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Imphal May 8,

Even though in the global era where technology dominated in all spheres, readers who came to seek knowledge and learn from the State Central Library increased drastically in the past few years. But unfortunately, the condition of the Library is more like the garbage scattered in and around Imphal - an indication of negligence from the part of Government. Books at the State Central Library are fully covered with dust and properly piled up in an organize manner.

On an average, around 100 knowledge seekers, mostly students visit the Library. Earlier, not so many knowledge seekers utilized the benefit of Library, said a visitor at the Library while talking to Imphal Times.

The State Central Library is the main public library under the state government where many leaders, scholars, writers were produced. It is the hub of knowledge for the people of the state.

However, the Manipur State Library remains as one of the most neglected sector with just one Librarian. The present state of the Library required at least three librarians. Moreover, updated and newly released books are not available but the number of visitors increased as the reading hall is still a heaven for book lovers.

“Most of the visitors came to the library along with their own books either for preparing for various recruitment exams or for passion”, a staff said.

Talking to a reporter of Imphal Times one reader identified as Chinglemba said that they didn’t find many of the books they wanted and added that most of the books are outdated. 

“The way the books are maintained is very unfortunate”, Chinglemba said.

All the books were covered with dust and dirt like being kept in an abandoned apartment and it is a clear sign of negligence, he added.

 “People from other states and countries will surely looked down upon to the people of the state if they find out the way how the State Central Library treated the books which is the root for all kinds of development for the state”,  Chinglemba said

Another reader named Ashnikumar said to Imphal Times that at times of examination there isn’t enough space for the readers as many came to read. He added that the outnumbered readers even read in the empty space outside the reading room. He further said that there was also some incident where there was lack of chairs for the readers but provided after complaining to the authority.

“I felt happy to see the number of readers increased everyday. It was such a good sign for the state where reading habits perpetually increase. Everyday new faces come up at the library”, he added.

He appealed the government to keep more updated books at the library and also to enable internet connection which will surely help the readers in gathering information in this age of technology.

 After inspecting by Imphal Times reporter the capacity of seats for the readers of the library is around 150 only and the whole state library was maintained by only one librarian who is the chief librarian. In such library at least 3 librarians are necessary for proper management of the library. Not only that there isn’t any sweeper or cleaner who would maintain a clean environment and also to clean the precious books. The toilets for the library are also in an awful state.

Speaking to Imphal Times reporter Chief Librarian said that the lack of staffs is the main problem behind the improper maintenance.

He said that the number of readers increased drastically in the past few years and added that even seats were not enough during the examination season.

He further said that even though in this age of digital technology the significance of printed books cannot be dominated by the digital one. Printed books will still dominate in the long run even though various technologies come up, he added.

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Imphal, May 9,

Right activists in the state today threaten intense agitation if the ongoing NF Railway project has not been stopped.

Speaking at the one day Public Consultation on the impact of Trans Asian Railway project held at Manipur Press Club, rights activist Kiran Thokchom, while highlighting the impact of the NF railway project to the people and the villagers, said that intense agitation will be initiated if the railway project and its companies don’t leave the state.

The public consultation on the impact of Trans Asian railway project was organised jointly by the affected villagers, Centre for Research and Advocacy Manipur, Youth Forum for Protection of Human Rights, Environment Conservation Network, Young Peoples for Social Reform and Youth Action Committee for protection of Indigenous People.

Kiran Thokchom, who is a member of the organiser said that the railway project has affected the lives of the people and the surrounding villages drastically. Not only the agricultural lands water resources are also greatly affected, he added.

He further said that the available water bodies were again polluted by the cements used in the construction causing various diseases to the people living in and around the area. He also said that they will take a firm stand to fight against such environment degradation and the violation of right to water by the authorities.

“It seems like they have a hidden agenda on the construction of the Railway Project” Kiran said and added that the main objective of the railway project was to extract the resources from the state.

Manipur has huge natural resources and is a virgin state. Crude oil were searched by companies at various places using bombs and many others.

He said that the main aim of the consultation was to give awareness to the people highlighting the agenda of bringing the railway project.

Kiran stressed that the authority has violated the rights to free prior information and added that social impact assessment and environmental impact assessment were done at their own will by the authorities. He strongly condemned such actions and act by the authorities.

Highlighting the negligence of the government towards its people Kiran added that no proper rehabilitation or resettlement for the affected families have not been provided till now.

He warned that if appropriate steps were not taken up by the government than they will halt the railway project and also the NF railway project along with coastal companies should leave the state. He reaffirmed that intense agitation will be done if they fail to left the place.

Social activist Asingpao Kamei said that various aquatic animals and also many habitats were lost due to the project. He said that the project has affected both the hill and valley.

Asingpao further said that even though few compensation were given to the affected villagers adequate compensation were not given till date which violates the right to fair compensation, rehabilitation and resettlement act.

Highlighting the need of public awareness, Asingpao added that the affected villagers still suffer but the wealthy companies get benefitted from it.

He also said that we need to find out the ways to mitigate the harms done to the environment and affecting the people in their socio economic life.

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Imphal, May 9,

Secretary of the KCP MC, Lanchenba in a press statement has said that no faction of the KCP were involved in the monetary demand to doctors.

The statement said that the outfit after receiving complaints regarding monetary demands made to the doctors and private hospitals in the name of Kangleipak Communist Party (KCP), the party inquired into the matter and it was found that none of the KCP factions were involved in the monetary demands.

The statement said that there are suspicions that those who are making monetary demands all over Manipur in the name of KCP are actually done by elements associated with the colonial masters.

“The only KCP which people of Kangleipak must trust is the KCP faction led by Comrade Noyon. Hence, people should not give money to anyone demanding money in the name of KCP who do not belong to KCP (Noyon) faction. Instead of that people should inform the party or people should do whatever is needed to be done to cure those people who are suffering from the disease called laziness and are collecting money in the name of KCP”, the statement said and added that people should ask what KCP has done for the people, which KCP faction has served the people. Most have taken money in the name of KCP from people and have done nothing.

People of Kangleipak must unite to stop these extortions rackets. People are aware KCP(Noyon) faction is the group which is going together with Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup (KYKL) and preparing for a national liberation struggle. KCP (Noyon) has developed its army for the liberation struggle and people are aware that building an army needs resources. Therefore, it is justified to monetarily support KCP (Noyon). KCP factions other than KCP (Noyon) should not demand money from the people. KCP (MC), the party which is releasing this statement understand this and even if KCP(MC) demands money from people, people should not give any money to us. The reason being we have not done anything good for Manipur for years and shown it to the people. KCP(MC) is preparing to work for the people of Manipur now and when this becomes successful people will come and help us naturally. Till then, except KCP(Noyon), no other KCP faction is justified in demanding money from the people.

On the other hand, demands have been made to the doctors and all the private hospitals in the name of KCP. This is an act to create a bad reputation for KCP. Those who demanded money to the doctors said in their letter that doctors are guilty and in order to settle the matter they need huge sums of money. This is a shameless act from the part of those involved in it. If anyone is demanding money in the name of KCP, inform KCP(MC). Using the name of KCP and extorting money from people, the name of the revolutionary organization has been tarnished in front of the people. Now using the name of the organization, some people are further exploiting the people.

People should not help any other KCP faction monetarily other than Noyon faction. KCP-MC has not made any monetary demands as of now to anyone. KCP (MC) has not made any decision to seek monetary contribution from people, the statement added.

KCP (MC) is again coming up anew because of the help of another revolutionary group with similar ideology. Maoist Communist Party Manipur has helped enormously in building KCP(MC) and will continue to help in providing arms and ammunition, training and monetarily also. Till people trust KCP(MC), the party is not going to take help from the people. There are many ways to earn a living and improve our livelihood.  The thinking that demanding money from people is the only way has given a bad name to the revolutionary war. In order to take money from the people, many are claiming to be KCP. People must unite to fight those who are giving the revolution a bad name. KCP (MC) urges the people to support its fight against those who are extorting money in the name of revolution without doing anything for the people.

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Thursday, 09 May 2019 17:11

Bikers with modified silencer fined

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Imphal, May 9,

Imphal West district police today conducted drive against modified two wheeler motor bike which make disturbing noise at Tiddim road near Tiddim ground.

Around 32 modified motor bikes with mike disturbing sound were detained and fined after producing before Court. The owner of the two wheeler motor bikes was then ordered to replace the modified silencer with the original one failing which the police warn them of legal action.

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Result of the Higher Secondary School examination conducted by the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur (COHSEM) for the year 2018 was declared yesterday. The pass percentage showed a marked improvement from the previous two years at 73.83 percent.

The pass percentage recorded in 2018 was 67.04 while it was 68.81 in 2017.

State government education department is happy with the result.

 There is reason for the state education department as the authority has successfully reduced the use of unfair means in the examination conducted by the COHSEM.

The result declared yesterday also shows that the number of students appeared from private run school have done much better than from those of the government run higher secondary schools.

In Science stream so students from government school can include among the top 23. Two students government run schools – one from Ibotonsana Girls Higher Secondary School and another from the TG Higher Secondary School mange to come at 6th and 10th position. Almost all topers are from the private schools. In commerce stream students from government school could manage to include in the top five rank. But overall, the private schools still continue to dominate the government school in terms of academic excellence.

 This is not the first time that the private run schools are showing its credentials better than those of the government run schools but the last few decades showed excel of the private schools. There has not been a single year during the last few decades at which government schools showed its superiority than the private schools. It was always students from the private school like the Little flower, Nirmalabas or the St. Joseph school or Don Bosco School which top the High School Leaving Certificate examination in almost all the HSLC examination.

For the Higher Secondary Examination the government run schools were considered better some years back but with the emergence of some few higher secondary schools like  Meci Explorer Changangei, Herbert School Changangei, Xtra Edge School Ghari, Comet School Changangei, Millennium Institute of Sciences Sagolband Kwakeithel Mayai Koibi, Human Resource Development Academy Ghari, Maram Don Bosco etc. it too is lagging far behind.

With the result which showed that private schools are doing better than the govt. school it definitely showed that there is something seriously wrong with the government education policy.

It does not make any difference when it is A party or B party which is in power, when it come to the education sector of the state. Since the coming of the new government under the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh, many promises had been heard from the education Minister Th. Radhesyam for improvement of the government schools. The first one year, that is, in 2017, people of the state witness the energetic education Minister inspecting conditions of the government schools. But even after half the year of 2019 has already passed and no improvement is being noticed to the condition of the government schools in Manipur.

Except for announcing of some cash awards to successful students who passed the Class X and XII with excellent marks in a luxuriously makeshift stage during a public function, nothing seems to be taken up for improvement of the education sector in the state. When the Delhi Government under the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had given full priority to education sector by increasing the budget to 33% in 2015 from previous financial year during their regime, the state of Manipur allocated a meager amount to the education sector.

A welfare state is what every citizen expects from any government. And people of the country particularly in the state of Manipur promises by respective government about bringing a change is what has been hearing since the last many decades. Change of guard brings no difference to the condition of the state. Each party, whoever comes to power and ruled the state keep doing things for their own benefit in the name of making a welfare and progressive state. But in reality the situation of the state become worsen day after another.

Citizens of today know that education is the only way to build a welfare state and for that top priority is always expected. When said, top priority, it is about more budget, more strictures and more commitment of those in the power for improvement of the Education Sector. The more the people are educated, the dream for a welfare state will become reality. Without educated people, whatever, schemes or constructions being taken up will make no differences to the state of Manipur.

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Gurgaon, May 9,

The Bossard Group – a Swiss based company is a leading international supplier of product solutions and services in industrial fastener and assembly technology. It is a global network of companies with 2,500 employees in 77 locations and with its launch in Gurgaon, it marks its foot steps to provide services to the people of Delhi-NCR.

 In India they have joined hand with LPS& run business on the name of LPS Bossard India Pvt. Ltd.

 Today they have launched the Assembly Technology Expert in Gurgaon.

 The role of Assembly Technology Expert starts from the moment any company begins to develop a new product, our Assembly Technology Expert services deliver the smartest solution for all possible fastening challenges. Using the three-stage methodology that helps in reducing the production time and significantly cut costs.

 Assembly Technology Expert services will help the companies in finding the right fastening solutions for manufacturing making the company more competitive by slashing time to market Industrial manufacturers master the challenges of the industrial revolution best with lean processes and optimized products. LPS Bossard supplies the agility this requires through its new Assembly Technology Expert Services 

Rajesh Jain, Managing Director, LPS Bossard, said: “Our Assembly Technology Expert Services bundle over 185 years of experience in fastening technology with a holistic view of process costs for fastening elements and assembly procedures. By reducing complexity in the relevant areas, we put companies in a position to be more agile, thus ensuring their ability to compete.”  The event witnessed the full range of fastening products of LPS Bossard like screws, nuts, bolts, woodscrews, washers, pins and many more. The key highlights of the event included the display of services that LPS Bossard offers for the people which help in optimizing the production and assembly processes.

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Thursday, 09 May 2019 17:07

Assam Rifles Conducts Security Meets

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Imphal May 9,

Mantripukhri and Thoubal Battalions of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) conducted security meets at Yaingangpokpi and Chandrakhong Company Operating Bases. The security forums were attended by village Pradhans, ward members, councilors, members of village youth club and locals of the respective areas.
During the meet the locals were sensitised and updated on the current situation existing in the area of responsibility. An interaction was carried out on necessary measures to be undertaken for maintaining a strict vigil against illicit activities in the area, future action plan in respect of civic action projects like medical camps, recruitment in the Assam Rifles and the Indian Army as well as career counseling for youth.
The locals expressed their gratitude and appreciated the efforts of Assam Rifles for conduct of such security meetings and ensuring peace in the area and assured their commitment and assistance in maintaining the same. The security meet concluded with tea and refreshments for all the attendees.  

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Imphal May 9,

To provide a glimpse of the Indian Armed Forces and motivate the youth to join the Defence Forces, a ‘Know your Army’ cum Career counselling mela was organised by Shangshak Battalion under the aegis of HQ 10 Sector Assam Rifles and IGAR (South) on Yesterday.  
The first of its kind Mela in the region was organised as an awareness programme for the people of Shakpao and nearby villages so as to give them a deeper insight into the Armed Forces.  
The prime focus of the initiative was to reach out to the masses, generate goodwill among the local populace and to familiarise the youth with a career in the army, so as to provide requisite stimuli and motivation to the youth to join the armed forces.  
The event included equipment display, information on recruitment rallies and commissioning as an officer, followed by screening of motivational movie, which was well received by the audience. Local populace from Shakpao witnessed the event with school children being enthralled by the display.

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Imphal May 9,

Mantripukhri Battalion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) along with Sunbird Foundation extended humanitarian assistance to the children of Carmel Jyoti Children’s Home, Koirengei on 07 May 2019. As part of the assistance, the battalion distributed utility items to the young children as well as interacted with them to bring smiles to their faces.
As part of the goodwill gesture by the battalion, utility hampers were distributed to 87 children of Carmel Jyoti Children’s Home. In addition, a lecture was taken on various Central and State Government initiatives for upliftment of children and various private schemes currently being undertaken by civil administration. The lecture was followed by an interactive session in which various queries of the children were answered along with healthy discussion on various issues concerning them.
During the event, an entertainment programme was also organised for the children and staff of the children’s home. The event witnessed attendance of over hundred locals of the areas in and around Koreingi along with children and staff of the children’s home. The event culminated with light refreshments for all attendees.

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Imphal May 9,

Tulihal Battalion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) observed this year’s World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day by organising  an awareness programme on First Aid at Imphal Valley Academy, Ghari on 08 May 2019.
As part of the awareness programme, the Battalion conducted a lecture cum demonstration for the students of the academy. With an aim to train and educate the youth on First Aid, the Battalion Medical Team under the Regimental Medical Officer educated the students on provision of basic first aid and demonstrated the ways and means to save precious lives during any medical emergency.  
The students were given demonstrations on common first aid procedures like ABCD (Airway, Breathing, Circulation and Deadly Bleeding) and Recovery Position.  A demonstration on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) was also shown to the students. The students were also taught how to deal with snake bites cases and measures to avoid snake bite.
In addition, the students were briefed on the correct steps and measures to be taken in case of burn injuries, correct dressing procedure on cut injuries, control on blood loss and sprain treatment. The programme concluded with word of thanks by the school staff.
The students and staff of the school appreciated the kind gesture of the Assam Rifles in reaching out to them and hoped that this effort would go a long way in further cementing the bond between the people of Manipur and Assam Rifles.

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