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Imphal, July 6,

“We are one family even though there are issues and those are family matter”, both Chief Minister N. Biren Singh and Minister Th. Bishwajit said while delivering speech in the BJP’s Grand Launching of Membership Drive -2019 and 118th Birth Anniversary of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee held today at MFDC Palace Compound Imphal.

Th. Bishwajit is alleged to be a leader of the dissident group which is revolting for replacement of Chief Minister N. Biren Singh. He stayed away two times by not attending cabinet meeting convened by the Chief Minister. Politically conscious people of the state were taken by surprise in seeing both the Chief Minister and Minister Bishwajit sharing the same dais in the function of the membership drive of the BJP. Other members attended on the dais are RS MP K. Bhabananda, who is also the President of the BJP Manipur Pradesh, LS MP Ramvichar Netam, National President, ST Morcha, BJP, Minister Th. Shyamkumar, Minister Th. Radheshyam Singh and L Deven Singh , State membership in charge , BJP Manipur Pradesh.

Minister Bishwajit while speaking on the occasion said that he comes out for the party and BJP is one family. There may be differences and issues but those are family matter and will not last only as it will be settled soon, the minister added. 

Bishwajit also added that sidelining the differences among the family matters, the need of the hour is to go for a better future and each of us should take the responsibility for making a better future.

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh while delivering his speech quoted Minister Th. Bishwajit said that there will be issues in family and those issues will have a solution.

“As Minister Bishwajit had stated, it is natural that a family even brothers have differences of opinions and those differences will have a solution”, N. Biren Singh said.

The Chief Minister further said that the State, the country and the people are more important to them and all should work together for the people for the nation and the state.

“We cannot damage the state for one “me” alone, we cannot lose our country for one “me” alone”, N. Biren Singh said.  

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Imphal, July 6,

Rajya Sabha MP K. Bhabananda who is also the President of the BJP Manipur Pradesh today turned emotional over the allegation on the misappropriation of the MPLADF to him while delivering speech in connection with the membership drive of the BJP commemorating the 118th Birth Anniversary of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee at MFDC Auditorium here in Imphal.

“An MP can only recommend for the works of the MPLADF and the works are implemented by the Engineers and the DC”, Bhabananda said and questioned the newspapers for defaming his name when he has nothing to do with the implementation of the MPLADF.

“Now I will suggest the Union Minister Harsh Vardhan to fix all responsibility in the implementation of the MPLADF if we want to make sure that the fund is utilized properly”, Bhabananda said. 

He further said that it was unfortunate that his name has been defamed by newspapers over the misuse of his MPLADF fund. He declared that all works taken up under his local area development fund will be made public after the monsoon session of the Parliament. He also added that he had written a letter to Harsh Vardhan for taking up privilege motion regarding the defamation of his name.

On the other hand Bhabananda also asked on why only he has been looked for the misappropriation of the MPLADF.

“There are many who have been MLAs for many years, why no one is being reported and why only me”, an emotional Babananda said.

On the other hand the BJP Manipur Pradesh President said that BJP Manipur Pradesh will cancel party ticket to MLAs who fails to submit the report for implementation of the Local Area Development Fund.

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Imphal, July 6,

MLA of the Khurai Assembly constituency, Leishangthem Susindro popularly called by people as Yaima today said that he is ready to resign from the post of MLA if people do not want him to remain in the post.

He said this while speaking during a public meeting organised by Apunba Nupi Lup Khurai, Lamlong Keithel Phambi Nupi Lup and Coordinating body Khurai (a conglomerate of 32 organisations ) against the bomb blast at his residence on July 4 at Lamlong Keithel today.

The MLA said that he was elected by the people to voice for the people and whatever he has been voicing is for the people. If any organizations or the people are not satisfied with his work and wanted him to resign then he is ready to resign from the post of the MLA.

“I am upset, and fed up of the present situation”, Susindro said and added that if they said to step down from the post of the MLA then he will resign.

Following the stand of the MLA, a JAC was formed against the Bomb blast at Khurai Sajor Leikai. The JAC announced to stage sit-in protest at the residence of the MLA Susindro until he withdraw his stand for resignation from the post of MLA. President of Khurai Pana Apunba Singlup along with six others have submitted a memorandum  to the Chief Minister to take urgent action against those responsible to the blasts.  The memorandum also demanded to entrust the investigation to the NIA.

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Imphal, July 6,

Farmers along with Irabot Foundation Manipur stormed at Old Secretariat today demanding urgent steps to relieve farmers’ suffering due to drought like situation in the state.

The farmers’ than marched towards Chief Minister’s Bungalow, however, a team of police personnel foiled the rally before reaching the Chief Minister’s Bungalow.

Speaking to media persons Secretary General of Irabot Foundation Thongam Ajit questioned the Chief Minister on the use of distributing pump when there is no water and said that most of the places are dry.

He demanded special package for the farmers as there will be less produce this session because of the current drought like situation.

Ajit stressed that they have been demanding for a suitable water policy and proper implementation for last many years. Replying to the letter sent by them to Prime Minister Office on June 10, 2017 the Prime minister even replied to the Chief Secretary to take appropriate action, he added.

Further, various programs were given by Chief Minister but the situation faced by the farmers still get worse by flood or any drought like situation, he asserted.

He further said that the present farming practice still lies in the fate of the monsoon. He strongly condemned for the lack of policy of the farmers and urged the government for a sustainable policy.

Highlighting the decrease in farming areas Th.Ajit said that farmers sold their paddy fields as they find it hard to do agriculture because of non productivity and incurred heavy losses where they have invested in farming activities. He further said that farm lands which were sold were bought by rich and powerful people and started to construct their own factories and industries. Such activities also added in decreasing the product of the state and also the farm lands.

Ajit further urged to stop the crisis in the government for time being and added that in order to have good governance the government should know the desires of the people and communicate with them.

“It is not the time to race for power during such crisis and is not in the interest of the people and the farmers”, Ajit condemned. He further asked the government to stop and solve at the earliest and think for the welfare of the people and the farmers.

He said that water policy is a must for the state and it will be an easy task for the government to find solution regarding water scarcity on the farm lands. He added that water for the farmers can be given by pulling up the underground water and making drains.

Previously the protestors staged sit in protest on the road just outside the Old Secretariat.

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Imphal, July 6,

Unknown miscreants allegedly attacked Urikhinbam Thoibi ,the daughter of rights activist Urikhinbam Nobokishore and Mangsatabam Sobita on July 4 this year Boroi Makhong , Kha Naorem Leikai under Singjamei police station, by shooting at her using a short gun.

United NGOs Mission Manipur, in a statement said that the incident happened on July 4 , 2019 when Thoibi was driving a  Bolero vehicle from Singjamei after buying some containers to pack Khechri and Ooti for Kang along with two of her friends.

When she reach at Naorem Leikai Lairembi a Gypsy packed with 6/7 young persons( may be below the age of 30) gave very loud horn continuously from a very short distance .

They also shouted with strong words to them repeatedly. They were all frightened. The party in the Gypsy also followed them at the other side of the road along NH 102 which was divided by a median. They also stopped the Gypsy and further shouted using slang language which challenged the modesty of a woman .There were some exchanged of words between them.

Then suddenly the person who was driving the Gypsy took out a short gun and fire at them but fortunately nobody was hurt. Then they drove fast and run away from the spot towards Canchipur. The persons in the Gypsy suspected to be under influence of alcohol or some chemical.

The statement further added that Thoibi’s parents were also targeted by the suspected people (in civil dress) from the security forces on 11th August 2018 and refused to file FIR o in Imphal East District in spite of repeated request to the higher authorities till today.

It is very important to note that her father U.Nobokishore and mother M.Sobita were systematically targeted by the unknown armed persons suspected to be the members of security forces since 4th October 2017.

The UNMM urged to all the concerns to avoid such criminal act in future.

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Imphal July 6,

All Manipur Selected 2000 candidates of police constable (Civil/ Male) 2013 candidates have resolved to call total shut down on the two National Highways from midnight of July 10 till the midnight of July 11 if government fails to give appointment letters on or before July 8, 2019.
This was said to media persons by President of All Manipur Selected 2000 candidates of police constable (Civil/ Male) 2013 candidates Ahongsangbam Binoy while they were staging a sit in protest held today in the Community hall at Keishampat Leimajam Leikai.
Speaking to media persons Ahongsangbam Binoy stressed that the government still fails to give appointment letters for the post which was called on 2013 and declared the result on December 2018.
Discouraging the youths for the past long seven years Binoy said that the government has put the youths in distress. He added that several deadlines were given to the government to give the appointment letters to the selected candidates and still no positive response were assured by the government.
He further appealed the CSOs and the people of the state to extend support in their demands.

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Saturday, 06 July 2019 17:53

Some uneasy windfall

The tenacity of the people of Manipur to cling on to concepts of normalcy while actually indulging in acts that reaps results to the contrary can only be marveled at. We profess unity while setting up and supporting ethnically intolerant groups. We demand peace while burning and inciting violence. We insist on freedom even when we are indulging in extortions and intimidations, and we ask understanding of others according to our own terms and views. We publicly donate only to claim it back in private.
Perhaps the present political churning threatening to alter the social fabric of the state is an event whose time has come. Maybe we all have been contributing, albeit unwittingly, to its present condition. But all is not so dark or dismal.
There are changes, unintended fallouts that promise to yank the people from the stupor and the self-deceiving delusions of superiority. There are signs of the people awakening to the realities staring them back in the face, even if that reality is not very savory or one everyone have expected or desired. We have come to participate in social discussions and debates, and have slowly yet surely started to learn to air our vows, never mind fact that, more often than not, a large number of such views and personal opinions reflect the underlying ethnic leanings and are unnecessarily abrasive and harmful. This is, after all, a starting phase to the trend of social participation and will hopefully learn from the mistakes, and with time, to polish up on one’s thoughts and outlooks. The most significant outcome is perhaps the increased awareness not only of one’s own history, tradition and customs, but also of other communities as well. There is also a tangible change in the manner in which the public consume resources. The sustained lack of facilities have evidently stirred the curiosity and raised the enthusiasm of the public. There is an increased effort by various groups and individuals to usher in self reliance, especially with regards to food.
 If the well-meaning but clueless state government can harness the present turmoil, then perhaps we can channelize the energy into something productive instead of playing the reluctant leader. It may be hard to admit for a lot of undeserving representatives, but one cannot deny the fact that at the root of the present turmoil is economic considerations.  The sooner we admit and understand that, the easier will it be to work out a solution.
Times are changing, hopefully for the better. With increased awareness, participation and enthusiasm, it is now the duty of everyone in the state to take up the cudgel and wield it productively, and not to batter each other until nothing remains. Every life is precious, and in order for all of us to make our existence worthwhile, we first need to snap out of the illusion of superiority of language, caste, creed, clan, religion and customs. And in order to make dream comes true spoil game should be thrown out of the mind.

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Saturday, 06 July 2019 17:52

AR conducts medical camp at Khaikual

IGAR (South)
Imphal July 6,

Sajik Battalion of 28 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR (South) organised a medical camp at Khaikual and adjoining villages of Churachandpur district on 03rd July and 04th July 2019 under Assam Rifles Civic Action Programme 2019-2020.
Keeping in mind the problems faced by the villagers due to the prevalent socio-economic conditions and remoteness of the location, the medical camp was organised to cater for basic medical needs of the locals. The absence of a Primary Health Centre (PHC) in the near vicinity and poor condition of roads amplified the requirement of conducting the medical camp.
Specialist  Medical Officer (SMO), Sajik Battalion with four medical staff provided free medical treatment and distributed free medicine to the people of Khaikual and adjoining villages and a total of 285 patients (94 males, 89 females and 102 children) were provided treatment. A complete checkup of every individual was carried out during the two day medical camp. Apart from providing necessary medical attention, basic knowledge on health education, hygiene and sanitation was also imparted.
The medical team not only utilized the camp to attend to the medical needs of locals but also reinforced the faith of the people in Assam Rifles.

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Imphal July 6,

Kakching Battalion of 28 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR (S) celebrated Van Mahotsav with students of various school of Sugnu.

Yesterday, Inter School drawing competition was organised by Kakching Battalion in which 98 students of M Ganga Academy, United Public School, Grace English High School,  Trinity English School, St Joseph Higher Sec School and Ching Tam English School participated. The theme of the competition was ‘Save Environment’. The students from class 1st to 10th made sketches and paintings which not only were beautiful but conveyed an important message of afforestation.

A lecture was also delivered by Company Commander of Sugnu post highlighting the importance of trees and motivated the young minds to contribute significantly towards nature preservation and harmful effect of deforestation.

Subsequently a tree plantation drive was also undertaken by the students and Assam Rifles personnel. The aim of conducting the completion was to highlight the importance of forest and ill effects of deforestation which is destroying flora and fauna of Manipur.

Chassad Battalion of 10 Sector Assam Rifles under aegis of HQ IGAR (South) conducted a medical camp at Khangpat Centre, Kamjong district on 05 July 2019. The camp was organized under “Assam Rifles Civic Action Programme 2019-2020”. A total of 73 patients were examined by a team of doctor and trained Para-medical staff for various ailments and free medicines were provided to all during the camp.

The aim of the camp was to provide free medical treatment and consultation to the villagers of Khangpat Centre and nearby villages of Kamjong district where medical facilities are not available due to its remote location and proximity to the Indo-Myanmar border. Apart from providing medical assistance and medicines, the information on hygiene, sanitation and awareness in life style diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes etc was given to the villagers. The medical camp included lecture and demonstration on measures to ward off any likely-hood of seasonal diseases due to mosquitoes in the monsoon season.

The villagers appreciated the efforts made by Assam Rifles and expressed their heartfelt gratitude for bringing much needed medical assistance in remote areas.

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