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Imphal, July 28,

11 days has gone and the body of the 14 years old minor girl studying at class VII at Standard Robarth School found death at the school hostel room is lying at JNIMS Morgue after conducting post mortem for the second time on July 26. JAC formed against the suspicious death along with other students bodies and major civil society organizations of the state had now strengthen their stand to demand justice for the minor student. They have decided not to accept the dead body until the government handed over the investigation about the cause of the death to CBI.

A mass meeting held today at THAU ground which was attended by various leaders and representatives of the major students’ bodies and Civil Society organization of the state, attended by nearly thousands of people make the air at Thangmeiband fill with the cry for justice of Babysana. Uncle of the deceased girl, N. Kumar, narrated story on how he and his brother felt suspicious that their daughter Babysana would not have committed suicide.

“The attitude of the School authority made us suspicious about this incident, and I felt that something fishy is going on”, Kumar said with tears in his eyes.

Khumukcham Joykishan, the only MLA from the state of Manipur who came out to stand with the people to fight for justice for Babysana said that the government is not sincere in handling the case.

“Why there is no official announcement that shows concern about the mysterious death of Babysana? How could the Section 305 of the IPC that has been lodged against the death find satisfactory enough by the people and why the police matter agreed to add Section 302?” Joykishan questioned the government.

The Chief Minister had agreed to hand over the case to CBI but there seem no official measures to have been taken up by the state government, Joykishan hitting hard to the Chief Minister. On the other hand the Chief Minister himself is presently at New Delhi and if he is serious about the mysterious death of Babysana and if he is committed to hand over the case to CBI than he could have take up the matter with the Union Home Minister.

A retired physician who had taken part in the post mortem of Rose Mary, Nilam Bhaya etc. in the early 80s, Dr. Sharat who had taken part in the post mortem conducted for the second time said that the case of Babysana from the eye of a Doctor is the rarest of the rare case.

Some of the circumstances that can make to the public is that, the case is Partial hanging and such hanging needs lots of investigation, Dr. Sharat said.

SIT instituted

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Imphal, July 28,


The state government has today instituted a Special Investigation Team to start probe of the Babysana Mysterious death, a source close to Imphal Times said.

The SIT will conduct investigation until the case is handed over to the CBI, the source added.

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Imphal July 28,

A one day discussion program on the present school’s boarding and hostels in Manipur was held today which was organised by Students’ Union Kangleipak (SUK) at Iboyaima Shumang Leela Sanglen, Konung Mamang.

Addressing the function in the key note address General Secretary of SUK Rojesh highlighted that that the boarding and hostel were functioning on their own way without fulfilling any criteria. He added that the rule less nature has led many crimes in boardings.

Several instances have occurred in schools like Temple of Learning where a student was found hanging another incident of rape case was occurred at a school at Keirao. A student was also drowned because of the lack of carefulness of the teacher, he added.  

Rojesh continued that a rape was also occurred at a school of Shamurou and also instances of a child where he/she was kept inside a bag for alleged thief.

He concluded to have a firm stand to propose a regulation regarding the boarding and hostel of the school.

Laishram Malem Mangal stressed that the private actors have become more powerful. He added that 69 percent of the child in the country was physically or mentally abused and two third of the children were physically abused in the school. 

He urged to have a code of conduct of the private sectors which may be School or hospital to have more accountability. 

The discussion was moderated by advisor of Editors Guild, Manipur Ahongshangbam Mobi.

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Imphal, July 28,  

In connection with a pres meet conducted by the Youth’s Forum for Protection of Human Rights (YFPHR) at Manipur Press Club yesterday, the Forum’s spokesperson had stated that on the 25th of July, 2019 some members of the forum visited the Singjamei PS for some work, on the said visit it was observed that some police personnel along with some of the arrested accused persons in connection with the death of Babysana have entered together at a room which probably could be investigation room or lock for women which is located within the compound of the office of the SDPO which is in lined with the office room of the SDPO.
The YFPHR today clarified that the present serving SDPO of Singjamei Police Station is no were observed to be involved in that particular activities which was observed by the members of the forum on the 25th of July, 2019.
The statement which was made was only to give a clarity about the location by mentioning the location which is in lined with the office of the SDPO, it added.
The YFPHR appealed the masses not to impose the blame upon the present serving SDPO, Singjamei.

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Imphal July 28,

With the bandh called on National Highway against the banning of sand and stone mining today protestor unload trucks carrying sand which was imported from neighbouring states.

Eight trucks filled with sand were unloaded by the protestors at Awang Potsangbam Khunou.

Interestingly one truck carrying cows along with the sand was caught. The protestors claimed that they didn’t find any valid documents for transporting the cattle across the state.

Speaking to few media persons a protestor identified as Tongbram Sunderchand  stressed that they did the unloading as the truck driver violate the bandh and find another route violating . He said that their life line was all snatched by the government through the banning of mines.  He urged to find a solution of the problem arising from the banning of the stone and sand mined from the rivers.

He added that they will still protest until and unless the government finds a solution to the lives of thousands living from sand and stone mining.

Sunderchand is disappointed that the government still make the sands brought from other states legal while the sands from the states were banned where thousands make a livelihood from that.

While several roads on NH 102 were blocked by protestors, the protestors allowed the passengers but checked all truck passing through National highway and the truck carrying the sand and stone mine were made to return.

People of Tengdoyan, Kanto, Kameng, Khonghampat, Maharabi, Santipur blocked NH at Tengdoyan.

At Charbung, Kanglatongbi the protestor also blocked the road and checked the trucks.

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Sunday, 28 July 2019 17:20

Protest staged at Thoubal

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Imphal July 28,

People held a sit-in protest in Mini Market of Thoubal Kshetri leikai against the very suspicious death of Babysana (class 7) who was found hanging in the boarding of Standard Robarth Higher Secondary School, Canchipur, on July 18. They demanded to produce evidences of the death as soon as possible. One of the protesters who participated in the demonstration organized by Kshetri leikai Women Development Association and SEDCO Club, Kshetri leikai, expressed that Babysana’s suspicious death in the school boarding was extremely disheartening. Since the death was very suspicious, they asked to bring forth the reasons of the death. They highly condemned the inability of Manipur government and police to produce anything even after 10 days passed and the terribly slow process by Manipur process.

With banners that read “Babysana Ningthoujam Misgi Achumba Wayel Athuba Matamda Puthokpiyu,” the sit-in protest was participated by Meira Paibi and youths of the club of Thoubal Kshetri leikai.

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Imphal, July 28,

“Lamjingba Finance has become a space where thieves of this state are hoarding money and taking interest on the money they are investing there,” a statement by KCP MC said.

In this matter, Lamjingba Finance which is part of Lamjingba Group is not able to provide a satisfactory answer to the people, the outfit stated. Therefore, KCP MC has banned the activities of Lamjingba Finance, it said. The outfit has stopped the people from paying their loans and interests to this firm.

If anybody is found paying interest and loans to this private company, then KCP MC says that it is justified to take the same amount of money from the people who paid the money. The shutdown is not imposed on the media House, eco-Yu, Lamjingba Cabs and Dairy which are part of Lamjingba Group. KCP MC will stand for the poor peasants and workers of Manipur. Therefore, the outfit has decided not to ban the cab service thinking about the drivers employed in this service. Though it is the only sector which the outfit could easily attack but it has decided otherwise. There is no ban on the media house of this group. Regarding Lamjingba Dairy, the outfit should be made known about the investors involved in this dairy.

KCP MC also said that it has  banned a private bank at Sangakpam and if the outfit wanted money then it could have taken money and lifted the banned of this private bank. But the outfit is committed to stop these banks that are sucking the blood of the people. The outfit has taken this stand keeping in mind the suffering of the tolling masses of Manipur who are unable to pay the extravagant interest rate of the people, the statement added. The outfit is also investigating other private firms, the statement added. It also said that the outfit will ban any private bank which is taking more than two percent per month as interest.

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Imphal, July 28,

Popular Front of India General Secretary M. Mohammed Ali Jinnah has requested the all non-NDA Rajya Sabha MPs to defeat the UAPA Amendment Bill passed by Lok Sabha, by voting against it in the Upper House. He reminded that the mistake committed by them by allowing to pass the controversial NIA Amendment Bill, in spite of clear majority of non-NDA parties in Rajya Sabha should not get repeated. The message was conveyed to MPs individually via E-Mail.
Full text of the mail:
“We hope that this letter finds you in good health and democratic spirits.  
It is with disappointment that we learned the fact that the Lok Sabha on 24-07-2019 passed the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Bill 2019. Though strong opposition through valid questions and concerns was raised against the bill by opposition members, unfortunately only eight, members voted against the bill, while the rest mostly abstained from voting. As you know very well, the past five years have seen wide misuse of UAPA by the central and state governments against all forms of democratic expression of dissent. It was used to target Muslims, Dalits and activists opposing the government. Muslim organizations were specially targeted. That makes the present expansion of the law by adding more draconian provisions a matter of grave concern.
Empowering more a communally biased government with autocratic tendencies to designate individuals as terrorist is tantamount to opening doors for the violation of civil liberties. This in turn will erode our democracy and constitutional values of freedom and justice. Therefore, the bill must be prevented from becoming a law.  Since the NDA is not enjoying majority, mow it is possible if all opposition members vote against the bill when it comes for voting in Rajya Sabha.
Therefore on behalf of Popular Front of India, in the best interest of our nation and its people, I humbly request you and your party colleagues in Rajya Sabha to vote against the bill and defeat the draconian move of BJP government.”

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Sunday, 28 July 2019 17:18

Demising the Adolescent Miss

By : Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Sad! Sadden the glory of the demising souls;
So young and so innocence; joyous forever
So freshly and too tight as she blooms wildly;
She tinkles and she shines like those pearls;
Oh! She nestles so warmly layering deep under,
Mom’s her favorite, Dad’s her guardian;
Sister’s her sweet angel friend; Brother’s her boss;
So vibrant as she runs and when she plays her role;
She hugs and she cries; she touches and she clings;
She holds her lamp under her bosom so warmly;
Her tears so shaky weak like a morning dew;
Drop after drop she shatters her emotions;
Who else know ‘her’, her feelings so closed?
She’s ten, she’s thirteen and she’s fourteen;
She bubbles her dreams so effortlessly;
As she plays around her time, smiling and smiling;
‘His’ eyes so sick jealous keeping on her blooming;
Doesn’t knew as she jiggles, plucking her off;
Budding and promising Oh! the heaven,
Why? And why? Humans too greedy thirsty;
Chains ‘his’ hands and let fasten ‘his’ sins.

Oh! The beauty, the morning shine;
Sleeping beauty water white as her show up;
She floats and she was dumped alive so fresh;
Cruel as if he shackles ‘her’ so timidly;
Her bodies a miracle shine all eyes witnessing;
‘Waters’ her best friend, rivers and canals her ‘home’;
Imphal river, Iril river, Sekmai River all her ‘sweet bed’;
Salanthong wooded bridge, Sanjenthong bridge,
Urok thong bridge, bridge and bridges ‘her pillow’;
Canal and canal ‘her’ favorite mellow;
Ah! The she’s shining, a sun shine beauty;
So plucky and so courageous as she sink;
She falls so bravely and she struggled too hard;
‘Mud and soils’ her fertility Endeavour;
‘Ribbons and tie’ her assets, her breath her enemy;
Holding her so tight taking her breath away;
She drop ‘herself’ motionless silence always;
With those sparkling eyes lightning up clueless;
She isn’t weak, she‘s a hero so fearless;
Into those hands, ‘dirty and ‘filthy’ touches;
Why? And why? Humans too greedy thirsty;
Chains ‘his’ hands and let fasten ‘his’ sins.

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New Delhi, July 28,

Six-time World Championships gold medallist Mary Kom (51kg) and former World Championships bronze medallist Gaurav Bidhuri (56kg) had to stave off tough challenges in the semi-finals as a total of nine boxers made it to the finals at the 23rd President’s Cup in Labuan Bajo in Indonesia on Saturday.  
Fresh from winning the gold at the India Open two months ago, Indian boxing queen Mary Kom participated in this prestigious tournament with the aim of testing herself and getting some much-needed bouts under the belt ahead of the World Championships in October. Mary was made to sweat it out by Vietnam’s Anh vo Thi Kim with the Indian eventually registering a 3-2 win. Mary will be continuing her gold quest against Australia’s Franks April on Sunday.
India’s other star pugilist Gaurav Bidhuri also laboured to a tough 3-2 win over Philippines’ Ogayre Junmilardo while 2017 Ulaanbaatar Cup gold medallist Ankush Dahiya too notched up a victory by an identical scoreline over Korea’s Giheon You in 64kg. 2017 Simon Prestige Memorial tournament bronze medallist Neeraj Swami showed his resolve to eke out a gritty 3-2 win over Indonesia’s Langu Kornelis K.
Among the men, only Ananta Pralhad Chopade (52kg) had a breezy win as he outpunched Sri Lanka’s Dharmasena Piyal 5-0 to progress into the final.
India Open gold medallist Jamuna Boro (54kg) will take on Italy’s veteran boxer, Giulia Lamagna after a commanding 5-0 win over Kase Serlin Alin Liliwati of Indonesia.
Earlier, World Championships bronze medallist Simranjit Kaur (60kg) and GeeBee Boxing silver medallist Dinesh Dagar (69kg) had already confirmed their places in the final of this event.  Asian Boxing Championships silver medallist Simranjit was flawless in her first bout of this prestigious tournament and outpunched Italy’s Francesca Martusciello 5-0 in a commanding performance to enter the final against Indonesia’s Asian Games bronze medallist Hasanah Huswatun.
Dagar, a silver medallist at the 2018 India Open, had a convincing 5-0 victory over Indonesian Naumeo Defri for a meeting with Samada Saputra in the title clash.
In 48kg, Monika ended the challenge of Indonesia’s Niis Anggelina 5-0 to book her place in the final against Endang of Indonesia.

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By a Correspondent
Imphal, July 28,

Aryans Group of Colleges, Rajpura, Near Chandigarh today held its 9th Convocation (Part-A). Vice Chancellor, Punjabi University, Patiala, Prof. (Dr.) BS Ghuman was the Chief Guest on the occasion while Dr. Anshu Kataria, Chairman, Aryans Group presided over the function. Around 250 Engineering, Management, B.Ed etc students of Aryans were conferred degrees. The convocation ceremony started with the Lamp Lighting ceremony followed by a welcome prayer by the North East students.
Dr. B.S Ghuman while giving the convocation address congratulated the students. Ghuman said that Aryans is among the top Colleges of Punjabi University which is doing good job in overall development of its students. He congratulated the management of Aryans which was started with just 100 students and 1 College and now is imparting quality education to over 3500 students in 7 Colleges including Engineering, Law, Management, Nursing, Pharmacy, Degree & Education.
While motivating the students Ghuman further said that it is not merely convocation but a new beginning for another challenging life.  “Students of today are the Founders of tomorrow’s Nation” he added. He advised the students to become good citizen and work day and night to earn Fame for themselves and entire Country.
Ghuman advised the graduates and post graduates to register themselves at their employment exchange offices at their respective districts so that they can be contacted for the various job openings in their state as well as across the Country.
Dr. Anshu Kataria, Chairman, Aryans Group while congratulating the students said that it’s a proud moment for Aryans to add these young talents for the progress of the Society. Kataria said that we don’t need Funds from our alumni, but we want these students to Earn Name and Fame for themselves, Society and their Nation in the coming years.
Principal, Dr. Raman Rani Gupta presented the report about the college and the various academic and other achievements of the college. She mentioned that apart from academics, the college students are active in sports, cultural, innovations and other extracurricular activities.
Director, Prof. B.S Sidhu; Principal, Dr. Raman Rani Gupta; Registrar, Mr. Steven Jawinda; Prof. Krishan Singla, Mr. Kapil Dev etc were also present on the occasion.

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