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Imphal, July

Tribunal of the Speaker of Manipur Legislative Assembly has been deferred for 4 weeks after the counsel of the 7 Congress MLAs had pleaded the Speaker to give four more weeks for filling written objection in connection with the case filed for disqualification.

Hearing for the case for disqualification of the 7 defected Congress MLAs namely Oinam Lukhoi, Ksh Biren, Paonam Brojen, Sanasam Biramani, Ngamthang Haokip, Ginsuanhau and Y. Surchandra was held today at the Speaker’s tribunal of the Manipur Legislative Assembly. During the hearing the counsels of the seven MLAs pleaded the Speaker to provide 4 weeks for filing written objection to the case filed against the MLAs. The Petitioners’ Counsel didn’t raise any objection to the plea by the respondent counsel and thereby the Speaker granted the plea and fixed the next hearing after 4 weeks. 

Fifteen different disqualification petitions that were filed against Forest and Environment Minister Th. Shyamkumar by Congress MLAs were also heard before the Speaker Tribunal today.

During the hearing the respondent Counsel submitted that there is some error in technical ground in the disqualification petition and plea to reject the petitions.

On the other hand petitioner counsel submitted the High Court order passed on July 23 in connection with the disqualification petition filed by Md. Fajur Rahim and MLA K. Meghachandra as additional affidavit before the Speaker Tribunal.

After the hearing Speaker Tribunal reserved order of the preliminary objection and further proceedings of the Tribunal.

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Imphal, July 27,

Parents of the hostellers staying at the hostel of Standard Robarth School Canchipur today took out all the belongings of their wards from the hostel room today demanding justice for Ninghoujam Babysana who was found death in the same hostel in a suspicious manner on July 18.

Parents of the wards who came to collect the belonging reportedly saw the dormitory where their children were staying as they were never allowed to enter the room on visiting day. Almost all parents while collecting their children’s belongings were shocked to see the condition their children were kept in the dormitory of the hostel. There were no fans and the double decker iron beds were place with no sufficient space for the students to move freely. In short the hostellers were kept like broilers in poultry farms. Some parents don’t want to send back to the hostel while few were willing to send back after the issue of Babysana death case. 147 girls were staying in the hostel. Parents had already taken their wards days later after the suspicious death of Babysana but their belonging were collected only today as agreed with the student body AMSU and the JAC.

Talking to media persons, Secretary General of All Manipur Students Union (AMSU) Bipinchandra Ahanthem said that with the mysterious death of Babysana and many other unwanted cases that had happened at many private run hostels including the recent one the student body demanded a proper guideline and regulations to be framed. He said some organizations including the one headed by Landhoni, the Principal of Standard Robarth Eanglish School had been opposing the Manipur Private School Registration Act, 2017 which has been passed by the Manipur State Assembly.

And using every means the organization led by the principal Landhoni the state government is not implementing what they had passed in the State Assembly, he added.

Bipinchandra further said that the All Manipur Private School Welfare Association has been demanding review of the Manipur Private School Registration Act, 2017 which has been passed by the Manipur State Assembly and for reason unknown the act has not been implemented till today.

“If the act has been implemented many private schools may be derecognized”, he said and added that many school do not fulfill the criteria outlined in the Govt. act.

Even though there are many organizations which are against the Manipur Private School Registration Act , 2017, the All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU) will work tooth and nail to make that the act is implemented, Bipinchandra said.

Human Resource Secretary of the AMSU, Bruce Pebam while talking to media persons said that the belonging of the hostellers were taken out from the hostel as desire by the parents after they felt that their children are unsafe in the hostel. He said that during a meeting called by the AMSU  almost all parents of the hostellers were present and they expressed insecure in keeping their children at the Hostel.

The All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU) taking help of the State Police today took out the belongings of the children from the hostel.

“This was to ensure that transparency during the process of investigation”, Bruce said.

When all the hostel rooms (dormitory) were open the dormitory where Babysana died in a mysterious circumstances was kept sealed. No one was allowed to enter that room as investigation is being on.

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Imphal, July 27,

All Tribal Rights Protection Forum Manipur (ATRPFM) has drawn the attention of the Chief Minister to maintain work allotments to government departments based on seniority list.

In a press statement the ATRPFM said that the works of Head of Office (HOO) & Drawing & Disbursing Officer (DDO) cannot be assigned to the junior officer when there are seniors.
When there is a Joint Director in a Department, the post of Head of Office (HOO) and Drawing & Disbursing Officer (DDO) cannot be given to the Deputy Director. By virtue of his seniority and grade, Joint Director is supposed to hold the posts of HOO and DDO, the ATRPFM said. ATRPFM  appealed the Minister concerned and the State Government to do the needful as bypassing a senior officer by junior is bad in law as well as morally.

“If Government acts in contravention with the existing rules and law in any Department, we have no option except to oppose the same and the State Government shall not consider on communal line”, the statement by James Haokip, Gen.Secy ATRPFM said.

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Manipur today is in dire strait once more with no custodian to look into the affairs of the public. The incumbent Chief Minister who always came forward to look into the problem of the people and who also tried his level best to look into the grievances of the people now is busy trying to protect his seat. The Cabinet colleagues who had dedicated their service for the poor in the last two years are seen nowhere in the state when people of the state need them. The MLA whom the people had elected remains silence except for one – Khumukcham Joykishan, to voice for the people, when a minor girl was mysteriously died in her hostel room. At present the farmers are shedding tears worrying their future due to scarcity of water. The daily wage earner , labourers who live on by mining sand and stones from the river bed now came to the street disturbing normalcy after the High Court had imposed banned on the mining of sand from the river bed. At this crucial time when people across the state are facing multiple problems, the government is equivalent to defunct as the ruling BJP MLAs are now busy fighting for power. Not only the BJP MLAs but also the Congress MLAs who are in the opposition also remain quite for reason best known to them. As stated earlier except for Congress MLA Khumukcham Joyishan, almost all MLAs, Ministers and even the Chief Minister are leaving the people of the state at their own to face the multiple problems of suspicious dead, drought like situation and cry of sections of people including teachers, surrendered militants among others.
Now, the prolonged unsettled issue of the NSCN-IM, is nearing solution and the BJP government will someday introduce the contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB), besides , it is likely that certain agenda of the BJP to make India a one nation and one religion country may also take up as the BJP led NDA government at the center is strong, very strong  that they can now do anything like passing of the Bill to make the country strong but which hurts sentiment of many people from state like Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, parts of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. No one can say when will this things happen that has the potential of burning the state but the way the ruling BJP MLAs keep continuing the fight for power and the taking up of the pending disqualification case of some congress MLAs who joined the BJP is a worrying factors for the people. It is likely that if the situation continues the center may have no other option but to kept the state Assembly under animated suspension and impose president rule.
Once president rule is imposed, the legitimate platform which could oppose any move of the center that could spark mass protest will no longer available. The only means will be going out in the street and shout like wild dog where any person could be hit by the merciless bullets of the Security Force.
The representatives who are putting a grinding halt to the functioning of the government should know that people of today are no fool in this age of high tech information technology. People know what you people are playing and for what at the cost of the live of the people of the state.  

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In this esteemed newspaper, I on behalf of the student communities I would like to draw the attention of the Chief Minister of Manipur to please kindly look into the Post-Matric Scholarship for the academic session 2018-2019 for the tribal students pursuing studies outside the state on priority basis albeit unstable financial position of state’s exchequer as the scholarship is yet to be reimbursed to the respective students. It is unfortunate that it has become a trend for reimbursement of Pre-Matric and Post-Matric scholarships untimely for the past two academic years. The tribal students depend on the Scholarship for payment of fees, and other expenses of essential materials related to their academic activities. To mentioned one factual context that is, the tribal students of Manipur pursuing Bachelors, Masters, M.Phil, and Ph.D. in the Tata Institute of Social Sciences across all the campuses of the institute are yet to submit their Post-Matric Scholarship to the Institute for the academic year 2018-19, as this scholarship is meant for payment of fees.  Hence, the students’ certificates of Bachelors, Masters, and M.Phil are withheld by the institute’s authority, unless the scholarship is submitted their certificates will be withheld leading to detrimental of their career though how motivated they are to scale the pinnacle. Moreover, the withheld of certificates by the concerned authority is letting them handicapped to pursue their career in which they are interested or intrigued upon and also it may even let the students undergo psychological trauma.
Studying outside the state doesn’t mean all the tribal students are from the sound economic family background. There are also students belonging to low economic background who solely depend upon the scholarships and fellowships provided by the government of India. And moreover, there are students with their outstanding performances got merit scholarships and fellowships for their higher studies to sustain their educational expenses and also supporting their siblings too.
Therefore, I would like to make a humble suggestion to the state government and the concerned authority pertaining to any scholarships of the students, it must be a top priority and primary onus. Lackadaisical gestures of the state government on scholarship matters will implicate the students’ career and the ramifications will only be a burden of the parents. Thus, your esteem office is requested to kindly look into this matter and takes the necessary action as soon as possible for a positive outcome. Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,
Gofort Koko
Ph.D. scholar,
Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.
Resident of Berukhudam Village,
Chandel District, Manipur.

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Despite dramatic advances and developments in the treatment of Hepatitis B and C, elimination of both types of the disease remains difficult due to lack of awareness among masses. Globally, around 325 million people are living with chronic hepatitis B and becoming a prime reason for liver cancer and failure. Among 11 countries, India stands fourth which carries almost 50% of the global burden of chronic hepatitis.  
World Hepatitis Day is witnessed every year on 28th July to provide an opportunity to step up national and international efforts to spread awareness about Hepatitis. This year World Hepatitis day is urging all countries and partners to promote the theme ‘Invest in eliminating hepatitis and policymakers to increase political and financial commitments for its response.
Inflammation of the liver (commonly known as hepatitis) can result from viral infection and as all the symptoms are nearly close enough, without a diagnostic test, it is impossible to differentiate. Hepatitis is widespread in India. Lack of regular check-up and diagnosis are the prime reasons for being undetected and sufferings. The other reason includes people who have had tattoos, or injects drugs, unsafe blood transfusion and lack of universal hepatitis B immunization.
“As the function of the liver is to help in digestion by producing proteins, enzymes and other substances, clear toxins from the body and generate energy from food. Any abnormality in the production of the components is a serious indication of an ailment that the liver is not functioning well. In case suspecting an improper functioning of the liver, liver function test (LFT) may be done wherein a sample of blood is taken for analysis.”Dr. Deepak Lahoti, Director & Head, Dept. of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Max Super Speciality hospital, Partparganj.   
There are 5 types of Hepatitis known as A, B, C, D and E , in which A and E are water borne ad spreads through contaminated food or water, then Hepatitis B, C and D are blood borne and at last Hepatitis D causes infection only along with Hepatitis B. The major concern is being focused for Hepatitis B which can spread unknowingly from a mother who is infected to a new born child. Over 90% of new hepatitis B infections occur through mother–to–child transmission and during the early age of childhood. So it is mandatory to test a mother for Hepatitis B during pregnancy and take prevention after positive results.
“Now the major change has been achieved after introduction of vaccine for Hepatitis B which is a safe, affordable, and well tested too. The improvement area is visible in the case of Hepatitis B infection is among children group which is being reduced from 4.7% (before introduction of vaccine) to 1.3% in 2015 after introduction of vaccine. It is very much important for everyone to get vaccinated against Hepatitis B as it works as armor around you to protect from this killer viral infection, Added Dr Lahoti.

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By a Correspondent
New Delhi, July 27,  

Former world junior champion Nikhat Zareen (51kg) led five Indian boxers into the finals as the semi-final action concluded at the Thailand Open International Boxing Tournament 2019 in Bangkok on Friday. Along with Nikhat, the others aiming for the gold on Saturday will be Asian Championships silver medallist Deepak (49kg), GeeBee Boxing silver medallist Mohammed Hussamuddin (56kg), Asian Championships silver medallist Ashish Kumar (75kg), and India Open silver medallist Brijesh Yadav (81kg).
The journey of Manju Rani (48kg), Ashish (69kg) and Bhagyabati Kachari (75kg), however, came to an end in the semi-finals as they had to settle for the bronze.
Having begun the year with a gold medal at the Strandja Cup, the Asian Championships bronze medallist Nikhat Zareen looked in no mood to stop as she booked her place in the final with a 4-1 win over Thailand’s Jutamas Jitpong. In the final, she will face China’s Asian Games gold medallist Chang Yuan in what would be a tough bout.
Deepak blazed past Bhutan’s Tashi Wangdi 5-0 to set up a showdown with Uzbekistan’s Mirzakhmedov Nodirjon.
In the bantamweight category, Hussamuddin passed a stern test to register a narrow 3-2 win over Thailand’s Ammarit Yaodam for a meeting with the reigning India Open champion Chatchai Decha Butdee.
Ashish Kumar will hunt for the gold after a 4-0 victory over Uzbek Fanat Kakhramonov. Korea’s Kim Jinjae will be his opponent in the final showdown.
In 81kg, Brijesh landed a flurry of punches to knock out Saranon Klompan of Thailand before being declared the winner by RSC in Round 2. Up next for him is Thailand’s Anawat Thongkratok.
Strandja Cup silver medallist Manju Rani failed to breach the barrier of Thailand’s former World Championships bronze medallist Chuthamat Raksat who inflicted a 4-1 defeat on the Indian.
While Ashish succumbed to a 1-4 defeat to Thailand’s former Asian Games champion Wuttichai Masuk, Bhagyabati Kachari was outplayed 5-0 by China’s Rio Olympic bronze medallist Li Qian.

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Saturday, 27 July 2019 17:15

Sutirtha stars for U Mumba in UTT

By Samikshan Dutta Choudhury
New Delhi, July 27,

 India’s former women’s national champion Sutirtha Mukherjee pulled off a massive upset over Germany’s Petrissa Solja, helping debutants U Mumba TT down formidable Chennai Lions 9-6 in the Ultimate Table Tennis here on Friday.
India’s top star Sharath Kamal drew his Lions back into the contest by recovering 5 points from U Mumba, 2 in the Mixed Doubles along with the valiant Petrissa and another 2 in the second Men’s Singles contest to make it 6-6 going into the final fixture of the evening.
But Hong Kong’s experienced Doo Hoi Kem was too powerful for India’s Madhurika Patkar, sweeping the last three points of the tie to give U Mumba a massive win.
Sutirtha Mukherjee set the ball rolling for U Mumba, cruising to an unexpected 5-1 lead in the opening game. She made the most of that stunning start to take the game 11-7. She then showed amazing composure, fighting back from 5-10 to win her own golden point.
Sutirtha, however, couldn’t continue the momentum, losing the decider 5-11. But she had garnered two crucial points for U Mumba.
Kazakhastan’s Kirill Gerassimenko was quick to seize the opportunity, toppling Portugal’s Tiago Apolonia (former World No. 13) 2-1 in the Men’s Singles. It was a gripping contest, with the young Kirill showing great defensive skills while also unleashing deceptive shots from close to the table.
Kirill stayed ahead for most of the opening game although Tiago caught up with him twice, at 5-5 and 10-10. But Kirill was cool enough to conjure a backhand winner to pour another point into the team’s kitty.
The next game too was close but Kirill managed to streak ahead from 7-7 to pick up a second point for himself and his team. He lost the third game tamely though, setting the stage for Sharath.
Sharath and Petrissa Solja combined much better to ease past Manav Thakkar and Doo Hoi Kem 2-1. They dominated the contest, with Sharath playing his usual attacking game. But true to day, the third game went to the losers.
Sharath began strongly against Manav, winning the first 11-7. Manav however, clawed back to take the next game 11-5. The decider proved to be a thriller, with the duo battling for every point, before the senior Indian’s experience bailed him out.
U Mumba TT bt Chennai Lions 9-6
 1) Women’s Singles - Suthirtha Mukherjee  bt  Petrissa Solja 2-1 (11-7, 11-10, 5-11)
2) Men’s Singles - Kirill Gerassimenko bt Tiago Apolonia 2-1 (11-10, 11-9, 5-11)
3) Mixed Doubles - Manav Thakkar/Doo Hoi Kem lost to Sharath Kamal/Petrissa Solja  1-2 (8-11, 8-11, 11-7)
4) Men’s Singles - Manav Thakkar lost to Sharath Kamal 1-2 (7-11, 11-5, 10-11)
5) Women’s Singles - Doo Hoi Kem bt Madhurika Patkar 3-0 (11-10, 11-7, 11-5)

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Imphal July 27,

Celebrating the movement of the people on July 27, 2001 where Government of India finally yielded to delete the three words “without territorial agreement” from the cease fire agreement between the NSCN-IM and the Government of India,  ACOAM Lup today observes as Integrity Protection Day.
The observation was held at Manipur Press Club.
Addressing in the function General Secretary of ACOAM Lup Telheiba Mangang highlights the brief history of the incident. He reminded that on June 14, 2001 the agreement signed between Government of India and NSCN IM which was known as Bangkok agreement made a hue and cry leading to the death of 18 people because of the three words “without territorial limit”
He added that as the movement begins the people protested against the three words on the agreement.
Later on July 27 the government ultimately yielded to the voice and demand of the people and the three words “without territorial limit” was deleted from the agreement, he added.
Telheiba urged the people of the land to stand united for a better Manipur.
The function was attended by President in charge of ACOAM Lup Sanjit Soraisam, International Awardee H. Ibotombi Khuman, President of Kanglei Ima Lup RK. Sanahanbi, President of Kanglamei Y. Leirik and Vice President of UCM Ksh Somorendro.

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Imphal, July 27,

All Manipur Muslim Students’ Organization (AMMSO) orgainsed a “One day consultation programme on crime against women and children” today at 10 30 am. Khaidem Mani, Acting Chairperson, Manipur Human Rights Commission, Shah Nawz, President AMMSO, Rabi Khan, Member Bar Council Manipur, Sobita Mangsatabam, Secretary Women Action for Development and Renu Takhellambam, President EEVFAM were present as chief guest. The guest talked about improving the situation of women in this society. In this program, BM Umarjan, who is a Software Engineer, spoke about the situation of women in this society. She said “since time immemorial women have been oppressed.” She gave example of sati system and polygamy which existed in earlier times. The authorities at that time supported these systems. “Domestic violence and crime against women have been going on since centuries. These crimes do not just include rape and molestations but also include subjection of women on daily basis. If a woman is subjected to violence every day, then it will surely impact the women in various ways, her mental development and personality will be hampered. She would not be able to work outside the home and it will seriously affect the decision making capability of the women” She added.  “We do not see any women around who are big entrepreneurs or leaders of this society. It is because women are subjected to violence and abuse ever day. This system need to change if we want an egalitarian society which can compete globally. We need equality of men and women if we want to stop the crime against women. If we look at the crime against women, then we need to understand that because women are weak and lack awareness in the society and they cannot raise their voice in the legal system” She said.  She questions the accessibility of legal system to women who are suffering from abuse and violence. She also argued that we need strict punishment for crime against women because we want to deter the crimes and everyday violence that is happening to women.
She argued that this society needs empowerment of women. 

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