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Imphal, May 2

Indian Border States with Myanmar - Manipur, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram need to strengthen sealing of Indo-Myanmar border as data of COVID-19 cases in the neighbouring country seems to be concealing the fact.

As claimed by the Ministry of Health and Sports, Republic of the Union of Myanmar, published in its website, the number of death due to COVID-19 is only 6 and the positive cases stands at 151, out of which 31 have been reported recovered.

The government report is skeptical, as MNTV, a Myanmar based television reported about the number of dead reaching 44 on April 27. As per the report it was stated that all those died are people who were on quarantine. It said that 325 peoples were quarantined at Mandalay General Hospital, among these 183 people were reported to have been tested negative and discharged. Among those detained in the hospital 7 died on April 24, 5 died on April 25. With the 12 casualty the number of fatalities reached 44 as on April 27. In addition to new fatality the number of dead now reached 47.

Doctors at Mandalay General Hospital however said that those died were not related with COVID-19 pandemic. They died due to various diseases that had been associated with them. Among the diseases are Diabetes, High blood pressure, Cancer, hepatitis C, brain inflation, Lung disease, Symptoms of TB , Said Dr. Dundu, Chief Medical Officer of the Mandalay General Hospital. On April 28, one female patient dies at Sanya San Tun Hospital, Taunggyi.

Those died in the hospital were from Aungmyatasan, Changmyatasi, Mata yar, Moeguat, Kyatpyin Tapatkyin, Pwinoolwin, Sinkyai, Kawlin and Chanayetasan region of Myanmar, the TV report said.

The first Coronavirus positive patient was detected in Myanmar on March 24, the day Manipur detected one. As for the state of Manipur both the positive cases has recovered and Manipur today is a COVID-19 free state. However, the positive case in Myanmar is on the rise and positive cases were detected in Kalay (not far from Chandel district of Manipur) and another in Tiddim state (around 157 Km from Behiang in CCpur district Manipur).

Manipur, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram share porous border of around 1640 Km with Myanmar. Some are fenced and some are well guarded. However, even the guarded border is not hundred percent safe with Myanmarese easily crossing it.

After the 2 positive cases were recovered, Chief Minister of Manipur said that this is just the beginning in the war against COVID -19. Yes the CM has rightly pointed out, Manipur along with other states bordering Myanmar should remain alert as there is a possibility of trespassing the virus through human carrier from the Myanmar side.  

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Imphal, May 2

Congress MLA K. Meghachandra, in a press conference held at his official residence in Imphal today, expressed that the Congress would be filing a case against the 7 Congress MLAs who have been supporting BJP led coalition government in Manipur. It is pertinent to note that Speaker’s tribunal has listed May 8 of 2020 to hear the petitions to decide whether the 7 MLAs are with Congress or not.
The Congress wants the Speaker to decide on whether the 7 MLAs are with the party or not. The Supreme Court in a landmark judgment ‘Keisham Meghachandra case’ of 2020 has already given a maximum period of 3 months for the Speaker to decide on all pending matters under the 10th Schedule to the Constitution.

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New Delhi, May 2

The Indian Air Force will conduct flypast, including transport and fighter aircrafts, from Srinagar to Trivandrum and another one starting from Dibrugarh in Assam to Kutch in Gujarat, to salute Corona warriors on 3 May on Sunday.
This was stated by Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat and the three service chiefs, at a press conference on important issues concerned with Covid-19 spoke on Friday.
“On behalf of armed forces, we want to thank all Covid-19 warriors. Doctors, nurses, sanitation workers, police, home guards, delivery boys and media which has been reaching out with the message of government on how to carry on with lives in difficult times,” said Rawat.
Earlier, CDS Rawat said that coronavirus has affected the three services in very limited numbers and the discipline and patience of the armed forces’ personnel have helped in preventing its spread there.
“There are some special activities that nation will get to witness. Indian Air Force will conduct flypast from Srinagar to Trivandrum and another one starting from Dibrugarh in Assam to Kutch in Gujarat. It’ll include both transport & fighter aircraft,” Rawat further said. During the Indian Air Force’s flypast, the aircraft will also be showering flower petals at some places.
“The Army on its part will conduct mountain band displays along some of the Covid-19 hospitals in almost every district of our country. The armed forces will also lay wreath at the police memorial on May 3 in support of our police forces,” added Rawat.
The Navy on its part will have its warships deployed in formations in coastal areas in the evening on May 3. Navy warships would also be lit up and their choppers would be used for showering petals on hospitals.

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Imphal, May 2

A day after the government of Manipur had sent 4 buses to deport 84 stranded Manipuri natives from Guwahati Manipur Bhavan, Shillong Manipuri Students’ Union (SMSU) has urged the government of Manipur to make arrangement of stranded Manipuri natives at different parts of Meghalaya particularly in the state capital Shillong.
President of SMSU, Chontham Thangamba , in a press statement has requested the government of Manipur under the leadership of Chief Minister N. Biren Singh to arrange for transportation of the stranded people of Manipur at Shillong and other places of Meghalaya due to the COVID -19 lockdown to their home state Manipur.
“There are more than 300 (Three hundred) stranded students of different communities from Manipur here in Shillong due to Covid-19 lockdown in Meghalaya. The lockdown is likely to extend further As East Khasi hills now listed as red zone. In the present situation, though the maximum possible helps are extended from both local communities and Government of Meghalaya, these helps remain inadequate as there are several issues and problems that the students are facing now. Majority of the students are in private rented houses and they are now left on their own. The situation is bad now and it may become worse unless we take some necessary steps. The best possible solution is to transport them to their respective home in the earliest”, the statement by SMSU said.

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Imphal, May 2

Government of India announced a series of pro-poor initiatives under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana, as part of its robust  economic response to Covid-19. Under this yojana various schemes  are women centric. And this is because of several reasons. Indian women play the most important role in feeding the family and keeping it together. They suppliment or even earn largebproportion of damily income as wage earners or by doing  farming related activities. They cook and feed the family. Rhey take care of sick and infirm. Thus, in a period of lockdown, when families are expected to survive without several economic opportunities and within the condlfines of homes, women have to inevitably play a leading role.
  As part of this PMGK Yojana, free LPG refills are to be provided to the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala beneficiaries over the period of 3 months, from April to June 2020. Ujjwala yojana was especially designed for woman beneficiaries to give her a dignified, safe, easy and non polluting method of cooking.
   PM Kisan Yojana benefits 8.7 crore farmers which also includes marginal woman farmers. Under this scheme Government is front-loading Rs 2,000 to farmers from April.
Let us see how it has made a practical impact. Benificiary Kangabam Thoibi from Imphal received old age Pension and also free refill from Ujjwala Yojana. Thoibi belongs to a BPL family and she is supporting her family even at this old age. The little help the government has brought great relief for her family. Apart from this her family has also got free food grains from Ann Yojana. Several widows in Manipur have similar stories to tell. They have got the farming subsidy of Rs.2000/- under PM Kisan Yojan and also Rs.3066/- under MNREGA. Apart from this their families have received 5kgs each of free rice for the month of April. Pathingla Shimrah who is a marginal farmer shared shared her experience saying that she received Rs.2000 from PM KISAN. She was initialy worried because this lockdown has rendered her jobless as she couldn’t go out and start farming. But she has appreciated the Government for the timely action of allowing farming during lockdown and also for providing the money from which she had bought fertilizers. She also added that she got free rice for her family.
Manu Kaping from Ukhrul district, Manipur said  she received Rs. 2000 in her account as financial assistance under PM Kishan. During lockdown period, her  family could purchase daily essential items and also have started agricultural activities out of the money received. With this timely and thoughtful intervention of the government her livelihood measure has been saved and she has started earning again without compromising social distancing.
Ch. Borkeina from Awang Potshangbam Khunou, Imphal East district, Manipur has received Rs. 500 as Old Age Pension under PMGKY. The amount has come handy at such a hard time for her family. Apart from this her family has received free rice under Ann Yojana also.
 Another beneficiary is K. Chandrajini from Mahabali Road,  Imphal West, Manipur. For Ujjwala Yojana,  she had received  Rs. 891 in her DBT bank account with which she purchased cooking gas for her family. Besides this, her family has received 20kgs of  rice for her 4 member family under PMGK Ann Yojana.
These experiences underline the strategy that is behind the lockdown- help people maintain a high degree of social distancing without facing extreme financial distress. With sincere support of the people, social distancing will go a long way in containing the spread of  the disease and will ultimately help us defeat it.

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Imphal, May 2

The Kuki Students Organisation donated a sum of rupees fifty thousand and three hundred (Rs. 50,300) to  CM COVID Relief Fund. The amount was handed to Chief Minister N. Biren Singh by KSO President Paotinthang Lupheng and his team at the CM bungalow.
The global pandemic of Covid-19 which caused many countries the world over to declare national lockdowns has brought the world economy to a grinding halt causing hardships and suffering to its citizens.
In this regard the KSO greatly appreciates the chief minister’s leadership as the people go through this time of trials and tribulations. The chief minister’s effort and the steps and measures taken to combat the pandemic is truly laudable as it hitherto has contained the spread of the disease in the state effectively.
The KSO has been doing whatever it could to help the poor and the needy in this time of hardships and suffering. Therefore in order to show its solidarity with the government effort in combating the pandemic and the relief efforts the KSO decides to chip in with whatever meagre donation it can make towards the chief minister’s Covid relief fund.
KSO hopes and prays that under the leadership and guidance the CM, together with the cooperation of the people,  the state of Manipur will be safe from the novel corona.

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Every child is not born genius, but every child can be groomed to become a genius if those guiding them understand the hidden talents in them and cultured them to become the best in their field. Saying so, it is too early to judge that every genius kid needs proper guidance, as we have seen many with extraordinary talents which they learned from various sources including youtube videos, e-books, and video shares at Facebook. Manipur, the erstwhile kingdom, which was recorded as the 2nd sovereign nation to form a democratic country in entire Southeast Asia with the adult franchise have produced many extraordinary persons with exceptional skills in their respective field.
In 1891, when the erstwhile kingdom was invaded and colonized by the British Empire, many highly train Manipuri warriors have fought the British soldiers who at them have advance amours and guns, with indigenous artillery and swords. Leaving aside the history of how the British conquered Manipur and put the kingdom under their control, what we would like to focus more on is the courage of our ancestors.
Everybody knows that During the British put the Kangleipak under their control many changes had been made. Western education was introduced (Perhaps for their benefits in running the administrations). However, the introduction of western education turned out to be blessed with some people getting lots of knowledge and finally use the wisdom for the cause of the erstwhile kingdom.
Two years after the British left India as well as handed over the sovereign status of the erstwhile kingdom, Manipur became a part of the Indian Union (Maybe in a controversial way). From 1951 till 1990, the Indian government had improved a lot in the field of education. The framers of the Indian constitution felt that education is the backbone of the nation. But the education system adopted was a copy of the system that the British have introduced in the country. It was only after 1990 that some philanthropists introduced a kind of teaching method to make sure the genius in every kid be extracted and groomed to make sure that each student plays their role.
Today, India produces the best educationists who led the Google group. Indian Scientist today takes major roles at various developed countries including Germany or the USA etc.
As for the state of Manipur except some few almost all extraordinary students have left not only the state but the country to serve humanity to other developed countries. In the United Kingdom, a Manipuri origin Doctor who completed his MBBS at Regional Institute of Medical Sciences is leading a team in treating the dreaded COVID-19 patient. A base mate of this doctor now, working as a Psychiatrist consultant in Wales of Australia is among the world-class psychiatrist team to prepare treatment for patients who may be affected due to the lockdown to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.
And it is a matter of pride for the state of Manipur that, the erstwhile nation still has excellent doctors and health workers who have dedicated and recovered COVID-19 patients, that make Manipur a COVID-19 free state and included in the green zone list issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs.
One thing that the government fails to understand is why our doctors were not allowed to study the nature of the unknown disease (COVID-19) by sanctioning additional funds for research when the two patients were undergoing treatment. Specialize doctors working at both RIMS and JNIMS would have been eager to do more research and they have the opportunity to do so as they have positive cases. Who knows, Doctors in Manipur could have been the first to discover the treatment procedures if they were given the opportunity.
While the state is prepared everything to counter the COVID-19 pandemic, Doctors should be allowed to research the nature of the disease by assuring all expenditure. Remember, Doctors at RIMS and JNIMS are perhaps one among the best in the world, but only thing matters are supported by the government to do more study in the nature of the virus.   

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Saturday, 02 May 2020 17:11

Muslims in India: Need to Understand

By -Inamul Haq

A German Muslim Scholar Dr Murad Hoffmann wrote a collection about the future of Islam, in which he texted down the feelings of the Muslim world on the International level. He noted down that the “Muslim world did not experience decline because of colonisation of the western imperialism. However, Muslims became victims of decline first and thereafter paved the easy way for the imperialist forces. As a result, Muslims could not resurge after the destruction of their institutions at Cardova and pillage of Baghdad by the Mongols. The result was that they closed the doors for authoritative interpretation and adopted the static concept of conformism. They took recourse to a Sufism, which was non-political, individualistic and alienated from life. It must be remembered that confining religion to one’s personal life or its privatisation is the first step towards its complete annihilation”. The main of his writings was to highlight the serious issues that the entire Muslim world is facing today. While monitoring the global world, the strength of Islamophobia is holding its grip tight. From the USA to India, Muslims are considered as the second class citizens and Islam was reduced to terrorism only, which is narrow as well as the wrong interpretation of Islam. The human blood was made cheaper to such hatredness and was bombarded with the latest destructive weapons that were being rained down on the human population. In the words of Allama Iqbal:
 the soul of Muslims is still facing the same uneasiness
 it is divine secret; the tongue cannot say anything about it
Let’s see what comes out from the bottom of this ocean
And how the blue sky changes its colour
With the emergence of Corona Virus (Covid-19), the global world left aside all religious, political and other rivalries and started fighting together against this pandemic disease. While as, apart from Covid-19, India witnessed another virus in the form of hatred towards the Muslims. All Muslims, whether they belong any sect were considered as members of Tablighi. The discourse becomes more interesting after the NRI living in middle east countries started online hatred. The outrageous reaction from Arabian and middle east countries forced Prime Minister to tweet that Covid-19 is casteless and without religion and this war against this disease can be fought together. Earlier, Covid-19 the national capital of India (New Delhi) witnessed the worst violence in terms of riots. However, rather taking the action against the rioters, the Prime Minister was busy with the visit of Trump, who on the first day speak out against Islamic terrorism at Motera Stadium Ahmedabad. After this statement, the whole crowd clapped trump for speaking against Islam. After a lot of criticism from the international level. Modi also stated brotherhood in India after the destruction and killing of hundreds of Muslims on the call of Kapil Mishra. The question arises, what happened after giving a statement. Does all this ends or new theory is being planted against Muslims in India. The policy of India towards Muslims denotes the same as it was in Nazi Germany against the Jews. Hannah Ardent in her essay “the image of the hell” argues that in Nazi Germany, Jews were helpless before Hitler, who dragged them to death with the accumulation of terror. He first calculated them, then neglected and then deprived them of their basic rights.  All these things made the Jews weak and most of them took off their lives. Secondly, Hitler adopted the outright starvation, combined with forced labour, when people died by the thousands but at different intervals of time, according to their stamina. Last came the death factories (extermination camps) and they all died together, the young and the old, the weak and the strong, the sick and the healthy; not as people, not as men and women, children and adults, boys and girls, not as good and bad, beautiful and ugly-but brought down to the lowest common denominator of organic life itself, plunged into the darkest and deepest abyss of primal equality, like cattle, like matter, like things that had neither body nor soul, nor even a physiognomy upon which death could stamp its seal. However, Agamben in his book Remnants of Auschwitz argues that The Muslims were inmates of the camp who were reduced to bare life, the living dead, persons who lost all will and all consciousness. The Muslim is a stage of existence between an inmate and death. Agamben argues that the Muslim reveals the biopolitical essence of the modern detention camp. In his opinion, the camp is the most absolute biopolitical space ever. If the camp is a laboratory for creating sub-humans, an experiment in the destruction of spontaneity, then the Muslim is a biopolitical result. However, the concept of biopolitics was later on challenged by Achille Mbembe, who coined the new term ‘Necropolitics’ in the context of capital and its processes of geopolitical segregation of world zones based on the mobilization of the war machine. Mbembe claims that the concept of biopolitics should be replaced with Necropolitics, which changes ‘make live’ to ‘let live’. The concept of Necropolitics presents a pure abandonment which means that in a state, only those can live who are having capital and power and those who cannot live in the situation of a pure abandonment by the neo-liberal public capitalist structures are to be left to die or made to die
So, the current situation in India is neither ‘to kill or to let live’, nor ‘to make live and to let die’ but ‘to let’s kill and to stop killing’. The approach adopted by India during the reign of BJP is simply to create such religious bigotry so that the Muslims either run away or let them die on their own. The recourse of events that happening in India is due to all hatred towards on community and this hatred will end with genocide.
### The writer is a Research Student at Central University of Gujarat.

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Respected Sir,

Delhi Manipuri society (DeMaS) would like to convey its sincere gratitude for your timely actions in the fight against COVID 19, which have, reassuringly, enabled the State to be free from the dreaded pandemic. DeMaS has also been making its best efforts to supplement Government initiatives in alleviating the difficulties, many Manipuris in Delhi-NCR have faced. Affected nurses in the line of duty are provided financial assistance to encourage their morale. Some Relief dry rations are handed over to Manipur Bhavan, Delhi for onward distribution to needy people. With its dedicated executives and volunteers, we are also directly distributing daily essentials to those who could not be reached by other helplines.
We also applaud your timely intervention to bring back the stranded Manipuris, spread across the Country through rail and road transport.
In this regard, DeMaS would like to state that, among those stranded in the Delhi-NCR, there are many who are infirm, aged and small kids. Some of them may find it risky to travel by road or rail, for a distance more than two thousand kilometres, including unfavourable terrain to reach Imphal, which may last upto 4/5 days.
It has also been learnt from the Media that Government of Manipur has requested the Central Government to permit airlifting of stranded Manipuris. DeMas is very thankful for such a move and request the Government to make such an arrangement possible at the earliest. The persons opting for air travel to return their homeland may be considered to charge a reasonable/concessional fare if the financial burden on the State is huge.

With warm regards
N. Shyamkishwor Singh

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