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Imphal, May 31:

The number of novel Coronavirus positive cases in the state reached 71, after 9 more returnee from outside the state has been tested positive, as per report at 2.30 pm today. Total active cases stand at 60 after the recovery of 11 persons.

Of the 9 persons found positive with Novel Coronavirus today 3 (three) are from Ukhrul , 1 (one) Noney, 2 (two) from Imphal East, 2 (two) from Kangpokpi and 1(one) from Sekmai in Imphal West district.

A release from the state health department at 11 am said that of the 9 persons testing positive three females - aged 19, 21, 26 years were tested late yesterday night at the VRDL of JNIMS. Among them two are returnee from Pune and belong to Kangpokpi district and one from Delhi and she belongs to Imphal East District.

Meanwhile, amidst people’s apprehension of spreading the Coronavirus at community level, Police today caught a person who had return to Imphal from New Delhi in Air Asia flight and tried to go back to his resident without attending the quarantine center. The person is a Havildar of Assam Rifle and instead of following the advisory of the state government for mandatory quarantine he left the airport and tried to return back to his base by walking at Tiddim road Imphal. Police notice him walking with bags at Takhel Leikai area at Tiddim road. When inquired on suspicion, the person told that he return in an Imphal bound flight today from New Delhi. He further told that no person stopped him while walking out of the airport.

The person was later taken at IQC opened at HRD by the state police.

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Imphal, May 31:

Production of Manipuri “Leirum Phi” (a muffler type but culturally bonded Manipur’s piece of handloom product) by a Uttar Pradesh based Textile unit using power-loom and without respecting the culture of Manipur on profit motive has not only hurt the sentiment of Manipuris but prompted severe criticism from various sections of people prompting the Director of Handloom & Textiles of the Government of Manipur to write the Development Commissioner for Handlooms Ministry of Textiles ,Udyog Bhavan New Delhi to protect the traditional values of the cloth.

The Director Handloom & Textiles of the Government of Manipur, K Lamlee Kamei in a letter to the Development Commissioner for Handlooms Ministry of Textiles referring to a news report of ANI recounted the traditional values of the Leirum phi that the Prime Minister of India wore three important occasion. As the fabric is traditionally significant to the Manipur’s culture and as it is handloom product the Director urged for protection of the Leirum phi from using it as commercial purpose.

The All Club Organisation, Assn. & Meira Paibi Lup (ACOAM-Lup ), Kangleipak , in a statement lambasted the department of Handloom and other Handloom clusters over its negligence to the value of the Leirum Phi for such a long time. The statement also stated that when the Prime Minister of India , Narendra Modi had use the lierum Phi there were views from various section on the recognition of Manipur’s Culture by the PM but the concern department had ever think of protecting it until a Textile Unit called Barakandi produced in bulk renaming it as Modi Gamsha.

Handloom products protector, Chingtam Luwang while talking to Imphal Times said that the previous Chief Minister and the present Chief Minister N. Biren Singh had directed the Department of Handloom to take GI tag for the Leirum Phi as it is bonded with Manipur’s Culture some years back.

However, it is the department of Handloom of the state government that neglects the importance of the Leirum phi.

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Imphal, May 31:

Health & Family Welfare Minister L. Jayantakumar today visited quarantine centres established to curb the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic located at different places of Imphal West and Imphal East district. Minister also distributed PPEs, Sanitizer, N-95 masks and Gloves for the health workers at the quarantine centres as supplementary protective back-ups. He also interacted with the health staffs stationed at the respective quarantine centres and discussed the feedback from them.

Minister said that there may be lack in adequate number of health workers and supporting staffs at the Quarantine Centres. However, the Government, specially, the health department is trying its level best to increase the number of health workers and supporting staffs at the earliest so to enable proper functioning of such centres. He also appealed the present health workers and staffs to cooperate for the time being since health department have already chalked out to engage skilled and unskilled health staffs.

Minister added that the Ministerial team will continue to visit the remaining quarantine centres located in different districts as a regular activity of the Health Department, Manipur

Additional Director (Health), Dr. Arkey, mentioning the possibility of increase in number of COVID-19 positive cases to a large number, said that the department has identified UNACCO School, Metram to covert as a COVID Care Centre of the State and for the first phase, it will be converted into a 100 bedded COVID Hospital. In this regard, the department has prepared for the necessary steps to be taken up.

Today visit included Jawaharlal Navodaya Vidyalaya, Yaralpat, Imphal East, IIIT, Mantripukhri, COVID-19 Screening Centre at Oriental College, Tera, Imphal West and UNACCO School, Meitram.

Minister was also accompanied by Deputy Director (Health), Dr. A. Probin, Dr. Somendro and other health staffs.

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Our Correspondent

Mumbai, May 31:

The Union Ministry of Home Affairs has issued new guidelines for the fifth phase of lockdown,  under which all activities outside containment zones will be to resume in a phased manner from Monday, First June,2020.

While International air travel, schools, gyms, cinema halls will continue to remain shut, the  current phase of re-opening, ‘Unlock 1’, will have an economic focus. All activities that were prohibited earlier will be opened up in areas outside containment zones in a phased manner, with the stipulation of following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), to be prescribed by the Health Ministry.

In Phase I, religious places and places of worship for public, hotels, restaurants, other hospitality services, and shopping malls will be permitted to open from 8 June. The Union Health Ministry will issue SOPs for these activities, in consultation with the Central ministries/departments concerned and other stakeholders, for ensuring social distancing and to contain the spread of Covid-19.

In Phase II, schools, colleges, educational/training/coaching institutions etc, will be opened after consultations with States and Union Territories (UT). State Governments/UT administrations have been advised to hold consultations at the institution level with parents and other stakeholders. Based on the feedback, a decision on the re-opening of these institutions will be taken in the month of July. The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare will prepare SOPs for these institutions.

With the latest guidelines, only a limited number of activities will remain prohibited throughout the country from first June. The services that continue to remain suspended are: International air travel of passengers, Operation of metro rail, Cinema halls, Gymnasiums, Swimming pools, Entertainment parks, Theatres, Bars and auditoriums, Assembly halls and similar places, Social, political, sports, entertainment, academic, cultural, religious functions, and other large congregations.

In Phase III, dates for the opening of the above activities will be decided based on an assessment of the situation. However, lockdown shall continue to be implemented strictly in the containment zones. All these services will be allowed to resume after a discussion of the state governments with the Centre. However, the dates of the discussions are not out yet.

The containment zones will be demarcated by the state/ UT governments, after taking into consideration the guidelines issued by the Health Ministry. Within the containment zones, strict perimeter control shall be maintained and only essential activities will be allowed.

Unrestricted movement of persons and goods

The home ministry has also removed all restrictions on intra-state and inter-state movement of people. However, the night curfew will continue to remain in force with a revised schedule. The movement of individuals, for all non-essential activities, will be prohibited from 9 PM to 5 AM am from first June. No separate permission/approval/e-permit will be required for such movements.

However, if a State/ UT, based on reasons of public health and its assessment of the situation, proposes to regulate the movement of people, it will give wide publicity in advance regarding the restrictions to be placed on such movements, and the related procedures will have to be followed, the MHA guidelines said.

National Directives for COVID-19 management

According to the latest guidelines, National Directives for Covid-19 management will continue to be followed throughout the country, with a view to ensure social distancing. The onus is on the states to decide on activities outside the containment zones. States and UTs, based on their assessment of the situation, may prohibit certain activities outside the containment zones, or impose restrictions as deemed necessary, the new guidelines say.

Protection for vulnerables

Vulnerable people, i.e. those above 65 years of age, those with co-morbidities, pregnant women, and children below the age of 10 years, have been advised to stay at home, except for meeting essential requirements and for health purposes.

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Imphal, May 31:

Chairman of the People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (Progressive)  L. Paliba pays greetings to all revolutionaries of Kangleicha and appreciated to people who have been directly taking care of the novel Covid-19 pandemic.

The Chairman of the PREPAK (Pro) in a statement said that the novel coronavirus has broken down the deep-rooted norms of every society starting from every family.

“Such on-going pandemic underscores food  and health as paramount importance in any country. Even the developed countries are aware of the dreaded impact of this pandemic, and they adopted social distancing norms. While the people in countries facing food-scarcity are moving here and there in search of needful food, they could not maintain social distancing as they are unable to tie their mouths. Unfortunately, Kangleipak has been depending on imported food with an unaffordable healthcare system. Complying with the self-care under the norms of World Health Organization (WHO) is the best solution until the vaccine is invented.

In Chinese, crisis means “Weiji”. Wei means danger, Ji means opportunity.

Accorded with this meaning, the Chinese Government implemented timely precautionary measures. Their measures are highly appreciated by many countries. The word crisis can be expressed in some ways in Kanglei language as the burden and opportunity just like two sides of a coin. On the one hand, heavy burdens are fallen on the daily wage earners and oppressed classes. On the other hand if the opportunities from this pandemic are seized by the rich people, businessmen and elite groups, it is imperative to say that something is wrong in this political system. Hopefully, administrators and social scientists will be able to chalk out a far-sighted precaution and able to find the ways of producing more food items as blessing in disguise from the on-going pandemic.

But there is an obvious question that how far the leaders of a colonized nation could implement independently the competent policies.

While dealing with many political issues and pandemic the GOI misuses politics and wisdom towards the common people just like mistreating the prisoners in the jail at will. With just four hours’ notice the ‘Lockdown’ started at midnight which panicked citizens, demonetizing the Rs.500/1000 banknotes instantly victimized ordinary people, abrogation of Article 370 which identifies quasi federalism, such arbitrary actions expose that Indian rulers are authoritarians.

GOI boldly announced that there would not be any new cases of covid-19 in India by May 16. One funny thing was the adoption of dramatic and superstitious action to face the pandemic. Every house was appealed for lighting up candles, clattering dishes, blowing conch and beating drums. Fighter jets were ordered to fly at lower attitude streaking dark overhead, and naval ships were made to flare up. People were made up to believe that shouting and clanging sounds emitted positive energy to drive out the virus. The Chairman further added that Prime Minister Modi has been believed as a person creating “Energy Medicine”.

But in spite of prolong lockdown the measures could not contain the growing cases.

Nothing short of realistic advice has come out from this government by utilizing experts and scientific community. Referring to the books and mythology of Vedic periods, these ruling elites could express themselves openly as many diseases were cured by cow’s dungs and urine, aeroplanes were once invented, plastic surgery was already known, test-tube babies were born in ancient India. How would these unscientifically tempered leaders face the on-going pandemic? They would only end up by performing rituals, and nothing else. Such crazy and absent minded leaders’ policies have downplayed the Indian Spiritual Civilization. The sudden announcement of lockdown has menaced many workers and students. They have been returning to their home states at their own risk by walking a long distance. Such callous natures of every state government have exposed the disintegrated nature of the Union of India. This reminds the discontented calls of Indian “Je Rakshak Se Bhakshak” which means ‘Our protector is also our devourer” which was voiced against the British created puppet Indian officials and zamindars during the post Sepoy Mutiny (1857).

Similarly, the present leaders give support more to richer classes while poor Indian are exploited and they are awaiting complete obliteration of North East Indigenous people, for allowing big companies to explore natural resources. Mainland Indian unknowingly felt that Chinese are the spreader of this coronavirus and similarly, students and workers from NE India are despised as Chinese by treating inhumanly. These offensive actions have shown that the Mongoloid communities from this region are no more Indian. People from this region have a chance to step up a strong stand against this, thanks to their frequent mistreatments. British had projected the creation of India on basis of old Hindu books and mythology to enable their colonial expansion and exploration of unlimited natural resources. However not a single word “India” or its related name could be found in Old books of Kangleipak. So, it is a conflict between the British gifted India and two thousand plus years old historical gifted Kangleipak, it cannot integrate, but it can be developed as two nations separately.

The words of Parvez Hoodbhoy and A.H. Nayyar “the permanent militarization of society requires a permanent enemy” which is clearly followed by the current GOI. The extremely Hindunised voluntary organizations such as RSS,

VHP, Durga Vahini and Bajrang Dal are given extra power. Recently, RSS’s chief said that members of RSS and Indian communities should be trained in handling arms by Indian Army. These so-called voluntary organizations are closely allied with the current ruling party. They frequently mistreated to those who are not in Hindu domain, and the untouchable classes.The intermixing of Hindu Nationalism and Indian Nationalism is designed to categorize communities as anti-Indian to those who are different from majority

Hindu Indian vis-à-vis colours, clothing, religious faiths, and traditions. Such indoctrination of false consciousness is against the ideal of ‘Unity in Diversity’.

During the Kargil War 1999 many people from the media fraternity, celebrities including films stars, sportspersons and intellectuals were seen jingoistic and they had suffered too from nightmares followed closely by terrifying dreams.

Most of Indian TV stations during Pulwama and Doklam incidents looked like military installations, which exclusively broadcast the war hysteria to heighten the hot pursuits. Instead of broadcasting the fact news, tactical and war strategies were freely discussed to prolong the tension and even to declare a big war.

The current government has militarized not only the people but also their pet media. Medias are made to cook up misleading perception of enemies with an aim to have lengthy discussion for aggressive revenge. Skirmishes at border lines are taken as a boon to precipitate the false patriotism but not by good governance. Under the guiding principles of Neo-Vedanta of late 19 century, the foundation of the religious theory of Hindu Nationalism was advocated by then spiritual nationalists. Later, the Indian nationalism now so-called Hindu nationalism was shaped under the strong influence of Germany’s Nazism,

Italian Fascism, and noble class’s democratic values of western countries. It is obvious that Indian Nationalism is like the plastic by-products which can be moulded for any design. There is a saying “Politics are the plastic art of the State”. Similarly, Indian nationalism is both an art of Electoral Politics and Hindu Expansionism.

The word “Hindu” has been redefined as the esteemed value of spiritual truth in relation to culture not as religion. This is illusory definition to cover up the hidden political agenda. According to this redefinition, whoever lives in the

Indian sub-continent, he or she may be follower of Buddhism, Christian, Islam, Sikhism, and cultism are all set to be in Hindu domain. Despite this, many swami and spiritualists also insisted India as ‘a land of ultimate truth seeker’.

Could anyone write ‘Truth-seeker’ for the Religion Space while filling a form?

Thinking on this line, it is not wrong to justify that our Party does not recognize

India as a political nation or country but perceive it as cultural India.

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By: Mandakini

With adequate job opportunities they seek
They moved to cities for a livelihood to meet
Now their hopeless face with unbalance & unshaped loads
They decided to walk back from where they belong
The helpless & distraught faces unveil more
Walking & walking like unreachable shore
Some in slippers, some in unfit shoe, some barefoot
Counting every little square foot
Some resting sideways,
Few others lurking for subways
Kids trying to match pace with their parents
Restless, walking in sun until dawn
Hunger and thirst, the only possession still with them
Now the roads seem their only true companion!
Do a little rain, quench a barren land thirst?
Then How can a bottle fill a man’s thirst?

As their images flashes across my phone’s screen
On social media, news and articles
Their faces took me back
To the pages of my Modern History Text Book
A Deja Vu like no other,
The Black and white photos of millions
Millions home rooted aground because of partition
The Pain in those pictures
And the pain in these pictures
A Deja Vu of Pain!

When their only hope is to reach their home
Their bodies may break but their will won’t
They accept this pain with a smile
Cause every step takes them closer to home
To their home that has hope
A ray of hope for their kids
A ray of hope for their families
But still their future uncertain,
For the world is cruel
And the choice was made for them
Either their earnings or their life
And they had to choose life
As where there is life
There is no end,
There is hope for another beginning!!

[The poet has completed BA (Hons) from Kamala Nehru College, University of Delhi and MA (Sociology) from Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi.
She also got Elite Certification in Sociology of Science 2019, NPTEL, IIT Roorkee]

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By: Rebecca Hoineikim Baite

As soon as I heard information from the civil aviation minister in his tweets about domestic flight to be resume on 25th May, with maximum excitement i quickly booked my flight ticket, hoping that i would reached my home and meet my family safely (of course qurantine first). Not to mention about Delhi being the 3rd most covid-19 affected state in country but the temperature alone which has stretch 45°C for several days is intolerable enough.
Then comes 27th May, the most anticipated day,i left my apartment for Terminal 3 Airport Delhi at 1:00 AM where my flight is schedule to depart at 5:30 for Tulihal Airport,Imphal.
In the airport entry gate, the process for calibrated manner issued by MoCA started with noncontact tickets check, identification, luggage checks and then ends with thermal screening, after which we were only allowed to enter inside. By the time we finished all this process & reached the boarding gate it’s already 3:00AM. After 2 and a half hour being in a sedentary in the waiting room then the flights crew comes and provide us protective kits (face shield,surgical mask and sanitizer) . Then finally we are boarded at ~6:05am. Due to covid-19 pandemic the civil aviation authority has set a guidelines that no food should be provided during the flights journey but accessible with eatables and water inside the flight premise is permitted for the passengers. At 8:30 AM we reached Guwahati and we are made to get off from the flight where the plane needs to be sanitize again in precautions for the new passengers in Guwahati. Then at 9:50AM we reached our destination, Imphal.
Immediately after another thermal screening at Imphal Airport we are advised to boarded in bus which take us to the HRD Academy. There we are waiting for the another bus which would be provided by the district wise administrator/MLA/staff. Hang fire started and it’s already 10:30 AM.
Then after 30 minutes passengers from valley districts bus came one after another & some were sanitize along with their luggage before entering and now the left behind were  mostly only the hill district passengers.
In between that others passengers from another flights came and with congested we were all made to sit on the varendah . And now the worst part starts with no scoial distancing plus low immunity due to hunger and tiredness from flight journey. No food and water was also provided there.
Even after waiting for hours, there were no signs of vehicles coming for us, so finally we decided to do something.
Fortunately we were accompanied by Delhi&NCR KSO former Sect. With him we contact KSO and KKL CCPur and thankfully they hands helps by sending two vehicles (KKL ambulance and Winger). By the time the vehicles reached us it’s already 4:30 PM. With this two small  vehicles we together agreed to contribute RS 350 per head for the vehicles fare and adjusted to sit(30 plus passengers) with our luggage and leave Imphal for CCPur at 5:00PM. (No more awareness no more social distancing).
But then, as we were about to go, a mini bus just arrived, too tired & exhausted no one bother to get down & change their vehicle.
Onfortunately  we met an accident on the way (at Bishempur) but no passengers was hurt when Ambulance vehicle left wheel got loose and hit an old lady. She was immediately conveyed to the nearest hospital. After wasting some time, we were all compel to travel by mini bus, we were 30+ passenger. (to maintain social distancing max. Passengers would be ~15).
By the time we reach CCPur Peace Ground it was already night and raining, there we were compel to do another thermal screening and registration. Then we take off our luggage from bus roof & kept it inside as it was raining & within no time we were drenched. It was cold,we were really weak & exhausted.
From there, all the passengers from CCPur district were instruct to quarantine  in NKT SCHOOL KAWNPUI until they get their test result. But when we reached the school the villages authority refuses to gives us accomodation and warn us no one notify them any information about our arrival at their village quarantine centre.
Then we again contact the CCPur KSO and the concerned authority and with their help they finally agreed to assist us. It was already 9:00PM and we were still without dinner and starving. The anticipation with ready meals waiting for us is now a nightmare for us.
Instead they informed us that food should be provided by your respective families but people like some of us who were very distant from the quarantine centre were left with no choice and we requested them to provide the dinner atleast. Fortunately they agreed to aid us with the dinner. Among us is a two elderly couple (without food all day and  fatigue from our journey) is more prone to the virus. Infact if any one among us is a positive ( still unknown as testing process is still underway) we are  all at High risk.
From my experienced i now understand why we the CCPur district have the most number of covid-19 cases. A wile back i thought it was due to negligence and misbehavior of the strandees in the quarantine centre but now i strongly suspect the mishandling and lack of monitor and cooperation given by the concerned District administrator/committee for covid 19 SOP.

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