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Imphal, July 9,

Nothing seems to be going well in the governance of the state as not only the law makers but also the bureaucrats who were supposed to exercise their power judiciously started politicizing their status in the State Government.

In the certificates awarded by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Heirok Mandal to meritorious students of class X and XII examination conducted by the BOSEM and COHSEM, distributed on July 7 at a function organised by the Mandal at Nongpok Lourembam Umang Laikol, Director of Education (s), Government of Manipur, Thokchom Kirankumar signed the certificate of recognition along with Education Minister Th. Radheshyam and President of the BJP Heirok Mandal, Thokchom Chourajit Singh.

Questions arises from various sections of the society is that How could the Director of the Education (S) give recognition from his own capacity as the Director, signed in a certificate issued by a political party? Not only that the Education Director signed in the ‘recognition certificate’ issued by the political party but also attended the function organised as dignitaries on the dais. Even Education Minister Th. Radheshyam also signed the certificate of recognition at the capacity of the Minister.

Interestingly another government employee attended as dais member was Arambam Anilkumar, ZEO Zone –III, Thoubal.

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Imphal July 9,

Shops constructed on the side of Langol hills at Tarung Guigailong Parking area were evicted today around 8 in the morning by Forest Department along with Manipur Police.

Around 14 Kutcha shops were dismantled where department considered it as new encroachers at Langol Reserve Forest though the owners considered that they didn’t encroached as they construct it on the edge of the drain without encroaching the hill and considered it as illegal eviction.

Large number of people gathered to stop the eviction process though the Forest Departments along with the Manipur Police foiled their attempt.

Speaking to media persons Divisional Forest Officer RK Amarjit said that the eviction drive of encroachers at Langol Reserve forest is a continuous process. He said that they have detected new encroachers through satellite imageries. The shops were not running for the last 6-7 years, he added.

Amarjit further asserts that 14 kutcha shops that were set up encroaching Langol Reserve Forest were evicted today.  

Requesting the people living around the Langol area he appealed to stop making new structures inside the Reserve Forest areas.

Answering the question whether the shop owners have any provisions for compensation Amarjit stated that as the construction of shops were illegal there will be no compensation.

Highlighting the other encroachers, Amarjit stressed that there is a legal process and they will evict the other encroachers after the completion of the legal process which may fall before 3 December.

The dismantled shops that were evicted include hotel, groceries stores, meat shops, vegetable shop, and second hand shops.

Considering the eviction as an illegal one, aggravated shop owner Lucy Gangmei who sells vegetables said that the time given by the authority was too short and also they built their shops on the roadside without encroaching the reserve areas.

She further said that they built the shops to maintain a livelihood from the shop as they were poor people who strive to feed their families.

Considering the act as an inhumane she said that they were just a mere street vendor and also they will leave and evict the place voluntarily if the government has any plans or projects to built near it though they didn’t built on the Reserve areas.

Reminding the days of notice Lucy said that the first notice given to the shop owners were on June 17 and a notice for written explanation was delivered to them on June 25. After that they were given a written explanation on June 26. Further a notice was served to them to vacate their shops before July 5.

She added that the time given to them is very less where the authority should give at least a month time to vacate.

Being a poor family the owners were left stranded not having any idea where to complain.

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Imphal, July 9,

All Manipur Muslims Students Organisation and Pangal Students Union DM University tried to lock OBC Boys Hostel located at DM Commerce for irregularities in the selection process of hostellers.

Speaking to media persons President of AMMSO Pusham Zaved Ahmad alleged that the authorities have selected students on their own choice without following the norms of selection procedure. Students were handpicked by the teachers in selecting hostellers.

Questioning the selection of the hostellers from BBA and Commerce stream only, Zaved asked whether the MOBC boys’ hostel only belongs to the Commerce and BBA students.

Enquiring the reason behind the selection of only Commerce and BBA students to the Superintendent Naorem Biren,  Zaved stressed that the Principal of DM Commerce ordered to select only BBA and Commerce students. With this reasons he thought that the hostel was run more like a business centre where authorities have selected their choice only, he added.

Zaved declared that the new selection list of OBC Boys’ Hostel will be null and void.

He further demanded to build a Minority Boys’ Hostel in Greater Imphal Area by the authority and warned that intense agitation will be initiated by AMMSO, PSU and along with the people if their demand was not fulfilled.

Meanwhile confrontation between the volunteers of AMMSO and PSU with the hostellers occurs while the organizations tried to lock down the hostel. Further the hostel was not locked down.

Speaking to media persons ex monitor of the Hostel Hawaibam Thoithoi said that they strongly condemned the act of trying to lock down the hostel by the said organizations. He further said that no prior notice was given to them and as they have lived there and also coaching has also started they have no any other place than the hostel.

Seven vacant seats should be selected out of 44 total seats.

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Imphal, July 9,

Resident of Palace Compound, Imphal East today stage protest after garbage collectors vehicles stopped collecting garbage after the workers collecting the garbage and the driver of the vehicle were assaulted by one Telem Basanta of the locality.

According to Yumnam Ongbi Ibeyaima, Secretary of Sana Konung Meira Paibi Lup, two workers and the driver of vehicle collecting garbage from the Palace compound area were assaulted by Basanta yesterday afternoon. The person Telem Basanta allegedly gave two bullets to the worker of the vehicle and assaulted them. Basanta was picked up by a team of Imphal East Police.

The Meira Paibi appealed the government authority to cancel the gun license of Telem Basanta as they fear unwanted incident in the coming days.

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Imphal, July 9,

Youth’s Forum for Protection of Human Rights (YFPHR) expressed strong concern to the increasing trend of attack on Human Rights Defender and its family members.
“We deeply regret to learn the news of an attack by shooting at one young girl namely Urikhinbam Thoibi who was driving at Bolero jeep with some of her friends on the night of 4th July, 2019 in front of her residence at Thongju Boroi Makhong, Naorem Leikai” , Th Phajaton, President of the Forum said.
The YFPHR said that such an attack is considered as a life attempt and a threat to human rights defender as her father U Nobokishore and mother M Sobita are actively involved in human rights work in the state of Manipur and other internationally human rights work.  
“Such an action of shooting is considered by YFPHR as a result of unchecked granting of gun licenses and increase of illegal small arms presence in the state of Manipur. We seriously condemn such action of shooting and a proper investigation is required to arrest the culprits”, the Forum said.
YFPHR, appealed the Police Department and the Government of Manipur to arrest the culprits immediately who are involved in shooting at Thoibi and her friends.

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By a correspondent
Guwahati, July 9,

Legendary Assamese film-star Vidya Rao  will attend ‘Guest of the Month’ program of Guwahati Press Club on Saturday. The interactive session with scribes will begin at 2 pm on July 13, 2019 where the actress is expected to highlight on various cultural issues.
Prior to the program, an Assamese feature film (Sendoor by Pulak Gogoi) with Vidya Rao in the lead role will be screened on digital display at the press club auditorium on previous day (July 12 at 4 pm).
One of the finest film personalities of Assam, Vidya Rao debuted with ‘Sakuntala’ (directed by Dr Bhupen Hazarika in 1961) and continued performing in a number of acclaimed Assamese movies. Some of award
winning movies where Vidya Rao had performed include ‘Pratiddhani’ & ‘Loti Ghoti’ (directed by BhupenDa), ‘Aranya’ (directed by SN Deb), ‘Sarathi’ (directed by Dr BN Saikia), ‘Rag Birag’ (directed by Bidyut Chakrabarty), ‘Boibhav’ (directed by Manju Borah).
Other important Assamese movies with Vidya Rao in important roles include ‘Sangram’, ‘Chik Mik Bijuli’,  ‘Mukuta’, ‘Manab Danab’, ‘Son Ma’, ‘Niyati’, ‘Ajoli Nabou’, ‘Manasi’, ‘Nayan Moni’, ‘Ghar Sansar’,
‘Jiban Surabhi’, ‘Mon Mandir’, ‘Puja’, ‘Urbasi’ etc. She also performed in few Bengali movies like ‘Bon Palashir Padawali’, ‘Teen Adhyay’, ‘Sesh Theke Suru’, ‘Paari’, ‘Chena Achena’, ‘Natun Diner Alo’ etc.
Vidya Rao was also involved with Kohinoor mobile theatre for some time and performed in Doordarshan production named ‘Raja Saheb’. She produced the Assamese movie ‘Moina Jan’ and few Doordarshan serials like ‘Sandhyatara’, ‘Bis-Baspa’, ’14 August’, ‘Akasi Latar Rang’, ‘Seema’ etc, whereas the evergreen artiste performed in  a number of television serials, private entertaining channels and radio programs.
Honoured with many prestigious awards  Vidya Rao also served as a jury member in regional and national film awards. A resident of Rehabari locality in Guwahati with family members, the self taught artiste has overcome various personal tragedies to stand for more than five decades and her struggle continues to go on.

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In June 2001, Manipur was burnt by a peoples’ uprising – reason, there was a fear that Manipur’s portion of land may be separated to appease a section of armed rebel group. More than 18 plus precious lives of the erstwhile kingdom were lost and in their memories since the mass uprising of June 2001, every June 18 is being observed as the Great June Uprising Day or Unity Day. The civil body called United Committee Manipur (UCM) was born in the aftermath of the June 18 incident. Its not even a month counting from today that rich homage was paid to the martyrs of June 18 here at Kekrupat.
Since the birth of the UCM peoples’ stand to protect the boundary of the state has been strengthen. The UCM keep continue to challenge any move of the government (both Center and the State) to segregate the state. The so called civil society – UCM or any other organization including AMUCO which has been voicing for the integrity of the state however, remain quiet when a large portion of land in Tengoupal district  has been claimed by Myanmar. May be the civil societies of the state are born just to oppose the armed group and does have nothing to do if anybody other then the armed group claimed the land of the state.
At one hand, when a portion of land was claimed by Pakistani at Kashmir, the Indian Government put all its soldiers to fight the Pakistani for protection of the land. Not only in Kashmir but also the same had happened with the Chinese counterpart when they claimed portion of land at Arunachal Pradesh.
When the Myanmar intruded inside the Indian Territory at Manipur, no counter measures to protect the land was seen taken up. Instead, the Indian government seems to be encouraging the Myanmar government by suppressing the voice of the Indian Villagers settling at the Indo Myanmar Border.
It is well known to everyone that Myanmar authority had stopped road constructed along Indo-Myanmar Border No. 82 to Border No. 81 at Tengnoupal District. The Indian Force which has been guarding the border says nothing when Myanmar Troopers intruded into Indian Territory and claimed it to be their land. It is worth mentioning that the said land at which the Myanmar claimed as their land is also the place where two Indian Army who had sacrifice fighting the Pakistani troop during Kargil War were born.  
It is simple and plain saying – why the Indian Government does not give a damn when its territory has been intruded in Manipur by Myanmar troops when they sacrifice thousands of its soldiers when it comes to Pakistan or China intruded in parts of India.
Or is there any hidden agenda of the government of India for sacrificing the portion of Manipur’s land to Myanmar as the late Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had once done. India government should be straight if it has any agenda on this.  

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Tuesday, 09 July 2019 18:21

Book Review: Slow Food Nation

Reviewer : Tracila Meinam
B.Sc horticulture, HNB Garhwal University, Uttarakhand
PG Diploma in organic farming, Noida
M.Sc Horticulture, PDDUIAS, Utlou affiliated to Manipur University.

To see nature as an object of domination since the end of world war second; the want of instantaneanism; and cultural annihilation by our deeds led the writer Carlo Petrini to become a gastronome and these are the main accounts which are reflected in this book. He explains how our choice of food relates to keeping a harmonious relationship with nature. He deeply expressed his arguments with the desire of “Slowness” in the way we make choices of food, from production to consumption. He believes that our food should be good (quality), clean (sustainability), and fair (deserving respect for the workers).
His arguments are underpinned with the following realities:
-shifting of traditional food production to easier and less time consuming production such as from peppers to tulips in Italy; from corn to amaranth in Mexico; laguiole cheese of France on the verge of extinction and so on which are part of cultural annihilation.
-ecological and economic disaster resulted from the green revolution and GMOs.
-he questions “Development” when what we witness is doubled water consumption since  1960s; doubled nitrate emissions; tripled phosphate emissions; increased concentration of CO2; soil that is stressed and have become a “Sad food-producing machine.”
Therefore, to sum up, the writer desires:
-to safeguard the old traditional knowledge by preserving best seeds for sowing in each year.
-to teach children about food from planting to consumption (to impose food tradition).
-to learn about our local food history which we can start from our own local cuisines.
-to have deeper understanding and analysis by the political lobbyists.
-as an individual, one must make good choices of what we eat and whom we buy it from, as he says, “Eating is an agricultural act and producing must be a gastronomical act.”
Hence, making either unsustainable production sustain its worsening effect on nature or sustainable production sustain and leave a better earth to the future generations is our choice for a happier world.

ISBN     -13:978-0-8478-4130-1

Title       : Slow Food Nation

Author  : Carlo Petrini

Year      : 2007

Pages     : 262

Price      : US $ 16.00

Published by: Rizzoli Ex Libris

About the author:

Carlo Petrini is the founder of International Slow Food Movement which was started in Italy in 1986. It has grown into a global movement with more than 100,000 members in 150 countries.


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Imphal, July 9, 

Art & Culture Minister L. Jayantakumar Singh released a book titled “Meiteisingee Ethnography” at a function held yesterday at Manipur State Museum, Imphal. Speaking as the Chief Guest he said that there is a need for a system based model which will change accordingly to the change in time.

Minister Jayantakumar maintained that we have our own traditions, believes, culture and social norms. It is the responsibility of each individual to protect and uphold the traditional laws passed down by our forefathers. He also stressed on the important role played by media in propagating awareness about age old cultural traditions and identity.

Stating that human behavior changes with the changing time, he said that it is important that the system correlates with the change in time and situation. The society has become so complex and in such a situation, consciousness of human mind and body and its coordination is quite necessary, he added.

Mentioning about the book “Meiteisingee Ethnography”, Minister Jayantakumar said that the book will definitely serve its purpose as it contains maximum basics of traditions and our ethno-heritage records. He also said that the book will benefit the young researchers and scholars who are working in the field.

The function was also attended by Chairman, Manipur Tourism development Corporation. Ltd. MLA, Dr. Sapam Ranjan Singh, President , Manipur Historical Society, Imphal, Prof. N. Joykumar Singh, Director , Mutua Museum, Keisampat, Mutua Bahadur, Prof. Nabakumar as president and guests of honour respectively. The function was organized by Sapam Hera Foundation, Tera Keithel, Imphal

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Tuesday, 09 July 2019 18:19

Assam Rifles Conducts Medical Camp

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Imphal, July 9,

Keithelmanbi Battalion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) organised a free medical camp at Moidangpok Makha Leikai, I/West district on 08th July 2019.  
The medical camp commenced with an informative lecture on ‘Birth Defects and Preventive Measures’ by the Regimental Medical Officer (RMO) followed by an interactive session during which various queries raised by the attendees were clarified. The locals were also enlightened on basic healthcare including precautions against common viral diseases as well as importance of hygiene and sanitation for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
As part of the camp, a dedicated medical team under the Regimental Medical Officer (RMO) provided medical assistance to the locals of the area. In addition to the medical checkup, consultation on various diseases and health related issues as well as free medicines were distributed to the needy patients.
A mobile dental clinic was also established for carrying out dental checkup of the locals. A medical team under the dental officer from 12 Dental Unit Assam Rifles (DUAR) provided free dental treatment and medicines to the attendees. The medical camp witnessed the attendance of over 360 locals of nearby villages.
The medical camp received an overwhelming response from the local populace. All the attendees conveyed their heartfelt gratitude to the Assam Rifles for facilitating the outreach of the medical facilities and requested for more such camps in the future as well.

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