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CM distributes tree saplings; says special meeting convened to discuss the present drought like situation


Imphal, Aug 30

Hundreds of people turned up to highlight their grievances to Chief Minister N. Biren Singh on the combined Meeyamgi Numit and Hill Leaders’ Day held at the Durbar Hall of Chief Minister’s Secretariat today.

The Chief Minister personally attended to around 450 complaints and met nearly 1500 people from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Huge number of people gathered at the gate of CM’s Secretariat since early morning to obtain entry pass.

Speaking to media persons, Chief Minister said that a special meeting has been convened to discuss the drought like situation in Manipur at Chief Minister’s Secretariat with Ministers, MLAs, Chief Secretary and other concerned officials tomorrow. He maintained that the Deputy Commissioners has already submitted their reports on the present situation. The government will announce Manipur as drought affected State after the discussion, he added.

Unlike previous Meeyamgi Numit and Hill Leaders’ Day, Chief Minister personally distributed tree saplings to the people who turned up to highlight their grievances on Meeyamgi Numit and Hill Leaders’ Day today. A total of 1400 plant saplings including Indian Olive (Chorphon), Yellow Myrobalan (Manahi), Arjuna (Mayokpha), Indian Gooseberry (Heikru), Tree Bean (Yongchak) and others were distributed to the people. Chief Minister appealed the people to plant more trees and nurture them in their vicinity. People expressed their happiness over the initiative and consciousness of the Chief Minister towards achieving ‘Green Manipur’ and promised to nurture properly till maturity.

Regarding the Rs.309 crores sanctioned under Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority (CAMPA) fund for afforestation efforts and activities to preserve the environment in the State, Chief Minister appreciated Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Minister for Forest Prakash Javadekar for acknowledging the conservation and protection activities of environment by the government of Manipur.

Officials of Health Department and JNIMS were there to attend to the people, who seek medical assistance, reimbursement and health care in Government medical hospitals. 

Other Departments including Minority, Other Backward Classes and Scheduled Castes, Social Welfare, Education (S), Manipur State Co-operative Bank Ltd. and Police were also present to help resolve people’s grievances. 

Many differently-abled persons, widows and people belonging to poor families were instantly enrolled under Government’s noble schemes like Chief Minister-gi Hakshel-gi Tengbang (CMHT) and Chief Minister-gi Sotharabashing-gi Tengbang (CMST) etc. Many educated and skilled youths were also identified to provide soft loans from different banks.

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Imphal, Aug. 30

Education Minister Thokchom Radheshyam today inaugurated the newly constructed 6 (six) classrooms of Chanambam Ibomcha College, Bishnupur built under Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan, RUSA 1.0.
Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, the Minister said that the students must attend their classes regularly as the authorities have improved the infrastructural requirements. Urging the teaching staffs’ to persuade and convince the students to attend college regularly, he said that educational institution is alive only when there are students.
Highlighting RUSA, Th. Radheshyam said that under this Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS), there are four main components among others as such the Cluster University, new construction and renovation, vocationalisation of higher education and professional colleges.
He elaborated that Dhanamanjuri University, has been set up as a Cluster University, comprising five institutions namely, Dhanamanjuri College of Science, Dhanamanjuri College of Arts, Dhanamanjuri College of Commerce, LMS Law College and GP Women’s College, which occupy common, adjoining or neighbouring physical spaces. The university will increase the number of student’s enrolment in Master’s Degree in the State as this will provide another option to the students for admission to higher studies beside the Manipur University.
He said that in forty colleges 12 trades in collaboration with 14 Industrial partners have been introduced under the programme of Vocationalisation of Higher Education. He opined that through this programme many youths after completion of education will be able to make a livelihood rather than remaining idle.
He said that every student have a lot of innate talents like the small seed that hold a big tree. Teachers are akin to gardener, who nurture and nourish students to bring out the best qualities. Proper guidance and mentoring can guide the young minds to the right path. Teachers are shaper and should imbibe the children with moral values, punctuality, team work and ability to face problems and challenges that comes in life, he added.
The inauguration ceremony was attended by Chairman, MPCB & KVIC, L. Radhakishore Singh, dignitaries, principal, teachers and students. The Minister also walked around the colleges compound inspecting the prevailing condition of the college.

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Imphal, Aug 30

Decrying the frequent premature transfer of doctors from Chandel district Hospital, Naga Students’ Union Chandel (NSUC) had submitted a memorandum to Health & Family Welfare Minister L. Jayantakumar.

In the memorandum the NSUC stated that quite a number of specialized doctors and nurses from District Hospital Chandel are being transferred frequently prematurely.

It urged the Minister to intervene so as to put an end to such frequent premature transfers that has been taking place in District Hospital Chandel.

It further added that the District Hospital is in fact the only medical centre for availing health facility in the district. He urged the state government to provide adequate doctors and equipments.

The memorandum also drew the attention of the health Minister to fill the vacant post of specialist doctors. It stated that the hospital is in shortage of specialist doctors and that there are no doctors of Orthopaedician, Medicines, Gynaecologist and Microbiologist which is an integral and important segment of a district hospital.

It further urged the Minister to open blood bank and installation CT scan in the hospital to respond to emergency situations.

On the other hand, NSUC also drew the attention of the Minister to complete the Nursing School (ANM) which has been lying incomplete.

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Thoubal, Aug.30

Wildlife and Biodiversity Conservation Committee (WBCC) Manipur and Divisional Forest Office Thoubal launched Mass Tree Plantation Campaign at Waithou Lake area today to counter the changing climatic condition on earth and the global warming to some extent.
In the presence of Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Thoubal Debala Laiphrakpam, ACF Thoubal Forest Division Vaneichong Singson, President of WBCC Manipur Rabi Takhellambam, Executive Engineer PHED Manipur Puyam Rambo Singh.
WBCC Manipur in association with Water Resource (PHE) Department, Various Organizations and locals of Waithou area will plant trees in the region on massive scale and will take care of the tree saplings so that they can grow to full maturity, said Romes Ningthoujam, Secretary General of WBCC Manipur.
The tree plantation drive was conducted to fight the present drastic change in climatic condition to some extent which is caused by large scale deforestation across the globe including Manipur. Such tree plantation drive will educate the public about the significance of planting trees in fight against global warming and hope that the future generation may develop the habit of planting more trees to preserve the nature, he added.
Members of Nungaipokpi Youths Sporting Club (NYSC), Staffs of Forest Department distinguished personalities and public took part on the first day of the campaign.

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Imphal, Aug 30

Popular Front of India (PFI) said that the undemocratic and oppressive way the central government is function is aimed at diverting people’s attention from grave issues including the economic slowdown being faced by the country. A statement of the ‘Front’ said that the issue has been deliberated in the National Executive Council meeting of PFI.
The statement said that almost all economic indicators show that Indian economy is facing an unprecedented slowdown. It is clear that this situation is the direct result of the brainless interventions of the first Modi government like Demonetization and GST. Economists suggested that things are going to get even worse in coming months with millions losing their jobs and companies shutting down and downsizing. Instead of recognizing the situation and facing it with integrity, the central government is using an iron fist way of governance, unheard in the past.
“Controversial laws were amended making it more draconian without any regard for the concerns raised against them. Sectarian bills were passed in hurry without parliamentary scrutiny merely to appease the sentiments of polarised population. Power was abused to target top figures in the opposition and intimidate voices of dissent”, the statement added.
The PFI Executive Council further called on the government to immediately put an end to inhuman lockdown in Kashmir. It said people of the state are experiencing catastrophic effect. As per the reports because of the communication and transportation blackout people are running out of basic necessities including medicines. The PFI said that Indian media are not allowed to deal with the real situation in the state, however, international media report about the arrests and tortures of people by forces.
“This is a very disturbing situation not just for Kashmir but for the rest of India too. The entire country is being denied of their right to information and are forced to believe only ‘the official version’ of the story” the statement said.
While the government claims that everything is normal, even top leaders of the national parties are sent back from Srinagar without allowing to land or meet people there, it added.
The NEC of Popular Front demanded immediate halt to this inhuman deprivation and restore democratic and civil rights denied to Kashmir people and the nation at large in the name of Kashmir.

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Friday, 30 August 2019 17:56

An opportunity to turn back nature

Manipur received a much needed shot in the arm towards efforts to regenerate green cover of the state with the central government’s decision to hand over an amount to the tune of rupees three hundred and nine as Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority (CAMPA) fund to undertake afforestation and other related activities to preserve and regenerate nature and improve the environment. It is an Indian legislation that seeks to provide an appropriate institutional mechanism, both at the Centre and in each State and Union Territory, to ensure expeditious utilization in efficient and transparent manner of amounts released in lieu of forest land diverted for non-forest purpose which would mitigate impact of diversion of such forest land.
Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority (CAMPA) are meant to promote afforestation and regeneration activities as a way of compensating for forest land diverted to non-forest uses. National CAMPA Advisory Council has been established as per orders of the supreme court with the mandates to lay down broad guidelines for State CAMPA, to facilitate scientific, technological and other assistance that may be required by State CAMPA, to make recommendations to State CAMPA based on a review of their plans and programmes, and to provide a mechanism to State CAMPA to resolve issues of an inter-state or Centre-State character.
 The amount handed over to the state will be utilized for compensatory afforestation, wildlife management, forest fire prevention, soil and moisture conservation works in forests, voluntary relocation of villages from protected areas, management of biological resources and biodiversity, research in forestry and monitoring of CAMPA works and activities provided in the Compensatory Afforestation Fund (CAF) rules, 2018.
The fund, if and when utilized properly will surely make a marked difference to the overall climatic condition in the state as well as the country as a whole as the funds are disbursed to twenty seven states in the country. The most significant change will undoubtedly be the rapidly soaring temperature each passing year. As in other parts of the country and indeed the world over, climate change has truly started to impact lives in more undesirable ways than the governments would care to admit, and such steps at reclaiming the rapidly declining green cover is a vital and timely step to curb the soaring temperature and the accompanying changes that are already impacting lives the world over. The significance of this step can be gauged by taking into consideration the panicky situation arising right this very moment across the farming sector due to the failure of monsoon this year, and if the past is any indication, the situation is bound to worsen with each passing year if preventive and corrective measures are not implemented in right earnest without further ado. A strict monitoring and constant appraisal of performance for which the funds are allocated need to be put in place with staffs who are well trained and motivated and equipped with the latest technology for the purpose.
There is however a word of caution that needs to be spelled out at this juncture because, either by institutionalized convention or out of personal greed by a few persons entrusted with such funds, the manner of implementation of such funds has always left a bitter taste for the public and are seen as easy sources of personal wealth. The public’s perception towards such development funds in the state have so far been pessimistic, and are viewed with suspicion and fatalistic outlook. There is still a big slip between the cup and the lip, and the act of disbursing the fund should be taken as a starting point of a challenge we as a collective cannot afford to lose. The vagaries of climate change has left many parts of the world writhing in misery, and we are having it easy for now as nature has endowed the place with such generosity, but the time to lay back and look the other, expecting nature to heal itself is past. Climate change is a real and present threat which will spare none. We are given a lifeline, and what we do with it will determine the future course of this state, and for those who wields authority for such a vital task, how they perform will decide their future as either a redeemer or a pariah.   

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The call of unifying voice against the unannounced Framework Agreement for the ‘final solution’ of Naga Peace Talk raised by All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU) in the last Manipur Legislative Assembly Election is still remembered by all sections of Manipur. Their deep concern of the integrity of Manipur is understandable and is beyond the geographical integrity. It is not a mere cry for unaltered boundary. Their voice is deep rooted in history, social and political processes of Manipur that goes through ages. Their war cry is for the harmonic relations of different communities living in Manipur. Manipur is not simply a landmass, but a historical entity. The Naga Peace Talk leads to confusion rather than a bright future in North East India in general and in Manipur in particular. The basis and nature of the peace talk is not clear even to the Nagas. This peace talk is meant differently to different nationalities and to different communities or ethnic groups. The ‘progressive’ peace talk is secretive by nature, is not revealed in Indian Parliament; hence, any other persons or groups cannot express their opinion on the on-going confusion over the Naga Peace Talk. Is it for this secrecy Prime Minister once called the signing the agreement historic? Or is it a deceit to all including ordinary Naga people?
AMSU, on the historic day of Hunger Marchers’ Day, reaffirms their views on the ongoing Naga Peace Talk. They express two negations to what is perceived by the people as things are leaked through media: first, any arrangement, political or administrative, in Manipur should not be on ethnic line. There cannot be any council or body exclusively for one ethnic group that will bring disturbance to the unity of ethnic groups of Manipur. AMSU denies any appeasing policy to one group and compensation to other groups. The problem of Manipur should be dealt with holistically by considering the unique historical realities of the State. While expressing the negation, AMSU opts for the Oneness of Manipur and wholesome of the problem faced by the State and its peoples. Second negation expressed is any step that will lower down the dignity and status of Manipur and its Legislative Assembly. Any arrangement that will bypass the legitimate Assembly which was hard earned by the people with long series of agitations since its merger to Manipur in 1949 will not be acceptable to the people of Manipur. AMSU will stand for Manipur with a dignity. Any arrangement such as formation of Supra-State Body or any council controlled directly by Centre in the name of conflict resolution is against the interest of Manipur and its Legislative Assembly. It is part of what is called Integrity of Manipur.
As AMSU is also interested in conflict resolution of the Naga conflict or otherwise, it wants to give some positive inputs towards it. However, it is helpless as anything is revealed about the hurdles and achievements out of the peace talk between NSCN (IM) which was established in 1980 out of the bloodbath after Shillong Accord. The Peace Talk should start or take care of what had been achieved with Shillong Accord. As true lovers of Manipur and its neighbors, AMSU expresses its readiness to give suggestions, opinions or positive designs for a cordial solution of the ongoing conflict between Naga People and India. The only handicap is that AMSU, any Indian for the matter, does not know the intent of both the parties in the ongoing negotiation. Any one in does not know why Prime Minister called Framework Agreement a historic one. Tell us what is achieved so far and what is the point of disagreement as of now, we may help in solving the problem.
AMSU wonders, as expressed by its President in his speech on Hunger Marchers’ Day, of indifferent attitude of Government of Manipur to ‘Naga National Flag.’ While observing Naga Independence Day on 14 August 2019, a few civil bodies used Naga Flag use of which is not yet finalized in the Naga Peace Talk. The Flag was designed or proposed by NSCN (IM), which is still banned in the State of Manipur. Why did Government of Manipur allow hoisting on the soil of Manipur? By asking the question AMSU shows the debate over the use of a separate flag of Nagalim and inaction of the State in this politically charged debate. Government of India clearly shows its stand over the use of different flags in different States by deoperationalazing the Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. Then, why did Government of Manipur allow a separate flag, an invented symbol, for a group of peoples in Manipur? The use of a separate flag is a serious political issue; any one should not misjudge the move.
The voice of AMSU should be heard and discussed so that a new path of conflict resolution in the North East can be identified. The arrogant approach by assuming that NSCN (IM) is mother of all the insurgent groups in the region will not bring any fruit. One should understand who is fathering the insurgency and from where the fuel comes without any bias. The solution should be for the brighter and stronger North East where all including Manipur will find a life with dignity. Over years AMSU showed that it could shape the course of current history of Manipur. The voice of the students should not be underestimated. 

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Imphal, August, 30

Health and Family Welfare Minister L.Jayantakumar Singh Yesterday inaugurated District Early Intervention Centre, DEIC &a Palliative Care Unit, at Chandel District Hospital. Minister also inaugurated an Eye Ward and a Palliative Care Unit at Thoubal District Hospital.

Gracing the inaugural function as Chief Guest, Minister Jayantakumar Singh said that the newly opened facilities will at least ease out some of the problems faced by the patients belonging to lower age group and adult patients suffering from chronic disorders in Chandel District. He maintained that the people of Chandel District need not go to Imphal and far off places now for health check-up and major treatment since District Hospital, Chandel has been equipped with the minimum and essential facilities for treatment. Free diagnostic and treatment centres have also been opened, he added.

Minister said that doctors and nurses should maintained professional ethics. The service of a doctor is very delicate. Sorry, is the word which can never be uttered by a doctor while treating a patient. The service of a doctor is a service to humanity. Utmost care should be taken by the doctors while serving the patients, minister added.

Minister also said that people should be made well aware of the health schemes initiated by the government. He appealed the health staffs to be keen on propagating awareness so that the schemes bear fruit. Minister also drew the attention of the media fraternities in the regard.

Speaking as the Guest of Honour, State Health Mission Director, National Health Mission Director S. Manikanta Singh said that despite the present financial constraints of the state the government has been giving its best service to improve the health sector of the state. He appealed the health staffs to maintain the hospital and the infrastructures with the motive of their own belongings.

DC Chandel Krishnakumar , IAS also attended the inaugural function as President.

Prior to the inauguration of DEIC and Palliative wards at District Hospital, Chandel and Thoubal, Minister Jayantakumar also distributed equipment and machines at 10 bedded AYUSH Hospital, Kwakeithel Konjeng Leikai of Imphal West.

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