due to a problem or two but to have power outages everyday, is not acceptable. We understand that the people at the Power Department is working day and night to curb such problems, but at times feels like there is something wrong as the frequency of the power outages has increased manifold. Is it because of outdated or faulty infrastructure being used for power distribution or is it because of the increase in power load as people are staying at home and using more power? One way or the other, this need to be addressed.

Also, few days back there was complaint from some consumers about the problem of recharging their account, as the process of Online recharge is too confusing for some users. The portal for recharging online was down for quite few days and many were left in the dark as how to recharge their account. Yes, they did developed a portal where one can send a recharge request and wait for the people from MSPDCL to send them manually the recharge voucher. One has to wait like 3 to 4 hours in order to get their recharge voucher whereas in some worse case scenario, one has to wait like 24hrs. A big company like MSPDCL unable to develop a fully automated and efficient portal for recharging is such a big shame. On the bright side, the old recharge portal that enables consumers to generate voucher instantly seems to be working fine as of now.

People are asking if we are going back to those dark days of frequent load shedding and many are skeptical if power are being misused. MSPDCL need to evaluate and work on to provide efficient power supply to the people, otherwise there may come a time when people will refuse to pay their bills like old days and use unscrupulous means. 

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By: T S Haokip

The just declared UPSC 2019 results have seen a particular ST community outside the North-Eastern region grabbing nearly 40% of the total ST seats reserved. This is not the first instance and not the only type of examinations dominated by the said particular community; SSC, IBPS, and Railways- the largest recruiter for Govt and Public sector enterprises too have similar pictures. The founding fathers of our constitution having felt the genuine need for an idea of equality in terms of employment and opportunities apart from politics had envisaged in the constitution the provision for the state to reserve seats for certain sections of the society who were underprivileged, backward and cut out from social, political and economic developments not just under the British Raj but for centuries altogether. While many argued that the idea of positive discrimination is against equality, it is in practice an initiative to ensure equality on a larger perspective.
The idea of the importance of representation in legislation has among many- a geographically earmarked constituency and as such has met its intended purpose. However, in the case of job opportunities, there is a systematic flaw; it does not guarantee equitable opportunities to all as more backward communities in the STs are yet to taste the fruit of reservation.
Performance scene in 2019-2020
The number of successful ST candidates from North East India in the UPSC exam 2019 is just 4 candidates with three states having predominant tribal population securing nil; Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, and Mizoram. While Nagaland and Tripuraare contented with one successful candidate each, ST candidates from Manipur where 40 % of the state population belongs to STscored zero. The sum of all the Tribal communities from NE India clearing UPSC exam 2019 is less than 20% of those qualified candidates from a single Tribal community outside NE- The Meenas. Since long, the said community has occupied the majority share of Tribal vacancies in various recruitment process. Nevertheless, it is not the particular community’s fault; the system has inherent flaws, if we are to consider that the affirmative action in recruitment is intended in true spirit to uplift the tribal community as a whole.
Peculiar Concerns of NE Tribals
The promise for equality enshrined in Article 15 and 16 of the Indian constitution, which is the basis that allows the Government to formulate a system that ensures that the socially, historically and currently underprivileged groups are represented well in politics, jobs, and education cannot be said to be successful without NE tribals represented adequately in the system. The argument is all the more valid when one considers the criteria to which a community can be listed in ST and the instances of which there have been periodical addition of communities in the scheduled list while the size of the piece of cake to be shared remains the same. Graver is the situation when one considers a situation where a more advantageous community is added to the scheduled Tribe list; as then,many backward tribal communities will find it tougher to avail the opportunity, thereby defeating the whole purpose of reservation itself. That seems to be the case at present.
Already the people of North East India, especially the tribals have faced innumerable social stigmas even after 70 years of Independence. Development is still a far cry in most areas where things as basic as education, housing, electricity, and all-weather roads are yet to make its mark. While representation in legislation exists, the lack of NE tribals in the top executive echelon, where policies are drafted could be one factor for the region to be alienated from the showers of development India is supposedly drenched with.
Creamy-layer concept among tribals?
Some people have mooted the idea of introducing creamy layers among the STs in the same manner and fashion as done among the OBCs. The move, while it may be feasible for mainland tribals, who have communities with many generations of advancement, upliftmentand development initiatives, will not be feasible among NE tribals as most of those individuals to be categorized as creamy layers are first-generation achievers. For the 1st generationindividuals ofNE STs that could be classified as creamy layer, their responsibilities are huge and their dependents are vast- sometimes a whole village. If their ward(s) are excluded from the opportunity of availing ST reservation, the odds of that family returning to the same situation where their parents first begin- all in a span of one generation, is imminently high. It is therefore not advisable to cream them out at least for now.
Argument of efforts
Amid the trending discussion on the performance of NE Tribals in UPSC exams, some voices opined that it is efforts that matter and that it is the lack of efforts among NE tribal candidatesthat eventually have resulted in their dismal performances. The argument might partially hold for many non-serious contenders. However, that does not justify the underlying concerns why irrespective of rendering in their 100 percent, many people from the underprivileged ST communities will never match when they are judged with the same yardstick as those in a better position since the past many generations. Arguments like this have failed to consider the conditions of how tribals were subjugated for centuries; most importantly, it is an indirect justification to do away with reservation altogether, ignoring the fundamental cause and concerns which first necessitated an affirmative action of equality.
The percentage of opportunity
In the same way, 7.5 % of vacancies are reserved for the scheduled tribes, at least 20% of those ST seats should be reserved for the NE STs. This will ensure at the least, that the benefits of reservation are not reaped by a single affluent community - all in the name of scheduled Tribes, of which the NE tribal have been the marginalized lots. The intention here is not to be mistaken for advocating a rigid solution but rather exploring the possibilities to ensure that the whole purpose of reservation is not defeated as is possible in the present system.
Tatkal solution
Reservation within reservation seems to be the only ideal option to ensure that our goal of upliftingthe tribal people is achieved in a holistic manner. The present system rather presents a picture of the mere fulfillment of a statute i.e the existence of a scheme for the upliftment of tribal people by way of providing special opportunity in jobs and recruitment. Serious concerns like the unmistakable disproportionate division of shares, where the majority of it is benefited by only a section or a particular community have been overlooked by our policy-makers as well as those implementing it. Reservation is a magnificent tool to draw the gap, which is only widening, between the tribal people and other general communities. If we truly believe in our commitment to uplift the tribal people, the reservation policy for STs with regards to NE tribals has to be relooked.

(The writer is a freelance writer and author of the book HILLY DREAMS)

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IT News
Imphal, Aug 8:

The news of a pregnant woman who was denied admission by various Hospital authorities which subsequently led to the death of the pregnant mother and her child came as an utter shock to many.  In fact, such inhumane act of apathy is indescribable but despairing and mournful to the core.
A statement by the International Human Rights Association, Manipur said that the rights body is extremely perturbed by how and why such acts of insensibility and irresponsibility still have places in our society. This extremely unfortunate incident shows a grave violation of Human Rights, and of the fundamental right to life.
“We strongly condemn any organisation or individual involved in the denial of admission or denial to initiate treatment leading to the death of the woman and her child. Such act of indifference can only bring adversities to the society in general and to the state in particular”, the Rights body said.
The International Human Rights Association demanded the government to take stringent actions against the perpetrators. In addition, the rights body also demanded immediate resignation of the Health Minister on humanitarian grounds since the deplorable incident is a clear portrayal of incompetence and the lack of dedication towards serving people in the true sense of service.
Nonetheless, we acknowledge and appreciate the concern and timely intervention of the general public, the leaders and positions alike to fight against a crime that is no less a cold-blood murder. 
It is an appeal therefore, to the concerned authorities and individuals to therefore put into action the requisite mechanisms that are important to bring Justice to the deceased mother and child while also assuring that such unfortunate incidents will no more have a place in our society.

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Lets make a world free from Nuclear – NEDF

IT News
Imphal, Aug 8:
The North East Dialogue Forum has shown solidarity to the victims and survivors in Hiroshima and Nagasaki  because of the bombing of Atom Bomb on 6 and 9 of August 1945 by the USA .
In a statement the NEDF expressed strong condemnation appealing not to repeat such acts in human history. 
The NEDF demand to the International Community including UN for a  WORLD   FREE  NUCLEAR  FROM   NUCLEAR  WEAPONS  with  the  dream for ‘A  NUCLEAR  FREE  FUTURE’.
The statement further added that it  is  75  years  now   that  the  first  two  bombs  were  dropped   in  Japan -   Little  Boy,  a  12,500  TNT made  from   uranium   on  Hiroshima  on August, 6,  1945,  at  around  08:16  A.M.  (Japanese  Time)  and Fat  Man,  a  22,000  tonne  made  from   plutonium   on  Nagasaki  on   09  August,  1945  at  around  11:02  A.M.   (Japanese  Time).   Though  the  two  bombs  had   cut  off  precious  and  innocent  lives  of  the  two cities  there  and  then  and  totally  to   some  2,20,000  souls  by  the   year  ending  and  leaving   many  impaired  for  life and  generations   because  of   radiation  effects,  human  nature  has  not  changed  as  there  is  no  repentance  to  turn  over  a  new  leaf,  though   the  glib  is  for  world  peace   while  the  strategy  is  to  growl,  intimidate  and  threaten  through  having  nuclear  weapons  and  other  weapons  of  mass  destruction,  right  from  extracting  and  commercializing   atomic  minerals  at  the  expense  of  land  resources,  indigenous  communities’  lives  and  sustainable  livelihoods,  including  changing  land  laws  and social/economic/environment  impact  assessment  analysis  and  reports  to  suit    the  political  convenience   in   having  nuclear  industries  and  thereby  go  about  strutting  one’s  chest  of  belonging  to  the  elite  Nuclear  Supplier   Group  (NSG)  and  so   move  around   by   wearing  an  imaginary  placard  ”Nobody  touch  ME”.
The   acquisition  of   such  nuclear  weapons   undergoes  a  meticulous   axe  and  grind   through  the  process  of  obtaining  atomic  minerals which  are  radioactive  beginning   with  mining  and  leaving  behind,  hazardous  ores,  tailings  and  wastes  detrimental    both  to  human  life  and  the  environment  by  making  it  polluted,  poisonous  thereby  cutting  off/shortening  life  of  humans,  fauna,  flora  and  all  living  organisms  and  as  such, contributes  immensely  to  enhancing  climate  change  and  thereby,  making  the  world  become  uninhabitable.    And to  exist  precariously,  utmost  precautions  must  be  taken  similar to,   if  not  worst,  the  existential  grim  reality  under   the  pandemic  of   COVID-19.  Around  the  world  -  faith  groups  of  Hindu,  Muslim,  Jewish,  Jain,  Buddhist  and  Christian  traditions  under  the  name  Faith  Communities  Concerned  about  Nuclear  Weapons,  Civil  Society  Organizations  (CSOs)  like  Campaign  for  Nuclear  Disarmament,  International  Camapign  to   Abolish  Nuclear  Weapons  including  faith-based  organizations,  viz.  The  World  Council  of  Churches,  General  Assembly  of  the  Church  of  Scotland,    Non-Governmental  Organisations  (NGOs)  like  the  International  Red  Cross  and  Red  Crescent  Movement  and   Hibakusha  (survivors  of  the  Hiroshima  and  Nagasaki  atomic  holocaust)  have  persistently  called  for  a  WORLD   FREE  NUCLEAR  FROM   NUCLEAR  WEAPONS  with  the  dream  for  A  NUCLEAR  FREE  FUTURE.
In  like  manner,  the  North  East  Dialogue  Forum  (NEDF)  expressed  its  solidarity  with  all  those  calling  for  a  NUCLEAR  FREE  WORLD,  i.e.  whether  as  a  weapon  or  nuclear  energy  for  peaceful  purposes  to  generate  electricity  and  right   from  the  mining  process.  
The NEDF calls  for  immediate  stoppage   of  uranium  (including  all  other atomic  minerals)   mining  anywhere  and  everywhere  as  
· Uranium  mining  is  taking  place  in  complete  disregard  of  native/indigenous  people’s /tribal  land   thereby  taking  away  aboriginal/indigenous  people’s  rights  and  livelihoods;
· Uranium  is  used  for  making  nuclear  bombs  by  converting  it  to  plutonium  in  the  nuclear  reactors;
· Uranium  mining  rapidly  produces  large  volumes  of  liquid  and  solid  waste,  which  remains  hazardous  ad  infinitum,  pollutes  the  air  around  thereby  has  a  catastrophic  environmental  effect  on  the  immediate  surrounding  and  also  contaminates  the  downstream  area;
· Radioactivity  in  the  form  of  radon  gas  permeates  and  accumulates  in  solids,  liquids,  gases,  and  finds  its   way  to  human  beings  directly  and  indirectly;
· Health  hazards  are  stupendous  and  deadly  and  continues  through  generations  even  causing  genetic  mutation;
· There  is no  method  or  strategy  to  stop  radiation -  contamination  from  uranium  mining  waste  and  its  spread.
The forum also  urged  upon  one  all,  irrespective  of  ethnicity,  culture,  nationality,  faith/religious  belief,  colour,  gender,  to  be  resolute  for   a  NUCLEAR  FREE  WORLD  and  that  all  Governments,  irrespective  of  ideology,  form  and  type  to  sign  and  ratify  the UN  Treaty  on  Prohibition  of  Nuclear  Weapons  (TPNW)  so  that  our  dream  becomes  a  reality  here  and  now.    
The forum  also  call  for   freedom  from  (a)  human  rights  violation  in  the  form  of  rape,  murder,  torture,  harassment,  exploitation  and  from  (2)  gender,  ethnic,  racial,  cultural,  religious  discrimination.
The forum  further  call  for  freedom  of   speech  and  expression  with  the  democratic  right  to  dissent  and  to  exercise  the  human  right  to  life  in  letter  and  spirit.  

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Saturday, 08 August 2020 18:04

Film Review of Monsoon Clips

By- Diganta Dey

Film : Monsoon Clips (2019)
Director : Diganta Dey
“Love”, this four lettered word has enormous power and vast meaning. It not only defines the compassion and emotional attachment of a person with his/her beloved but also stands as an untamed weapon of world’s hatred. The irony begins with the film when a fighter plane wing commander Md.Hussain speaks his soul to his beloved wife. It is the war ( or the machine of war) that is taking his life slowly and on the other hand it is his love that is trying it’s best to retain this precious soul on Earth.
The entire set up of the film is located in Monsoon of kolkata as Ila, Hussan’s wife is a Bengali Hindu woman. I believe the Bengali tone in Ila’s Hindi diction is intentional. Director has wisely chosen Anamika Singha’s comparatively childish and ungroomed voice opposite mature Deep Basu’s voice over as Hussain which beautifully depicts the pampered Ila’s evolution from a sweet forgetful loving wife to an independent woman who leaves her known surroundings in search of true meaning of ‘Love’, that too with a great feeling of emptiness which she earned due to the Death of Hussain. It is not only the story of Hussain and Ila’s inter-religion Love but also the story of Ila’s journey towards finding herself.
The main sub-plot of the film revolves around the futility of Mig-series aircraft of Indian  Airforce. No doubt this Russia made war aircrafts had been a great instrument for our country to win several wars but unfortunately the high rate of crushes of these aircrafts became a great concern for all of us. The film at its very beginning states that it is a tribute to the martyrs of our motherland and especially to Indian Airforce which has lost their Brave pals due to the negligence of the system. The music of the film is quite notable with a beautiful background music of violin which successfully mixed the melancholy of the rainy season along with Ila’s pain. To conclude it is a beautiful story with an experimental way of telling and a watch worthy film no doubt.
The Film is releasing on 15th August 2020 in OTT platforms like Indieshorts, MycinemaHall & in international OTT ‘UK Film Channel’.

*******The writer is a film director, Writer, Producer and Teammate Workers

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