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Items filtered by date: Saturday, 03 August 2019 - Imphal Times

Is the government supporting commercialization of school - KSA to state Govt.

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Imphal Aug3,

Decrying over the negligence of the government for not taking appropriate actions for those who uses fake Patta and used in recognising school, KSA questioned whether the government support such wrong doers.

Speaking to media persons in a press meet held today at KSA office Khuyathong General Secretary of Kangleipak Students’ Association (KSA) Seram Hemjit asserts that the authority of Chingtam Foundation for Innovative Education, Yairipok uses fake documents of Patta and used for the recognition of the school.

Such doings is a complete violation of Council’s Modified Regulation of Recognition of School, he added.

Reminding various voices from the Association he added that their organisation holds press meet on June 5 condemning such thing which violates the regulations and urged the government to derecognise it.

He said that several memorandums were given to the Council as well as the Chief Minister to look into the matter on June 6 and June 17 respectively.

Because of the non response from the side of the authority reminders were also given to the CM on June 30 and July 7, he added.

Hemjit strongly condemned the act of the authorities where no actions was taken up against the school till now.

He further questioned the government whether they support such who uses fake documents and also whether they consider the schools as a place for business.

He warned that the authorities of Councils and the government should look after the matter and also to take up appropriate actions against those who wrongdoers within ten days and also not to support them.

He appealed the authorities to resign on moral grounds for violating their own regulations.

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NSCN-IM not happy with the last Peace Talk

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Imphal, Aug 3,

The National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN-IM) seems unhappy with the last peace talk held with Government of India.

“The last formal talk with the Centre ‘did not go down well with the group”, Times of India reported the NSCN-IM stating today. Centre’s interlocutor for Naga peace talks, RN Ravi took oath as the Governor of Nagaland on Friday.

The report said, citing divisive powers working hard to create confusion, the NSCN (IM) stated, “In the backdrop of the last formal talk held with the Government of India but which has not gone down well with NSCN negotiators led by Th Muivah, a joint council meeting of steering committee, council of Kilonsers, Tatars, HoDs & Brigadiers and above, was held today at council headquarters, Hebron. The meeting took note of the prevailing political situation.”

It added, “...the NSCN is sufficiently aware of the divisive policy of the enemy from within and outside, and therefore will not allow any adversary to confuse and divide the Nagas.”

It further said that” it shall stand true to the end till the Nagas achieve an honorable solution to the Indo-Naga political conflict” and upholds the Framework Agreement signed between NSCN (IM) and the Centre in 2015.

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Efforts of SSUM’s and the Lamlai Higher Secondary School student’s has been rewarded

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Imphal, Aug 3,

In response to the protest and demand of the Socialist Students’ Union Manipur (SSUM) and the students of Lamlai Higher Secondary School the Education Department of Manipur had issued an order to send 8 teachers to the school. The teachers were asked to join the school immediately.

SSUM and the students of Lamlai Higher Secondary School had staged protest at Manipur Human Rights Commission (MHRC) complaining about the lack of teachers at this school earlier.

SSUM leading the protest  had put in a petition to MHRC on 25th July, to fulfill the Right to Education for the students of this school who have not been able to study under the proper guidance of teachers for past one and half year due to lack of teachers.

SSUM also has been contracting private teachers for this school with payment done  by them.

With the belief that related authorities will look further into the conditions of schools, especially the state run schools where students are not able to study with good infrastructure  and complete facilities.

SSUM lauded MRHC, Education Minister, Director of Education Department and related authorities.

Further, SSUM also promised to work and stand for the under privileged and marginalized students of this society.

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Private School Association and Guardian Association should take the responsibility of shutting down Standard Robarth- MCPM

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Imphal, Aug 3,

The death of Ningthoujam Babysana in Standard Robarth Higher Secondary School, Canchipur, has stirred an argument on whether the school should be banned or not. Regarding this matter, Maoist Communist Party Manipur has taken its final decision, a statement issued by the armed rebel group.
Concerning this suspicious death, the organization has been working to bring out the truth since July 22, 2019. Amongst all the armed rebel groups, this organization is the first one to publish a statement, initiate an investigation, and shut down the school for a week. On the completion of one week, the organization has communicated the investigation report with the public and has extended the ban on the school till August 4. Some inconveniences seem to arise regarding the completion of the investigation. Its reasons are, first, possibility of the involvement of some top police officials in corruption. Second, conducting the postmortem in a hurry before the family could fully prepare, leading to suspicious scheme of things. Third, initiating an inquiry after people’s movement intensified, handing over to the CBI, and forming an SIT when no options left and arrest people. All these have created a suspicion if the state was involved in conspiring initially. It has lead us to the idea that something is missing regarding the death. Justifiable evidences are necessary to serve justice, but people are suspicious if those evidences have been erased or there has been conspiracies in an attempt to erase the evidences by the school authority, doctors conducting postmortem, investigating police officers, and negligence of the state government. Suspicious deaths of various students in different places in the past few years and not having the justice served have reached the limits of distrust, resulting in the extreme expression of wrath in this case. In this land owned by the rich and where everything is compromised with money, the institutions of justice have turned into places that people have lost their trust. Despite all this, Maoists will continue to work on finding the evidences. Maoist Communist Party Manipur wants to request the parents of the students of Standard Robarth Higher Secondary School to admit their children in another school instead of sending them back.
Requesting the concerned ZEO and Board of Secondary School Manipur to allow those students to move to a different school for 2019. Most importantly, please do not send the hostel mates of the deceased to the school again. Do not fall for the school authority’s attempt to silence the voices with their trap to provide free education to some students till class 12. Students and guardians of the students of Standard Robarth are requested to co-operate in shutting down this school and try to move the students to a different school within a week. Even if the students and the guardians want to continue for the year 2019, please conduct a joint meeting of all the guardians and take a decision. If decided to continue for 2019, people will not co-operate if anything unfortunate happens later on. However, Maoist Communist Party Manipur will shut down this school forever from 2020. In this matter, no one should complain to make education sector a Free Zone. On the other hand, if All Manipur Recognised Private Schools’ Welfare Association and All Manipur Students’ Guardians’ Association do not comply with Maoists within a week, there is no guarantee that these two organizations will not be banned forever. In the attempt to successfully shut down Standard Robarth Higher Secondary School, both the organisations should take all the responsibilities to cancel its government recognition. This is a punishment for the two organisations trying to act smart. With the death of Babysana, let’s teach a lesson that the rich cannot do whatever they want in this land. People of Manipur are requested to stand united with this decision of Maoists.

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‘Thawan Ethamba’ ritual observing water and its resources held

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Imphal Aug 3,

Believing to have celebrated from prehistoric times by the Meetei which highlights the relevance of water and its ecology ‘Thawan Ethumba’ a ritual offering to the god of water was observe today at Thanga Ngakharembi Ground.
The ritual of Thawan Ethumba was organised by Laining Amadi Enat Yokhatpa Apunba Malem (LAIYAM).
Speaking to media persons President of LAIYAM Moirangthem Meghachandra said that the ritual is related to the save and cleanse the basic element of life which is water. He further said that the day is observed as a belief that water was made on this day.

Meghachandra stressed that the offerings were made to make the land a peaceful and brings tranquility making it more
And also the rituals was also related with women cleansing their circulations, he added.
He reminded that the ritual was held at Khwairamband keithel yesteryear.
The ritual of Thawan Ethamba was observed on the third day of Thawan every year.
MLA of Thanga T. Robindro, Sintak Purel of LAIYAM Loitongbam Iboyaima, Upadhaksya of Bishnupur N. Dinesh, Pradhan of Thanga part 1 O.Romen were also present in the ritual ceremony.

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K Shyam flags off world tour phase -I of Cyclist Gi Ingobi

Imphal, Aug 3,

Minister CAF & PD, Revenue, Karam Shyam  today flagged off the World Tour Phase -I of cyclist Gi Ingobi Chingtham at Kangla main gate. He will be starting his solo mega foreign ride across a total of 7 countries including Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Combodia, Laos, Vietnam and Singapore in 7 months, with the first phase journey of 10 kilometres.
In this unique, debut and brave endeavor, Gi Ingobi Chingtham wants to spread the message of India’s Act East Policy, Women Empowerment, Ema Keithel and Eigi Khongul Lijaba to the global world. In  his first ever foreign venture, pedalist Ingobi will be taking 16 days to tour Manipur and about 30 days to cover the important places of Myanmar, a journey spanning 1272 kilometres. Further, he will be exploring Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore in around 43, 19 and 10 days respectively. His tour to Singapore includes the route from Johar Causeway upto the  Water Dragon Statue. The whole cycle journey is targeted to be completed within a span of 7 months.

Speaking at the flagging off ceremony, Minister Karam Shyam  appreciated Ingobi Chingtham on his bold, courageous and innovative mission that is  fuelled  with the purpose of creating a unique identity of Manipur across the globe.
Nicknaming him as the brave son of Manipur, the Minister stated that such adventure needs indomitable courage, talent and sound health   to brave all odds on the way. The Government supports such innovative activity that will put a small state like Manipur with a population of 28 lakhs in the limelight, he added.
Minister Karam Shyam also provided monetary assistance to him as a noble intention to support his cause.
Gi Ingobi Chingtham said that the idea of women empowerment and helping women folks dawned on him when his mother lay bed ridden due to a leg injury incident in 2015.
He is the son of Chingtham Ingocha Singh and the eldest of 3 male siblings. Earlier he had also toured from Imphal to Delhi spreading the theme of “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” in different places.

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Think about the future

Tragic is not the word to describe the present state of affairs of our state, even though the feeling in the hearts of the general public cannot be far from it.
The Government has shown, in fits and spurts, that things can and does happen if the rulers so put their hearts to any task, which begs the very relevant and necessary question: is the Government deliberately keeping the state on tenterhooks with engineered chaos and calculated mayhem?
Nothing that has been done for the development of the State so far looks and feels systematic or sustainable- from the various infrastructures being constructed with shoddy workmanship and dubious results, to the haphazard and stop-gap measures in terms of the essential services being provided, mostly on paper to dispense off with the official requirements without ever taking the trouble or the initiative to check on the efficacies of such schemes and welfare measures. The reality we are undergoing today is a far cry from the trumped up reports and statistics that make up the records meant for display at the centre, the most obvious result being the promotion of Manipur from the least developed state category to the less developed one without having nothing to show for it.

Yet the Government, in it’s quest to prolong the reign, have failed to address the situation with pragmatic solutions and progressive steps that would steer the state in the right direction of inclusive growth- the most prominent shortcoming being the failure to harness the potential of the youths- the future of the state. According to house listing and housing census data 2011, the number of youths between ages 18-22 in the country is 149.36 million. That’s about one-fifth of the total electorate of 725 million estimated by the Election Commission. Stating that almost, if not all, the problems ailing the present society can be remedied by molding the youths of today to bring about the still elusive change and progress would not be an exaggeration.
No amount of resources or materials can effect change or usher in progress unless those who are to direct and utilize these resources be prepared and groomed to take on the responsibilities and challenges with confidence and determination. A radical mental revolution based on progressive thinking and broadened outlook beyond self preservation and personal enrichment, tempered with the spirit of equality and infused with the dignity of labour is the panacea for our society long festered with enmity, greed, doubts and subdued mindset. The Government should make the most and invest in the one true asset it ever has- the teeming youths.

On Manipur Handlooms: A Clarion Call

By : S.Bhubol

The state level handloom day falls yearly on August 1 and the national level handloom day observes on August 7 which means that the 1st week of August is an important week for Manipur Handloom. All aspects of the state’s handloom sector can be reviewed for better moves and futurity. The state and central sponsored schemes, evaluation of all their implementations, raw materials, and wages trends welfare schemes can be incorporated in the evaluation and planning. Because, out of the state’s nearly 29 lakhs population, there is nearly 6 lakh population are weavers and artisans that indicate 20.7% are weavers and artisans. The handlooms and textiles sector are giving second largest employment in the state next to cultivators.

               Manipur handloom sector of the textile industry is ancient practice that is still continuing at best at present juncture too with playing a major role in the quota free trade regime by getting rationalized and supported for bringing out with value added and customized products for consumers. For this a right type of support by the Government becomes inevitable. Directorate of handlooms and Textiles, Govt. of Manipur has been endeavoring with implementing selective projects and schemes through its implementing agencies like the Manipur Handloom and Handicrafts Development Corporation(MHHDC) a Govt. of Manipur enterprise and the Manipur Apex Handloom Weavers and Handicrafts Artisans C.S.Ltd., a state govt. identified agency as the sole Apex Society of the state’s primary weavers and artisans cooperative societies , the handlooms and textiles entrepreneurs. Some individual societies and N.G.O’s are also working for amelioration of the state’s handloom sector at best capacities.
          The power or strength of Manipur handlooms is its innovation and dynamism in relating itself to the changing market needs and requirements. Manipur textile industry, including spinning, weaving (and knitting), fabric processing and garment-making units, play for major outputs of the state’s GDP likewise in the national trends that the handloom sub-sector in fabric output is around 35 percent and  also contributes nearly 23 percent of the total cloth produced. The traditional significance of this sector along with its inseparable links with our ancient cultural heritage further expounds the vitality of this sector. This more than  2,000 years-old Manipur’s cottage industry has a broad spectrum of production techniques — from hand-operated loin loom to throws shuttle loom to fly shuttle loom and further to automated technology. Important features include a dualistic structure including decentralized or \ unorganized\ small-scale segment in weaving, knitting and apparel/garment-making along with recently introduced semi automatic and second generation powerlooms (about 4000numbers). Manipur Handlooms is a predominantly domestic-oriented industry with cotton and silk as the primary raw materials extending to wools, acrylics and other manmade fibres.  When the importance of the handloom sector is of such colossal character then the question is why this particular sector is facing so man