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Imphal July 15,

Manipur observed the Anti Repression Day at Lamyanba Sanglen today in commemoration to the landmark agitation on July 15, 2004 where 12 mothers staged naked protest at the western gate of Kangla in Imphal against brutality of the security forces.

The brave ladies of Manipur shouted slogans -  “Indian Army Rape Us Kill Us”, “We are all Manorama’s mother” when they took out their clothes in front of the Indian Security force protesting the rape of Th. Manorama by Indian army.

The observance was organised by the observation committee on Anti-Repression Day,2019.

Addressing the observance, Convener of Observation Committee P. Sobita reminded the history of Manipur after the colonial era how Manipur being a sovereign nation having its own constitution with its democratic solution merged into India. 

She highlighted how Manipur became a dependent state in every aspect socially economically, violating various human rights by the government after being merged to India.

Sobita further added that the draconian law Armed Forces Special Power Act 1958 where several human rights organisation around the world opposed and demanded to repeal it immediately was imposed to Manipur.

After 1980 under this draconian act thousands of people of the state were murdered, raped, make the body disappears, she added.

She said that more than 1500 cases of extrajudicial execution were there and several security forces were under trial for it.

A tragic incident took place on 11 July 2004 where Thangjam Manorama was brutally raped and murdered by Indian Army. As a strong protest against such inhumane act 12 mothers staged naked protest at western gate of Kangla thereby removing the Assam Rifle’s camp from Kangla because of the incident, Sobita added.

She concluded to fight unitedly against the draconian AFSPA.

Speaking as a resource person Executive Director of Human Rights Alert Babloo Loitangbam lauded various activities played by the 12 mothers. He said that the mothers of the land have been taking a vital role where they stand in the frontline fighting against the cruel laws imposed by the government.

Babloo stressed that today is a phase of taking over the activities by new generation from old generation. How to sustain the movement initiated by the mothers is a point to ponder by the new generations.

The killings were halted to a certain degree by the movement of the mothers after incident of Sanjit and Rabina. 

He also highlighted the wrong doings of the security forces as per the report of the Supreme Court.

Babloo further said that a report with five primary issues will be brought up to the UN on July 19 2019. The report will focus on suspension of right to life; lack of effective remedy, non recognition of ethnic minorities, plundering of natural resources and political right to self determination, he added.

Floral tributes were paid to the two deceased mother namely Loitam Ibotombi and Mutum Ibemhal who took part in the naked protest.

A souvenir named Road to defiance anti Repression day was also released on the observation.

Consultative member of UCM RK Ranendrajit, President of AMWJU Bijoy Kakchingtabam, Former Dean of Human and Environmental Science Prof W. Nabakumar, Chairperson of the observation committee Anti Repression day Kh. Anandi, Former Dean of School of Social Science Prof Ksh Bimola were the presidium members of the occasion.

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Thoubal, July 15,

Following the arrest of a prime suspect involved in the stealing of coffin along with dead body of  D.Thamnok Lamkang, who is the founder and Ex-chief of Challong Village from the Cemetery of the village Lamkang Chiefs Association (LCA) Chandel has suspended the indefinite band at Imphal-Moreh route along the National Highway -102, however the Association said that they will continue to stage protest. D.Thamnok Lamkang passed away on May 18.

Talking to reporters at Tengnoupal Police Station, SP Th. Vikramjit said that after receiving a complaint about the stealing of the coffin and dead body of late D.Thamnok Lamkang from the cemetery by the deceased wife Sk.Shomlun on June 19, Tengnoupal district police has been investigating over the matter after registering a case.

“In the course of investigation the police team mange to arrest a prime accuse who was directly involved in the case yesterday”, Vikramjit said and added that on preliminary interrogation the police are hopeful that the dead body will be recovered soon.

Search operation is being carried out at places where the dead body could have been hidden, Vikramjit said. 

The Tengnoupal district SP appealed the Lamkang Chief Association (LCA) to lift the indefinite bandh as the police are close to find the missing dead body after the arrest of the main accused.

After meeting the SP Tengnoupal, Chief Spokesperson of the LCA  Peter Lamkang said that as per request of the SP and the district administration and to enable the police team to go ahead with their investigation the LCA decided to relax the indefinite bandh. He however said that until the dead body the Ex-chief of Challong Village is recovered the Association will continue to stage protest by way of sit-in demonstration on the road sides. He also cautioned the police of resuming the indefinite blockade if the dead body has not been recovered.

It may be mentioned that D.Thamnok Lamkang passed away on Many 18 this year at Riverlane Village in Chandel district. He was 90. He has been working among the Lamkang Anal community for over 40 years.   His last rite was performed in May 20 evening at Challong Village Cemetery.

On June 15, when the wife of late D.Thamnok Lamkang went to the cemetery to pay homage to her husband the graveyard was found dug and the coffin which the dead body was put was also found missing. Sk Shomlun informed about the incident to the Village Authority and after a search in and around the place Sk Shomlun reported the matter to Tengnoupal district Police on June 19 and an FIR has been registered.

Demanding arrest of the culprits involved in the stealing of the coffin along with the dead body various CSOs had called indefinite bandh at Imphal Moreh Road and Pallel Chandel road on June 26 but was called off after authority assured to fulfill their demand.  

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Imphal, July 15,

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh stated that media plays an important role in enhancing the reach of government schemes and in filling the gaps of service in remote parts of the State. This was stated by him at the media briefing during the joint Meeyamgi Numit and Hill Leaders’ Day held at Chief Minister’s Secretariat today. 

Addressing the media persons, Chief Minister lauded the efforts of the media houses for their commendable humanitarian service and their role in creating consciousness and promoting various welfare schemes in the society. He appealed the media houses to their service and support the government to bring inclusive development in the State. 

On the occasion, Chief Minister expressed that under the ‘War against Drugs’ campaign, recently, the combined team of Narcotics and Affairs of Border(NAB) and Police busted a Brown Sugar manufacturing factory which led to the seizure of large quantity of drugs worth over Rs. 100 crores in the International market. Those Police and NAB personnel who were the part of the crackdown will be given due recognition in the forthcoming Independence Day Celebration, 2019. Those personnel will be given Chief Minister’s Commendation Award for their outstanding service, he added. He stated that the government will felicitate the team tomorrow and will give a reward of Rs. 10 lakhs to the team for their distinguished service. 

Maintaining that there is a sigh of relief among the farmers as the monsoon rainfall has finally arrived in the region, he stated that the government is trying its best to provide irrigation facilities to the paddy fields of the State. Chief Minister said that large numbers of Irrigation pumpsets were distributed to the farmers recently. Various River Lift Irrigation (RLI) schemes have started functioning so as to provide irrigation water in various parts of the State. He mentioned that the government will procure more Irrigation pump sets to combat any water shortage in the paddy fields of the State. 

In a query regarding the row over the border pillar in Tengnoupal district, he maintained that a joint survey comprising of officials from both the countries will be conducted whenever any dispute arises.

 During the function, Chief Minister handed over the loan cheque of Rs. 7 lakhs to Mayengbam Shyamchandra Meitei, a progressive farmer from Wangoo, Kakching district. The loan is being given by Manipur State Co-operative Bank. 

The Chief Minister personally attended to around 400 complaints and met nearly 1200 people from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm. Principal Secretary (Health) and Nodal Officer of Meeyamgi Numit Vumlunmang Vualnam, Commissioner (Planning) and OSD to CM Sumant Singh, Secretary to N. Geoffrey, IG (Adm) I.K. Muivah and other senior Government officials assisted the Chief Minister in assessing people’s complaints. 

Officials of different Government Departments like Health, Minority, Other Backward Classes and Scheduled Castes, Social Welfare, Education (S), SBI, Manipur State Co-operative Bank Ltd. and Police were also present at the CM’s Secretariat complex to resolve people’s grievances instantly.

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Imphal, July 15,

Armed rebel group KCP-MC said that the party will start investigation to Private Bank as it has received various complaints about these banks sucking the blood of poor people besides being a hideout of illegal money of rich people.
The outfit said that as for the Credit Society Micro Finance Sangakpham, the party has put banned in activities like collection of interest and recovering of loan with immediate effect. The outfit in the statement said that no person should pay the debt for loan in the form of interest to the said private bank. If any persons pay interest for loan to this bank the outfit will have no option but to collect the same amount that they paid to the bank, the statement said. It added that the outfit did not demand any money to this bank as the party had stop collection fund. However as the director of the bank has been spreading false propaganda and fabricated story to malign the image of the party, the statement added and said that the director has been spreading propaganda of rebel group has threatened the office and have been challenging the armed rebel group.
The KCP-MC said that they party had never called to any of the private bank in Manipur, had never talk with any of them nor sent any communiqué to any of the private bank. The banned is to teach the Director of the Credit Society Micro Finance Sangakpham a lesson as he has been spreading false propaganda to malign the image of the party. If in case some people who tried to earn easy money contacted them they should find out whether they are real cadre of the outfit or not, the statement by KCP-MC said. While announcing ban on collection of loan or interest by the said bank the KCP-MC further said that if the Director of Credit Society Micro Finance Sangakpham fails to clarify on why he has been trying to malign the image of the revolutionary movement , all staffs of the bank should resigned from the bank.
As the private bank has been challenging the revolutionary movement the outfit  finally is compelled to investigate the functioning of the Private bank across the state, the statement added.
It said that, as the first step the outfit will investigate the Lamjingba Finance of the Lamjingba group, however, will give one week time for publishing the details of its function. The KCP-MC said that they have information about rich people hiding their black money at Lamjingba Finance. May be the complaints is right or may be it may be wrong, but the outfit will see how the Lamjingba Finance clarifies over the complaints of the people. If in case the Lamjinga group fails to give a public statement then the outfit will consider the allegation true considering the prima-facei evidence base on the peoples’ complaints. The KCP-MC further added that the party had never made any monetary demand and if in case any demands are served they are imposters.

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Imphal, July 15,

Tension runs high among the people of Khumbong area after police picked up 9 agitators who were demanding repairing of Khumbong to Nambol inter village road yesterday.

Report said that after the plea for repairing of the Khumbong to Nambol road stretch since the past many days, the local clubs and meira paibi stage protest by blocking the inter village road by digging a pit in the middle of the road using a JCB yesterday evening. Police team which rushed the site reportedly seized the JCB excavator and picked up the owner of the JCB. The owner of the JCB and the JCB excavator were however released later. But the police team picked up nine other protestors and were detained in custody.

Angered over the arrest large number of people of the Khumbong area gathered and staged protest since early morning today. A public meeting condemning the arrest of the agitators was held this afternoon. The meeting decided to boycott the MLA of area if the inter village road between Nambol and Khumbong have not been repair at the earliest possible time.

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The tussle for power amongst the BJP MLAs of Manipur is increasingly threatening to slow down the already trudging pace of progress in the state. The tussle which the central leaders don’t seem to take interest is now over 30 plus days and the simmering enmity is now putting halt to almost all works which are supposed to be taken up by the government in consultation with the MLAs of various assembly constituencies – as farmers are in urgent need of government support.
Hardening the situation is the blame game between Khurai Assembly Constituency MLA L. Sishindro and CAF and PD Minister Karam Shyam. Who is right or who is wrong is known by every officials of the CAF and PD including the concern Minister himself. It is natural that the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh might have all knowledge of what has been going on between the two representatives of the people. Perhaps the Chief Minister could have called the two and could have easily shorted out as both the MLA and the Minister are under him. However, due to the ongoing blame political crisis ignited by the BJP dissident MLAs, the Chief seems helpless and is remaining silent.    
Well, while the gripe of the MLAs are understandable, their future prospects and political advancements depends on the present move, without giving a second though that the stubbornness of the dissidents may invite president rule in the state.
What is at stake is not just the position and the power, but the accompanying financial benefits and responsibilities which have sadly come to be viewed more as personal sanctions to be used as per their whims and fancies. The plethora of problems staring the State Government in the eye is on the brink of being sidelined, while the assembly session which is scheduled to begin in a couple of days is in danger of being disrupted. It goes without saying that the assembly session, which is held to discuss and deliberate on the development activities being carried out in the state, to draw up future course of action and also to review works and progress of the government will have to bear the brunt of the misunderstanding, and subsequently the state stands to suffer. Notwithstanding the politicking that goes on behind closed doors, from the point of view of a common man, there is a perceptible sense of the Chief Minister starting to lose his grip on the control as manifested in the haphazard activities being drawn up which has been evoking responses contrary to expectations. There has not been a proper and strict allocation of responsibilities, nor have there been the necessary steps of admonishing concerned ministers who have failed to deliver on the tasks assigned to them.
The protracted issues of non performing departments failing to furnish utilization certificates for projects for which huge amounts have been sanctioned have continued to plague the state, and yet there still lacks any visible signs of efforts to rectify the issues. The process of periodically evaluating the performance of the ministers and officials should be made a part of the governance process. Building up a transparent system of governance is the only way to go, and for that to happen, those in power should take the initiative and lead by example. We should shed the divisive mentality and embrace inclusive progress. The people have the right and the prerogative to understand the workings of the government. Keeping a psychological and physical boundary between the ruler and the ruled can work for only so long. The real power of these rulers lies with the people, and to try and sideline the issues that are troubling the public is bound to backfire, sooner or later.   

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Imphal, July 15,

Three sons of the soil who were born differently and have been dedicating their service for the welfare of the differently abled people of the state were honoured in recognition to their service during the award distribution ceremony of International India Bestiz Award 2019 held at Suresh Gyan Bihar University, Jaipur. The award distribution ceremony was organised every year by NRB Foundation and Bhavya International  Jaipur .

Program Manager of the Relief Centre for the Welfare of Differently Abled Persons Manipur, , Moirangthem Premier Singh, Training Consultant-cum-Project Consultant Mayengbam Bikram Luwang and Vice-President Lenin Hirom from the state of Manipur were honoured by presenting Certificate and Mementos by the organizers.

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Free dental check up for journalists of Kakching and Thoubal district was held yesterday at the newly open Dr. Sushildro’s Dental Clinic located at Thoubal Bamol Leirak, Thoubal district in connection with the inauguration of the clinic.
The inaugural function of the dental clinic was attended by Dr.Th.Khomdon Singh, President, Manipur Sahitya Smiti ThoubaI, Senior Journalist Soibam Binoy Singh, Dr.Soibam Saratchandra Singh, Dental Surgeon District Hospital ThoubaI and Dr.Kiran Gupta as dignitaries.

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Moreh, July 15

A mass plantation of tree saplings was jointly conducted by Humanism Foundation and 43 Assam Rifles, Moreh Battalion today morning at Moreh Helipad.

A total of 60 trainees, who are undergoing skill development center at the multi-skill development center of Humanism Foundation along with jawans of 43 Assam Rifles, Moreh Battalion led by its Major Ankit and staffs of Humanism Foundation attended the mass tree plantation drive.

A total number of 100 tree saplings were planted during the drive.

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Imphal, July 15,

The 3rd International FIDE Rating Chess Tournament, 2019, concluded yesterday
with the completion of total 10 rounds followed by a closing ceremony and prize distribution at Down Town University, Guwahati. Players sponsored by Salai Chess Academy have done good performance, in the open category, Yambem Dhanabir ranks 9 position with 7.5 points, Aribam Muhindro gets 28 position with 6.5 points. In between 1800-1600 rated category, Thongam Nabachandra got 4th position prize with 6 points, while in unrated category, Sougaijam Priyokumar has got best 2nd title with 6 points.
For Under 7 Boys, Lemba Sougaijam has got second position and for Under 9 Girls category, Nadia Sougaijam is placed 4th position with 4.5 and 3.5 points respectively. ln this Internaional FIDE Rating Chess Tournament, the two new players -Laishram Nelson and Sougaijam Priyokumar will be getting FIDE Rating 1200 plus by the month of August, 2019.

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