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Imphal Aug 13,

Remembering the martyrs who laid down their lives fighting against the British Empire during the Anglo Manipur War of 1891, Manipur today observed Patriots Day in every nook and corner of the state.

Today morning  the state function of Patriots’ Day was organised by state government, floral tributes to the martyrs were paid at Hicham Yaicham Pat and Thangal General Temple complex situated in Imphal where Bir Tikendrajit and Thangal General were hanged to death by the British colonialist for waging war against them on August 13, 1981. 

Three rounds of gun salutes to the martyrs were also paid to the martyrs by a contingent of Manipur Rifles. 

Speaking to media persons on the sideline after paying tributes at Thangal General Temple, Chief Minister N. Biren stressed that the sacrifice the Patriots have done by the Patriots has made a place for the land in today’s world and added that the people should not forget the sacrifices they made. 

 ”There is no value and meaning of being a people of Manipur if we don’t love our Motherland or doesn’t have any feelings and spirits to save and protect Manipur”, Biren added.

 He said that the love of the motherland cannot be shown by just mere words and added that such love could be shown by the actions we did for the land. 

Biren further stressed that following the footsteps of the patriots will be the way to show utmost respect to the martyrs who have died for the motherland.

 ”The spirit of the patriots who fought bravely and died for their motherland even though they knew that they can’t win the massive British colonialist should not be forgotten”, he asserts.

He appealed the people to have such spirit and the love of the motherland.

 The function was attended by Chief Ministers and his council of ministers, top civil and police officials among others.

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Imphal Aug13,

For the first time on Patriots’ Day observance, photo of Bharat Mata was seen among two martyrs Bir Tikendrajit and Thangal General, when people pay floral tributes to the Patriots of Manipur.

The photos of it went viral on social media criticising the act of putting the photos together and bringing Bharat Mata on Patriots’ Day of Manipur.

The observation of Patriots’ Day was organised by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Imphal Unit today remembering the martyrs who laid down their lives for Manipur fighting against the British colonialist in 1891.

Speaking to media persons Convenor of the organising committee said that the photo which was put between the two martyrs Thangal General and Bir Tikendrajit was a photo of Bharat Mata.  “The sacrifice by the martyrs is also a part of Bharat Mata”, he stressed.

He said that Bharat according to their organisation RSS is not the geographical nation. He added that RSS is based on nationalism and when it comes to nation ‘India’ Manipur becomes a part of it though it wasn’t earlier.

They believe to unite the minority groups without destroying their unique identity, he added.

He further said that they observed the Patriots’ Day remembering the sacrifice the martyrs did for Manipur.

Joint students Coordinating Committee in a press meet boycott RSS from organising events related to the history of Manipur.

JSCC further demanded a public apology for misleading the history of Manipur.

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Imphal  Aug 13.

Justice Committee on Anglo-Manipur War 1891 Martyrs and Freedom Fighter remembers the brave soldiers who died defending Manipur on August 13. 

 Speaking on the occasion Ibotombi Khuman , Chairman of Justice Committee, said that “the government celebrates this day to remember only Tikendrajit and Thangal General.” However, it stated that we should also remember those who were exiled after the war in Andaman Island, such as Chongtham Mia who was never allowed to come back to Manipur and died in Tripura.

He added that there were other five soldiers who also were hanged after the war.

“Anglo Manipuri war consists of many battles and Khongjom is a site of just one battle and it is a battle of among other battles in this war”, he added.  

Justice Committee considers those soldiers who died in Anglo Manipuri war facing the three British columns who invaded Manipur as patriots.

He highlighted that around 400 were martyred in this war at battle sites such as Machin Manao Ching, Thoubal Athokpam, Laimaton Ching and Mayangkhang.

The government has made no effort to built memorial sites and statues of the brave soldiers who laid down their lives at these battle sites. It is only at Kakching’ s Machin Manao Ching where memorial site is built.

Ibotombi  urged the government to take necessary step to built the memorial sites for the martyrs  and further appealed the people of Manipur that all those who laid down their lives must be remembered as patriots and not only remember just two martyrs.  

The function was attended by the relatives of some of the patriots who were martyred as the presidium members along with the Chairman of Justice Committee.

Floral tributes were also paid to the martyrs of Anglo Manipuri War of 1981.

Also various institutions, student bodies and civil society organization observed the Patriots Day remembering the martyrs who died fighting for Manipur against British Colonialist.

Joint Student Co-ordination committee also observed the patriots Day at Imphal College.

Similarly Waikhom Leikai Government Upper primary School also observed it.

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Imphal Aug 13,
Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) today observes the patriots’ Day  at Congress Bhavan, Imphal.
Speaking to media person of Patriots’ Day observed in Congress Bhavan, President of Gaikhangam of Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) said that on this day that the warriors sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Manipur.
He further said that freedom is not determined by success or failure and added that freedom was my  birthright, and added that they were honouring the spirit of freedom that no one can take away our birthright from us.
“This day makes us think that even after we fought against and thrown away the British rule, are we free or not”, he added.
Gaikhangam further said that it was  a duty of the people to uphold our freedom and also a duty of the government to ensure our freedom is intact.
 Regarding the case of Babysana’s death, he said that congress party condemns every crime against women and children. Since the investigation is going on, we do not want to comment much, but we demand to bring the truth out and serve justice as soon as possible according to the law of the land.
Responding to a question on the abrogation of Article 370 and Article 35A, Gaikhangam expressed that what happened in Jammu and Kashmir is also a threat to Manipur and other north-eastern states. The message central government is sending out with this event is that the voices of the minorities will not be heard.
Reducing its statehood to Union Territory and dividing it into two can only mean that the central government will do whatever as they please. It implies that there is no guarantee that such events will not happen in smaller states like Manipur, Nagaland, Tripura, Meghalaya, etc. We, Manipuris, both in hills and valleys, will always be minorities in context of India. It seems to impose the idea that our voices will not be heard and the central government will do whatever they want regardless of what the people want.
 As a part of the event, the members paid a floral tribute to the martyrs of Manipur freedom struggle against British rule.
The volunteers and members of the party paid floral tributes to the martyrs Bir Tikendrajit and Thangal General.

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Imphal Aug 13,

In a fresh fiasco of tackling VIP culture in Manipur, a man who is later identified as Md Rajib Khan, Sub-Inspector, Imphal East Police Station along with his security guard manhandled two executives and one volunteer of MSAD on a petty issue of overtaking his luxury car. This was stated in a press statement signed by General Secretary of MSAD Chingkheinganba Saikhom

Reminding the incident he said that it took place at Yairipok Tulihal, Kaina Road when the executive’s car overtook the Rajib’s car.

He came in his civil dress in a personal car driven by an unknown lady along with his security guards in a separate gypsy in the lead.

The executives’ car was compelled to move at a slower speed than normal while it was honking at his car for about 1 km to overtake; his luxury car did not give the executive team a chance to overtake.

At a time, the executive team got a space and overtook his car in a higher speed avoiding any mishap.

Some seconds later, his security forced the executive team to wait and started abusing them asking if they were using drugs.

The man in the luxury car came out and manhandled our Vice-president, repeatedly shouting with slangs, despite apologies from the executive side trying to escape from the situation considering his use of overpower. He began to physically humiliate the executive and threatened to shoot the executive saying “kaapthokaga sallaga taagera?”

The Executives were not given a chance to clarify the matter. Finally, after repeated apologies, he and his guards allowed the team to leave. MSAD condemns it in the highest capacity.

He further said the matter comes out in the limelight as the victims are strong enough to raise their voice.

This non-ethical practice of ego-play by police personnel using his position always happens and it is a clear manifestation of state giving excessive power to the police force. This is one of the main reasons hampering the police-public relationships and trust deficiency always exists.

How did he use his personal luxury car with official guards? And how could he, in civil dresses, misuse his uniformed official security guards to overpower and threaten the public outside his jurisdiction.

It is also learned that the lady driving his personal car is not an officially authorized driver of Rajib. MSAD demands an apology from Md Rajib Khan and complete follow up action on him and draws the attention of concerned authorities to initiate a departmental enquiry to ensure it does not happen again to anyone, he concluded.

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August, 13,

 The 4 day one of kind hospitality event held from 7-10 August 2019  at India Expo Centre & Mart, Greater Noida Expressway becomes the most powerful networking forum by witnessing an astounding line up of trade discussions, knowledge sessions, gastronomic demonstrations, master classes, awards night and more.With an unparalleled patronage from industry stalwarts, government institutions and state ministries coming together at one platform to address the successful growth of hospitality sector. The second edition of India International Hospitality Expo (IHE) has become the biggest hospitality hub where exhibitors, students, audience come from pan India. Also speakers from across the world and MSME company owners from North East showcased their work as part of Make in India initiative.
Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) with the support of O/o Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Ministry of Textiles has arranged participation of 10 (ten) entrepreneurs/artisans from NE States in IHE – 2019 in the 4 days Mega Event held from 7-10 August 2019  at India Expo Centre & Mart, Greater Noida Expressway.
The participation of artisans provided an unparalleled opportunity for marketing and selling as well as to generate awareness in the market of the various crafts produced by the craftsperson’s from the North Eastern Region Craft Clusters.

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IGAR (South)

Imphal Aug 13,


Moreh, the border town on Indo - Myanmar Border with multi ethnic composition, plays a pivotal role not only in Indo Myanmar relationship but also in the ambitious ‘Act East Policy’ of the Government of India. The town is already seen as the commercial capital of Manipur and India’s gateway to South East Asia. However, a significant portion of economy of Moreh depends on illegal trade and large scale smuggling of Drugs, Gold and Teak Wood. The state barely has any industry. Agriculture in Manipur is restricted to single crop and it is almost negligible in areas along the Indo Myanmar Border adjoining Moreh Town. 

The recent trends with positive developments show that situation is rapidly changing. Regular meetings are being held at multiple levels to include the meetings by various departments within the government both at the level of State and Centre, meetings by the government officials with the stake holders as also meetings at the levels of Government of India and Myanmar, the latest being the Inter Ministerial meeting between both the nations organised last month. The aim of these meetings has been to resolve all challenges being faced in implementing government policies meant to enhance cross border trade and expedite infra structure development under progress.

Standing on 160 Km Tamu - Kalewa Friendship Road in Myanmar, right across the huge and promising Integrated Border Trade Facility, the Integrated Check Post (ICP), one can get a bird’s eye view of future course of developments in this remote part of the world. Over the last decade, India handed over Myanmar, the two lane highway to Kalewa and is now pumping nearly Rs 1500 cr in converting it into Trilateral Highway connecting Thailand. ARs 1630 cr project has been rolled out to upgrade the 110 km Imphal-Moreh Highway to ensure future movement of large container trucks. This cross border connectivity is expected to open doors of opportunity to Manipur as a state with Moreh Town being the focal point.

The indications are clear that this part of world will witness sea change in a span of next 5 to 10 years competing with all other South East Asian Nations. At this juncture a million dollar question arises. When there is a time to reap the benefits of this major infrastructure development with huge amount of funds being invested by the Government of India, is the youth of Moreh who is expected to move the resources on ground, skilled enough to undertake this huge responsibility? What actions have been taken to ensure that the people of Moreh are ready for the visible future prospects as a result of these government initiatives?Keeping all these developments in view, the Moreh Battalion Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR South has taken a unique initiative of Skilling the youth of Moreh through Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna (PMKYJ), enable them to be ready to reap the benefits of government policies and bring legitimacy in functioning of Moreh Town. It all started in a systematic manner with Assam Rifles carrying out liaison with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) the implementing agency of PMKYJ, carrying out laision with all the CSOs of Moreh to motivate youth to participate, identifying the job roles to be offered to the youth as also the training providers, organising the Mega Skill Development. Drive for counselling followed by selection of youth in various job roles, providing infrastructure for smooth commencement of Skill Development training and finally commencement of training. The mega Skill Development Drive conducted on 02 April was attended by 370 young boys and girls of Moreh town and adjoining areas. The Skill Development Centre was inaugurated on 30 May with training commencing with effect from 01 June 2019. Keeping the priorities of key sectors, skill training of key job roles commenced are so far Field Technician Computer Programme, Beautician, Retail Sale Associate and Tailoring. There are other courses in pipeline which include Tourism and Hospitality, Food and Beverages, House Keeping Attendant which are likely to commence in the near future. The already commenced training has invited huge response from the youth of Moreh and they have shown immense enthusiasm to continue honing their skills through structured training. 

The sincere efforts of Assam Rifles to encourage the youth in their future building are appreciated by various organisation of Moreh. The president of Meetei Council Moreh (MCM) applauded Moreh Battalion for generating opportunities for youth and shaping up there future. Wherein another social organisation of Moreh, Hill Tribal Council (HTC) expressed there gratitude towards Assam Rifles. The president HTC, Moreh praised Moreh Battalion for taking the unique initiative of skilling the youth of the border village of Moreh through Regular Skill development classes. The overwhelming enthusiasm of the local population has resulted n establishment of two more skill development centres at Pallel&Chandel for which registration is in progress. There are approximately 2000 youth within the age group of 16 to 25 in Moreh. The aim of the skill development is to provide training to 400 youth by end of this year and 800 by Jun next year with an overall aim of skilling 1000 youth each year while achieving this target demands willing cooperation from all stake holders but suffice to say that by June 2021 the entire population of Moreh would have achieved desired skill for a gainful employment proposition. This initiative by Assam Rifles will go a long way in providing opportunity for Skilling the youth in multiple job roles in order to ensure that there is simultaneous overall development to include the infrastructure development through ambitious Government schemes as also development of the youth to enable them to be available as skilled manpower at the point of implementation. It will also provide bouquet of opportunities to the unemployed youth so as to be gainfully employed and act as meaningful contributor to the national development. They will not only be able to gain employment but will also be able to prevent themselves from the menace of drug abuse and getting influenced by Anti National Elements.

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Tuesday, 13 August 2019 17:03

Remembering patriots

As a mark of respect and honour to the great martyrs who had sacrifices for the cause of the nations freedom, August 13 is being observed as the Patriots’’ Day in Manipur. On this day of 1891, 2 great sons of its soil  Bir Tikendrajit and Thangal General were hanged to death by the British at Sahid Minar.
Every stakeholders of Manipuri society and individuals including State government, political parties, educational institutes and people living outside the state observed the day in their own capacity. The main official function of the state government was held at “Shahid Minar”, the site where two patriots’ were hanged till death. They were hanged till death with the charge of waging war against Queen Victoria of England.
Remembering the patriotic spirit of our heroes is very much important but all the more important is to nurture the sense of patriotism among us while observing the ‘Patriots’ Day’. It’s been 128 years that we are observing ‘Patriots’ Day’. However, it seems that we did not think of spending a minute in taking resolutions to follow the footprints of our patriots.
We all know that our forefathers were aware of the strength of the British Empire before they fought with them. However, they decided to fight with the British with a meager army they had just for the sake of their motherland. Their bravery, courage and patriotism were the key factors that inspired them to fight for their land.
Now, it is the time for us to reconsider that whether we will be able to follow the footprints of our forefathers. Do we have the bravery, courage and patriotism that our forefathers had few generations ago? No. Many of us take part in ‘Patriots’ Day’ observation but most of us don’t dream for a better Manipur. We do not learn anything from our forefather. That is why the state of Manipur is deteriorating in many fields day by day. The rise of corruption is one of the examples of deteriorate Manipur. Will our forefathers be happy seeing their descendants committing various crimes including corruption? No. They may be weeping seeing such a situation in their motherland. So, let us take a decision starting from the auspicious day of ‘Patriots’ Day’ to follow the footprints of our forefathers in order to fight against such unwanted crimes in Manipur.

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Tuesday, 13 August 2019 17:02

A shot at survival

“ You who are so-called illegal aliens must know that no human being is illegal. That is a contradiction in terms. Human beings can be beautiful or more beautiful, they can be skinny, they can be right or wrong, but illegal? How can a human being be illegal?” – Elie Wiesel, Writer, Nobel Peace Prize winner and Holocaust survivor.
Today, the 13th of August is an important day for all the Manipuris as it is on this day that the two heroes of Manipur, Tikendrajit Singh and Thangal General were hanged by the British for waging war against the British Empire-a short yet significant struggle by a tiny hilly Asiatic kingdom against the most powerful empire in the world at that time.  The ‘Anglo-Manipur war’ of 1891 drives home the irrefutable point of men’s willingness to go to any length to safeguard their identity and dignity even in the face of insurmountable obstacles. It is also a struggle against exploitation and subservience and at the root of it, a struggle for survival.
At this time and age, while outright war might not be an immediate possibility, ethnic persecutions, atrocities and crimes against the weak and vulnerable on a social, political and economic level has been continuing, and with an imperfect and insensitive administration, the problem can and does get serious. When such problem gets out of hand, the only option is to look for safer places, and more often than not, such oppressed people will invariably try and seek shelter in some neighboring state or country where the political and economic conditions are more favorable. It is not easy or desirable for anyone to uproot their lives and decide to take unseen risks and obvious troubles to move away from the lives they have been used to unless absolutely necessary and options are closed, when the very survival is threatened.
India is such a country whose social, economic and political situation is considerably more stable and secure than many of its neighbours for a long time, and people from these neighbouring countries have been crossing over to India in search for a better and more secure life, often illegally who are collectively and generally termed ‘illegal immigrants’.
Under the Citizenship Act an “illegal migrant” is defined as a foreigner who has entered into India—
(i) without a valid passport or other travel documents and such other document or authority as may be prescribed by or under any law in that behalf; or (ii) with a valid passport or other travel documents and such other document or authority as may be prescribed by or under any law in that behalf but remains therein beyond the permitted period of time.
An illegal migrant ( though the term is often misleading since their presence inside the country is a civil infraction, not a criminal offense) is excluded from the acquisition of citizenship through birth, registration, or naturalization.  There is no program to grant citizenship to illegal migrants or their children. They are also denied the right to legal recourse and other basic amenities, reducing them to non-entities.
While the concerns on the pressures on the resources like land, law and order situations and economics of a state or country as a result of the influx of undocumented immigrants is legitimate and understandable, in the absence of an official deportation or any formal repatriation treaty with Bangladesh whose citizens form the largest number of such undocumented immigrants (Kiren Rijiju, Minister of State for Home Affairs in the NDA government has put the figure at around 20

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Hyderabad August 13,

Banian Repertory Theatre’s magnum opus- Jallianwala Bagh: Manglen Onkhraba Lamjao was staged at the Rabindra Bharathi Auditorium here on August 11 Sunday at 7.30pm in the 14th Abhinaya National Theatre Festival 2019 held from August 6 to 12 jointly organised by the Department of Language and Culture, Government of Telangana, Telangana Sangeet Nataka Academy and Abhinaya Theatre Trust, Hyderabad.  The large audience was enthralled by the perfect combination of visuals and special effects of the play and they were in pin drop silence throughout the play and had standing ovation after the play.
The play directed by Ksh Phajaton Chanu is the stage adaptation of renowned literateur K. Padmakumar’s Jallianwala Bagh, a piece of prose, dramatised by Dr Makhonmani Mongsaba, It is a tragic story of Ratnabali, a housewife from one of the houses of neighbourhood of Jallianwala Bagh. This is the story of blood, sweat and tears of Ratnabali the wife and the Ratnabali the mother on a fateful night that watches her grow to womanhood. This is homage to hundreds of unarmed people who were not only killed but murdered mercilessly.
B.Shiva Kumar, Chairman of the Telangana Sangeet Nataka Academy who was the Chief Guest of the day of the festival praised the breathtaking performance of the  Banian Repertory Theatre coming Manipur, a distant place from Hyderabad. He said that the play reminded us of the horrific event of India’s Freedom Struggle Movement. He applauded the superb performance of W. Naobi who played the role of Ratnabali and blessed her. Later, B. Shiva Kumar distributed mementoes and certificates  to each and every artiste of the theatre group.
Meghachandra Kongbam, Chairman of the Banian Repertory Theatre expressed gratitude to the Hyderabad audience for witnessing a Manipuri play attentively and also commended Abhinaya Srinivas, Chairman of the Abhinaya Theatre Trust for his tireless effort to make the grand theatrical event every year.
The first day of the festival witnessed the welcome dance of Kuchipudi by Kumari Koka Vijaya Lakshmi and her team, and an Odia play- Simna Kanthi(The Boundary Wall) directed by Satyaranjan Behera of Sri Cultural Association, Sambalpur, Odisha, which was followed by a Telugu play- Am aha..Kam kaha by Tallavajjula Sundaram of Murari Kala Nilayam, Hyderabad, Telangana.
On the second day, a Hindi play- Nangeli by Dhananjay Sable of Arhat, Mumbai, Maharashtra and a Telugu play- Ippudu by Gedda Vara Prasad of Abhinaya Theatre Trust,Hyderabad, Telangana were staged.
On the third day, an Andhra dance drama tradition- Golla Kalapam by Yashoda Thakore of Rinda Sarnya Academy, Hyderabad, Telangana and Jallianwala Bagh:Manglen Onkhraba Lamjao by Ksh Phajaton Chanu of Banian Repertory Theatre, Imphal, Manipur.
The last day witnessed a Kannada play- Thiruka Raja by Ramakrishna Belthur of Janapadaru Sanstuthika Vedhika, Hoskote, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

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