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Imphal, May 31,

The ongoing crisis at Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) between the Non Teaching Employee Welfare Association and the Director is deepening after the association today announced to stop all short of working at the Institute except the emergency section after police team disburse a peaceful protest staged by them in front of the Director’s office around morning today.

“We condemn the Director for calling the police team to destruct the peaceful protest, and now we are left with no choice, but to intensify the protest”, Th. Babu, Secretary of the Non Teaching Employees Welfare Association of RIMS said.

“ From today except for the emergency section we will shut down all functioning of the RIMS”, Babu announced to the press after convening an emergency meeting at the Mini Auditorium of RIMS after the police team disburse them.

The RIMS nurse association also joined the protest showing solidarity to the Non Teaching staffs’ agitation. 

The Non teaching staffs’ body said that there will be no turning back to the agitation until the Director RIMS is being replaced as the Director himself has refused to meet them despite repeated request.

Report said that the Non Teaching Employee Welfare Association has been demonstrating peaceful demonstration demanding to fulfil their charter of demands submitted to the Director since yesterday in front of the Director’s office. Today is the second day of the demonstration. However, the non teaching staffs were uproared after a team of police came and drive them away from the protest site even after knowing that it was a peaceful protest. The irate agitator then convened an emergency meeting and took decision to shut down all activities of the institution except for the emergency services.

Meanwhile, Director RIMS Prof. A Shanta said that he will not tolerate any kind of protest in the hospital.

“It is more important to provide medical care to the patient rather than listening to the strike”, the Director said. 

The Director said that no strike of the kind initiated by the non teaching body should be supported.

“Even you people are supporting the agitation”, the angry director said turning his eyes to the reporters who were taking interview to him. He further warns that he will do things as per the law.

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Imphal, May 31,

Career of a Science graduate student is at stake as he had been appearing semester examination with fake registration certificate issued by the college and not by Manipur University. Interestingly, the Manipur University authority also issued admit card to the student for appearing exam on the fake registration certificate.

The student than applied for admission to Kamakhya Pemton College (KP College) which issued the fake registration certificate after completing his B. Sc third semester examination in 2015 from Mayai Lambi College as he had problem in continuing 4th semester examination as he was preparing for NEET exam. That time the Registration number was 13381161 (2013) with Roll No. 2013. 

At the time of applying admission to Kamakhya Pemton College in 2015, all his relevant documents were submitted to the college to continue his studies. While the student was waiting for the decision from the KP college authority for transfer and admission, his roll number appeared in third semester results of 2015 B.Sc exam. The result stated that a student bearing roll number 3106862 cleared the third semester B.Sc exam in 2015.

The Vice Principal of KP College released a press note on 19th May, 2019 stating that the student has passed the third semester exam in 2015 while he has not cleared the fourth semester exam in 2016.

A teacher of KP College, S Ajit Singh has given the student a certificate bearing the original registration number 13281782 from KP college stating that the student was registered in KP College in 2013. However, the student was earlier registered in Mayai Lambi College in 2013.

An RTI was filed to the Registrar of Manipur University on April 24, 2019 seeking clarification over the issue. Deputy registrar replied that the Principal of KP College has not submitted any record pertaining to the said student and no record is available in the section office. Furthermore, Deputy Registrar has also said that the transfer of students from one college to another is not permitted since the introduction of semester system.

This shows that registration number issued by the college authority to the student is ‘fake’.

However, what is interesting is that, the said student was reportedly issued admit card from Manipur University for appearing exam (3rd & 4th Semester), which was never handed over to the student.

The matter shows that there are cases of people writing proxy exams in KP College. Appropriate authority must look this particular case and the proxy exams that are being written with the college authorities and MU officials for necessary action.

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Imphal May31,

Maoist Communist Party Manipur today said that will extend full support to the movements initiated by Non-teaching Employee Welfare Association of RIMS.

A press released signed by Coordinator, Standing Committee of Maoist Communist Party Manipur Kyonghan Mangang said that the Director of RIMS has made the institution as a private institution meant for his family and relatives neglecting the welfare of the institution.

He said that RIMS has now become a popular breeding ground for contractors instead of giving health care facilities to public. Yumkhaibam Sitesh who is the brother in law of the Director has been withdrawing bill of many contract works through the Director.

The Manipur Maoist warns serious consequences to whoever stands on the side of the Director and whoever hinder the movements of the Non Teaching Employees Association. He said that the association should not be afraid of the puppets mastered by the Director and added that Maoist will stand firmly to fight against them.

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Imphal, 31 May,

Irate locals of Nongpok Sekmai, Heirok Assembly Constituency, Thoubal District, blocked roads connecting to Yairipok (IVR) by digging a huge pit with the help of JCB machines for not constructing the road till now.

The State Government made promise to construct the road earlier but fails to construct the road till today. The road which connects Nongpok Sekmai to Yairipok(IVR) is not constructed till now creating hurdles to the villagers and the students as well as the drivers.

Nongpok Sekmai Magic Association, Secy. Ningthoujam Ashatomba said that the road was not constructed from earlier but the concern Authority made promise on 8th Jan, 2018 for constructing the road. He further said that the concern authorities are not taking the matter seriously.

Drawing the attention of the government the drivers threatened to stop service.

Meira Paibi Secretary, Sinam Memcha said that the Government didn’t look properly as the area is outskirt. People have been facing serious inconveniences in case of emergency during night time, she added.

She also added that pregnant lady on their way to the hospital sometime were left with no choice but to deliver the baby in the middle of the road as the road condition did not help them reaching the hospital.

Earlier, too the people had launched agitation but suspended after assurance, now the people will block the road until repairing works are not taken up.

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Imphal May 31,

After the tragic incident where renowned Manipuri designer Robert Naorem’s mother Naorem Rekha was murdered in her home, today JAC against the brutal killing of Naorem (o) Rekha Devi staged a sit-in-protest at Imo filling Singjamei Thokchom Leikai condemning the brutal act.

Youth Welfare organisation of Singjamei Mathak Thokchom Leikai and Chongtham Leikai along with local Meira Paibis and Club staged the protest. 

Co-convenor of the JAC Khumanthem Sanjitkumar strongly denounced the brutal act of killing. Speaking to media person he urged the government to bring justice to the deceased N. Rekha. He also urged to find the culprit responsible and demanded appropriate punishment for the crime. 

Robert Naorem said that the tragic incident should be a lesson to the society. He further said that appropriate action is needed against the culprit as such thing will become a habit in the society. He also urged to give a severe punishment so that such things will never happen in the society again. 

It can be mention that Rekha (65 years) was brutally murdered by unknown person in her house on May 29.

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Imphal, May 31,

A statement issued by Sr. Jenison, Secy. Phungchung Village Authority, Chandel District, Manipur, said that the road constructed between Japhou Bazar to Phungchong (Phungchung) village under PMGSY -2014 covering a stretch of 4.5 km is yet to be completed till now even after so many complaints to the concerned authority. Only 2.5 km of 4.5 km is completed as of now. Even 2.5 km road completed is also not constructed as per the Project objective.
He added that the road stretching 4.5 km is a Black Toping Sanction under PMGSY to connect Japhou Bazar to Phungchong (Phungchung) village but it is not completed till now creating hurdles for the villagers for walking as well as for driving as the villagers don’t have any other means of transport.
As the complaints submitted to the concern Authority are not taken seriously, the villagers after prolonged deliberation resolved to launch serious agitation against the government if the Project is not completed before this rainy season, the statement added.

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Imphal, May 31,

In connection with the observance of the ‘9th Progressive Day’ which falls on June 1, 2018 Chairman of the proscribed group PREPAK (Pro) L. Paliba, appealed India to decolonize Kangleipak.
 Extending warm greetings to all the Revolutionary Parties of WESEA, CSOs, learned persons and media fraternity and the people of the region, the Chairman of the proscribed group categorically explain on why India should decolonize Kangleipak. From the perspective of rampant drug business being carried out in the region to till the domination of the Indigenous people of the region by Mainland Indian people by way cultural invasion.  
Impact of non-indigenous religion and culture to Kangleipak should not be overlooked or ignored, the statement said. It added that the habit of scrounging and the habit of quick earning through drug business are the apparent ways and means of people’s livelihood.
“The idea that keeping company with non-local rich people will receive social values is a wrong perception and it is tantamount to a dependency syndrome disease. Due to all these unwanted and negative influences, our society is being guided by rogue and charlatan. Our nation has been perishing and it is being fragmented into pieces. Elder people are no longer respected and there is no respect and confidence among the youths. In the same way politicians and ministers are also thinking on one sided manner. They want to develop the state only with money flowing from Delhi. This tells us that their minds cannot be stretched beyond Delhi. The outcome of blindly following non-indigenous religion and culture without moderation for about 250 years helped India in annexing Manipur in 1949.
“Development based on indigenous people has been totally neglected due to the disintegration of unifying core-force of a society such as religion and culture. It is very unfortunate that little attention is being paid when Kangleipak is slowly transforming into a business hub only for non-local people. In our present Kangleipak society, we find that there are innumerable non-indigenous people in the heartland of Kangleipak. In order to lengthen the colonization, British once formed a class of Indians who were acquainted themselves with English taste, thought and knowledge. In our present Kangleipak society, we find there are many such types of people whose thoughts and minds are deeply ingrained and influenced by the unfamiliar strange customs and culture of India. Besides, there are many people whose blood are totally mixed up with Indians. If this situation is continued further, sooner or later Kangleipak will become a land of Hindutva. In such situation our revolutionary causes would be meaningless, and it will be an added boon to Indian Expansionism. It is vitally important for all the revolutionary parties and Kangleichas to work together in order to save the degraded society. Obviously social revolution is the need of the hour.
 “Facing the wind of change collectively: Unrealistic viewpoints and hypothesis of 1970s and 1980s can be never be applied as a guiding tenet of revolutionary parties in this fast-changing world. Indian Colonialism and Globalization are like the internal and external double edged-sword and if they storm in our society, our future generations will not find a place to settle. It is not justified to act on one sided works at this juncture. Taking into consideration the weaknesses and strength of enemy vis a vis rapidly transforming world, it may not be wrong to say that to take up comprehensive steps. While we have identified the true adversary, we have not yet unearthed the effective means to face it. Therefore, we need a well-planned coordinated effort and work together efficiently to face the adversary.
India on wrongful foundation: India wanted to proclaim that it had attained independence by struggling and fighting over the years. However, they felt guilty and shame about the fact that British Parliament passed Indian Independence Act 1947 to hand over India’s Independence. As a matter of face saving and to cover up the historical facts, the Article 395 of Indian Constitution repealed Indian Independence Act 1947 and Government of India Act 1935. The main reason for putting an end to all these Acts were nothing but to clear the cloud hanging on the minds of top Indian leaders. Under any unnatural circumstances, if British parliament quashed the Act, India would loss its Independence. To assert independence and autonomy of India, it was opined that all “Laws and Rights” related with the British should be cut off. Tactfully, Indian Independence Act 1947 was repealed by the Constitution and not by the Constituent Assembly, indicating that the Constitution assumed its own autonomous existence independent of its framers. Newly independent nation needs a “Constitutional Autochthony (Springing from Land)” which refers to deliberate Constitutional measures to place the root of their autonomy in their indigenous soil by breaking legal continuity from former ruler. This was taken from Irish Constitution. “There was never a war called ‘Anglo-Indian War’ but there was a true war called “Anglo-Irish War” which made Irish an independent Nation from the UK. Indian leaders had copied the post Anglo-Irish War’s outcome and its relevant Acts, but they never followed Irish struggle. Before India achieved its full independence, British constituted a Constituent Assembly and following this Indian Constitution was written and adopted without any ratification of the then States and Provinces. How come it was mentioned “We, The People of India” in the Preamble of Indian Constitution? British Cabinet Mission on 16 May 1946 recommended that there should be a Federation of India including Princely States, integrated by a minimal Central-Union government which would be limited to handling foreign affairs, communication, defense and only those finances required to care for such nationwide matters; all the residual subjects would be vested in the Provinces and the Princely States would retain all subjects and all residual powers. The Mission had also recommended to elect a Constituent Assembly with the objective of making Indian Constitution. Consequently, there was an important provision in the Indian Independence Act 1947, which allowed Princely States to either join one of the two new Dominion States (India or Pakistan) or remain independent after British Suzerainty lapsed on August 15,1947. Especially, this provision terrified the then Indian leaders and later it was made invalid and repealed by Article 395 of the Indian Constitution. On the one side, Manipur Constitution Act,1947 was framed and adopted as it was felt that once British Paramountcy lapsed, there would be an Independent Manipur, and the rule of law would be established. Then, a Popular government was formed under Constitutional Monarchy, which had ruled independently from August 15,1947 till October 15,1949. Till now, India never realized and apologized for the illegal annexation of Manipur. Faltering India: The political parties including both in the ruling and opposition, and academia had often expressed the catchwords “Cooperative Federalism, Sub-Nationalism, Shared Sovereignty, Constituent Diplomacy, Para-Diplomacy, Sub-National Diplomacy” which highlight the necessity to review and rewriting of Centre-State relation bot leaders had outrightly expounded that the national government should not rule the country with more centralized powers. Many regional leaders demand and seek more political powers, even special status, to protect their regional aspirations and identities. Nowadays, many political thinkers say India is not a Nation-State, it should be rather a State-Nation. Let us remember the suggestion made by the British on the political structure to be followed in newly created India. Nothing more to say, British recommended new India should have a Central government with limited power in defense, foreign affairs, communication and finance, other remaining subjects should be empowered to Provinces and States; Centre should not exercise their power irrespective of State’s assent. In addition to that, it was also suggested that any State or Province can determine their political status as either Independence or autonomy, there should not be political interference in this regard. But in completely different way, there is not a word related to “Right to Self-Determination” in Indian Constitution, rather it is written as India can be expanded but not smaller which is explicitly mentioned in Article 2 akin to “Greater India and Expansionism”. Sikkim was annexed under this article. Indian armies killed much smaller armies of Sikkim and occupied Sikkim’s monarch. To cover up such unlawful occupation “The Sikkim Referendum” was organized, in which many Indian were allowed to participate in voting which ultimately succeeded in the nefariously designed “Merger Referendum”. Merger of Sikkim into Union of India is the gifted success history of so called RAW. India should learn from others: China has been empowering Hong Kong and Macau in many economic and political rights under “One Country Two Systems policy”, which transformed both into most developed Provinces in Asia. They have self-administration with vast resources at their disposal. China had taken up “Open Coastal Cities” and “US-China Governors Forum” under new economic policy in line with para-diplomacy. British Columbia and Quebec provinces of Canada have independent para-diplomacy in terms of trade and investment. British Columbia opened 11 Trade Missions in foreign countries, which earned a huge income for Canada. Quebec Province was being allowed to hold “Referendum” to secede from Canada and it has many autonomous provisions for selfrule. Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland which are parts of the United Kingdom (UK), have their own separate Parliament and Assemblies with seceding power. Unfortunately, considering the vast diversity in customs, traditions, values, social settings, history, India still does not realize the possibility of establishing many smaller independent nations around the so called Indian Sub-continent like the European Union (EU). Unfortunately, even though the apparent distribution of power to the states, the Article 356, also known popularly as AK-56 rifle of Indian Constitution, can throw out and remove State Governments. Conclusion: PREPAK(Pro) has been expressing and articulating that India-Manipur conflict is a political conflict and the reason for taking up arms is to fight against troops sent by Government of India. India should understand the main reason for not resolving this conflict. Now time has come for India to decide the fate of every State either to keep them inside the Union of India or to give them the Right to Self-Determination. The new decision will help in achieving peace, love, development and good independent neighbors. Indian top leaders will never grant more social, political and economic rights to Kangleipak. The present sinister political leaders of our land will never be able to get such rights and power. These are important inclusive inherent aspects of Independent Kangleipak which can only be attained after vehement revolutionary struggle”, the statement added.

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Friday, 31 May 2019 17:32

RIMS again: Why???

The crisis at RIMS due to conflict between non-teaching staffs and the Director is a serious one. The Institution which the authority had promised time and again for upgradation to the status of AIMS, has been always in the news for bad reason in the last few years. RIMS is now known to the rest of the country  for report about doctor’s negligence which resulted dead of patients to rampant corruption and misappropriation of funds besides fight for the post of Director among incumbent doctors. Achievement from the Institution which produced many doctors are only heard once in the green moon. But news story about Director (Since the time of Dr. Ng Bijoy and the precedent till today) and team’s converting the Institution into a gold mine were always top stories from this institution which have over 300 doctors excluding the Nurses, Lab Technicians and non- teaching staff. This is perhaps the only institution of medical science in the entire country where the CBI had to register case for multi core financial scams. The investigation is still yet to be completed.
Except for the period that, one IAS officer took charge as the in-charge director – the institute is a battle ground for doctors who are hungry for the post of the Director or the Medical Superintendent. The culture of picking up like minded Deputy Director and appointing close associates to the Engineering cell which is responsible for infrastructures of the RIMS seems to be implanted to the whoever comes as the head of the institute. Rampant corruption to the appointment of staffs or promotions for their political gains, angered the staffs or professional doctors who are sincere to their service. People of the country had always seen such an ugly picture at RIMS since the last many years and there seems to be no dearth for the malpractice. No matter, how good the person is in their practice, once they seat in the top chair, many unwanted things happened which create inconvenience to doctors as well to the patients.
Patient care service is not at all improving. Once or twice a month, a clash between patient party and the hospital staffs at RIMS is not new news. Blame game over doctors having more interest in working at Private clinic rather than doing the same at the Institution keep continuing. The head (Director), whoever, comes always announce in public to take strong action against doctors who are visiting the private hospital despite receiving Non-Practicing Allowances, however, so far no doctors from the RIMS who are attending Private clinic have been punished. There are many cases that patient are referred to Private run Hospital from this Institute. Cancer Patient have to be treated at the behest of the blessing of either the Director of the person who is heading the Radiology Department. Lack of convergence among the different departments had resulted patient to chose for discharge certificate so that they could go to either at Private Hospitals or hospitals outside the state. Why the Director, who is supposed to look into such kind of matters remain ignored to the many things which is bringing bad name to the RIMS and the state.
This time we see another trouble at the Institution. The conflict between the Director and the Non-teaching staffs at RIMS is becoming serious. Imphal Times doesn’t stand for either of the side. But this newspaper felt that a speedy and amicable solution between the two is the need of the hour as the conflict will only bring extreme inconvenience to the people. And one more thing that the state government should worry is that any trouble at RIMS is also the problem of the state government. The ambitious CMHT introduced by the present government led by Chief Minister N. Biren Singh will make no sense if the functioning of major hospital like RIMS collapses.

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Friday, 31 May 2019 17:30

AR Conducts Security Meet

IGAR (South)

Imphal May 31,

Tulihal and Mantripukhri Battalions of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) conducted a security meet at Mayang Imphal and Koirengei Company Operating Bases (COB) respectively. The security forum was attended by the Meira Paibis, Ward Councilors along with representatives of local youth clubs.

During the meet the locals were sanitised and updated on current situation existing in the area of responsibility. There was also an interaction carried out on necessary measures required to be undertaken by locals in synergy with Assam Rifles for maintaining a strict vigil against illicit activities in the area.  In addition to the security issues, future action plan in respect of civic action projects like medical camps, recruitment in Assam Rifles and Army and career counseling for youth were also discussed during the meet.

The locals expressed their gratitude and appreciated the efforts of Assam Rifles for conduct of such security meetings and ensuring peace in the area and assured their commitment and assistance in maintaining the same. The security meet concluded with tea and refreshments for all the attendees.

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IGAR (South)
Imphal May 31,

Moreh, commonly known as the commercial capital of Manipur is located strategically on Indo Myanmar Border and plays a pivotal role in India’s Act East Policy. Despite this, the town lacks organised industry and job opportunities making the local youth vulnerable to anti-social activities.
In order to address this sensitive issue of large scale unemployment in a gradual manner, Moreh Battalion of 26 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR(South) chalked out a detailed plan to provide Skill Development to the youth of Moreh. The Battalion liaised with the National Skill Development Council (NSDC), a flagship programme by Government of India, Ministry of Finance under Public Private Partnership with primary mandate of catalysing the skill landscape of the country.
The Battalion invited trainers from five different fields, ie Humanism Foundation, JCRE Skill Solutions, KB Philanthropy, Skill Pro Private Ltd and NESFEED Foundation. A mega Skill Development Drive was conducted in the month of April and was attended by 370 young boys and girls of Moreh town and adjoining areas. The trainers interacted with the attendees and explained the job roles and also future prospects. A number of job roles were offered to the attendees which include tourism and hospitality, housekeeping, textile weaving and dying, tailoring and hand embroidery, Field Tech, computer training etc. The Battalion further facilitated registration of candidates.
With continuous efforts of Assam Rifles, a Multi Skill Development Centre has been established at Moreh. It was inaugurated by the first enrolled girl of Moreh. The event was attended by various dignitaries to include ADC Member, SDO Moreh, SDPO Moreh and various community heads who expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the noble initiative.
This initiative by Assam Rifles will go a long way in ensuring peace and development in Moreh Town. The skill Development will enable the youth to be gainfully employed and refrain them from illegal trade and activities which is rampant in the town. Creating a pool of skilled manpower will facilitate employment at home and prevent human resources getting drained to other parts of the country. The project is expected to set a stage for similar projects in the entire North East Region which will pave way for normalcy.

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