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Imphal, July 26,

With the approval of opening DM (Super Specialty) Course in Nephrology by the Union Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) now sees hope for starting Kidney Transplantation Programme in the near future.

“Two seats have been approved for undergoing DM Super Specialty Course in Nephrology in RIMS from this year and after 3 years RIMS may start Kidney transplantation programme”, a Jubilant, Director of the Institute, Dr. A Shanta, announced to media persons at the RIMS campus today.

Explaining on how the RIMS could start Kidney Transplantation Programme, Director, RIMS, Dr A Shanta said that after completing the Super Specialty Course in Nephrology from RIMS, it is mandatory of them to work at RIMS for one year. RIMS will have two Super Specialty MD in Nephrology after 3 year and in the subsequent years too same number of doctors will be available. With close coordination between Urology department and the nephrology department RIMS can start Kidney Transplantation Programme after 3 years, a proud Dr. Shanta announced. He lauded the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for approving the opening of the Super Specialty Course in Nephrology at RIMS and fulfilling the dream of starting Kidney transplantation programme.

The programme will benefit all sections of people as there is a scheme called Pradhan Mantra National Dialyses Scheme  (PMNDS) which will help common people living below poverty line.

Dr. Shanta further said that RIMS, Imphal shall be in the Map of India where brightest young Doctors can pursue DM in Nephrology that will benefit to all patients suffering from Kidney Diseases in Manipur and other North East States and neighbouring country.

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Imphal, July 26,

The suspicious and sudden death of 14-year old Babysana in the boarding of Standard Robarth has stirred a lot of concerns and worry of what is happening in the boarding, for other students in the boarding, and for the Right to Education in the state.

Ever since an ex-student of Standard Robarth shared her atrocious experiences in the boarding, various other stories of mental and physical harassment in the boarding have surfaced on social media. Not only has it intensified the suspicion over the death of Babysana, but it has also raised a huge concern over the well-being of the students studying and residing in the boarding school.

One ex-student said, “In one incident and the most traumatic experience I ever have had, which I am still trying my best to nullify the memories, one evening during dinner hour, one student (a friend of mine) brings out his dinner plate outside the dining hall because all the seats were taken, the warden jumps over him and slaps him more than ten times on his face, shouting that he was once a national boxing champion. This narration is just one of the thousand experiences during my hostel days.” Another ex-student commented, “Being an ex-student, all these are unfortunately true and these are only a few examples.” According to another such ex-student, “Once I was beaten by Landhoni because my classmate who was sharing the same bench with me went to restroom and missed the class. I guess I wasn’t responsible for that, but I felt so bad for hurting me for no reason.” Such stories of traumatic experiences pose a serious threat to the mental and physical health of the students. It is also quite alarming considering who holds the future of our society. How many such stories must have been swept under the rug, forcing many students to live with the trauma, affecting their lives, near and dear ones, and the society as a whole? Is such an institution a safe space for students to exercise their Right to Education? On the other hand, Manipur Human Rights Commission’s statement to reopen Standard Robarth Higher Secondary School does not sound like a sincere, well-thought concern for the Right to Education of the students.

The Right to Education also says, “It prohibits physical punishment and mental harassment.” Therefore, according to the revelation of these students, the school is violating the said Right to Education. Since the experiences have put the school under a suspicious radar of the violation of Right to Education, it is the need of the hour for the concerned departments and authorities, namely Social Welfare Department, Department of Education, Manipur Human Rights Commission, Manipur Commission for Protection of Child Rights, to conduct an investigation of the school, its authorities, and its functioning. The concern for Right to Education should not end at opening a school with students flocking in; the concern needs to be put into action by checking if the school follows all the guidelines and has the necessary facilities a school needs to have. Any violation of the Right to Education should not be tolerated.

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Friday, 26 July 2019 16:57

State observes Kargil Vijay Diwas


Imphal, July 26,


Remembering the brave heroes of Kargil War, the State observed the ‘Kargil Vijay Diwas’ at the Banquet Hall of the 1st Manipur Rifles today.

Speaking as Chief Guest of the function, Minister for Agriculture, V. Hangkhanlian said that during the 74 day long Kargil War, 527 Indian soldiers sacrificed their life for the country. On this occasion, we feel proud for the selfless sacrifices and courage of our soldiers who fought valiantly for the country, he added. Hangkhanlian recollected that after the Pakistani Army and terrorists breached the Line of Control (LOC), the Indian Armed Forces retaliated back with ‘Operation Vijay’ in 1999. Paying homage to the valour of the soldiers, he said that such supreme sacrifices cannot not be forgotten.

While delivering his Presidential address, Minister for Forest and Environment Th. Shyamkumar said that we should not forget the courage and valour of our soldiers who fought tirelessly to uphold the sovereignty and integrity of the country. He mentioned that on such occasion, we remember our martyrs, by revisiting the sacrifices and instilling pride and respect among us. Minister appealed to the people of the State to fight collectively against terrorism and other external forces which threatens our country.

Minister for Education Th. Radheshyam, MLA of Sekmai AC H. Dingo, Chief Secretary, DGP, top civil and police officials attended the function.

The day was also observed by  District administration Chandel at DC office conference Hall.

In the observance function Deputy Commissioner, Chandel reiterated the events which led to the Kargil conflict. While remembering and  praising the supreme sacrifice of our arm forces and specially the three war heroes from Chandel District , he said that anyone can give up wealth or other material things but giving up one’s life for the country is the supreme sacrifice one can make. He further said that even though we can’t go to the border for the country everyone can contribute by doing their duties diligently. He further said that if the small kids are dying because of lack of immunization, if student’s are not learning because teachers are not  properly trained than our freedom has no meaning..He further added that it is our collective characters that decides the fate of our country..

Additional SP Chandel while speaking at the function expressed his gratitude towards our country’s arm forces and for their supreme sacrifices..

It can be mentioned that during the 1999 Kargil War three of the army personnel’s from Chandel namely, G.Garnethang ,Riflemen, from  Unapal Village, Chara Nicholas Moyon, sepoy  from Mitong Village and Ng.Beningvir  Moyon, sepoy from Khukthar village, who were part if the Naga regiment give up their lifes for the country.

Thoubal battalion  Assam Rifles organise a ‘Know Your Army Mela’ at The Sofia English School, Thoubal on occasion of 20th anniversary of Kargil Vijay Diwas,  today.

The event was attended by a strength of 800 students of The Sofia English School, Fancier Academy,  Brilliant Academy, Evergreen Flower School, New Era Hr Secondary, Wisdom Foundation and from other schools of Thoubal.

The event started with a Josh & Motivational talk & Movie followed by Equipment & Weapon display with pipe band mesmerizinging the atmosphere with their patriotic tunes.All the students enjoyed and showed their inquisitiveness to more about the Op Vijay and army.

Many of them shared their valuable thoughts on the Message for Soldier Corner. The Kargil corner displayed  the major operations with the details of Braves recipient of Param Veer Chakras & Maha Veer Chakras and also included the martyrs of Manipur.

The outreach initiative was aimed at spreading more awareness about the Kargil Vijay Diwas and the sacrifices of the soldiers.The Principle and Staff of the schools thanked the battalion for such an educative, motivational & thoughtful gesture and wished Assam Rifles good luck for future endeavors.


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Imphal July 26,

Various Meira Paibis, Students and many more still continues to protest against the mysterious death of N. Babysana Chanu who was found hanged at her hostel dormitory.

Both the teaching and non teaching staffs of Standard Robarth Higher Secondary School also staged protest in front of the school.

Speaking to media persons RK Opendro who is a teacher condoled the death of his student N. Babysana Chanu. He further stressed to deliver justice to the departed soul at the earliest and also urged to hasten the process of investigation. He believed that delivering justice to Babysana will also help in resuming the classes of the students.

Opendro further appealed the CM who holds the Home Department to fasten the investigation and deliver justice.

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Imphal, July 26,

North-East Forum for International Solidarity (NEFIS) expressed strong condemnation to the attitude of the police administration in the case of death of a minor girl in Canchipur, Imphal. A statement said that the police has so far been unable to trace the culprits and has therefore served to cause anger among the people regarding its insensitive and apathetic attitude.
It should be known that a fourteen-year-old, a student of Class-VII at Standard Robarth Higher Secondary School in Imphal’s Canchipur was allegedly found hanging in her hostel room on July 18 morning.
The statement of the NEFIS said that the present incident is a result of the way in which private schools have been provided leeway to operate. These private schools in the absence of government regulations have been following unprincipled practices it said and added that the government has also abdicated its role in educating the masses through making government schools better and curbing privatization of education.
NEFIS demanded arrest of the culprits immediately and punish them to ensure justice to the victim. It also demanded ban of privatization of education in the state and to frame a policy to provide quality compulsory government education from KG to PG.

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Friday, 26 July 2019 16:52

Of human rights and open world

With increase in number of uncontrollable threats to people and communities after the introduction of an order marked by ‘open world’, the concept of human security has become a vital concern for both academic and human right activities all over the world today. This concern calls for reframing of a preventive mechanism to offer a safety and security of people’s livelihood while confronting the ‘systematic’ socio-economic and political situation shaped by underlying politics of the state. The way this situation has been institutionalized to mellow down the voices of resistance is critical in terms of its potential to turn the world upside down thereby leaving the people into a state of perplexity. Therefore, understanding this underlying politics becomes an inevitable strategy to prevent the prevailing threats from its furtherance in the future. After all, human security is a resultant condition emerged out of socio-economic and political product of the state itself.
The kind of prevailing politics in the Northeast India particularly in the state of Manipur today requires a critical engagement with the issues at the core in order to assess the nature of human security. Recently after neglecting for decades, the region has been projected as an ‘economic powerhouse’ through its natural resources as well as ‘strategic location’ for Indian state while multiple issues threatening the livelihood of the people in the region are being kept on the bay.
 This write up argues that this projection in long term has been a strategy for the Indian state to fragment the public voices on different issues which turn out to become a causal factor in chain. The kind of ongoing contested claims among different communities are the product of this strategy for which people are to understand the predatory nature of the state. We intend to reflect some of the critical issues on the role of the state in exploring the potential of the region at present. We also seek to focus on the perception of the people while negotiating the elements of the state forces as well as their compelling factors of surrendering their due share for the immediate requirement. It is of utmost need for the government to ponder upon the demand made by almost all section of people for introduction of a legislation which could formulate a mechanism to safeguard the sanctity of the people.

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By a Correspondent
Ghaziabad, July 26,

To discuss trends of increasing kidney diseases among adolescents, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Vaishali, today organised an interactive session and showcased two young patients who successfully underwent renal transplant procedure.
The doctors also highlighted the recent advancements in the field of renal transplant which has made the overall procedure of a kidney transplant a low-risk surgical process. While the patients spoke about their experience with the disease, the doctors shared knowledge on various precautionary steps and latest available treatments for better management of renal health by adolescents.
The session conducted by the Nephrology team deliberated various factors due to which a lot of young adults are being diagnosed with various stages of kidney diseases. Some of the most common factors which stood out were excess consumption of processed food, lack of exercise, obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Overuse of over the counter drugs like antibiotics, painkillers and steroids in early life also severely impact their kidneys.
 19 year old Vivek Yadav from Gorakhpur was diagnosed with high BP and kidney failure two years ago. He was on hemodialysis since then and none of his family members had a similar blood group. He was brought to the emergency department, Max Hospital Vaishali, with the complaints of severe breathlessness and high blood pressure. Detailed investigation revealed excess water accumulation in his lungs that had caused breathlessness and was monitored on ventilator for 3 days. Upon improvement in his condition, he was tapered off the ventilator and was put on hemodialysis routine, thrice a week.
 Talking further about the case, Dr Neeru P Aggarwal, highlighted, ”While, Vivek’s blood group was O positive his mother’s was A positive. However, after complete evaluation, it was found that ABO incompatible transplant was a possibility in his case. The 5-hour surgery was successfully performed and there were no post-operative complications and his body adapted his mother’s kidney very well. After a span of 10 days or so, his kidney function improved significantly. Few of the precautions he was asked to take included using a mask when stepping out, maintaining personal hygiene and avoiding crowded places.”
 Vivek has resumed higher studies and doing well in his day to day life. He comes in for his regular follow ups and is very disciplined with his lifestyle as well as transplant medication.
 Case #2
Sanjay Sinha a 35-year-old gentleman was found to have advanced kidney failure in 2009 when he was 25 years old. He underwent kidney transplantation in 2009 when his mother donated a kidney to him. However, the transplanted kidney lasted for approximately 10 years and the graft failed in Jan 2019.
 Speaking about his case, Dr Manoj K Singhal, said, ”After evaluating Sanjay’s case, we advised him to restart his dialysis treatment.Fortunately, this time his elder sister stepped in and offered to donate a kidney to him. Since, it was his second kidney transplant; there was a high risk of his body rejecting the donor’s kidney post operation. Therefore, he was thoroughly investigated and was found to have DSAs (Donor Specific antibodies)which increases the risk of rejection of the new kidney. While this posed as a challenge for us, we desensitized him with plasma-exchange before the transplantation and the surgery went successfully.”
Sanjay has gone back to his normal life and doing well since last 2 months post his transplant.

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