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Imphal, Jan 31

Marriage ceremony of a bureaucrat officer scheduled today has been postponed after Family Court Thoubal intervened following a complaint made by a girl who claimed to have been eloped and already used her more than a wife on promise that the bureaucrat officer will marry her.

Dr. Mayengbam Veto Singh, (32) an MCS officer, who hails from Mayeng Lamjao Makha Leikai in Kakching district presently is serving as Examination Controller of the Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC). His marriage ceremony has been scheduled today with one 30 years old girl Dr. Priyadarshini Phurailatpam from Sagolband Meino Leirak. Today morning an advertisement column appeared at Manipuri Vernacular daily “Huiyen Lanpao” stating that the marriage has been postponed due to unavoidable circumstance surprising everyone and were anxious to know the reason for the postponement of the Marriage.

Later on enquiry, it has been found that the marriage ceremony has been postponed after one Anju Devi, of Kakching Moirangthem Leikai , who claimed to have physical intimacy with Dr. Veto after promising her for marriage and who also claim that she was eloped with him filed petition for holding the marriage by granting ex parte temporary injunction  under 151 CPC.

As per the submission of the plaintiffs, Ksh. Anju Devi Dr. Veto and her came to know each other in 2014 at New Delhi and started having affairs the following year. She filed the court that she was eloped by Dr. Veto on November 18, 2019. Family member of both met the next morning and scheduled to fix a date for marriage by meeting on November 27. It was after this that Dr. Veto allegedly elope another girl and set for marrying her.

In Meitei society, eloping of girl is the first step for marriage between a girl and aboy. This is followed by meeting of elders of the family members and then fix a date for marriage ceremony.

What is interesting here is that the groom happen to be a presently bureaucrat officer serving as Examination Controller of the Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC).

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Imphal, Jan. 31

The proposed indefinite bandh which is set to begin from 4 pm today demanding arrest of the person involved in the hit and run case on Jan 29 evening near KM Blooming Higher Secondary School at Khangabok in Thoubal district has been dropped after police recovered the vehicle which hit and killed the 57 years old lady and arrested four person who were in the car at the time of the incident.

CCTV video showed the lady Moirangthem Ongbi Manjuri Devi crossing road at NH-102 carrying a bicycle when she was hit and carried away by a over speeding car.

Wrath over the accident locals of Khangabok staged protest and also convened a meeting and formed a JAC to launch serious agitation including indefinite bandh along the Imphal-Moreh road from 4 pm today if police fails to arrest vehicle and the driver of the car.

Taking the matter with extreme seriousness, Thoubal police team after conducting thorough investigation over the matter  and finally succeeded in tracing the vehicle. Four persons including the drivers were also identified and the police team arrested all the four in connection with the hit and run case.

The vehicle that hit the lady killing her on the spot is a blue colour Maruti Alto car bearing registration number MN-06 LA 5826. The four persons who were arrested are identified as

Waikhom Buten @ Ellubi singh (27) s/o w. Kumar Singh of Thoubal Bazaar Makha Pakhangkhong Leirak, Kshetrimayum Kanan @ Anand Singh (27) s/o Ksh. Rajen Singh of Thoubal Haokha Kiyam Siphai, Romen Thingujam (27) s/o Th. Munal Singh of Thoubal Haokha Kiyam Siphai and Waikhom Robinson Singh @ Maru (27) s/o W. Inao Singh of Thoubal Bazaar Makha.

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By-Md. Mahin Laskar
Jiribam, Jan. 31

An intensified measures to check people who were entering Manipur through neighboring State of Assam, an screening booth of Corona Virus has set up at the entry point of Jiribam by the District Health Society, Jiribam under the instructions of Manipur Health Department.
The booth was accompanied by the officials of District Health Society where they have scanned the people with Infra-Red Thermometer.
Today at the site of screening booth at Jiribam, the Chief Medical Officer of Jiribam Hospital said that after they had received the formal instructions from Health Directorate an screening booth has opened at Jiribam District.
He stated that at Jiribam District there has been  no any report of Corona Virus symptoms.
He added,  to make aware the people about the virus an awareness programme is arranging to conduct at Jiribam and Borobekara Sub-division of the District.
Till the time of filling report eight people who were entering Manipur through Assam has been checked.

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Chandel, Jan.31

In connection with proclamation of land available for the purpose of establishment of medical college in Chandel district, chief of Lambung village authority, DY Alam Anal has alleged the DC Chandel Krishna Kumar for detailing incorrect schedule of land from different location which was in contrast to the land the villagers decided to offer for construction of the medical college in a meeting.
Briefing  media at Chandel, the Lambung chief a suitable site measuring about 40 acres at Kelthalon Lambung, located within 1 km radius from present district hospital was offered to district administration for establishment of the same. After village meeting and inspected by BD Behring Ex-MP along with CSOs leaders, proclamation of availability and viability of land and No Objection letter was submitted to the DC.
However, instead of accepting the land donated by Lambung villagers, the district administration has proclaimed for availability of land  from different location  within Lambung village with wrong scheduled. He said that the land he presented to the government was without our concern and without having done proper survey.
The  DC’s scheduled of land is indicated with no location site and  no name of the donor.
The proposed medical college can cater at maximum to the needs of  aspiring medical students and health care needing people from remote and far flung villages across the district if it comes up at Kelthalon the chief added.
While welcoming the ‘excellence’ decision of the government to contruct medical college in the district, The chief said it cannot offered another site or location within Lambung village other than the one it offered at Kelthalon.

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Imphal, Jan 31

President of the NSCN /GPRN Yung Aung greets the people of WESEA region while thanking the almighty in making the freedom struggle sustained on occasion of the party’s 40th Foundation Day. The President of the NSCN also pay salute to the thousands of brave Nagas and innocent men, Women  and  children who lay down their precious lives in defending the land and extended his greeting to all revolutionary greetings to all the fraternal revolutionary parties and people of WESEA region.
In his message the President of the NSCN said that on 31st January, 1980 the political history was rescued by God from perishing through some anointed leaders who timely restored our Nation by forming  National Socialist Council of Nagaland /Government of the People’s Republic of Nagaland with ‘Full sovereignty’ as its firm principle.He recounted on how the region was forcibly dominated and colonized by lndia and Myanmar after their Independence. And how both the countries   committed   inhuman atrocities and war crimes against the innocent Nagas over the decades of their occupation, the NSCN leader said.
The NSCN leader also recalled years and years of divisive polices perpetrated by both the countries to divide the Nana based on the imposed boundary line and disintegrate the NSCN/GPRN leading to fratricide between brothers.
“The Naga freedom struggle has come a long way, making it one of the longest armed struggles in the world. Our people have paid heavy price by their sweat, tears and blood in their quest to regain their freedom. Yesterday today and tomorrow: Sovereignty is our inherent birthright and it is non-negotiable”, he said.
Today both India and Myanmar has become closer policy-wise, adopting similar strategy and tactics to assimilate and subjugate Nagas politically, economically and culturally. Their ‘Act East Policy’ and ‘Look west policy are two sides of the same coin to benefit both the countries while subduing our country and the whole WESEA region, he continued and added that these two countries still harbor the old colonial mentality that ‘Might is right” and continues to unleash their reign of tenor to suppress our genuine struggle. India is taking a major role in masterminding joint political a. military operations with the Tatmadaw, providing all possible logistic and material supports. She is utilizing Myanmar as a stepping stone to expand and implement her ambition. Myanmar has gained billions of rupees in aids in achieving India’s tainted policies.
“Some Nagas, in their confusion, are cynical and doubtful of NSCN/GPRN and our struggle. They speak of uncertainty, impossibility, and impracticality of the Naga sovereignty. They inject fear and doubt in the minds of fellow Nagas because they fear the future. However, the hope and prayer of millions of Nagas is stronger than this more cynicism”, the statement by Aung Yung said.Today, in spite of all our difficulties, we cannot flee the future; instead we must face it together. It is our joint national endeavor. A strong Naga nation can be formed when we unite and take responsibility in shaping the future of our nation., he added.
He further said , “On my part, I am willing to resolve our past differences and reconcile under his holy banner ‘Nagaland for Christ” and based on the fundamental principle of the Naga sovereignty”.
He appealed the Naga to support the ‘National liberation movement”.

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New Delhi, Jan 31

Popular Front of India (PFI) General Secretary M Mohammed Ali Jinnah expressed anguish and shock over firing on the peaceful students’ protest against the new Citizenship Law at Jamia Millia in Delhi.
The incident happened in broad daylight in the national capital exposed criminal negligence of Delhi Police. Not only did the police remained mute spectators the whole time, they did not even remove the barricade for the injured student, who had to climb over the barricade to head for treatment.
Meanwhile, reportedly, there are attempts to downplay the seriousness of the incident. This attack is a culmination of a long created atmosphere of intolerance, hate and violence against minorities and any form of opposition. Those who want to present Rambhakth Gopal, the shooter, as a mentally disturbed lone-wolf, are partners in crime and have a lot to cover up. Gopal’s social media activities reveal his close association with Hindutva groups as well as his criminal intent of violence against Shaheen Bagh protest. Also the incident took place days after top BJP leader and Central minister Anurag Thakur’s inciting sloganeering openly asking to shoot protesters (Desh ki Gadharom ko,  goli maro salon ko).  This incident happened on 30 January, the martyrdom day Gandhiji shows, those who worship the ideology and methods of Godse are ever more powerful. 
Mohammed Ali Jinnah has demanded a judicial enquiry by a sitting judge to unearth the conspiracies behind the incident. The Union Minister who exhorted to shoot at protesters has no right remain in office and hence to be expelled from office and arrested. He also demanded to dismiss the police officers who remained mute spectators and allowed free hand to the shooter. While appealing the Jamia and Shaheen Bagh protestors to maintain peace amidst even utmost provocations, he warned communal fascist forces against disturbing peaceful agitations and targeting the agitators.

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Friday, 31 January 2020 16:54

Judiciary on the rescue Indian Constitution

‘In Indian politics nothing is impossible’ – former Chief Minister of Manipur Radhabinod Koijam once said to reporters before he took oath on   February 15, 2001. Saying so, the bindings of the constitution of India cannot be overridden by any of the citizen including the elected representatives called MLAs or Ministers. Numbers matter in democracy to form government, but as stated by former CM Radhabinod Koijam, it was made possible for the BJP to form a government here in the state even though it bagged only 21 seats in the assembly election. Congress party which bagged 28 seats failed to come back to power as it failed to control its members elected in the election who had parted violating the constitutional provisions provided under the Anti defection Law.
Recent verdict of the Supreme Court of India, directing the Speaker Tribunal of the Manipur Legislative Assembly, perhaps is a sign to show that the impossible part that former Chief Minister had stated regarding politics in Indian democracy turn out to be wrong. He seems to have forgotten that there is a judiciary that will come to the rescue of the constitution of India if violated by law makers. Some said the directives of the Supreme Court is a blow to the Speaker Tribunal, but then opinion of some said that the order is more like an opportunity given to the Speaker of Manipur to exercise his power without interference from the political party that he got elected. Even though the Speaker has to leave his party if become the speaker in conventional manner, he definitely may find undue pressure from the leadership of the party while rendering his duty.   
To remind our readers, Th. Shyamkumar, the Forest Minister, was the first Congress MLA to join BJP.  He joined BJP even before being sworn in as MLA. He was sworn in as Cabinet Minister at Raj Bhavan along with others on March 15 this year.  On April 18, Congress MLA Ginsuanhau Zou joined BJP. Four more Congress MLAs - Y Surchandra, Ngamthang Haokip, O Lukhoi and S Bira joined the BJP on April 28. Another two Congress MLAs Kshetrimayum Biren Singh and Paonam Brojen joined the BJP on July 17.  
With the joining of the 8 Congress MLAs to BJP, the number of Congress MLAs has been reduced to 20.
Congress party is the oldest political party in the country. People across the country have high respect for this political party over its commitment to protect and safeguard the constitution of India.
When BJP comes to power, people are not upset on realizing that the Congress party will play constructive role of opposition. In democracy a strong opposition is what people has been expecting and with the present numbers, Congress is a strong opposition in the house of 60.
Protecting the 10th Schedule of the Indian constitution is also what is expected from the oldest political party. But for reason best known the political party is not following any procedure to protect the constitutional provision.
A candidate will be disqualified if he wins election on one party ticket and joins other party after win under Anti- defection law. Anti- defection law was introduced by 52nd amendment act, 1985 and it was also added in constitution as 10th schedule. Having known it, none of the members of the Congress had applied for disqualification of these elected representatives even after 7 months plus some few days.  It was only against Th. Shyamkumar that a petition for disqualification had been reported filed. But till now no move or campaign is seen to speed up the case.
Lately a disqualification case has been filed against MLA Y Surchandra to the Speaker’s tribunal but by a voter from Kakching Assembly constituency and not from the political party he had defected.
Better late than never, justice is likely to be delivered. Saying so, it is upto the Speaker that will decide the fate of the defected congress MLAs. People in the state have to wait and watch the integrity of Manipur Legislative Assembly.

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Mumbai, 31 Jan 2020

IIT, Bombay has banned anti-national activities by students within campus and has advised students that the undesirable activities will not be allowed even if faculty is part of the gathering.
The 15 point circular issued via e mail by IIT B Director Subhasis Chaudhuri on 28 January 2020, states that they should not indulge in giving speeches, play music or any other activities that would disturb the peace of the hostel environment. Besides, the pamphlets, leaflets can be distributed or posters pasted only with the permission of the Hostel Council or the Dean of Students’ Affairs.
Point 10 of the internal mail states that “Residents shall not participate in any anti-national, anti-social and or any other undesirable activities.” The internal mail says that it is aimed at reiterating and highlighting hostel rules that need to be strictly implemented.
Earlier, IIT Bombay director in an open-house speech had told students that they should refrain from taking part in such protests inside the campus. He had said that the students should express their political views outside the campus and never use the institute’s name while voicing such views. IIT Bombay is funded by the government with public funds and the institute is apolitical, he had said.
The 15 point circular has been issued in the backdrop of some IIT Bombay students and faculty organising a candle march in solidarity with students of the Jamia Millia Islamia University and the Jawaharlal Nehru University where widespread violence was witnessed over the past month.
Besides some students are also running a face book page “ IIT Bombay for Justice” . The page boldly carries a photo of some students, posing with a placard saying ‘Reclaim the Republic’. According to reports, this page is being run by the left oriented students affiliated to “Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle”. These students were in the forefront in agitations against CAA/NRC. Even the comedian Varun Grover had participated in the anti CAA/NRC agitations and had recited a poem in Hindi titled “Hum Kagaz Nahi Dikhayenge” (we will not show documents to authorities for CAA/NRC).
Those attached to “ IIT Bombay for Justice” were also busy preparing posters protesting the sedition charges filed against Sharjeel Iman, by  several states for an anti-CAA speech he delivered at Aligarh Muslim University on January 16.  Later Imam, a PhD student in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), was arrested from his village” Kako in Jehanabad district of Bihar” on 28 January, Tuesday. He was a student at IIT, Bombay between 2006 and 2011. He pursued a dual degree in Computer Science and Engineering and graduated in 2011.
However the national sentiment was also quite apparent at IIT, Bombay when the students and teachers in large number took out 4.5 km long march carrying a long tricolour on Republic Day. The theme of the march was “IIT Bombay for Nation Building”. Besides, over 1,000 residents of IIT Bombay rallied in support of the institute’s director’s call for non-politicisation of the campus.

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