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Imphal Aug 10,

Simultaneous protest from students of different schools and colleges demanding justice for Babysana had surprised the state police today afternoon. Not only in the school area but protest by group of students from another direction also disturbed Kwairambandh Keithel for few hours as police tried to prevent them. The protest over Babysana’s death had turned some schools and colleges campus in Imphal area similar to war field as police resorted to fire mock bomb and tear gas shells while controlling the students.

At CC Higher Secondary School the students did not retreat back even after the police fire mock bomb but retaliated with slingshots and by pelting stones. At least 16 students were reported injured in today’s clash. As per report at least 10 students including girl students of Ananda Higher Secondary School and CC Higher Secondary schools were injured.

At Churachand Higher Secondary school students of the school along with Ananda Higher secondary School tried to march a protest rally towards CM and Governor Bungalow. The police personnel posted their keeping strict vigil confronted with the students. Police fired tear gas shells to dispersed the protesters.

The agitating students in turn threw stones and sling shots with stones. Police further used several tear gas shells. The scene was more like a battlefield clashing between two uniforms, the students and the police.

10 students including 8 females and 2 males were injured and out of which 1 girl student of Ananda Higher Secondary School was seriously injured. 

One of the agitating students complained the atrocities of the police and the used of expired tear gas shell. 

In a similar incident students of Imphal College marched towards Kwakeithel which was halted again by the police. To disperse the rally the police personnel fire tear gas shell and mock bombs. Around 7 persons including 4 volunteers of MSF who were discussing about the death anniversary of Chittaranjan were injured. 

Meanwhile students of various schools tried to initiate a protest from Khwairamband keithel. The police stationed there stopped the protestors. After confrontation police used mock bombs and tear gas shells. The police lathi charge the protestors injuring one student of Ibotonsana Higher secondary school. 

Trying to stage a sit-in-protest students of Tamphasana Higher secondary school were halted by the police using smoke bombs. A student of TG courageously kicked the smoke bomb thrown towards them, the video of it went viral in social media. 

Also students of Manipur College protested at the gates of their college demanding justice to Babysana.

With the mysterious death of Babysana in her hostel the state continues to remain engulfed in chaos. Several protests erupts demanding justice of the deceased Babysana and state wide bandh was also called twice by the JAC formed in connection with the death of Babysana.

Meanwhile, Manipur Students Federation expressed strong condemnation terming the act of police as atrocious. Speaking in a press meet held today at its office Working President of MSF Lucky Konsam condemned the atrocities done by the police to the agitators who protested democratically. He further added that they strongly condemned the direct firing of smoke bombs and tear gas shells to their office injuring 4 of their volunteers who were preparing for the mobilisation and organisation of the death anniversary of Chittaranjan. 

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Imphal, Aug 10,

Mass Court arrest – a protest launched by the JAC against the mysterious death of N. Babysana which was kickstarted yesterday continues. Film star RK Somorendro popularly known as Kaiku, who had also contested the Lok Sabha Election along with another film star Athokpam Gokul today joined the mass court arrest protest. As the two renowned film personalities along with other protestors lifted their hand and came forward towards the police demanding them to arrest, the police deployed at the spot denied to arrest them. The police team told them to return back but the agitators continues. Till the filling of this story there was no report of any arrest.

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Imphal, Aug 10,

Khelen Thokchom Trust (KTT) condole the untimely and unfortunate demise of Phanjoubam Santosh, one of the pioneer Photo Journalist in North East India. He passed away at around 5 pm on August 9.

He was 57 and is survived by his mother, wife and two children.

A condolence message by KTT said that the members at KTT fondly called him ta Santosh or known as PTI Santosh as he has been associating with the news agency for quite some time.

Late Santosh started clicking photo in 1974 and became a freelance photojournalist in 1980 and later he became first Reuters photographer from Manipur.

He had captured crucial and momentous events in the history of Manipur for more than 3 decades through his lens. He had even displayed through his solo photo exhibitions in the state.

For his focused and determined works, he was given lifetime achievement award in photojournalism by NETV in 2005.

He was passionate about his work, he was a keen traveller, and he was a great mentor to young photographers as well.

With his departure, we have lost a great champion for photo journalism, a wonderful person, and a good friend.

Members of Editors Guild Manipur, also condoled the sudden demise of senior journalist and PTI photo Journalist Ph. Santosh. He is survived by his wife and two children. Members share the grief of his family as they go through difficult times. During his times Santosh was a prolific journalist who travelled deep into rural Manipur and captured images that had immense impact on the society. Members of EGM pray for his soul.

The All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union (AMWJU) in a condolence message said that Phanjoubam Santosh had been associated with the AMWJU for the last many years and has been an epitome of inspiration and a source of encouragement to all the members.

“The All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union (AMWJU) is deeply saddened by the untimely demise of Senior Photo Journalist Phanjoubam Santosh”, the AMWJU statement said.

The statement also said that the untimely demise has left a vacuum, which will never be able to be filled and is a great loss to the Journalists’ Fraternity.

Phanjoubam Santosh’s lifeless body was brought at Manipur Press Club yesterday evening to pay last respect. IPR Minister Bishwajit Thongam, AMWJU members and ex-members pay floral tribute to the departed soul. A two minutes silence was also observed as a mark of respect to the departed journalist.

CM Condoles Phanjoubam Santosh 
Chief Minister N. Biren Singh has expressed shock and deep sadness over the sudden and untimely demise of senior photo journalist Phanjoubam Santosh due to an ailment on August 9, 2019. 
In a condolence message, the Chief Minister lamented that in his demise, the State has lost an experienced, courageous, energetic and upright photo journalist.
Condoling the death of the senior photo journalist, CM N. Biren also expressed solidarity with the bereaved family at this time of sorrow. He also prayed that his soul may rest in peace in heavenly abode.

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Saturday, 10 August 2019 17:53

6 suspected illegal immigrants detained

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Imphal, Aug 10,

Imphal Airport authorities and state police personnel along with other security forces deployed at the airport were taken by surprise after they found six persons whose Aadhaar Card were issued from the state of Manipur while they revealed that they were born and brought up at Hyderabad, a source told to Imphal Times.

Details of the identities of the six suspected persons believe to be illegal immigrants is kept concealed for some time as police are trying to extract information about their visiting in the state. None of the six suspected illegal migrants speaks Manipuri Language. The 6 are presently in the custody of Singjamei Police station,

Even as the six of them had stated to have boarded from Hyderabad it is not certain whether they are coming from Hyderabad or not as they possessed identity documents which is suspicious.

Police are now investigating on where they come from and where they had to go as well as who are behind the transportation.

Investigation however is delayed as most police personnel were engaged in controlling students’ uprising and protest over the death of Babysana. 

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Imphal, Aug 10,

The controversy surrounding the MCSCCE 2016 conducted by MPSC refuses to die. It has been more than two years that the case has been going on in the HC of Manipur whereby some of the candidates had asked for cancellation of exam in light of various illegalities and irregularities pointed out by the court appointed Enquiry committee. Now, the Supreme Court had intervened in the ongoing case, after a candidate named   Nelojit Mayengbam and another filed a case in SC against the way the case was deliberately being dragged on in HC..  The SC , in its final judgment dated 5th of August, has now directed the HC to decide the case within eight weeks from the date of receipt of its order , i.e. by 9th October, 2019.

The SC had pulled up the HC for taking an undue and inordinate delay in deciding the case that has huge ramifications for the State. The SC has also expressed strong displeasure at the conduct of the HC especially the way the case was being dragged on in the HC without any proper reason. It may be mentioned herein that the SC again long back in 12th April, 2018 , while disposing of an SLP filed by some selected candidates, had also asked the HC to decide the case expeditiously taking into note the huge irregularities found out by the Enquiry committee. Some of the shocking irregularities found out by the enquiry committee were the absence of supervisor signature, examiner signature, invigilator signatures in many of the answer scripts. There were also cases of alterations of marks in many of answer scripts without the initials of the examiners concerned, huge totaling errors, double allotment of marks to same question again and again. It was also found out that there were wide discrepancies in the signature supposed to be done by the same examiner.

This was also confirmed by Forensic experts consulted by some of the candidates. The most shocking finding of the enquiry committee was the fact that there were still many answer scripts which were yet to be evaluated by examiners. 

In light of such revelations, the Judges of SC had in the open Court orally remarked that the only option is to quash the entire examination and conduct afresh. But it is saddening to see that even after these findings of the enquiry committee and the observations of the SC, neither the State Government nor the MPSC has been pro active and forthcoming in their approach in finding out the perpetrators of these crimes. It becomes even more worrisome when the High Court of Manipur, instead of hearing the case and deciding it on merits at earliest, simply sits on the case and simply delays and adjourn the case. Such an approach would only strengthen the case of the wrongdoers and kill the spirit of those many deserving candidates. But now that the SC had asked the HC to decide the case within 8 weeks, a positive response can be expected.

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Saturday, 10 August 2019 17:50

National Deworming Day launched at Thoubal

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The second round of the National Deworming Day was launched today at Thoubal as a part of the nationwide programme held all over India. It was organised by District Health Society, Thoubal at the Lalit Madhop Sharma High School, Khongjom.
On the occasion, Dr. N. Jayantakumar Singh, CMO/District Mission Director, DHS, Thoubal attended as Chief Guest, Dr.Ksh.Memcha Devi District Family Welfare Officer Thoubal as President and Th.Ingocha Singh Headmaster Lalit Madhop Sharma High School, Khongjom attended as guests of honour.
The aim of this programme is to deworm all the children from 1 to 19 years and improve their well-being. Children between 1 to 2 years are administered half of one Albendazole tablet.Children between 2 to 19 years are given one full tablet.

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Saturday, 10 August 2019 17:47

Making a New India and fate of Manipur

 Recently, the government of India revoked Article 370, resulting in Jammu and Kashmir losing its special status of autonomous internal administration. With the scrapping of this Article came a plethora of hue and cry over Government of India forcefully seizing the power to govern Jammu and Kashmir in addition to the fear established in the state about its demographic transformation.
A state that is now Muslim majority can turn into one with Hindu majority, given the fact that anyone from other parts of India can now buy land and settle in Jammu and Kashmir. The buying and settling are not coming with peace and prosperity, instead it is going to bring settler colonialism. In fact, scrapping Article 370 has opened the gateway to Jammu and Kashmir for Indian (Hindu) settler colonialism. Settler colonialism functions in a way of erasing and replacing the indigenous population by constantly pouring in of a settler society.
Such invasion does not have a specific date or time. It functions as a structure and not as an event. Unlike other forms of colonialism where one can see the visible violence and recognize it, settler colonialism acts like a slow poison right under one’s nose. One does not see the result immediately, but by the time the indigenous people realizes, the erasure and replacement of the indigenous population must have gone way too far. Unlike exploitation colonialism, settler colonialism does not prioritize on profiting off of resources or exploitation of labour. Settlers come to stay and grab the land, followed by slowly controlling the socio-economic and political situation, which eventually results in profiting off of the resources and exploitation of labour.
In case of Jammu and Kashmir, it is possible that most Hindus will start settling and buying lands, gradually taking over the economic control and social structure of the-then-state-now-UT, Jammu and Kashmir. Such a situation must sound familiar to the people of Manipur. The people of Manipur have been witnessing the invasion of mayang settlers over the years, who have been buying lands and properties as well as gradually taking over the economic control. The fear of getting erased and losing ourselves to the mayang settlers have also ignited the fire of resistance amongst the indigenous population as well. Look at Thangal Bazaar and the non-indigenous population of 7% in Manipur by 2011, for instance. Apart from this, the growing mayang settler population has even paved a way for one of them to be elected as an MLA from Jiribam. With settler colonialism, the mayang representatives in Manipur state assembly might increase as its population influx grows, to the extent that they might takeover the state governance. All of these is the reason Manipur resisted aggressively against the Citizenship Amendment Bill. The settler colonialism has already initiated way back, but the bill is going to accelerate the process of settler colonialism as CAB allows the mayang settlers from outside India to gain citizenship in just 6 years compared to what was 11 years earlier. Sooner they become citizens, higher is the chance of them buying and occupying lands and resources.
Finally, resulting in them taking over the land - the most important aspect of settler colonialism. On the other hand, before the announcement of abrogation of Article 370, GOI created an environment of fear and chaos by announcing a false alarm of terror attack, in order to impose a military control by sending troops in addition to the existing troops, followed by cutting off all forms of communication (cellular and internet). The decision clearly showed that the GOI was aware that the people will strongly resist, given the history of resistance in Jammu and Kashmir against Indian occupation.
It was just a ploy to suppress the resisting voices and silence them into submission. Similarly, GOI can act in such a way to impose CAB by creating some kind of fear and chaos, given the history of resistance by the people of Manipur, especially the aggressive resistance against CAB last time. Shutting off internet in such a time, is not new as well. The false alarm set before the sudden announcement of abrogation of Article 370 can happen at the time of passing the CAB, since the BJP is in absolute majority this time and considering it was in their manifesto as well. At least, the opposition had a good number to reject the Bill last time, but it is a clear sweep this time. In order to contain and suppress the resisting voices of the people of Manipur, the GOI alongwith the Manipur government might cook up something. Just like the abrogation of Article 370 opens the gateway for settler colonialism in Jammu and Kashmir, the CAB helps India and its mayang settlers to gain momentum in the existing settler colonialism in Manipur.

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IGAR (South)
Imphal Aug10,

Thoubal Battalion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) conducted a drug awareness workshop for drug free Manipur at Ningel village on yesterday. The campaign was organised by Chandrakhong Company Operating Base.      
In response to the concerns of the villagers, parents and Meira Paibis during the monthly security meet, Thoubal Battalion planned and conducted a drug awareness workshop for the youth and locals of their area of responsibility. As part of the workshop, the battalion organised a lecture cum interactive session on ‘Drug Abuse and No Smoking’, giving an insight to the attendees about the ill effect of drugs on human body and various measures to counter the drug menace.     
In addition, display of various charts and posters along with distribution of pamphlets to the locals was also carried out to generate awareness about the ill effects of drugs and steps to overcome drug addiction.  
The locals expressed profound gratitude to the Assam Rifles for organising such an awareness workshop and appreciated the efforts and commitment of Assam Rifles to the cause of making Manipur a drug free State.

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Imphal, Aug 10,

Youths from the Eastern Himalayan Region (Manipur, Meghalaya, Tripura, Nagaland, Assam and Bangladesh) during a 3 days meeting held at DSSS, Mantripukhri from 7th to 9th August had agreed that  the present crisis of Climate Change in our respective region.

The meet considered Climate Change as one of the greatest challenges humankind has ever faced. Rising temperatures and changing weather patterns exacerbate existing natural or human-made hazards or generate new ones. The poorest inhabitants of our planet are among the most vulnerable, mainly due to weak natural, financial, social, human and physical capacities to deal with the consequences of climate change and natural or human-made hazards. The rights of the world’s Indigenous Peoples, local communities, youths and the women within these groups is a scalable climate solution, and that all actors should make us partners in climate protection efforts. Our traditional knowledge and sustainable stewardship of the world’s lands and forests are key to reducing global emissions to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees by 2030. We have cared for our lands and forests—and the biodiversity they contain—for generations. With the right support we can continue to do so for generations to come.

During the meet it has been agreed that various dimensions on the impacts and contributing impacts on the global climate crisis such as (1) the indigenous plants leading on the verge of extinction, (2) changing period of agricultural practices leading to less production, (3) increase in work load on indigenous women in the community in order to manage the domestic work as the indigenous women has to go far to fetch water, (4) destruction of indigenous people’s forest due to large scale infrastructural projects, (5) climate refugees leading to demographic changes in our region, (6) increase in exploration and extraction of fossil fuel, (7) increase in natural resources mining activities without the free prior and informed consent of the IPs, etc are some of the major facts arises during the meet. 

The meet also discussed some major goals of SDGs 2030 like-  Goal No.13 Climate Change Take Urgent Action To Combat Climate Change And Its Impacts; Goal No. 15 life on land protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss;  Goal No 16 peace justice and strong institution promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels; Goal No 17 Partnership for Goals Strengthen The Means Of Implementation And Revitalize The Global Partnership For Sustainable Development

The meet also lambasted the authority for not consulting the stakeholders while preparing the  National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) .

The Eastern Himalayan Youth Meet on Climate Change (Imphal), 2019   has agreed to focus and work on     Judicious   stewardship    of  land    utilization and  resources   so   as   to   maintain   and perpetuate    intergenerational   legacy  in  that extractive   industries should be  discouraged /phased  out/stopped;  “development”, industrial activities contributing to  loss  of  biodiversity, deforestation,   desertification,   loss   of   land   and   livelihood,   water  contamination, land   degradation   and air   pollution,   genetic   mutation    should   undertake  environment   impact   assessment   and   social   impact   assessment   periodically,   this  includes    GM   foods,   GM   seeds   and   GM   livestocks.   

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By a Correspondent
New Delhi, August 10,

 In a stellar display, Indian junior boxers collected a rich haul of 8 medals, including two gold, five silver and one bronze to finish their campaign on a high at the Asian schoolboy Boxing Championships in Kuwait, on Thursday.  India’s strong performance awarded them the runner-up finish at the tournament, where 22 nations had participated.
Gold medallist in the recently concluded Sub-Junior Nationals, Yashwardhan Singh (58 kg) continued his fine run and defeated Uzbekistan’s Aburakhimanov Abdulaziz 4-1. The budding youngster from Haryana took some time to gauge his opponent’s strategy and then, overpowered him with his power and precision.
In the 70 kg category, Bharat Joon proved too strong for Asanbekov Atai, his opponent from Kyrgyzstan and easily won the bout 5-0 to clinch the second gold medal.The Haryana lad impressed everyone with his attacking approach and swift movement.
In the 37 kg finals, Aryan missed out on the gold medal by a whisker as he lost 3-2 to Uzbekistan’s Hojiakbar Mahmudov. The diminutive boxer from Chandigarh gave his all in a neck-and-neck fight between the two boxers but had to be content with the silver medal.
Vinay Vishkarma (49kg) found the going tough in the first round against Tulkonov Lazizbek of Uzbekistan before giving a tough fight in the next two rounds. He went down 3-2 and fell short of winning the yellow metal.
Preet Malik (55kg), Gaurav Saini (64kg) and Randeep (70+kg) lost their respective bouts and finished their campaign with silver medals. Earlier, Naksh Beniwal won the bronze medal in the 67 kg before bowing out in the semi-finals stage.

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