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Imphal, June 22:

Six major civil bodies of the state has file a Public Interest Litigation to the High Court of Manipur against the delimitation process being taken up by the delimitation commission to be conducted based on the 2001 census.

A joint press statement by the five civil bodies said that in the year 2007, the Gauhati High Court ordered Status quo under PIL No. 16/2005 on January 19, 2007. The then Manipur State Cabinet decision was also taken under Agenda No. 16: Delimitation issues on Sept. 2005. The people of Manipur want delimitation on the ensuing genuine census data of 2021 by using the latest devices of electronic satellite image/ geo-tagging and Aadhaar link –up. In the previous Census Data of 2001 and 2011, there were unacceptable double times increase of growth rate which was not mentioning gender population and non ST in comparison with the previous census data of 1991 and 2001 of 9 divisions of Manipur namely Mao Maram, Paomata, Purul, Saitu Gamphazol, Chakpikarong , Machi, Chandel HQ Kasom Khullen and Moreh.

Under the Delimitation Act of 2002, in the year 2008, the delimitation Commission of India dropped out the delimitation process of Manipur by knowing double times multiplication of population on the date of census 2001 at these sub-divisions and kept freeze until the year 2026 which is to be operated after a fresh census of 2021 , it added.

After the Manipur Legislative Assembly nominated associate members to the delimitation commission on May 26,2020 to begin the delimitation process the five civil bodies – PANDM, IPSA, ACOAMLUP, IPAK and KSA had filed the PIL to Manipur high court challenging it. The organization also prays the court for contempt case for violating the earlier court order.

The six civil bodies also stated that the people of the state are not against the delimitation, however they are against the delimitation conducted based on the 2001 census as there are extraordinary growth at some places of the state. The six civil bodies said that the people of the state will welcome delimitation base on fresh census that is base on the census report of 2021.

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Imphal, June 22:

Lateral transmission of  novel corona virus begins in the state with a nurse from Churachandpur district getting infected after being tested on June 4. The number is on the rise with two doctors and one more nurse tested positive with the novel Coronavirus in Bishnupur district, this is the second  case of frontline workers being exposed to the coronavirus in Manipur .

Medical department authority said that he three health workers were part of the medical team at Bishnupur COVID-19 care facility.

Their samples were tested positive at Virus Research and Diagnostic Laboratories (VRDL) at VRDL at Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Sciences (JNIMS).

All of them are in stable condition and are now being shifted to the COVID-19 care facility at JNIMS for further treatment, sources said.

As per report in the morning the total positive case have reached 880 with 630 active case. 254 people have been recovered so far and there is no casualty so far. Except for the health workers , all those affected are returnee from outside the state who are in quarantine centers.

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Imphal, June 22:

Irabot Foundation Manipur has alleged the Agriculture department of deducting 15 kg of fertilizers from the share allotted to each farmer. In addition to this the foundation also alleged the department over lack of transparency to the distribution of paddy seeds, greeneries and necessary equipments for cultivation.

“Each bag of fertilizer contain 45 kg of fertilizer but farmers are given fertilizer bag containing 30 kg only”, a statement by Kh. Gopen Luwang General Secretary of the Irabot Foundation Manipur said. He added that even as season rains has arrived in time farmers are worried as the department still has not distributed the fertilizers and the machineries for cultivation on time. Besides, the department has not distributed paddy seeds and seeds for grains not to leave aside the cultivation machineries.

The Irabot Foundation Manipur warns the department to disclose the list of the beneficiaries to public by pasting on the dashboard of each District officer’s offices, as they have suspicion of distributing the materials to persons who are not in the beneficiary list.

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Thoubal, June 22:

The four persons who were arrested in connection with  the kidnapping of two non-Manipuris by state police from Charangpat area in Thoubal district on June 11, after being release on bail on June 18 said that the charges of kidnapping was a malicious attempt to sabotage the career of K. Jadumani who has been preparing to contest election. In a public meeting held at Charangpat Mamang Leikai Keithel in Thoubal district today morning, the four accused who were released on bail said that they had never kidnapped any persons for ransom and that some people conspire with the police to malign their image.

The public meeting was attended by members of the local clubs, Meira Paibi and Pradhans along with other members.

Talking to reporters, Nahakpam Meme Devi, who was among the four arrested but released on bail later said that the two none Manipuri whom the police charged them of kidnapping for ransom are their business partners . Those non Manipuri Birendra Saha (40) s/o Khilawan Saha from Bihar presently staying at a rented house near Thangal Bazar Kasturi Bridge and Sanjoy Patel (40) s/o Arjun Choudhury were living like family members with Kangabam Jadumani.

Memma Devi said that the four of them who were arrested by the police still is confused about their crime. On that day Birendra and Sanjoy along with Jadumani were accounting money for their business transaction. However, wife of Sanjoy in a telephonic conversation stated that as Birendra has to leave the state and that as Sanjoy had to bear the money that they had to pay, she requested to wait till 11 am of morning as she will come along with someone who can take responsibility of Birendra.

A woman from Nambol whom the 2 non-Manipuris have been doing business called up to them and as she is not aware of the location of Charangpat they went at Yairipok Lamkhai and waited for them. All of a sudden some police personnel in civil dress arrested them from the said place, she added. Later, the four of them who have been charged of kidnapping the non Manipur happened to be a surprise to all of them, she added. 

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Mumbai, June 22:

Veteran industrialist Ratan Tata has called for stopping online hatred and bullying and instead supporting each other in what has been a “year full of challenges” for everyone.
In a post on social media platform Instagram on Sunday, Tata said the online community is being hurtful to each other and bringing each other down. “This year has been full of challenges for everyone, on some level or the other. I see online community being hurtful to each other, bringing each other down, harshly and with quick judgements,” the Chairman Emeritus of the Tata group said and added “I believe this year specially calls for all of us to be unified and helpful and is not the time to pull each other down,”.
Urging for more sensitivity towards each other, he reiterated the need for “more of kindness and more of understanding and patience than what one sees today.” Tata said while his “presence online is limited, but I truly hope it will evolve into a place of empathy and support for everyone, no matter what your cause, rather than hate and bullying.”
It may be recalled that in a post on social media platform Instagram earlier, veteran industrialist had earlier said that the coronavirus pandemic will force entrepreneurs to adapt, create and find ways to enable new or modified enterprises that would be benchmarks of tomorrow.
While seeking not to “downplay the challenges and the difficulties embedded in these current times” he had said that “It can all start on a clean sheet of paper that looks at ways of doing things that were never thought of before.”
“In past difficult times, entrepreneurs have displayed farsightedness and creativity that could not have been believed to exist. These became the flagpoles of innovation and new technology today. I hope that the ability to find another way to build a product, run a company, run operations a better way, will emerge as an outcome of the current crisis,” he had said.
Tata, who was the chairman of Tata Sons from 1991 till his retirement on December 28, 2012, further said, “I won’t downplay the challenges and the difficulties embedded in these current times. But my confidence remains high in the inventive nature and the creativity entrepreneurs today who will find ways to enable new or modified enterprises that would be benchmarks of tomorrow”.

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Monday, 22 June 2020 17:40

Holistic treatment for COVID-19

IT Correspondent
Mumbai, June 22:

The Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT) has set up a “COVID Care Ashram” in one of its existing buildings near its hospital in Wadala in central Mumbai, which promises sun light and fresh air with yoga and meditation, a break from hospital’s cold ICU.  
 The ashram is located near MbPT’s hospital which has already been serving the coronavirus patients. The ashram located on about 2 acre land, lays emphasis on Yogic exercises and seeks to reduce burden on existing hospital. Only asymptomatic patients below 50 years of age are admitted to the ashram.
Besides having facility of oxygen supply, the “COVID Care Ashram” has some basic facilities of the hospital. It also gives holistic treatment by focusing on conducting Yoga classes, meditation classes, gargling, steam inhalation, sun bath, among others. One hour is devoted to Yoga, 90 minutes for meditation and 30 minutes for discussion on spiritualism. The patients are also required to do online “Asanas”( An asana is a posture of body. The term is derived from the Sanskrit word for ‘seat”).
The wards at the Ashram are spacious, well ventilated and equipped with a bed, table chair, cabinet and a pedestal fan for individuals. There is enough son light in every ward. The patients can use the clothes brought by them from home. The MbPT seeks to help reduce the load of the coronavirus infected patients at the hospital and provide holistic treatment to such patients.
At the ashram it’s a rigorous day schedule starting 6.30 AM after tea, till bed time at 9.30 PM  with a 1.5-hour-long break after lunch.  A herbal drink (kadha) along with steam inhalation, and gargling is part of the treatment. All asymptomatic positive patients have to undergo health check up twice a day. The success rate has been 100% here.
The existing Mumbai Port hospital caters to nearly one lakh port employees, their families and pensioners. With the spread of the infection, the existing hospital has already been upgraded to a 120-bed facility for Covid patients with centralised oxygen facility. Till date, the MbPT’s existing hospital has admitted 611 Covid patients.
As the inflow of Covid patients was continuously increasing, it was decided to create an additional facility by creating a 70-bed ‘’Covid Care Ashram’’, Mumbai Port Trust Chairman Sanjay Bhatia said.
At present, the 70-bed ashram has as many as 20 positive patients. But MbPT is prepared to accommodate more patients. All asymptomatic positive patients have to undergo health check up twice a day. The success rate has been 100% here.

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Monday, 22 June 2020 17:39

Demoralizing anti-corruption crusade

It is now no rumours, there are video evidences of a central government employee asking money for ‘chai pani’ that too to an advocate in return for a service that he has been paid by the peoples’ money. Chief Minister N. Biren Singh’s war on corruption, which inspired the citizen of Manipur finally seems to have lost faith in him as those fighting against corruption today face dead threat from persons who claimed to be party of those involved in corruption. Not only that those inspired by the chief minister to stand up against corruption, fails to get protection from the state authority by taking up action against those intimidating the whistle blowers of the corrupt practice of some officials, but are being victimized by arresting them on charges which the court finds it as unfounded allegations.
Transparency - a global movement with the vision to free the world of corruption and having chapters in more than 100 countries leading the fight against corruption describes ‘Corruption’ as the abuse of power for private gain. It is a global phenomenon and is pervasive in almost every society the world over.
Corruption, especially in a state such as ours where strife and unrest is a part of our everyday life, is a consequence of the parasitic nexus between Bureaucrats, politicians and criminals.
Its reach and chronicity can perhaps be gauged by the very fact that at one time, bribe was paid for getting wrong things done but now bribe is being paid for getting right things done at right time.
With yesterday event at which an advocate who had exposed the corrupt practice of an government official arrested on counter charge by leaving aside the complaint lodged by the advocate for death threat, the big question is: Is it possible to contain corruption in our society?
To fully answer the question, it would be crucial to understand certain perceptions and myths such as: Corruption is a way of life and nothing can be done about it, or that only people from underdeveloped or developing countries are prone to corruption. This is being stated with the irresponsive nature of the state machineries. Well, they have limitation to encroach at a central office but the law says that a citizen should be protected from death threat even if the person is a central government employee as it is now a law and order problem which is a state subject.

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Janghaolun Haokip

There is always something bigger; something deeper and something seldom incomprehensible –something much more than what we can see. But the eyes are deceiving that it often makes us believe through it without much sensible speculation. The mind is no less formidable in dictating us to come to conclusion without much time for a rationale. And so are the senses we have, that are intrinsically a part of us –our existence –often tempting us to jump to conclusions without much ado. What is often left out and disregarded becomes a profound, objective, and critical thinking or simply the way we think.
What we often need in life, in everyday circumstances that we are confronted with, with or without our consciousness, is always a mechanism to defy adversities that can befall our life. The most important mechanism to that, albeit the numerous, is largely our thought formulation or the way we think, that unfortunately is the most unrecognised. Situations then seldom realise to seek for the lasting good, in fact, the lasting good is not even realised, shadowed by the assumed realization of a passing solution, especially when faced with a problem. The problem thus is failed to be seen in its nature because of the urgency to respond to it which is pressed by our presuppositions and our shallow experiences which are largely the failures of our mind to think is rooted in. We, therefore, like accidentally touching a fire, readily respond, which almost projects like automation.
Considerations may be made in the context of the problems we face in our society at large. Our problems, much more than not, are problems of the way we think and the supposed urgency of our minds to come to conclusions. The evils of society, of hatred and prejudice and all its kinds, though largely inevitable, are all results of the way we think. It can therefore certainly be argued that problems arise when we are ignorant and arrogant of our differences with each other, and when we also fail to acknowledge the individuality of a person and as such the societal values within a society. It is rather imperative to give due credence to a person’s dignified integrity, and also due civility rendered to the society, realising also the fact that the otherwise will be detrimental for a person and the society as a whole. Likewise solutions pertaining to other problems are more or less the same as said of a person. It demands the necessity to form an encompassing thought formulation and the readiness of patience required for it. Moreover, everything from relationship to work requires certain elements of thinking and problem-solving, it is the mechanism that leads us to consider our problems and find subsequent answers.
The dangers remain unchallenged; and us being unaware of our failure to form an objective thought process. This mistake is rarely realised but gets consoled with a rather shallow solution to the problem than an underlying truth or reality that is the true cause of the problem. In a compendium, the things that we see are much more than what can immediately be perceived of it. Specifically, the problems that exist have a deeper entity than what we see, and therefore in our failure to see the larger entity, our formulation of what the immediate case would be often becomes another problem. We therefore tend to it with superficial, narrow, and doubled mindsets while we remain ignorant about the fact that we are dealing with. We fail to look at the aspects of circumstances, thereby failing to explore all its variables. The failure is also limiting our thoughts that should be explored to its limits. It is indeed an unfortunate setback, often unrealised, for the minds to not know what it’s going through or not to understand at all how it all should come about.
The failure to confront our own thinking becomes a big problem with or without our consent. Some psychologists state that we are the product of our minds. It simply emphasizes the central role that our minds as a whole and our thought processes or thought formulation in particular play in our lives. The mind also is the mastermind of our beings as it directly or indirectly dictates our actions that shape who we are. And because of this fact, there are cognitive analytics who argue that the mind controls the reality of our lives. Implicit is the fact that the mind before it is made to think has to be conditioned on how to think. This, as weird as it sounds, has to be realised by a person before acting out on his/her readied thoughts or conclusions. The mind has to be conditioned on expanding its horizons, broadening its perspectives, besides a more inclusive approach to various extensions of the circumstances. The mind has to be subjected to objective interpretation, and it has to be made to observe in more profound aspects than only through substantial perception.
A lot can then simply be prevented if we think a little more, or wholly change the way we think. One must understand the necessity of thought formulation in problem-solving, while at the same time one must also learn to assess his own thoughts and reflect upon it. This is to be given paramount importance in one’s dealing of life and all its facets because the purpose of thinking is to understand our world in the best way possible. The greater part of our life is also up to us to think about our lives and improve them to the best of our potentials using the knowledge we have acquired and the experiences we have gained over our years. It is to put learning into practice and to materialise the constructive abstracts of our intellect in a way that edifies ourselves and as well as our society.
However, it is not to say that all our problems can be solved through changing the way we think. The inevitability has to also be understood and accepted. The central idea is to realise the importance of our mindsets as it plays a great role in determining who we are as a person. Our thought formulation has to entail a profound visualization of the consequences of our conclusions to see its efficacy. As mentioned, this has to refer to not only an assumed end, but to various perceptive prospects. Only through such bounds, the problems of the invalidity of our mindsets can be curtailed, and the best of our selves be developed through the way we think, as Dr. Caroline Leaf, in her book Switch on your brain, rightly states “As we think, we change the physical nature of our brain. As we consciously direct our thinking and replace them with healthy thoughts.”


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