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Imphal, Aug 5,

Pheiroijam Robinson, the Junior Administrator of Standard Robarth Higher Secondary School, who is also the son of Pheiroijam Landhoni, the Principal of the school, who has been detained in police custody since July 30 in connection with the mysterious death of Ningthoujam Babysana inside the school hostel on July 18, was today produced to the CJM Imphal West Court today and remanded in Judicial custody for 15 days.

Since morning today police were seen deployed in and around Cheirap Court complex at Uripok in Imphal West as state administration fear outbreak of violent protest when they produced Robinson in the court today. He has been in the police custody after the CJM-IW granted 7 days remand on July 30. Large number of people who were demanding justice for Babysana were expected today but police shrewdly produced Robinson to the court before the agitator stormed to the Cheirap Court.

At around 11 am, large number of women folk gathered at Khwairambandh keithel and were trying to move towards Cheirap Court. They were informed that Robinson will be produced before the CJM -IW at around 11 am. However, the police team already produced Robinson before they arrived. A confrontation took place between the womenfolk and the Police. The police fired tear gas shell to disperse the mob. Three persons were injured in the police action.   

Principal of School, Pheiroijam Landhoni and the coordinator Romita were picked up on August 3 evening and remanded to Police custody after producing before a Duty Magistrate yesterday. As yesterday coincided with the Asthi of Babysana Large number of people staged rally and confronted with the police at Khuyathong area. Both Landhoni and Romita will be produced in the CJM Imphal West tomorrow.

Earlier two of the Hostel warden had also been sent to judicial custody in connection with the mysterious death of Babysana.

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Imphal, Aug. 5,

Textiles, Commerce & Industries Minister Thongam Biswajit Singh today led a mass tree plantation drive inside the premise of Manipur Trade & Expo centre located at Lamboikhongnangkhong this morning. More than 500 tree saplings were planted today by the officials, staff of the department and entrepreneurs. The mass tree plantation will help in beautification and landscaping the premise of the centre.

Addressing media persons, the Minister stated that the mass plantation programme is part of the Central Government programme of Mission Green India, with an aim to create awareness among the people for conservation and preservation of forests. The Minister also emphasised that the programme is a continuation of Van Mahotsav, the annual tree planting festival. The programme is envisaged to make a greener Manipur & Greener India and to help mitigate the impact of climate change which is being painfully experienced by the people of the State.

The State is facing unnatural frequent floods and drought like situation as the result of global warming which is a cause of concern for the citizens. He said trees contribute to regulating river flows both during dry seasons and high rainfall, thereby minimising risks related to water scarcity and floods. He opined that different varieties of fruit bearing, water bearing and shade providing trees will be planted inside the campus. He urged all the official and staff of the department to take equal responsibility in nurturing the plant till it attains maturity.

The Minister reiterated that the forest conservation is not the sole responsibility of the officials of Forest and Environment. The officials of Textiles, Commerce & Industries also need to play an active role in conservation efforts. He cited that active involvement of various departments, entrepreneurs, NGOS, CSOS is needed for conserving forest. He also highlighted the importance of planting Agar and Red wood tree in the State, as the tree variety is suitable with our climatic conditions. The Agar and Red wood tree is a resourceful tree which can be a profitable source of income.

The Minister also instructed General Manger of District Headquarters to carry out similar activities in the future to instill in the collective consciousness to the younger generation towards conservation and preservation of Forest and Environment.

The mass tree plantation was organised by Department of Textiles, Commerce & Industries and was participated by Principal Secretary P.Vaiphei, Director C.Arthur, officials of MSME and members of All Manipur Entrepreneurs Association.


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Imphal, Aug 5,
With a view to preserve the unique history,  culture, identity and religion of Manipur, the 9th Foundation  Day of South East Asia Cultural Organisation(SEACO) was held today at Lamyanba Sanglen, Konung Mamang. The event was mainly celebrated to observe the Maliyapham Palcha Kumshing-3417 of the annual Manipuri calendar.
Minister CAF & PD, Revenue, Karam Shyam ; President, SEACO, Kolomcha Achoubi Khuman; Convenor, Act East Policy, R.K. Shivchandra Singh; Advisor, SEACO, Akham Langol; Chief Editor, Kangla Pao, Pukhrambam Ibochouba; Propreitor, Arun Enterprises & social worker, Thangjam Arun; Nodal Officer, MOMA(Manipur Organic Mission Agency), Agriculture Department, Government of Manipur and North East in charge, Infotech Standard Organisation, Thokchom Jimi Singh graced the dais as the chief guest, president and guests of honour respectively.
Addressing the function, Minister Karam Shyam highlighted on the importance of the role of SEACO in preserving our indigenous history, identity, religion, culture and tradition of Manipur. There is a strong  need to analyse history, rectify the past mistakes and create a new, better indigenous culture that will sow the seeds  of human civilization in the present and future, he added.
The Minister also said that nowadays people even represent their nations in United Nations Conference by wearing their traditional attires as a sign of preserving and promoting their own culture and identity. I believe that there will be a positive change in our society too in the next 10-20 years, he also stated.
In his key note speech, General Secretary, SEACO, Konthoujam Ibochouba Kha-Nganba said that we need to take extra caution about the issue of preservation of our indigenous cultural identity in the wake of the present globalization.
Members of SEACO and people from different walks of life took part in the function.

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Imphal, Aug 5,

Valentina’s love for trees not only touched the heart of thousands people of the state but her love for trees today gives respect to the school where she studied and her parents.

“A child is known at its cradle”, said Munal, Range Forest Officer, Chandel Soil and Water Conservation, in a function organised at Amutotombi Divine Life School to honour her.   Munal further said that a child’s character is the mirror of its family and its school.

He said while bringing up Valentina to love that much for plants, it was not only her parents but the school where he studied and its teachers that are having the equal contribution to her love for Plants and Nature.

“We hope that the same instinct for love of plants are also with the remaining other students of the school”, he added.

Munal congratulated Elangbam Priyokumar Singh, father of E. Valentina along with the teachers and school authority.

“Amutombi Divine Life School, the name itself with Divine means pure and dedicated life, has a great part to shape in such instinct and curiosity for loving the plants by its students. We have witnessed that Valentina was weeping with broken heart as if her own loving mother or father or any one of her family members was just dying.

The message that such feeling gives us is not less than the message given by the world famous Chipko movement initiated by Chandni Prasad Bhatt and Sunderlal Bahuguna,  and Navandaya movement by Vadana Shiva etc.”, Munal further said.

He further said there are many dedicated environmentalists like Jadev Payeng, the maker of Majuli, the largest River island in the world, M.C.Mehta, the Green Advocate, Rajendra Singh, the Water man of India who did alot for water conservation in country, Medha Parker of Narmada Bachao etc. There are also many more re-known environmentalists who dedicate their live from different fields to save the environment.

“I hope that E.Valentina will never be less than to them. We pray to almighty for Valentina to reach that much height. I hope that E. Valentina would also be having 100% love for the animals and other living beings also. So we hope that every student in this school are also having the same level of love and care for plants and animals”, Munal said.

Range Forest Officer, Chandel Soil and Water Conservation also distributed 1000 seedlings to each of the students of the school. He requested the students to plant the trees with the same love and care just like themselves and their own father or mother.

  1. Munal also handed over a small sum of Rs. 1000/- to E. Valentina Devi as token of love in recognition to her love and care for plants.

MD.Salllaudin,, Dy. Ranger, Forest Beat Officer, Pallel, W. Ramchandra Singh, Honorary Wildlife Warden, Thoubal also attended in today’s occasion.

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Monday, 05 August 2019 17:14

Matsyanyaya: Law of the Fish

‘Matsyanyaya’ – an ancient concept of the Hindu politics is becoming relevant in today’s Manipur. ‘Matsyanyaya’ in English language means ‘Law of the Fish’. It means the swallowing up of the smaller fish by larger fish.
If one takes a look in the present political trends of India the politics of Matsyanyaya seems to be a fair game. The Right wing political parties are now using it as a tool to reach their goal of making the country – ‘a nation of one religion and one community’. If a critic look from the other end of the tunnel, then definitely the idea itself is a gross violation to the rights of the indigenous community adopted by the International community. If hard core Righties explain from their own perspective it is the only means to make the country a strong nation.
If one agree to the concept of the right wing political party leading the government in the country then it is a fair game. A common idea with a common religion is perhaps the only means to sort out the differences among the people. It was only at the time when India become a one nation, one religion that the country will be united and if united then the country will become one of the most powerful country in the world.
The dream of the right wing group to make India a one religion nation started way back in the early seventies.
In 1976 , January 21, when a body called Meitei youth Organization demonstrated a protest against the burning of sacred  Meetei manuscript books, popularly known as “Puya Mei Thaba”, it was the RSS Chief of that time Deora who came down heavily against such demonstration.  The Meetei youth Organization demonstrated the agitation by burning sacred book of Hindu in the similar way that Meitei Puyas’ were burnt by Shantidas Gosai at the same place in 1732 AD.
From early 1970s till today the diehard cadres of the right wing group started working to unite the nation into one in the ideology that religion is the only means to unite the nation. And after over 50 years of relentless work they now succeeded and they are in the verge of making the country a nation with one religion. What is more interesting is that the law of Fish is the tool for their success but with slight modification.
Well the purpose of this write up is to make aware the people on how important is ‘Unity’ for a group to reach their goal. Since the beginning all groups under the right wing idealist group remain united till today. The popularly known Sangh Parivaar is one of the most successful conglomerates of many organizations which still remain united.
Coming back to the state of Manipur, it is unfortunate that the erstwhile nation have never successful in the making of a common united forum – be it about the regional political parties, or be it the civil society organizations or be it the intellectuals who were groom up in different schools of thoughts, they had and is never united even though they all comes up for the same goal.
Even those rebel groups which are expected to be over 50 in numbers in the state of Manipur still do not have a common platform to struggle for the same cause. In the valley major rebel groups fighting for the restoration of the freedom of the erstwhile nation have failed time and again to unite themselves. The same is happening among the Legislatures of even the ruling political party. A recent example is the differences among them which kept the running of the government to a stumbling block.
We the Metieis , the Tankhuls, the Kukis and the Pangal were good in showing their essence of patriotism and commitment , however, we lack the sense of self respect to convert what we delivered into action for the good of the people.
When the members of the Right Wing groups sacrifices and remain united to fight for their cause, we the Manipuris cannot even sacrifice a little bit of our own self for the cause of the region. It is a matter of shame that we the Manipuri even failed to unite even by becoming the members of the right wing group. Imphal times didn’t say this, but it is the recent political drama which had unfolded in public over the battle for power in the BJP led government in the state.
Let’s not forget American revolutionary hero John Dickinson’s war song of pre-Revolutionary “The Liberty Song”, that was first published in the Boston Gazette in July 1768. Where Dickinson wrote: “Then join hand in hand, brave Americans all! By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall!”.

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IGAR (South)
Imphal Aug 5,

Moltuk Battalion of 26 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) organised Defence Personnel Day in connection with the ‘Jal Shakti Abhiyan’ on yesterday. The event was aimed at security forces contributing towards an inclusive effort for ensuring the success of the campaign, which focuses on improving the water table in 256 water stressed districts across India.                             
In the run-up to this special event, the troops of Moltuk battalion interacted with the locals in Chandel District and identified villages where ‘pilot project for rain-water harvesting’ can be implemented. Further the battalion with the help of District Administration, Chandel collected saplings to be planted in its area to boost the water-retention capability of the soil.
On the day of the event, the dedicated team of Moltuk battalion interacted with the locals and highlighted the five aspects of Jal Shakti Abhiyan viz water conservation, rainwater harvesting, renovation of traditional and other water bodies, reuse of water and recharging of structures, watershed development and intensive afforestation. Thereafter, a widespread tree-plantation drive was organised with large-scale involvement of security forces and locals. More than 3000 saplings were planted in the Khengjoi Sub Division with fruit bearing trees planted along the inner circles of the villages and bigger canopy trees further to the outer periphery.  
Efforts of the battalion for its contribution in the plantation drive and helping them to deal with water scarcity in the region were appreciated by the locals. The event concluded with the collective resolve of carrying out more such initiative in future and also ensuring the survivability of the saplings planted during the plantation drive.  

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IGAR (South)

Imphal Aug 5,

To spread the message of love and to save our rich history by understanding the importance of our architectural designs, Assam Rifles Public School (ARPS), Mantripukhri organised a picnic to Kangla Fort for 26 underprivileged kids from the ARPS, Mantripukhri.    

A unique way to spend the day, the objective of organising a picnic at the Kangla Fort was to teach kids the importance of architectural heritage of our country. So along with fun and food, kids were made aware about the enriching history of the Fort and it’s importance for the capital of Manipur.  

To make the kids understand about the importance of the Fort, this picnic was organised for underprivileged kids so that they see and mix-up with the environment. Children are pure humans and the real change makers. If they are directed towards the right path they can do wonders. Taking them to the Fort was to show them how rich our history actually is and what importance it holds for the population of Manipur.

Kids enjoyed the visit and conveyed gratitude for the efforts of Assam Rifles in organising such visit and requested for more such informative visits in future for benefit and awareness of the students. The picnic cum visit was concluded with lunch for all the students.  

A medical camp was organised at village Molnom of Tengnoupal district, Manipur by Chandel Battalion of 26 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) on yesterday. The camp was organised on the request of the villagers as there is no medical facility available in the vicinity. A total of 125 villagers including men, women and children attended the camp and were provided with a free health check up and medicines. Villagers from surroundings villages also attended the medical camp. The Assam Rifles Medical Officer carried out preliminary health check up of villagers and referred few villagers for further treatment who have been diagnosed for any ailment.    

The villagers were happy with the medical camp and shown their gratitude towards the Assam Rifles for organising it. Also, villagers have been assured regarding full support from Assam Rifles through such outreach programs and they can approach company operating base of battalion in case medical assistance required during any emergency.  

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IGAR (South)
Imphal Aug 5,

Assam Rifles Battalion under the aegis of HQ IGAR (South) in a joint operation with Manipur Police apprehended three cadres of proscribed group KCP (PWG) including a Self Styled Corporal along with arms and ammunition on 28 July 2019 from Imphal, Manipur.     
Based on a specific input regarding movement of some cadres of the proscribed group in the area in and around Imphal, a joint team of troops of Assam Rifles and Manipur Police apprehended three cadres of KCP (PWG) and recovered two point 32 Pistols and 12 live rounds from them.
The operation is being seen as a major success by the joint team and has yet again reinforced the commitment of the security forces and Police in defeating the nefarious designs of the insurgent groups and ensuring security in Manipur.

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Monday, 05 August 2019 17:09

Army apprehends NSCN (R) Cadre in Jagun

PIB (Defence Wing)
Assam Aug 5,

In a major blow to the militant organizations in the area of Tinsukia district, one senior NSCN (R) insurgent was apprehended from 9 Mile, Jagun, Tinsukia district on
02 Aug 2019 during a joint operation conducted by  Indian Army and Assam Police.
Based on specific input received from reliable sources regarding presence of NSCN (R) insurgent in general area 9 Mile, the joint operation was conducted on 02 Aug 2019.  During the operation, NSCN (R) insurgent identified as SS Sergeant Major Daniel Sankey s/o JongkuSangkey, r/o Thaho village -1, Near Pangsau Pass, India was apprehended. One pistol with magazine and five rounds of live ammunition were also recovered from him. The apprehended cadre along with recovered arms and ammunition have been handed over to Police for investigation.

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Imphal, Aug 5,

Media report which stated that a 60 years old man has tried to rape a minor girl in a place in Thoubal district has been strongly reacted by the mother of the victim.

Family members of the victim girl while talking to media persons in the presence of student organizations and Meira Paibi, said that it was not an attempt to rape.

“He had raped her multiple times for almost one year”, a family member said.

 The 60 years old man identified as Naorem Bishambor, who have four children, used to rape her in an empty house next to the house the girl was living taking advantage of the fact that her mother goes for work as a daily wage earner. He used to threaten her waving his gun. The mother also revealed that the 60 years old man had expressed his desires for sending the girl to Delhi for studies earlier.

On August 1, the girl revealed what she was going through to her mother. When the mother confronted Bishambor, he initially pleaded she should keep quite on this matter that he would do anything for them. When she did not agree, he threatened them waving a gun at them.

When he stormed out of the house, she shouted to inform the leikai saying that “a thief came and raped her daughter.” People caught him and beat him up. He was later admitted to the hospital.

In the meeting, Thoubal IMA Secretary Ima Sanatombi asserted that since the person raped the girl multiple times, he should be given capital punishment. They also said that the family will struggle till capital punishment is given to the perpetrators. We should also remember that the girl attempted suicide some days ago.  The mother of the girl asks that he should not be kept alive.

Women Police Thoubal is already investigating the case.

The first report of the said incident was reported in Imphal Times on August 2, 2019 edition under the heading “60 years old man attempts to rape 13 years old minor girl; mother of the girl allegedly threatened at gun point”. 

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