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Imphal, May 4

Following the announcement of the new guideline for the ongoing lockdown by the Chief Secretary of Manipur J. Sureshbabu relaxing some of the sectors including shops in Paona Keithel and Thangal Keithel here in the state capital, normalcy partially returns with people coming out to procure day to day requirement. The new guidelines for the lockdown came in force today after the 2nd guideline expired yesterday.

The three Khwaramband Ima Keithels including the temporary market sheds and dry fish vendors popularly known as Ngari galli at Khwairamband Keithel remain closed as per the guidelines. Government offices too are all set to resume with the new guideline announcing 50% compulsory attendance below the rank of Under Secretary. All ranks of Undersecretary and above are to attend offices, which mean government is working out all measures to make the administration functional while breaking the chain of the COVID-19 pandemic from spreading among the people.

Schools, Colleges and other educational institutions remain closed, private run Public transport of all kinds including passenger carrier vehicles, inter states and inter district buses stay off the road as per the guidelines. But Imphal city today witness huge vehicular movement during relaxing hour. Govt. announces lifting the ban on movement from 6 am to 4 pm.   

In Churachandpur district too , some vegetable vendors and grocery shops are allowed to open but the main market has not been open. In Thoubal district too, except for the Ima Market many shops were seen open with people thronging in buy their day today need.

As per an order issued by chief secretary Dr J Suresh Babu, all activities except for a few are permitted in the state subject to strict social distancing norms and national directive for COVID-19 management.

The activities which will remain prohibited include all domestic and international air travel of passengers, except for medical services, air ambulance and for security purposes or for purposes as permitted by MHA; all passenger movement by trains, except for security purposes or for purposes as permitted by state home department; inter-state buses for public transport, except as permitted by state; inter-state movement of individuals except for medical reasons or for activities as permitted by state. All schools, colleges, educational, training and coaching institutions will remain close. However, online/ distance learning shall be permitted.

Other prohibited activities include hospitality services other than those used for housing health/police/ government officials/healthcare workers, stranded persons including tourist, and those used for quarantine facilities and those catering home delivery of food; all cinema halls, shopping malls, gymnasiums, sports complexes, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theatres, bars and auditoriums, assembly halls and similar places; all social/ political/ sports/entertainment/academic/ cultural/religious functions/other gatherings.

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Mumbai, May 4

The AICC president Sonia Gandhi in a statement on Monday said state Congress units will bear the cost of rail travel of needy migrant workers and labourers stranded at their workplaces due to the coronavirus-induced lockdown and seeking to return home. This would be the Congress’ humble contribution in standing shoulder to shoulder with these workers, who are the backbone of the country’s economy.
If the government can bear the expenses of air travel to evacuate Indians stranded abroad, why it cannot show the same gesture towards the migrant workers ? she asked. She also accused the central government and the Railways of completely ignoring the demands made by the Congress for ensuring the safe and free travel of migrant workers and labourers to their homes.
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also said in a tweet in Hindi, “On the one hand, the Railways is charging ticket fares from labourers stranded in other states, while on the other hand, the Railway Ministry is donating Rs 151 crore to the PM-Cares Fund. Just resolve this puzzle.”

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Mumbai, May 4
The Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has urged the railway ministry to waive the ticket charges of migrant workers stranded due to lock down and now returning to their native places by special trains.
Thackeray who addressed the Divisional Commissioners, District Collectors, Secretaries of different departments and police officers through video conferencing on Sunday, said that he has urged the railway ministry not to charge train fare to the workers, who are returning after long spell of lock down facing difficulties. Most of them are surviving “hand to mouth” and may not have enough money to buy tickets.
Some of the voluntary organisations have come forward to bear their travel expenses. In such circumstances it is imperative that the railway  allowed them free travel. In the last two days special trains were organised from Bhiwandi and Nashik and the  movement of migrant workers is being monitored by the control room at Mantralaya in South Mumbai. In the coming days the special trains would be organised also from Mumbai, Thane and Pune. As such concerned collectors should prepare a list of the workers wanting to return to their native place. All precautions should be taken including medical examination of each and every worker, Thackeray said.
There are over 5 lakh migrant workers from different states including West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Punjab, Karnatak and Chhatisgarh residing in Maharashtra. They are being given free meals for the last 40 days by the Maharashtra Government. This facility will continue till normalcy restores, Thackeray said and added that besides migrant workers, the groups of travellers are also stranded within Maharashtra. The respective collectors should ensure that their return is hassle free.

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Mumbai, May 4,

The Indian railway will be organising 20 special trains to evacuate nearly 10 lakh migrants stranded in different states, in coordination with respective states, before 17 May, the last day of the existing lock down.
The railway will be running the trains with additional rakes, to accommodate 1050 passengers at a time. This is for the first time in its history, the railway will be organising so many special trains. Earlier the railway had organised special trains to carry water to drought hit areas in the country. According to railway officials, estimated 30 lakh people, who include tourists, student and others are stranded in the country. The maximum evacuees are from Bihar, followed by Uttar Pradesh.

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Imphal, May 4

A Shocking scene witness today in front of State Bank of India (SBI) at MG Avenue here in Imphal was that many aged people stood in front of the bank without maintaining physical distancing as the bank that they were waiting to withdraw their pension had not allowed them to enter for reason best known to the authority. The aged people reportedly came to the bank as the government has relaxed the lockdown for some sectors including Banking sectors. But they were seen braving the sun’s heat waiting for the banks to open. Imphal Times reporters when enquired to them said that they were waiting to withdraw their pension.

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Imphal, May 4

Even as the graph of COVID-19 cases in India is on the rise reaching the total number of positive case to 42,533 (as reported at 3.30 pm today) and the number of death reaching 1375, many parts of the country has been mark as green zone as no positive cases if the Coronavirus has been reported in the last many days. Manipur is one among the Indian state which is a COVID-19 free state after two of the reported cases have been recovered after tested negative.
The problem and the challenges ahead of the state government of Manipur is to deport the stranded Manipuris at different state of the country. 88 people have been transported from Guwahati yesterday and the government is planning to transport those stranded at other states. Luckily all the deported persons are reported to have tested COVID-19 negative.
Report reaching here from Churanchandpur district says that the district administration in consultation with the MLAs of all the constituencies in the district has been working out to arrange quarantined center for those who are to be deported to the district.
Chief Minister himself while talking to a video sent out at Facebook stated that he and his team are working all ways to bring back the sons and daughters of this soil to their home.   

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Imphal, May 4

The Manipur Information Commission is set to resume its normal proceeding of hearing second appeal and complaint case with effect from May 18, 2020, through audio and video conferencing.

A notification issued by the Deputy Secretary of the MIC, G. Shantikumar Kabui stated that hearings/ proceedings of 2nd Appeal and Complaint cases will resume w.e.f. 18-15-2020 through audio video conferencing. The commission notification appealed the public authority and petitioners to submit their Whatsapp number on or before May 15 , 2020 to the Commission’s cell phone number +91-9862109280 or at its official e-mail address – acecmanipur2 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The notification further stated that 2nd Appeal/ Complaint application may be submitted or sent to the Commission’s Whatsapp number or to the Office e-mail address in PDF format at leasr 10 pages or in hard copy that should be dropped to the Commission Drop Box.

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New Delhi, May 4

During a highly motivating and encouraging online video interactive session with India’s elite boxers, country’s Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju on Sunday acknowledged efforts by the athletes and said boxing will play a vital role in making India sporting powerhouse and Top-10 nation in the medals tally at Olympic Games.

Rijiju also heaped praises on the Boxing Federation of India (BFI) and its President Ajay Singh for their efforts to  keep the boxers engaged with online coaching sessions despite COVID-19 pandemic in the country. The online video conference was attended by around 140 elite Indian pugilists along with coaches and officials.

Indian boxers have already secured a record nine qualification quotas at Tokyo Olympics and will be fighting for four more places in the upcoming qualification tournaments.

Rijiju also informed that the government is planning to allow elite athletes to resume their training at the earliest in order to keep them ready for future competitions. “I have discussions with my officers. We are planning out a way to start functioning as soon as possible. I thought first of all we should allow practice for the players who have qualified for the Olympics and who will be participating in the qualifiers or important championships. We can’t open all the coaching centres, so we will allow only for elite athletes. Junior camps have to wait for some time as safety will be priority,” he concluded.

The initiative, which was done for the first time, received a great response and also motivated boxers and the officials. “I would like to thank our Sports Minister for taking time out from his busy schedule to talk to the boxers. It was quite motivating and morale boosting for everyone. We are all one Team India and we are proud that you are captain of this team. You keep interacting with us like this, we will make you proud,” BFI President Ajay Singh said.

The minister further interacted with the boxers to know their situation during the lockdown and training schedules. “Whatever we have achieved today, credit goes to the coaches, federation and the government. It’s really impressive and motivating to interact with you sir (Rijiju). If we keep getting support from the government, we will definitely win Olympic medals, World Championship medals,” Asian Games gold medalist Vikas Krishnan said.

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Monday, 04 May 2020 17:11

Helping a lame dog over a stile

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief when the two positive COVID-19 cases of Manipur were recovered. It is quite commendable on the efforts put up by everyone from our Chief Minister to the obscured frontline warriors. Slowly life is returning to normalcy in Manipur as there are no new positive cases in Manipur. And the focus of the state is now on the well being of the people out here in the state as well as outside the state.
The talk of the town now is the recent bringing back of stranded 87 Manipuris from Guwahati to Imphal and the Bus fare they were charged. Many are complaining that the fare was exorbitant and are questioning the rationale behind it. Also, people from other camps supporting the move by the government and the fare, is of the opinion, that the total bus seating capacity was reduced to half to maintain social distancing and as such, the fare was high. So what is worth pondering over here is can’t the government something like a subsidy if not the total fare for the people who have suffered enough because of the lockdown. For Assam Rs.7000 was charged as bus fees for bringing back stranded students and guardians in Kota, Rajasthan. The distance between Kota and Assam is 2000 plus kilometres and the distance from Guwahati to Imphal is a mere 500kms approx and why this stark difference in the bus fare? It is worth questioning who fixed the fare for bringing back the stranded brethren from Assam, was it the Government or the private Bus operators? If it was the private Bus operators, why didn’t the government intervene?  Also, the government could have used the fund from the CM COVID fund which is being donated by the people every day, or is the CM COVID-19 running out of funds? If not used during this time, when will be the appropriate time to use the fund?
Also, one cannot miss the initiatives taken up by the MLAs of Bishnupur and Thangmeiband Assembly to bore the cost incurred in bringing back the people stranded from their respective constituency. Why can’t our remaining MLAs follow the above two MLAs footsteps? If they can sponsor such a thing from their pocket or other funds, then other MLAs and leaders can do the same too, this is what comes to one’s mind.
Whatsoever, doesn’t mean that our CM is not doing enough during this COVID-19 pandemic. It is under his dynamic leadership that the state has remained free from the clutches of CoronaVirus.  But as being the head of the state he needs to answer the needs and wants of the people and whatever he does good for the people, a single misstep like such can go down the drain and people will forget all the good things he had done so far in a flash.

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By- Raju Vernekar

Ever since the COVID-19 has overtaken the world, the “expert” opinions are pouring in from different quarters describing Coronavirus as nothing but common cold and infected person gets cured depending upon one’s immunity.
“The Coronavirus is dead virus and becomes active only after it enters the body. There are over 2.5 lakh other viruses with which we live. It is a protein molecule and there is a layer of fatty acid on it, which gets diluted in soap water”.
“The coronavirus does not enter our body through skin, but enters through moist substance and that is the reason the eyes should not be rubbed too often. If it enters through mouth, it reaches up to tonsils. Once it enters human body it goes directly to muscles and gets stuck in  Ribosomes. Although bacteria can be killed with antibiotics, the coronavius cannot be killed with medicines”.
“While the incubation period of swine flu is 2 days, the incubation period of COVID- 19 is 2 to 14 days, which increases the possibility of its spread by 25 times. The generation of COVID-19 pathogen is an act of nature and trauma is more than available respiratory pathogen”. This type of information is being circulated on different forms of media, including whatsapp, for the last few days.
A Faridabad (Haryana) based Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury has gone to the extension of describing COVID-19 as the conspiracy which began in China and will end in the USA. He has said that every year more deaths occur due to influenza-like viruses which are never reported with such hype. The Corona is part of the fear business and media has been playing a negative role across the globe. He has also expressed concern that India follows WHO protocols and US advice. Instead of this, India can utilize its own resources especially the Indian medicine system promoted under the AYUSH ministry. He made these observations,  in an interview to ”Media Star World”.
As per the WHO’s recent report, over 70 researchers are involved in conducting trials for manufacturing vaccine as a faster remedy over coronavirus. But satisfactory solution is still not in sight.
In response to PM’s appeal the people clapped to cheer COVID-19 warriors and lit earthen lamps and candles across the country to ward off the coronavirus. That time it was said that the earthen lamps would generate 125 crore kilocalories (Kcal) energy and the coronavirus will be eliminated in just 10 Kcal. But the “monster C” remains unaffected and its reign of terror is going on unabated. Also no one has been able to explain why the people are becoming victim to this virus in whole sale across the globe.
Under circumstances one remembers a legend from Indian mythology, when Lord Vishnu had pushed the uncontrollable king “Mahabali” to the netherworld, using his third step.  Appearing in the form of the dwarf, “Vamana”, Lord Vishnu asked Mahabali for as much land as he could cross in three steps. After he agreed, Vishnu revealed his gigantic size, taking two steps to claim the earth and heaven. Then “Mahabali” offered his own head for the third step and then Vishnu pushed him down into “patala”, the netherworld. Today we need someone like Lord Vishnu to push “COVID 19” to the netherworld.

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