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Imphal, June 26: 

A day after the political drama ended, Chief Minister N. Biren Singh is once more back to work. The Chief Minister today came in public and started initiating works to ease the traffic congestion in the Thangal keithel. The Chief Minister today inaugurated a public parking space for the residents of Thangal keithel at Naga Nullah, Imphal today.
Speaking to the media persons, Chief Minister stated that the parking space can accommodate around 116 four wheeler vehicles and a total of 106 vehicles owners have been identified for the Thangal keithel area whose vehicles would be parked in the allotted space at Naga Nullah. He informed that those shopkeepers who reside in nearby places should be dropped and picked up by drivers or family members to their respective shops and no permanent parking will not be allowed in the Thangal and Paona keithel area.
The Chief Minister maintained that for the residents of Paona keithel, a temporary parking space will be allotted near the Johnstone School and will be inaugurated soon. He also informed that a multi-storey parking space will be constructed under the Smart City Plan in the Imphal area. He appealed the vehicles owners of the Thangal Bazaar area to park their vehicles in the parking area as allotted by the MAHUD.
MLA Th. Satyabrata, Commissioner (MAHUD) Nidhi Kesarwani, Director (MAHUD) Th. Harikumar Singh, Councilors of Imphal Municipal Corporation among others attended the function.

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Delhi/Mumbai, June 26:

As a sequel to recent skirmishes across the Indo-China border and resultant death of 20 Indian army personnel, the Delhi Hotels & Restaurant Owners Association (DHROA) has decided not to provide the budget hotel or guest house accommodation to Chinese nationals in Delhi.
The decision covering 3,000 budget hotels and guest houses with about 75 thousand rooms in the Indian capital, has been taken to “support our government in this war-like situation with China”, DHROA President Sandeep Khandelwal said.
DHROA, which represents mostly three- and four-star hotels, has also decided not to use any Chinese made products in their hotels and guest houses, as calls for a boycott of Chinese goods gather pace. The development comes as DHROA has extended full fledged support to ‘Boycott Chinese Campaign’ of the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), which is in the process of roping in various sectors to join the campaign.
“CAIT will now contact national organizations of transport, farmers, hawkers, small scale industries, consumer entrepreneurs themselves, women entrepreneurs and connect them with this campaign,” the CAIT statement said and added that by December 2021, traders along with Indian citizens will reduce the imports from China to the tune of Rs 1 lakh crore.
E-commerce giants including US giant Amazon— which sell huge volumes of Chinese-made electronic items—have agreed to display the country of origin of goods for sale on their platforms. China’s Xiaomi, India’s top cell phone brand which has factories in the country is covering its logo on shop fronts in major cities, with banners reading “Made in India”.
“The company officials told us to do this to protect us from protesters or politicians who could damage the property as anti-China sentiments are on the rise,” the owner of one of the Xiaomi shops in Mumbai said. However the demand for smart phones has not come down since people are still buying these gadgets,” he added.
In the meanwhile, the goods made in China, including some raw materials vital to Indian pharmaceutical firms, are also starting to pile up at Indian ports and airports because of more stringent customs checks. The goods include the goods imported by over 50 companies operating in India.
As of now the boycott of Chinese good appears symbolic since due to travel restrictions following coronavirus pandemic, the number of foreign visitors to India has dwindled. In 2018, over 3 lakh Chinese had visited India. Annual bilateral trade is worth some $90 billion, with a deficit of around $50 billion in China’s favour.

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Imphal, June 20:

Civil Society Coalition on human Rights in Manipur and the United nations (CSCHR) had petitioned Manipur Human Rights commission to Ascertain the position of the Government of Manipur on the issue of ratification of UNCAT; to recommend the Government of Manipur to take a firm stand on the urgent need to ratify the UNCAT and promptly communicate the same to the Union Home Ministry; to Recommend to the Government of lndia to ratify the UNCAT without any further delay.

The commission has registered the petition and proceedings were taken up on June 25, 2020. MHRC has asked the Special Secretary (Home), Government of Manipur to report on the steps taken by the State Government of Manipur regarding the ratification of the UNCAT on or before July 13, 2020.

A statement signed by Phulindro Konsam, Convenor of the Rights body and Co-convenor , Joy Chingakham, while showing solidarity to torture survivors in connection with the observance of the International Day in Support of the victims of Torture said that the  June 26 is the day the United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, lnhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (UNCAT) entered into force in the year 1987 and it is observed as a day to highlight the sufferings of the victims of torture worldwide.

“Even though the Government of India signed UNCAT in 1997 and subsequently the Law Commission of lndia as well as the Supreme Court of lndia had recommended its ratification, the Government has not done so till date”, the statement said that added that the  Government of lndia has always accepted the recommendations from several countries to ratify UNCAT in all the three cycles of the Universal Periodic

The statement said that CSCHR will also be submitting a communication to the UN Special Ropporteur on Torture on this undue delay in ratification of UNCAT. lt will also highlight the current practices of widespread prolonged and unnecessary confinements; curbing of liberty, torture, inhumane and degrading treatment of people in the context of the coVlD-19 lock down and mismanagement of quarantine centres of Manipur, the statement added.

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Mumbai, June 26:

The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has banned over 50 print and visual advertisements released by healthcare institutes, practitioners claiming cure for coronavirus by homeopathy, ayurved and naturopathy. 

They are prima facie violate the order dated first April, 2020, of the Union Ministry of Ayurveda Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH), which prohibits, publicity and advertisement of AYUSH-related claims for COVID-19 treatment in print, TV and electronic media. 

The list includes- “Guru Manish”(Ayurveda will help  eradicate the virus from the nation), Homeocare International Private Ltd, Mumbai (Homeopathy effective in prevention of novel corona virus infections), Alpha Arogya India Pvt. Ltd, Indore, Madhya Pradesh (Alpha Arogya has introduced products for the prevention and diagnosis of diseases like corona virus. The lungs of a patient suffering from Corona virus will open and he will get relief), Adivaidya Ayurvedic Pharmacy Llp, Ankleshwar, Gujarat (one ayurvedic antibiotic, prevention from coronavirus), Welcome Cure Pvt Ltd (Welcome Cure Immunity Building Family Kit cures coronavirus), Genoveda, Mumbai, (Rasa Saar Corona Virus Edition, World’s first preventive medicine for Coronavirus). 

Chandigarh Ayurvedic Centre (Corona Virus Heal Kit), Renovision Exports Pvt Ltd, Patna, Bihar ( (Preventive-7, prevention of corona virus infection), Rainbow Homeopathic Clinic (prevent coronavirus through Homoepathic Medicine), Ambic Ayurved India Pvt Ltd, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh (coronavirus prevention kit), Chandigarh Ayurved and Panchakarma Centre (Vaidya Jagjit Singh, prescribes a treatment for corona virus), Shiv Medicare Agencies, Panchkula, Haryana (prevention from coronavirus), Dr. Sheetal Bidri, Happy Healing Holistic Homeopathic Clinic, Bengaluru, Karnataka ( boil tulsi leaves and ginger and strain it, add jaggery or honey and drizzle a few drops of lemon and soothe that corona anxious soul). (Kabasura Kudineer to prevent COVID-19), Dr. Ritesh Chawla, Amritsar, Punjab, (ayurvedic medicines for corona virus), Ramaiah Indic Specialty Ayurveda Restoration Hospital, Bengaluru, Karnataka (to beat corona virus, we need to take alkaline foods that are above ph level of the virus), Ethos Healthcare (Dr S K Sharma/ Dr Anjali Sharma), Green Park, Delhi (Homeopathy for prevention of corona). 

Karayil Centre For Ayurveda Therapies, Kerala ( Preventive measures against COVID-19), Dr Upasana Vohra, Swastha Ayurved, Delhi (a claim in video- “In my opinion, we can treat corona virus), Wheezal Homoeopathy Pharma, Dehradun, Uttarakhand (for the prevention of coronavirus infection the AYUSH ministry has recommended Arsenicum Album 30), Zarp Ventures Private Limited, Chandigarh (anti corona ayurvedic medicine),Dr.Devendra Kumar, MD, Homeopathy, Hyderabad ( to prevent corona viral infection “Bryonia 200”, “ Arsenicum album 200” and “Tuberculinum 200” are suggested medicines)..

Dr. Virender Mahajan, Maharishi Charak Ayurvedic Center, Jammu and Kashmir (a combination of herbs can be used for prevention/treatment of COVID-19), Ayurvite Wellness Private Limited, Morena, Madhya Pradesh (our ayurvedic capsules to fight against coronavirus infection and flu), Kangra Herb Pvt.Ltd, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh ( boost your immunity to fight corona virus with Kangra Herb), Dr. Aggarwal Ayurvedic Panchkarma & Research Centre, Chandigarh (corona virus prevention kit) and Bramhand Ayurved, Thane, Maharashtra (ayurvedic fumigation acts as antiviral, Ayurvedic medicated gargles kills Coronavirus infection)

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The weeklong drama in the political theatre of Manipur, finally came to an end with the 4 NPP MLAs returning to BJP after hectic negotiation, but this time with more confidence and power. 
From the statement by both the legislature party wing leader of the NPP Yumnam Joykumar as well the L. Jayentakumar, at the time of their leaving from the government and joining the congress party camp, it can be easily noted that they were not happy on the way that the BJP government is dealing with them despite the fact that they were cabinet ministers holding important portfolios. The frustration of NPP legislative wing leader Yumnam Joykumar is known to everyone as despite being the deputy chief minister, he was left with no portfolios after some sort of misunderstanding arose between him and the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh. Even though it has not been let to the public, it cannot be denied that since the then Deputy Chief Minister sided with the dissident BJP MLAs in the middle of 2019, which lasted for almost 5/6 months, Chief Minister N. Biren Singh and his team started having a soaring relationship with the NPP, particularly with Y. Joykumar . This factual account of the series of events that happened in the N. Biren Singh led government is being recalled just to make the public ponder upon on who was the real players that mastermind the weeklong political fiasco in the state amidst crisis time due to invasion by novel coronavirus.
For the Congress party, it is natural that they attack the ruling BJP led government whenever they get the opportunity. However, under the experienced leadership of three times Chief Minister of Manipur, presently the leader of the opposition, Okram Ibobi Singh, the Congress seems to have waited for an opportunity even after knowing that the state Assembly house, which is often considered as the temple of democracy, has never been in order since the beginning of the 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly. Even after the congress party had enough opportunity to attack the government during the time when their MLA Th. Shyamkumar ( now disqualified) and 7 others who won the election in Congress ticket joined the BJP led government, the Manipur Congress, under the leadership of the former Chief Minister remains quiet for quite a long period. No disqualification moved has been filed against the defected MLAs even after a year that they had defected from the party. 
Now, the government under Chief Minister N. Biren Singh has almost completed 3 plus years of government and in around one and a half years, the term of N. Biren Singh government will be over. One wonders what provoked the Congress leader to attack the government with aimed to topple it, when the state is facing a serious crisis due to COVID-19 pandemic is a matter that we as a citizen need to drill.
Well, it was the 4 NPP MLAs that powered the Congress party to launch the movement against the ruling government led by BJP in the state. The NPP has reason to revolt against the N. Biren Singh government and perhaps they considered playing congress as the best option and time to strike hard to the N. Biren Singh government. This may be because the NPP might think that the N. Biren Singh government may drop two of its ministers due to pressure from the BJP government.
People think that it was the congress that started all the fiasco, but when one takes a deeper look, it is easily noticed that the real player that mastermind the whole political chaos in the state of Manipur is not the congress but the NPP. This means that the Congress party has been used by the NPP to take revenge against Chief Minister N. Biren Singh, so that the portfolio once enjoyed by the Dy. Chief Minister restored. After all state, NPP knows that NPP is a partner of the NDA alliance headed by the BJP
Well, it played state NPP legislatures. And this proves that the next major opponent of the BJP in the North East may be the NPP.

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Friday, 26 June 2020 17:48

Corruption : A National Security Issue

By: Bramhacharimayum Sadananda Sharma

When we recite the word Corruption, the foremost thing that comes to our mind is giving money and taking money. Without a doubt Corruption is not a new thing; it will not be wrong to say that the custom or tradition of Corruption may call the second-oldest profession. Starting from the most powerful people to the most common individuals in a society, with access to well-connected insider have always used kickbacks and other fraudulent and dishonest practices for their own profit and achieve excessive advantages. And prolong continuation of such corruption and practices have created a major threat to the rule of law and without our knowledge, they stood in the way of protecting basic civil and economic rights.
Social status and public pressure can also be one of the key factors for the increase in the rate of corruption; people in our society often compare one another in terms of power, money, and recognition. However, these things do not come easily in one’s life so people started looking for easy ways to fulfill their goals and often lead to involvement in the Corruption process.
When we practice a good system of governance or strategic development program we tend to move forward and progress towards a brighter future, on contrary in case of Corruption the more time we suppress others and practice, it gets harder to pull out from this system. We do agree Corruption is not a new thing but what is new in this serious social threat may not be a good idea to brush off easily, from a small scale and mere give and take practice it has now transformed into the corruption of bigger scale purpose and turn into an instrument of national strategy. In these modern days, a number of developed countries have found ways to take the kind of corruption that was previously a mere feature of their own political systems and it can even lead to a weapon on a larger scale. Many Countries have practiced this before, but never on the scale as we see today.
The result we are seeing is just like looking into a clear ocean but we will never be able to understand the depth of the issue until we look into it. With this kind of corruption being practiced also gives a significant shift even in international politics often in this kind of global scale rivalries between countries generally fought over ideologies, the sphere of influence, and national interests. Side-Payments are also one kind of tactic among many and this has become core instruments of national strategy and to gain specific policy outcomes and political environment in a targeted countries. In some countries, they use to hire covert agents or bribe high-level officials to extract information from those democratic countries and plan accordingly to make them particularly vulnerable and figuring out how to exploit that weakness.
When it comes to fighting against corruption we generally have been marginalized in public and academic discussions of policymakers. The biggest problem lies within our misconception of being treated as a law enforcement challenge or a governance issue and to clear something that holds back political or economic development has nothing to do with the rise to the level of national strategy corruption. Today, however, weaponized corruption has become an important form of political warfare.
When it comes to Strategic Corruption there is a huge difference in many ways from the one we consider traditional forms of Corruption that we usually call “bureaucratic corruption” and “grand corruption.” Bureaucratic corruption is the consequence or conversion of ordinary public service into a “bid for service”, staring from simple steps such as getting a driver’s license, passing a building inspection require paying a bribe and even for Job opportunities. This is the sort of embedded action that restricts economic development by allowing well-connected insiders to profit from investment at the expense of genuine growth.
Most of the Grand Corruption occurs when some business leaders or major criminals directly pay off top government officials in exchange for favors, in most cases, they target the most preferential positions and a way that can easily control the key economic sectors which has high opportunities for high-margin plunders even in banking, telecommunications, or natural resources such as oil and gas. Both forms of traditional corruption corrode a state or country, leading to the breakdown of people’s rights and even lead to civil conflict in some cases.
In the case of bureaucratic and grand corruption, the parties associated at both the ends, the payer and the payee, the main focus is trying to get rich and control over a system. In strategic corruption, by contrast, the greed of power, economic control is still there, but the corrupt inducements are wielded against a target country and these kinds of schemes or act comes with great violence and violations of law, most often common citizens of the targeted country are the one who suffers without any of their knowledge. In some cases, their conduct may be technically legal but still involves high risk and consequences sometimes can leads to “the perversion or destruction of integrity in the discharge of public duties,” because of all this, some of the corrupt acts are punishable accordingly by the law; some actions must be left to the judgment of concern peoples if they are brought to peoples notice.

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Friday, 26 June 2020 17:45

Wagering on people’s fate?

(Dishonourable political contentions and their adverse impact amidst the already chaotic pandemic)

Power seldom fails to allure people. Abraham Lincoln once said “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”  It emphasizes the power that power has on an individual. It is believed to be a determinant of the change in everything surrounding an individual’s personality. It is believed to be obsessive, so much that ‘power’, which is the ability to do what you want in a way that you want, actually becomes enslaving. In this power labyrinth is where most of our leaders and politicians are trapped today.
The headlines of our newspapers that are unprecedentedly shocking stand proofs, particularly because of the chaos COVID-19 has already brought. It is especially surprising why, amidst the pandemic and the deadlock we’ve reached in our management of Quarantine Centres, the government would still be engrossed in petty political contentions as if it were wholly unaware of the mounting complications. It has indeed come to pose a big question for any and every responsible citizen: Is the government –the politicians –wagering on peoples’ fate? And what if it is so? What do we do as learned, concerned, and responsible citizens?
At this point, it is all-important for the politicians to recall the ultimate essence of representative democratic policy. The once composed aspirations of every politician and leader should be brought to life and must stimulate an actual reality of selflessness and excellence among others in working for the people. This is imperative as in it lays the fate of the people, of hundreds and thousands whose lives are being impacted by the decisions made and steps taken by the leaders. This ostensibly demands a step-to-step critical analysis by politicians and leaders alike towards uplifting the society as a whole and being deliberately responsible in their respective fields in particular. The politicians must realise that they are being closely watched, and they must also be extra-aware that power as it stays can also be transferred back to where they belong –the people –and at any point.
On the other hand, I also feel that the power of the people is being terribly undermined both by the government and by the people themselves. People are becoming victims of the structure they themselves design, and are burnt by the fire they themselves ignite. This is supposedly because we do not wholly understand our roles in policy making that has been concealed by rhetoric tales since past times –of the government and certain politicians viciously making a larger section of people believe in falsities merely because they want to stay in power. The public fails to be inquisitive and responsive towards the governance that dictates them. Moreover, we are –our votes are –unfortunately more or less buyable since money is a great determinant owing to more than 85 percent of people in our state living well below the poverty line. The fact is that we fail in our responsibilities; we fail to be vigilant as we continue to be ignorant about the social and political aura that surrounds us.
However, this is not to point that there can be equal emphasis on the lapses in being accountable, on both the government and the people. The larger part necessarily remains with the government as it decides what is and what is not in a way that they have the complete authority to bring things into accordance or likewise the opposite, which cannot, in any way be compared to the authority that rests on the general public. These leaders –the politicians and their governments –are to lead the entire business of the state despite the roles that the public can or may play. Therefore, the contrasting situation with the current political scenarios is a big misfortune for the people of the state. It is largely but indicative of the failure of the government to live up to the needs and hopes of the people.
More critical is the sweeping complications in various Quarantine Centres of the state. Cases of conflicts between inmates of these Centres and government agencies are at a rise as can be seen viral in various social media platforms. With this is the growing suspicion of the inmates against the government and concerned CSOs if there are any political propagandas being employed. At many centres the inmates are voicing their discontentment against government discrepancies in administering the centres as a whole and the inmates in particular. Their demands are largely transparency and efficiency in government programmes and policies. In a certain way, test results are also something that confuses the inmates to an extent of adding to their suspicions of any opportunistic involvements of people from the political arena, apart from inadequate and sometimes inappropriate amenities being provided.
The eventuality can be dangerous if the government does not take all the right directions and appropriate the frustrations of the inmates. The government must turn from its outright, ignorant, and blatant misuse of power and position and must come towards the right cause for the people rather than engulf itself in petty opportunist dramas. It is a time when selfless dedication is highly desirable and the politicians must heed to this. It cannot draw itself away from the real and surging problems that they stood out to solve and bring to an end. Moreover, the government must be conscientious of the policies they engage in administering the returnees. It is to be carefully noted that SOPs are near impossible to be actualized when two and three toilets alone are arranged for more than fifty to hundred inmates as it is in most Quarantine Centres. The government therefore has little or no right to anticipate and subsequently blame the inmates alone for the fault in handling the spread of the pandemic.
Wherefore, in a time when there should be cohesion and cooperation, the ruling government and the opposition alike, together with every politician, must let go of any contentions due to selfish intentions. Rather, it must strive to come to terms through deliberation and rational cerebration and realise the urgency and therefore work together to achieve a common goal of quality governance and well-being. This is also to enliven the general public that in each of us is power and when we can bring together those powers in each of us; that is the answer to how we can change society. With that, notwithstanding the drawbacks in governance, let us be discerning and responsible as we strive towards a better society for our future generations to live in. And for the government: it must, in no way and under no circumstances, think of wagering on people’s fate.

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