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Imphal, May 11:

After a long gap Chief Minister N. Biren Singh along with Water Resources Minister Letpao Haokip inspected the Loktak Lift Irrigation (LLI) system located at Ningthoukhong, Bishnupur district today. During the inspection, Chief Minister said that the government was determined to make the LLI functional so that our paddy fields will remain green in lean season too. The functioning of such irrigation system would make the double and triple cropping farming system easier in various areas of the State. He mentioned that after due pressure by the State government, Central government agencies like NABARD etc. provided a sum of around Rs. 47 crores for the revival of the LLI system.  The Chief Minister reiterated that the government is committed to fulfil all the promises that have been made to the people of the State. The Loktak Lift Irrigation (LLI) scheme is now functional after 14-15 years, he added.

Biren Singh stated that considering the impact of the current nationwide lockdown on our economy, the State government has decided to focus on agricultural and horticultural sectors. The priority of the government is to make Manipur a self-sustained and self-sufficient State on food production. He mentioned that a High Level Task Force has also been constituted in this regard. Minister for Water Resources Letpao Haokip said that good irrigation system is a must to become self-sufficient in food production in the State. He also informed that the remaining six pumps of the LLI will be functional soon.

With an objective to provide irrigation to various parts of the State, the Loktak Lift Irrigation scheme was inaugurated in 1981. Chairman of Manipur Pollution Control Board L. Radhakishore, Deputy Speaker of Manipur Legislative Assembly K. Robindro, Chairman of Manipur Building and Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Board H. Dingo, Chairman of LDA L. Susindro Meetei, DC and SP of Bishnupur district, officials of Water Resources Department were also present during the inspection.

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New Delhi, May 11: 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday called for efforts to boost economy in a phased manner in an online meeting with chief ministers on ways to strengthen the COVID-19 containment strategy and stepping up of economic activities in a calibrated manner as the 54-day nationwide lockdown nears an end. This was his firth virtual meeting with CMs.

In his opening remarks, PM Modi speaks about migrants, says he understands their need to go home. It is challenge for us is to not let Covid-19 spread to villages, the PM says.

''We stressed people should stay where they are. But it's human nature to want to go home and so we had to modify or change our decisions (Kuch Nirnay Badalne Bhi Pare) . Despite that, to make sure it doesn't spread and go to villages, that's our big challenge,'' Modi said. On Sunday, the government took a major step by allowing limited passenger train services from Tuesday, for which online bookings start from 11 May. Special trains (total of 30 journeys) will run between Delhi and 14 states.

In his last call with the state CMs, the prime minister had, on 27 April, discussed the exit plan for the second lockdown which ended on 3 May, which was further extended.

While there had been no fatalities in the last 24 hours in Delhi, Maharashtra’s tally rose above 22,000 and more than 800 deaths till Sunday evening. As such Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray expressed desire to extend lock down till May end.

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Imphal, May 11:

Transport director Mercina Panmei flag off 50 buses from Langjing Achouba Tata parking today for Jiribam Train station to receive the 1200 stranded Manipuri natives. she expressed that all the 1200 people will be put up at their respective district quarantine centres and those bus drivers and handyman will be at ISBT and khuman Lampak quarantine centre. In the sideline Transporters and drivers Council have also arranged the buses which the govt of Manipur requisitioned for bringing home the stranded manipuris in the second phase from Punjab and third phase from Bangalore.

The first phase special train left from MGR Central railway station, Chennai for Manipur with 1200 stranded people on Sunday at 8 pm. The train that left Chennai on Sunday will reach Jiribam train station on May 12 and all the buses from Jiribam will reach Imphal on 13 May.

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Imphal, May 11:

Very recently, some sections of Manipuri people show humanitarian concerns by extending help to the cadres of NSCN (IM) who are at some undisclosed camps in Manipur. The infamous strategy of LOCKDOWN to curb the spread of Covid-19 makes people from different walks of life bear the brunt, may it be middle class or wage-earners. One can imagine how the Lockdown could make the life of insurgents miserable with limited supplies and space for operation. Though the insurgents who are in peace talks with GOI are relatively better, they are equally subjected to the physical and psychological hardships due to lockdown. At this juncture of history, some Manipuris offered supplies to undisclosed NSCN (IM) camps which is not only humanitarian aid but also a relief of the NSCN (IM) cadres.

Now, we can remember that there was a brief tension between Assam Rifles and NSCN (IM) over the opening of the latter’s camp in Ukhrul District of Manipur. Because of the tensions, the Government of India asked the State government to extend help in solving the problem by using State forces. Somehow the tension was over but a question remained in the minds of the people over the extent and application of the ceasefire agreement in the State of Manipur. The Manipuri people are kept in the dark as to the nature and extent of cease fire in the State so far. There were many instances on which the people have raised this question. Every time either the Government of India or of Manipur said one or another to avoid further questions. As we feel, the government’s answers could not satisfy the people of the state. Many CSOs in the State always stood against the double standards of the governments. UCM consistently raised its voice against the double talks of the Central Government and lament over the inaction of the State Government.

Now in the gesture of the humanitarian concern, one thing reappears in the political landscape of Manipur over the presence of un-designated camp of NSCN (IM). This time the Government of Manipur said nothing as there is no tension so far between NSCN (IM) and Government of India. Is the State Government acting as fire brigade, activated only when there is fire? Does not the State Government have any jurisdiction on the presence and operation of or against the insurgency group?

Moreover the chilling state of affairs in the recent development is the obvious silence of civil societies. The moves of some frontal organizations of NSCN (IM) are not reacted on by any civil societies including student bodies. The Government of Manipur is equally inactive. But, the mind of the collective Manipuri people is active: are the people of Manipur defeated in the war to protect and save the integrity of the state.

Manipur wants to know exactly the nature and extent of ceasefire between GOI and NSCN (IM). Manipur wants to know why the Government of Manipur is always a silent spectator unless directed to act in one way or another by GOI. Manipur wants to know why there is uncomfortable silence of CSOs. Manipur wants her political parties to raise voice against the GOI political plays and against the hide and seek game of Muivah and Modi. The political motives cannot be hidden behind the humanitarian dance.

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Mumbai, May 11:
Indian Railways is planning to gradually resume passenger train operations from Tuesday, May 12 onwards, with 15 special passenger trains, from New Delhi Station to major stations across the country. These special trains will be run from New Delhi station to Dibrugarh, Agartala, Howrah, Patna, Bilaspur, Ranchi, Bhubaneswar, Secunderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram, Madgaon, Mumbai Central, Ahmedabad and Jammu Tawi, the government notice stated.
Union Minister of Railways and Commerce & Industry Piyush Goyal also took to Twitter to inform that railway operations will resume with 15 pairs of special trains (30 return journeys) connecting New Delhi with major stations across India initially. Bookings for these trains was to begin late Monday evening.
The railway notification further mentioned that Indian Railways shall thereafter start more special services on new routes, based on the available coaches after reserving 20,000 coaches for Covid-19 care centres and an adequate number of coaches are being reserved to enable operation of up to 300 trains every day as “Shramik Special” for stranded migrants.
The booking for reservation in these trains is allowed on the IRCTC website ( Ticket booking counters at the railway stations will remain closed and no counter tickets (including platform tickets) will be issued. It will be mandatory for the passengers to wear face cover and undergo screening at departure and only asymptomatic passengers will be allowed to board the train.
While 302 Shramik special trains have so far ferried 3.4 lakh migrants, Maharashtra Government has decided to bear the cost of the ticket fare of the migrants. The district collectors will initially bear the expenses of tickets, which will be reimbursed from CM’s relief fund, a notification issued by CM’s office here on Sunday night stated. In the meanwhile Indian railways is expected to see an estimated shortfall of Rs.90,000 crore to its earnings due to lockdown.

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Monday, 11 May 2020 17:41

Preparing for the inevitable future

Like it or not, it’s finally time to embrace the uncomfortable truth. The spectre of Covid-19 pandemic that has been keeping the people of the state in tenterhook for so long is going to make its presence felt in the next few weeks, with the arrival of the thousands of hitherto stranded Manipuri natives from different parts of the country, a large number of which falls in the red-zone. And while the topic of whether the whole exercise of transporting stranded public to their hometown at this juncture is a wee too little too late has become practically irrelevant, it should serve as yet another reminder of the perceived lack of foresight and preparedness of the central and the state government in drawing up plans and policies. Back home, things for those who have reached Manipur aren’t any better, as reports of unhygienic conditions of the quarantine centres are doing the rounds on social media.
What is proving to be of utmost concern is the fact that despite repeated lockdowns and enforced social interaction protocols for so many days, most of the people of the state are still visibly unaware of the reasons or the consequences of all these restrictive exercises and personal precautions. While comments and suggestions for improvement of functioning of the state administration are aplenty, observation of personal responsibility especially in public spaces is worryingly lacking for a huge number of the public. We have been witnessing an unprecedented spike in the number of infections continuously in the past few days, and if the blatant disregard for the protocols and guidelines are anything to go by, things are more than likely to get worse. The initial feeling of positivity when the lockdown was strictly enforced has now come undone and it would be no surprise if the actual number of infected people turns out to be much more than the official figures being handed out by the government authorities.
This is not the fight for the central or state government alone. This time we are in it together, whether we like it or not. Time for politicking and choosing sides has gone. And it is no longer the duty of the elected government to protect the public, rather it has become the undeniable responsibility of the public to cooperate and support the effort of the government and other frontline workers trying to stem the spread of the vicious pandemic which is threatening the very existence of the human. While this statement might sound rather dramatic, the truth of the matter remains that unlike any previous pandemic, people who are cured of this infection does not achieve immunity and reports of re-infection, multiple times in some cases, as well as the alarmingly high percentage of asymptomatic carriers indicates a highly complex and potentially prolonged battle.
The most brilliant minds, the most sophisticated equipments and facilities are working round the clock in a race against the virus to develop a vaccine and find a cure which has proven elusive so far. The only proven means of prevention at present is for every single one of us to follow the safety guidelines laid down by the government as recommended by the experts and make social distancing, sanitization and wearing of masks a way of life and ingrain it in our daily routine, and also to gently remind those who are less than capable of grasping the reality of their responsibility.   

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Monday, 11 May 2020 17:38


I, Geetarani Chingakham 37 yrs old  D/O Ch. Dharmo Singh and Ch.Aruna of Uripok Naoremthong Imphal working as a staff Nurse at Max hospital New Delhi along with my husband Leishangthem Biren Singh S/O  L. Khomei and L.Rani Devi of Thoubal Leishangthem, Thoubal Manipur  are getting treatment for Covid19 positive case at Lok Nayak Hospital New Delhi,India at Present.It was a very difficult moment for us to get admitted in this hospital even after the positive reports of covid19 on 6th May 2020.
I extend my heartiest thanks to Delhi police  for helping and providing Ambulance to reach out to LokNayak hospital New Delhi.After waiting for hours with empty stomach I could get in Maternity ward as I am 8 months pregnant and my husband got admitted in another ward .
It was so much suffocating to stay in the room where another 4 patients without fans in such a hot weather. I had to starve the whole day, both lunch and dinner as no one dared to supply me food except water so stayed holding my stomach empty the whole day and night .
In the midst of no hope of getting any help.Then I got a sudden call from Priyashini Heigrujam from Manipur at 11 pm on that night and counseled in order to ease my stress and anxiety. She is a Nursing Sister in Regional Institute of Medical Sciences ( RIMS) Imphal, Manipur, and also an Executive Member of TNAI (Trained Nurses Association of India) Manipur state branch.  She has connected me to the Special Correspondent of Manipur State of Indian Observer Post Mr Sanjoo Thangjam and gave information regarding my situation to his Editor-in-Chief, Onkhershor Pandey who is based in Delhi.  The Editor-in-chief of Indian Observer Post Mr Onkareshwar Pandey called me up during that critical juncture and told me that he would do the needful to help me.
Thereafter, at about 3:30 am on 7th May, I was given some fruits to eat by the one  doctor who was on duty.Soon after that, to my utter surprise, I got all the necessary cares from the hospital side. Even the Director of the hospital talked to me through phone and gave me reassurance to look after me and my husband at the best of his ability. Thereafter I was given proper care for everything that I can’t imagine of.
I extend my heartiest thanks to Mrs.Priyashini Heigrujam for letting me get through the various channels of help in the most during important and ordeal time. Moreover,  I also came to acknowledge that Mr Sanjoo Thangjam had given the information about me and my husband to the BJP covid19 relief committee via Laimayum Bashanta Sharma, a very powerful BJP member and the proprietor of the Manipur daily - The Morning Bell & Kennedy Sharma, an active member of BJP, Manipur Branch .
In view of the above premises, I extend my humble thanks to Honourable Chief Minister of Manipur Shri N Biren Singh for connecting me to the Union Ministers of India and providing me the utmost care by the hospital staff. And also I thank Mr Basanta Laimayum, Media Secy & owner of “The Morning Bell” , And Mr Kennedy Sharma (BJP)  who took initiative to reach Honourable CM of Manipur as well as Union Health Minister.
I also extend my heartiest thanks to Th.Binodini Devi Secretary Trained Nurses Association of India, Manipur State Branch for counseling me and getting me connected to the TNAI Head Quarter, New Delhi. I would also wish to show my gratitude to TNAI Head Quarter, New Delhi for supporting and providing me  moral, emotional and spiritual support and also for giving me whatever I needed, such as fruits and other edibles stuff during this juncture of fatal environment.I would also love to extend my profound solidarity to TOM TV for forecasting my situation in their News Channel.I also would like to thank the Executive Members of Manipur Students Association Delhi Mr Lokhon and Mr Shaymkeshore for transferring Rs 10000 into my bank account. And for this of kindness, I shall ever remain indebted to all for all the assistance provided to me and my husband in cash, kind and other essential commodities needed and I and my husband thereby will always remember throughout my life.At last but not the least, I extend my heartiest thanks to all my friends and relatives and well wishers who were and still giving me unending moral support for whose prayers and  love that I am able to cope up from this deadly virus.
I request you all to continue to pray for me and my husband so that we will overcome the situation with negative reports of covid19 very soon.
Thanking you with  love,regards n respect.

Yours sincerely,
Geetarani Chingakham
Lok Nayak Hospital.
New Delhi

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