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Imphal, May 7,

With the failure of the state government Machineries to clean up the garbage mess, Imphalites today are prone to various diseases like Respiratory infection, Hepatitis, Cholera, Dysentery and Typhoid etc., Medical experts told Imphal Times.

A Medicine professor from RIMS, who did not want to disclose his identity while talking to Imphal Times reporter, said that as the major Market places in Imphal area particularly the Khwairamband Keithel Ima Market has been filled with garbage, Imphalites who are on marketing are now prone to various viral infections. About those vendor ladies many would have been already infected by the virus from the piled up garbage.

“ Not only that the filth causes serious diseases, but also mental health is being seriously disturbed due to the unpleasant odours”, the doctor who is afraid of disclosing his identities fearing action for speaking to media person by his superior said.

On the other hand the non-separation of the Electronic and medical waste with that of the household and vegetable waste is also causing serious threat to the health problem of Imphalites.

Imphal Times, reporter while interacting with some of the vendor ladies in Khwairamband Keithel found out that most of them are having health problem which is probably caused by the filth.

Memchoubi Devi, who sells vegetable at Nagamapal site, while talking to Imphal Times reporter said that since the last few days she had been bearing the unpleasant odour from the garbage pile up some few feet from her vendor stall.

“I used to ran out leaving my vegetables brought for sale, as I was not able to tolerate the odour some times, but I have to come back as without selling my vegetable my family will have to starve” , Maibam Ongbi Hemabati, a vegetable seller said.

This reporter saw sweats streaming on her face as she braves the summer heat to sell her vegetable. When asked if she had any health problem, she said itching at her arms and some body part disturbed her a lot. She added that during the last couple of days she felt dizziness.

A commuter, who passed near the filth site, was seen vomiting, while this reporter was talking to the vendor lady. When tried to help him he said that he can’t bear the smell of the filth so he felt like vomiting. He identified himself as Romesh from Sagolband.

Is this kind of problem caused by the filth, which the government machineries failed to clean up? When this was asked to the Medicine doctor whom Imphal Times Contact, he said there is no doubt that the kind of health problem is from the filth which was piled up for days.

The garbage in Imphal area particularly in Khwairamband Keithel has not been picked up since the last couple of days by the IMC authority as the Lamdeng Solid Waste management Plant refused to unload the garbage waste since the last few weeks.

The Lamdeng Solid Waste Management plant was set up with assurance to dispose the garbage of all the Imphal area but many problems are being faced by the IMC authority as the Plant has been handed over Ahmedabad-based Innovative Eco Care Private Limited and Thermotech Systems Ltd.    Literally speaking, the Lamdeng Solid Waste Management Plant today is a complete waste as it seems to be of no use.

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Imphal, May 7,

Imphal East Zilla Parishad Member Seram Neken today said his suspension from primary membership of BJP is baseless and handiwork of certain vested partymen.
Speaking to this daily in the aftermath of news report regarding his suspension from the BJP that appeared in local dailies and the social media, Seram Neken who represents the 14-Uchekon Nongchup Zilla Parishad constituency claimed that he has not done anything against the party, that is worthy of suspension. ‘I am a bonafide citizen of India and an active member of BJP’, he said while claiming he has been contributing to the party physically as well as morally for the last few years of his association.
Some people with vested interest in the party always tried to oust him from the party, he lamented and recalled that he has always been left out of invitees’ list for almost all programmes and events of the party. His being an active member residing in the Thongju Assembly Constituency has never been accorded due recognition. Even in the BJP grassroots level meetings held in his own locality, he has been left out deliberately for obvious reasons, Neken alleged.
It may be recalled that an office order issued by General Secretary of BJP Manipur Pradesh, N. Nimbus Singh dated 4th May 2019, conveyed that the primary membership of Seram Neken has been is put under suspension. The same has been circulated in social media and published  in local dailies.
Neken related further that even though the order was circulated through the social media and media houses for publication, copy of the same has not been given to him. ‘Why the publication in media seems to be more important while personal copy is not served to the concerned person’, he asked while stating that the intention of the publication of suspension order in media is only to tarnish his image in the society.  
 Informing that he has submitted a letter to National President of BJP to intervene into the matter to bring justice to party workers, Neken sought clarification from the state BJP authority regarding the valid reasons for his suspension with proper evidence. He charged the state BJP of trying to malign his political image for vested political gains.
Seram Neken is a member of Imphal East District Zilla Parishad, representing 14-Uchekon Nongchup ZP Constituency consisting of three Gram Panchayats in Thongju Assembly Constituency.


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Imphal, May 7,

Quasquicentennial Jubilee for Pettigrew Junior High school held today at the premise of the school situated at Singjamei Mathak Thokchom Leikai.
Speaking at the function ZEO, Zone 1 Imphal West Khumukcham Sucheta said that the observation of the ceremony has a tremendous significance. She added that not only the students will know about the history of the school, it will also give a sense of belongingness and highlights the essence of the school.
Major Devadutta of 6th Assam Rifles said that the school has a close relationship with the history of Manipur. He further said that their forces help the school in various ways like arranging educational tours for the students.
The celebration was attended by local guardian of the area Thokchom Achou, President of Senior Citizens Forum Singjamei Mathak Thokchom Leikai Leihaothabam Nadiachand and President of Youth Welfare Organisation Thokchom Ranbir as the Presidium members of the function.
Floral tributes were also paid to the portrait of William Pettigrew.

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Even though there are obstacles in streamlining of the traffic flow in the state particularly in Imphal city, the present government led by Chief Minister N. Biren Singh seems to be working hard to solve the traffic menace.
Since his government came to power, he had shown his seriousness to the issue of traffic woes. He had announced to reinstalled the electronic traffic signals and even appointed a Superintendent of the traffic police.
After a long gap Manipur witnessed the sitting of the Traffic Regulation and Parking Committee meeting on April 25, 2018 with the Chief Minister in the Chair.
A sign of relief was felt to everyone on assuming that the coming of the new government will stop worrying the nightmare of the traffic chaos.
However, for reason best known, all the announcement made was not converted into action . Installation of Traffic signal is not completely implemented. The appointment of Traffic police SP makes no meaning as powers has not been entrusted for taking up action against traffic violators and moreover till today there are still lack of proper manpower, equipments and other infrastructures.
The fall out of the first TRPC meeting after N. Biren Singh led the government turned disaster as an announcement without a second thought provoked a massive protest from daily wage earners - the Diesel Auto drivers. The announcement of the CM to ban the diesel auto in Imphal city was one of the mistake committed by the government.
Having said so, it is worth appreciating the government as it keeps continuing its work to find way to solve the traffic menace.
Lately the traffic rotary has been shrunken; the unnecessary road maiden has been reduced.
These are some of the immediate measure to ensure convenience to commuters. But will it help.
There is increase of vehicles everyday and the volume of vehicles increase in Imphal increase with the increase of the vehicle.
While it is necessary to widen the road, it is also equally important that people driving vehicle follow traffic rule. And when it comes how to make the drivers follow the traffic discipline it is not the driver alone that should be responsible but the traffic police that need to be alerted.
Secondly, even after the sitting of the TRPC on April last years, no proper parking has been allocated in and around Imphal city particularly in crowded Paona Keithel and Thangal Keithel. The condition in an around Khwairamband Ima Keithel is still in the worst condition.
Today, after the IMC machinery stop collecting the garbage, the condition is even worst then before.
On the parking issue which is the root of the traffic chaos it is well known to everybody that from Keishampat junction till Thangal Bazar any roadside seems to be converted as parking space.
Even as the TRPC is the sole authority to allot parking area, no specific parking area has been allotted at any specific place. Yet, there was a resolution to charge more fee if a vehicle is parked more than its necessities.
Following that the Imphal Municipal Corporation (IMC) is franchising NGOs to collect parking fee from anywhere where they felt necessary. Still now the IMC authority continues to offer permission to any NGO for collecting parking fee.
For reason best known those, NGO collecting parking fee never bother on where the vehicles were park at the roadsides particularly at Paona Keithel. Double parking, triple parking were allowed if they are paid the parking few. No, authority of the IMC or the traffic police counter check the way that the NGOs arranged the parking system.
The connecting road in-between Paona Keithel and Governor road has never been officially declared as parking space yet vehicles use to park as the road has been close at the other end of the governor road for security reason. How could the IMC allow NGO to collect fee for parking at this site when it was not declared as a parking site by the TRPC.
Imphal city is already facing problem due to road side vendor which the police received severe criticism from section of people when they tried to clean it. Now, the parking arrangement at Paona Keithel and Thangal Keithel should be properly checked and those fail to comply with government order should not be allowed to continue their service, a former police officer told this reporter.
He further added that the IMC or the traffic police should immediately announced the parking site and that penalty should be given if the number vehicle cross limit provided to them.  
    The first one year of the state government heard many promises that people had eagerly waiting for. It’s now over 2 years, N. Biren Singh Govt. seem to completely forgotten what he promised and assured to the people.

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By : DR.Konthoujam Khelchandra

All of us are aware that in the SawchhSurvekshan Award, 2018 organized by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), GOI under the ageisof Swachh Bharat Mission, Kakchingbagged the award for the Cleanest City in Northeast Zone. Kakching continues to throng the limelight again with theCleanest City award in the Northeast Zone for SawchhSurvekshan, 2019 along with Thoubal and Wangjing-Lamding in the population above 1 lakh category; WhereasMayang Imphal, Lamlai and Ningthoukhong won first, third and fourth positions respectively in the category of town with population below 25,000. It is more heartening to know that 14 towns from Manipur have been listed in the first top 20 ranking in the SawchhSurvekshan, 2019 in the Northeast region. The Director of MAHUD along with the concerned Officers must have been really elated to receive these awards from the President of India on March 6, 2019 at the glittering Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.  Being a Manipuri working outside the state, I really felt delighted to hear this particular news item. At the same time, it further makes me feel that all these Municipal Councils and Nagar Panchayat must be adopting an exemplary well-developed operational solid waste management systemequally supported by dedicated efficient staffs.
We have seen a very promising picture about proper waste management system that led to receiving all the prestigious Cleanliness Awards in different categories at the National level after the launch of Swachh Bharat Mission in 2014 is tremendously good for our state. Nevertheless, there are major doubts in the minds of the people residing in and around Imphal city; WHETHER WE HAVE AN EFFECTIVE SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM? As a concerned citizen born and brought up in Imphal, I basically feel that there are lots of challenges foran effective implementable solid waste management system for Imphal city which generates more than 100 metric tons of waste daily.
Over and above this, currently there has been a ban on the disposal of waste at the Lamdeng Solid Waste Management Plant. The Imphal Municipal Corporation (IMC) is presently collecting meager amount of waste only from the main bazar area and stocking it in their office. The IMC designated NGOs operatedin different wards have stop collecting household waste from different localities of Imphal area due to none availability of disposal site. Hence, there is complete menace as more and more wastes are piling up in the front of most household in the congested Imphal area. Furthermore, improper solid waste management will  lead to number of  health related problems like nose and throat infections, lung infection, breathing problems, infection, inflammation,  bacterial infection,  elevated mucus production,  altered immunity allergy  and asthma. Therefore, concerned related stakeholders should immediately make arrangement for taking corrective steps on priority basis to solve the impasses below it has blown out of proportion.  
Challenges of Solid Waste Management: Solid Waste Management Rules (SWM), 2016 notified by Union Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEF& CC), GOI is applicable beyond municipal areas and have included urban agglomerations, census towns, notified industrial townships, areas under the control of Indian railways, airports, special economic zones, places of pilgrimage, religious and historical importance, and State and Central Government organisations in their ambit. The SWM Rules 2016 has strictly mandated compliance criteria for each stages of waste management viz., collection, segregation at source, transportation, processing and final disposal are followed strictly.
Collection: It is pertinent to have a systematic door to door solid waste collection from the different areas in Imphal. The present system of waste collection by IMC and IMC nominated NGOs in the various wards of Imphal is not very effective. There is need for increasing the frequencyof waste collection per week. For instance, in Aizawl city, there is very effective solid waste collection system. Household (door to door) collection of solid waste by the concerned authority under the Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation Department (UD &PA), Government of Mizoram has given clear guideline for effective waste management. All stakeholders strictly follow the guidelines, out of 7 days a week; solid waste is collected 5 times in a week, 3 days for Dry Waste (Non-biodegradable) and 2 days for Wet Waste (Biodegradable). So, each household are required to maintain two dustbins for collection of dry waste and wet waste separately. For doing all these, each household pay a meagre amount of Rs. 50/- per month to the local authority. I should say this is a complete example of an effective system for collection of solid waste. I am not drawing a comparison but citing a clear example where we can learn and replicate in our state. Hence, this suggests there is need for further improvement in the existing collection system of solid waste in Imphal.
Segregation at source:Till date to my knowledge there is no report of segregating the household waste at source in Imphal.  This is one of the major challenges where the concerned authority should take appropriate measures for segregation of waste at source. It is noteworthy to remember that the SWM Rules 2016 have mandated the source segregation of waste in order to channelise the waste to wealth by recovery, reuse and recycle. Waste generators should now have to now segregate waste into three streams- Biodegradables, Dry (Plastic, Paper, metal, Wood, etc.) and Domestic Hazardous waste (diapers, napkins, mosquito repellants, cleaning agents etc.) before handing it over to the collector. Institutional generators, market associations, event organisers and hotels and restaurants have been directly made responsible for segregation and sorting the waste and manage in partnership with local bodies. In case of an event, or gathering of more than 100 persons at any licensed/ unlicensed place, the organiser will have to ensure segregation of waste at source and handing over of segregated waste to waste collector or agency, as specified by the local authority. Waste processing and treatment:The bio-degradable waste should be processed, treated and disposed of through composting or bio-methanation within the premises as far as possible and the residual waste shall be given to the waste collectors or agency as directed by the local authority (SMW, 2016). The developers of Special Economic Zone, industrial estate, industrial park to earmark at least 5 per cent of the total area of the plot or minimum 5 plots/ sheds for recovery and recycling facility.
In conclusion, there is need for a drastic change in how the waste management systems will work in Manipur. Firm implementable measures should be adoptedfor a decentralised mechanism of solid waste management. However, it would be challenging task to see how segregation at source shall work on the ground. It has clearly indicated that segregation at source is of prime importance for effective solid waste management. It is extremely important to properly handle solid waste generated from the Imphal area by segregation at the source. It is also necessary to treat biodegradable waste by suitable methods like composting and vermi-composting. For the success of solid waste management in Manipur, people awareness in exceptionally obligatory. Hence, a massive awareness campaign in association with communities, NGOs, local clubs, students and other stakeholders needs toundertake actions to push for better implementation of the solid waste management in Imphal. There is also need for focusing on making solid waste management a people’s movement by taking the issues, concerns and management of solid waste to citizens and grass-roots.Finally, suitable strategy and actions plans should be targeted for addressing some of these challenges then it would definitely lead to success of an effective solid waste management in Imphal city.

(The author is currently working as Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Science, Pachhunga University College, Aizawl-796001, Mizoram. He can be contacted at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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Imphal May 7,

A monthly village chief/secretary meeting was organised at T’Minou by Moreh Battalion of 26 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) on 06 May 2019. A total of 10 village chiefs and secretaries of nearby villages attended the meeting. The security situation in the area was deliberated upon and the importance of maintaining peace and harmony was discussed in detail during the meeting. Village Chiefs/Secretary expressed their interest in maintaining close liaison with Assam Rifles, the border guarding force. The other agenda points of the meeting included security aspects, exchange of information and updation of mobile numbers. The meeting culmiated with refreshments for all. The village chiefs and secretaries thanked Assam Rifles for its efforts to ensure peace and tranquility in the area. They also assured their whole hearted cooperation with Assam Rifles in future as well.

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Tuesday, 07 May 2019 17:11

Assam Rifles Organises Excursion Trip

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Imphal May 7,

Mantripukhri Battalion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) organised an excursion for the underprivileged children to Silheipung Ecological Park, Lamlai on 05th May 2019. These children are being supported by Assam Rifles and being provided free education at the Assam Rifles Public School (ARPS) Mantripukhri.

The day long outing was a unique experience for the students wherein they were not only educated about the importance of biodiversity through an awareness lecture but also experienced firsthand the necessity of maintaining green cover.  As part of the excursion, various fun games were also organised for the students where they enthusiastically participated. Refreshments and lunch was also catered for.

Children thoroughly enjoyed the visit and conveyed heartfelt gratitude for the efforts of Assam Rifles for undertaking such an initiative and requested for more such informative and entertaining visits in future for benefit and awareness of the students. 

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