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Imphal, June 30,

Two persons who identified themselves as close associates of the Rajya Sabha MP K. Bhabananda came to the residence of Imphal Times Editor Rinku Khumukcham to intimidate the newspaper asking the motive for reporting the misappropriation of Local Area Development Fund reported in this newspaper yesterday.

Citizens or any political workers or bureaucrat officers have all rights to clarify/refute any reported news to be wrong and also have right to go to the Law Court if wanted to initiate action against any report by newspaper if it turn out false. But the law of the land does not permit any person to question newspaper journalist on why the news is being published.

Those people seem to forget that a huge amount of public money has been looted in the name of taking up developmental works. And looting of public money is a crime punishable under the law of the land.

The two persons who identified themselves as close associate of Rajya Sabha MP K. Bhabananda besides being office bearer of BJP Manipur Pradesh had infringed upon the freedom of press by asking question which should only come through law court. Their motive of directly coming to meet the editor seems like a warning if continued to report about the misutilization of public money under MPLAD.

Any unwanted thing happening to any staff of the Imphal Times should be the responsibility of the two persons and the Rajya Sabha MP K. Bhabananda who reportedly sent them to the residence of the Editor of this newspaper. Whether it may be in the form of accident, or road rage or any unusual attack, Imphal Times will presume it as a handy work of them for reporting the misappropriation of MPLAD.

Starting from tomorrow Imphal Times along with a TV channel will highlight the reality of how the MPLAD have been looted. And reporting about the misappropriation of fund (public money) is totally in the interest of the people.

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Imphal June 30,

Democratic Students’ Alliance of Manipur (DESAM) urged to conduct re-evaluations of all the answer script of HSLC examination 2019 by new examiners.

Speaking to media persons in a press meet held today at the temporary office of DESAM, Secretary General of DESAM said that like previous years this time also student who was supposed to be a rank holder in HSLC exam just became a first divisioner in the result given by BOSEM. This was known after the student re evaluated the answer paper. He added that a huge crisis similar with the present incident also took place in previous year also and even an enquiry committee was formed to investigate it.

Considering that there is a well organised group who would temper the marks of the students, Sital stressed that the mistakes that the authority made is beyond expectation and added that no white paper report was published by the enquiry committee even after the completion of an year. 

He stressed that such negligence in completing the enquiry made them suspicious from the top level ministers to the authorities of BOSEM and also he further alleged that Board authorities, Head examiner and co-ordinator similar with previous years done wrong things in the tabulation and markings of the students sheets.

He urged to complete and made known to the public about the enquiry which was headed by an IAS regarding fraudulent checking of answer scripts of 2018 HSLC examination and also to take appropriate actions.

Sital demanded that the government should conduct re evaluations of all the answer scripts of HSLC examination which also should be done by new Head examiner, examiner and co-ordinator. 

He also said that the authorities from top to bottom need to be streamlined.

With previous factors the Board becomes untrustworthy by the people of the state, Sital added.

He concluded that the only way to save BOSEM is to do right things irrespective of friend and relatives by high officials of education and Education ministers.

Sital further warned that appropriate actions will be taken up by their students organisation along with the help of the people if Education Ministers and other high officials of Education Department fails to heed their demands.

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Imphal June 30,

The third conference of All Manipur Mid Day meal workers union which is affiliated to Centre of Indian Trade Union, New Delhi was held today at Johnston Higher Secondary School.

Speaking on the occasion General Secretary of Mid day Meal Workers’ Federation of India Jai Bhagwan said that around 25 lakhs of Mid day meal workers were helping crores of students of India in order to build a new India.

He added that the government irrespective of the parties who rule has always been neglecting Mid day meal workers.

They were happy for providing such scheme which help crores of students to get free meal but the government has never take any initiative for the welfare of 25 lakhs Mid day meal workers, Jai added.

He further questioned that with their wage of only one thousand rupees how the family of the workers could survive in today’s society and added how the students could be in a state of well being if the workers who are there to feed the students couldn’t survive.

Highlighting the works of Mid day meal workers Jai mention that the workers not simply cook for the students working only a few hours he added that several activities where a grade four should be doing were done by the workers and their works includes sweeping, carrying water and even opening and closing of the school gate.

He urge to increase the wage of the workers to the level of grade four.

Fearing with the present trend of the government where there is the decay of government schools where most of the underprivileged students went and also the privatisation, Jai said that they also need to focus on such issues also.

He vigorously said that protest and organising agitation is their only way forward to meet their demands.

President of All Manipur Mid day meal worker Union Maibam Loitang strongly condemned the treatment of the state government towards them where the workers were paid a sum of only one thousand rupees as their wage and that too for only ten months. She demanded to increase the monthly wage for the workers. 

She warned that intense agitation will be done if their demands were not meet.

There were seven thousand Mid day meal workers for the state providing mid day meals to around sixty thousand students. 

The conference was attended by President of Manipur Government Services Federation M. Rajendra, Secretary of All India State Government Employees Federation L. Purohit, Leader of CITU Sarat Salam and Secretary of Construction Workers Federation of India Kshetrimayum Santa.

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Imphal June 30,

Bashikhong Gram Panchayat and Community Recreation Centre Club (CRCL) today organised awareness program water conservation and management.
Speaking to media persons Zilla Parishad member of Bashikhong Chirom Romeo said that under the instruction of prime minister of the country regarding water conservation and management several activities were done inside the jurisdiction of Bashikhong. The activities include planting of trees, cleaning of drains and local water bodies.
Romeo further said that water can be conserve and used for further used by the people during the rainy season by keeping the local water bodies clean and in useable form.
He also admitted that they plan to focus on giving plant saplings on every household and thus help in curbing global warming.
Pradhan, Zilla parishad and other volunteers of CRCL club planted tress on the surrounding of Mela lampak high school.

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Sunday, 30 June 2019 17:40

Face book’s messenger

By- Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Hi! Hello! Hlo!Hola! He delivered;
Babe! Bae!Honey!Sweetheart! He addresses me;
keitourino? Keidourino?keitourige? He enquired me;
Where’re you? Where’re you now?
What are you doing now? He asked,
Questions by questions; I can’t even answered all;
Hooked up by those repeating questions;
I wondered what may I could have given answers;
‘Eating, sleeping, washroom, drinking,
Bathing, driving, dancing, listening,
Sitting, reading, feeling, dull, lazy,
Selling, waiting, doing, angering,
Peeing, standing, bending, yawning,
Bathroom, cooking, drinking, holding,
Walking, tired, gossiping, meeting,
In the bed, inside the class room,
Nothing, something and everything;
Ah! Mobile phone’s my asset I use to hold on;
Every second, every minute, every hour,
He’s the best simulator worth too much.

How are you? How are you doing?
Everything’s fine? Long time not seen!
Happy to see you! I’m lucky that you reply me!
Where you stay? Where you belong?
Which country you belong? Reply me? Text me;
You didn’t talk to me? I’ll un friend you;
Charabra? Chak charbra? Kari chare?
Ensang kari chare? Kari ensang chage?
Nungairibro? Nungaina leiyu? Nungaina leiba mallida;
Query by questions; I can’t even answer all;
Examining and enquiring; how may I be?
Filled up with those proposes, I hung up messenger;
Popping out so quickly,’ ting ting ting ting and ting’
Ah! What a day, what a mobile handset sounding;
Muting and silencing; lowering and reducing;
All’s strangers’ texts and all’s considerations;
Every second, every minute, every hour,
The best solicitous caring I ever have.

I love you, I care you, I need you;
Show me this, show me that, share me picture;
Why’s you complicated? Married or single?
Do you like it? So tender and so thoughtful;
Many a more and much a worst definition;
He cares and he delivered too much;
I unread those and I deleted all;
Still irritating and so annoying he is;
Questions by questions; I can’t even answered all;
Do you husband know you’re online?
Does your husband allow you to have face book account?
Maddening and simply provoking;
I wondered how troublesome I’m?
How disobedient I’m? Awful and accursed;
Watching and observing, witnessing and beholding;
Ah! The best ever expensive gift I got;
My mobile and its messenger’s massages;
Every second, every minute, every hour,
The best solicitous caring I ever have.

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IGAR (South)
Imphal June 30,

With aim to strengthen the bond and mutual trust between locals and Security Forces, Mantripukhri Battalion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) conducted friendly volleyball tournament as part of Youth Engagement Programme.
Yaingangpokpi Company Operating Base (COB) of Mantripukhri Battalion  organised a friendly Volleyball tournament on Yesterday which witnessed participation of three teams from Leiyaram village, New Cannan village and Yaingangpokpi (Ngarumphung) Company Operating Base.  The young players from the villages showcased their talent and competitive spirit which was visible throughout the tournament.
Each team played against the balance two in the best of three sets and the top two teams played in the final match. The final match was played between the teams of Leiyaram village and  New Cannan village in which Leiyaram village team emerged as the overall  winner of the tournament. All the teams participated in the tournament played with great zeal and enthusiasm and displayed great sportsmanship during the tournament.

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Sunday, 30 June 2019 17:38

Assam Rifles Conducts Security Meet

IGAR (South)
Imphal June 30,

Keithelmanbi Battalion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) conducted a security meet at Andro Company Operating Base (COB). The security forum was attended by the meira paibis, ward councilors, pradhans and youth clubs members along with representatives of local youth clubs.
During the meet, various aspects concerning security in the area were discussed and the locals were sensitized on current situation existing in the area of responsibility. An interaction was carried out on necessary measures to be undertaken for maintaining a strict vigil against illicit activities in the area.  In addition to the security issues, future action plan in respect of civic action projects like medical camps, recruitment in Assam Rifles and Army and career counseling for youth were also discussed during the meet.
The locals expressed their gratitude and appreciated the efforts of Assam Rifles for conduct of such security meetings and ensuring peace in the area and assured their commitment and assistance in maintaining the same. The security meet concluded with tea and refreshments for all the attendees.

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Imphal, June 29,

Manipur Governor  Padmanabha Balakrishna Acharya today distributed 1000 litres capacity Water storage tanks to the beneficiaries of Orphanage and Old Age Home for the purpose of rain water harvesting  at a function held at Raj Bhavan, Imphal.

Speaking at the occasion, Governor  PB Acharya said that in line with the appeal made by the Chief Minister to conserved rain water, Raj Bhavan has taken up the initiative to promote rain water harvesting by distributing the water tanks. Proprietor of Classic Hotel has kindly sponsored 40 nos. of  1000 litres tanks for distribution, added, Governor.

He further stated that if we want to strengthen India, the weakest be strengthen and empower those unempowered. Unless we preserve water, life will be very difficult. Water is life, save water for sustenance of the future. God has blessed us with rain, therefore, we should conserve water and used it judiciously. He encouraged the beneficiaries to set up water tanks and harvest the rain water to address the water scarcity problem in the state.

Some of the beneficiaries who received the Water storage Tanks are, All Manipur Senior Citizens’ Welfare Association, Mahila Kalyan Samiti (Dewlahland), All Manipur Mentally Handicapped Persons’ Welfare , Meitei Leimarol Sinnai Sang, Sneha Bhawan De-addiction Centre, Organization for the Underprivileged Group, Tabitha Children Home (Mantripukhri) and Destitute Children Home (Sagolband).

Altogether, 40 tanks will be distributed including 5 nos. for the Ima Keithel.


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Sunday, 30 June 2019 17:36

AR Distributed sports equipment

IGAR (South)
Imphal June 30,

As part of ongoing efforts to render assistance to sports fraternities, Keithelmanbi Battalion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) distributed Taekwondo equipment to Tanzeen Taekwondo Academy of Lilong, on Yesterday.  
Based on the requirement of sports equipment projected by Tanzeen Taekwondo Academy of Lilong, Keithelmanbi Battalion undertook a project to encourage sports in Lilong area. The Battalion in sync with the Government of India’s initiative of Khelo India, distributed Taekwondo equipment to the Academy on Yesterday as part of a Youth Engagement and promoting Sports Programme conducted at Hangamthabi Community Centre, IDO Complex, Lilong.
The event commenced with Taekwondo demonstration by the students of Tanzeen Taekwondo Academy followed by equipment distribution ceremony in which Commandant Keithelmanbi Battalion handed over Taekwondo equipment worth Rs two lakhs to Integrated Development Organisation Committee, Lilong.
While lauding the efforts of the Battalion for its initiative in reaching out to the locals and promoting sports in the area, the Commandant assured the villagers that Assam Rifles will continue its work for the welfare and development of the society. The event witnessed attendance of Mr Mohammad Anwar Hussain, Chairman of State Minority Commission, Mr Zakiruddin, SP Pherzawal and over 200 locals of the area. The students and staff of the academy conveyed their heartfelt gratitude to the Assam Rifles for the initiative.

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From a Correspondent
New Delhi, June 30,

The Indian men’s boxing contingent got a wonderful surprise when the Hon’ble Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports, Mr. Kiren Rijiju visited them at the National Camp in NIS Patiala on Saturday. He interacted with the players and coaches as he surveyed the ongoing camp and training process. The Minister watched the sparring  sessions as the pugilists prepare for the upcoming Championships.
The senior boxers in turn also discussed the existing training facilities and shared inputs on modernizing facilities. The minister also took part in a sparring session with the four-time Asian Championships medallist Shiva Thapa.
The pugilists were assured of all possible support needed for their preparations for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. 

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