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Imphal, May 25,

With BJP wining a landslide victory across the country crossing 300 numbers with one from the state of Manipur, the much talk about ‘cracks’ in the coalition government seems to be mended. Whether the N. Biren Singh led government reshuffle or not, his government is totally secure. The only problem the Chief Minister had was the threat from the NPF, to pull out from his government over non-fulfillment of the promises assured to the political party, at the time of forming the government.

Picture uploaded from reliable source at social networking site showed Chief Minister N. Biren Singh with NPF state president Awangbou Newmai and the newly elected NPF MP from outer Manipur Parliamentary constituency along with NPF Minister Kaisii posing for a shot showing smile together. The photo was reportedly taken while the team was waiting for the National General Secretary Ram Madhav at his New Delhi Office.

“NPF withdrawal is not going to give any effect to the N. Biren Singh Government when one look from the angle of numbers, but their withdrawal may be a headache for the government for reason which is known by everyone”,   A political analyst said while talking over phone to Imphal Times.

The rumours about the NPF stand on the issue about withdrawing from the party also remain as a mere rumour which is not going to happen, he added. The political analyst who did not want to disclose his identity said that before the parliamentary election, as the air was not clean to the game plan of BJP there was possibility of dropping the Ministerial berth of some of the Ministers of the NPP, the party too seem preparing a game plan, but with the massive victory of the BJP crossing its number above 300 seats, the NPP too makes no further discussion over the issue. Whether they dropped the NPP MLAs to be replaced by BJP MLAs, they will still continue to support the government.

“This was stated by Health Minister L. Jayentakumar during a telephonic conversation to one of the local TV news channel some days back”, the analyst said.

Meanwhile a source said that, even though the BJP led coalition government in the state drop out some of the NPP MLAs from their Ministerial berth, it is likely that, the government will not act anything like that to the NPF. 

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Saturday, 25 May 2019 18:22

JCILPS ready to resume agitations

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Imphal, May 25,

As 17th Lok Sabha Election is over, Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS) is all set to resume its agitation for protection of the Indigenous people of the region.

In a press meet held today morning at the office of the JCILPS, Convenor, Yumnamcha Dilip said that, as the Lok Sabha election is over , the JCILPS will now resume its various demand for protection of the Indigenous people of the state. Clarifying on why the JCILPS remain quiet for some time, Convenor of the JCILPS , Yumnamcha Dilip said that as there had been model code of conduct and because of that the voice or movement of the JCILPS will in no way be considered due to the MCC, the JCILPS  have to remain silent for some time.

“It does not mean that we have given up our demand, but we are waiting for the right time, to push our demand”, Dilip said.

He further added that the first thing that the JCILPS will demand is to urge the government for pressing the central leadership to get presidential consent of the “Manipur Peoples’ Bill” which was passed by the state legislative assembly.

“The ruling BJP had also assured to press the central leadership for passing of the Manipur Peoples Bill during election campaign time”, Dilip said.

He also said that certain other issues for protection of the indigenous people like commissioning of the already established Population Control Commission, introduction of NRC are also in the priority of the JCILPS. If the government did not fulfilled the demand of the JCILPS, the state will face intense form of agitation in the coming days, Dilip said.

What is more interesting is that Yumnamcha Dilip stated that the JCIPS will also stand strong opposition to Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB). MANPAC, an organization which has been spearheading against CAB will continue the movement against the passing of the Bill. Yumnamcha Dilip is also the convenor of the MANPAC.

In the BJP Election Manifesto, the party promise to introduce CAB if it comes to power. Now with over 300 seats of the BJP alone the party is returning back to power. Soon after the declaration of the election result Himanta Biswas Sharma of Assam, who is considered as the architect for the success of BJP in the NE India, had stated that the party will bring CAB to the Country. 

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Saturday, 25 May 2019 18:20

Student found dead in MU hostel room

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Imphal May 25

In an untoward incident a student of MU was found dead in his hostel room.

The deceased student has been identified as one Lunmilal Kipgen (23 yrs) son of Paokhomang Kipgen from L.Soungphel Saikhul sub division Kangpokpi district.

He was a student pursuing 4th Semester in Bachelor of Vocational course in Tourism and Hospitality Management, Manipur University residing in room no 26 of Koubru hostel (Hostel No.2), MU.

The student was found hanging in his hostel room in a ceiling fan.

Roomates checked and found out the body because of the foul odour they felt and thus informed the police around 8 in the morning.

Kakwa police rushed into the scene and later Forensic team and magistrate also came to investigate the matter.

Media persons were not allowed to enter the crime scene.

It was reported that some scratches were also seen on the wrist of his left hand.

The death body was then moved to RIMS to perform post mortem.

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Saturday, 25 May 2019 18:19

Arms Dealer Nabbed

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Imphal May 25,

In a successful operation conducted by Assam Rifles Battalions of IGAR (South), one suspected arms dealer was arrested along with an accomplice in general area Kakching.  
Based on input received regarding a weapons deal, taking place in the general area of Kakching Garden, troops established multiple Mobile Vehicle Check Posts in the area. A Maruti 800 car was stopped for checking, the accused, Kn Angdum, age 43 years s/o D Tomba r/o village Khudei Khunou rushed out of the car pointing a loaded pistol at Assam Rifle troops and tried to flee. The troops of Assam Rifles pursued the individual and nabbed him after a brief scuffle. The accomplice, D Madun (25) s/o D Tomba r/o village Khudei Khunou was caught inside the car only.
On interrogation, the individuals provided information regarding a cache of weapons hidden beneath a nearby culvert. A detailed search of the area led to the recovery of three AK-56 rifles with magazines, one 9 mm Pistol with a magazine and five rounds. One Maruti 800 car and FZ Yamaha motor cycle involved in the gun running racket have also been seized.
On questioning, the individual revealed that he was an ex cadre of NSCN (IM) and had served in the outfit from 1992 to 2011, and he has been helping the outfit with regards to their various logistic issues. Both the individuals have been booked and handed over to the Kakching police for further action. 

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Saturday, 25 May 2019 18:18

Reality of Education system in Manipur

Education Minister Th. Radheshyam has been in the news many times for his inevitable inspection visits to school and colleges. His action speaks louder and people are hopeful of the changes that the dynamic Minister is likely to bring changes in the state education scenario.
All is not well when the system remain as it is even after 2years. Now a finding by two students group which suggested possible leakage of examination question papers from a coaching center is indeed shocking. And regarding this the Minister or department authority is yet to give a response.
Well, since his inception as the education Minister, all that has been heard from the Minister is the present state of school buildings and other infrastructures. However , we the people still fails to hear even single word about bringing reform to the educational sectors which is a major reason for the failure of the education scenario. After inspection of the school buildings now it’s again mass transfer of teachers.
 Everyone knows the repercussion of this mass transfer. And again after the state assembly session which is scheduled from tomorrow tenders for construction of school buildings of the already built schools will be notified. If the Minister felt that the schools were not constructed upto the mark then why is our honourable Minister instead of taking action against those contractors or any other official responsible, have to start another construction.
We are all aware of the fact that various initiatives and incentives taken up by the ministry of education such as the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) and Rastriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) under the Right to Education Act (R TE) 2009 have not achieved its objectives despite four years of concerted efforts. It has also been reported that a large number of elementary teachers all over the country (more than 7,000 in Manipur alone) have yet to receive the requisite training or the expertise to impart education to the students at the elementary level.
The training program is taken up to address this lacuna, with the Chief Minister prominently stating that untrained elementary teachers will not be employed after 2015. It may be mentioned that the Constitution (Eighty-sixth Amendment) Act, 2002 inserted Article 21-A in the Constitution of India to provide free and compulsory education of all children in the age group of six to fourteen years as a Fundamental Right in such a manner as the State may , by law , determine.
The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (R TE) Act, 2009, which represents the consequential legislation envisaged under Article 21-A, means that every child has a right to full time elementary education of satisfactory and equitable quality in a formal school which satisfies certain essential norms and standards. Article 21-A and the R TE Act came into effect on 1 April 2010.
The title of the R TE Act incorporates the words ‘free and compulsory’. ‘Free education’ means that no child, other than a child who has been admitted by his or her parents to a school which is not supported by the appropriate Government, shall be liable to pay any kind of fee or charges or expenses which may prevent him or her from pursuing and completing elementary education. ‘Compulsory education’ casts an obligation on the appropriate Government and local authorities to provide and ensure admission, attendance and completion of elementary education by all children in the 6-14 age groups.
With this, India has moved forward to a rights based framework that casts a legal obligation on the Central and State Governments to implement this fundamental child right as enshrined in the Article 21A of the Constitution, in accordance with the provisions of the R TE Act which provides for , among others, Right of children to free and compulsory education till completion of elementary education in a neighbourhood school, making provisions for a non-admitted child to be admitted to an age appropriate class.
It also lays down the norms and standards relating inter alia to Pupil Teacher Ratios (PTRs), buildings and infrastructure, school-working days, teacher-working hours. And, most importantly, the Act provides for appointment of appropriately trained teachers, i.e. teachers with the requisite entry and academic qualifications and prohibits (a) physical punishment and mental harassment; (b) screening procedures for admission of children; (c) capitation fee; (d) private tuition by teachers and (e) running of schools without recognition.
Now that one can safely conclude that the groundwork is coming to a satisfactory conclusion, what remains to be seen is how actively and keenly is the Government looking into the implementation of the schemes, for no amount of planning and financial support or investment will reap result unless the teachers deliver , and in time.

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By: Mr. Pakinrichapbo (Advocate)

It is a well known fact that the driving force responsible for shaping the Naga-Kuki relations in Manipur owes to the uncompromising policies followed by their underground nationalists. Before I make my arguments on how the underground nationalists play a major role in determining Naga Kuki relations, first-time followers and observers ought to know the categories of nationalists within these ethnic groups.
Underground Nationalists and their roles:
The quick militarization of their nationalism leads to the rise of the underground nationalists, who now hold the reins to the future of both ethnic groups unless their power is checked by the general mass which is unlikely to be happening. These underground nationalists refer to the militants serving full time in the armed political groups. The Naga-Kuki relations post militarization of their nationalism always depend on the policies pursued by the underground nationalist, it means the nature of relation the common Nagas and Kukis shares, depends on the underground nationalists, much have not changed till today. To save time and space, this writer would not present the historical background leading to the militarization of  Naga and Kuki ethnic nationalism, all the same, the readers ought to make historical note that the impact created by militarization of ethnic nationalism continues to last in their present relations and it appears the current uncompromising political behaviour of nationalists and their policies would let the history repeat itself again in Manipur unless the general masses muster up the courage and take precautionary measures to avoid giving unquestionable power to militants to decide their future by blindly supporting their policies like the civil organizations did in the past and even now.
Over ground Nationalists and their roles:
Over ground nationalist categories cover all the civilians from different backgrounds who staunchly support the political goals propagated by their respective armed political groups. The over ground nationalists, particularly from civil society organizations and religious organizations, had largely played the role of peacemaker in the past making limited progress as more than a  century old conflicts remain unsettled and the chances of another clash in the future are still looming in the dark shadow of ethnic intrigues. Over ground nationalists groups from both parties have to try harder this time to break the impasse to build a secure future for all.
Ethnic debate post – Sahnit-Ni:
The war of words between Naga and Kuki nationalists both underground and overground post- Sahnit Ni observation from 11th -13th  Sept. 2018 was really an eye opener with numerous revelations from both party. The disappointment was when several accusations claiming to be based on records hurled at each other was not countered precisely points by points to disprove the particular accusations by either of the party but the debate mostly centred on being the ancestral owners of the lands in the hills by producing their evidence derived from their own historical source. The matter of accusations and counter-accusations will be dealt with in details some other time.
Naga Nationalists argument as it is:
To understand Naga Nationalists argument, the natural critics of Naga Nationalism ought to critically analyse the nationalists’ stand that the New Kukis distinct from Old Kukis came and settle in their ancestral lands with their permission with certain conditions, in some case after uprooting earlier settlements and also planted by the Colonial British. The new Kuki groups began to name their new settlements within their territories in their own dialect. Moving forward top underground Naga Nationalist leaders could not compromise on such historical facts, also feel Kukis help are not required in Naga cause and hold the views that the Kukis were largely responsible for the conflicts by plotting with Central Government intelligence agencies to finish NSCN IM and to capture strategic Moreh town in Khurmi region of Nagalim.
Kuki Nationalists response to Naga Nationalist argument:
The Kuki Nationalists would respond by quoting Royal Chronicles of Meitei Kings to prove that they are ancient settlers of Manipur hills, that the Nagas were slaves of Kukis. The past atrocities committed by the primitive Kuki Chiefs against Naga villages are the fault of those villages for refusing to obey their Kuki masters. Our peaceful Kuki brothers and sisters ought to rethink if such boastful statement can bring peace in the long run.
 Kuki Nationalists argument as it is:
The Kuki nationalists still argue that Kukis were the master/ruler of entire Manipur hills, that Nagas as subjects of Kukis have no right to question their masters. That NSCN IM committed genocide against Kukis because of their past dominance and to grab their ancestral lands.
Naga Nationalists response to Kuki Nationalist argument:   
The Naga nationalists argues that both sides have equally suffered during the 1992-97 conflicts, further claiming the Kukis refused to reciprocate even after the olive branch was offered on several occasions for reconciliation and such baseless accusation must stop for the sake of communal harmony.
What to expect from the uncompromising nationalists:
We cannot expect permanent peace from the current uncompromising nationalists but one can hope that in the near future with changes of leadership and their policies, the common Nagas and Kukis may find everlasting peace. Until such time comes, the public have to be more vigilant in giving free hand to underground nationalists and communal state politicians if they truly favour peace.

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Imphal May 25,

SKY Hospital, Imphal West yet again saved the life of a patient Mr. Lamzasuan Guite, 45 years male resident of Churchandpur District. He has been suffering from Rheumatic Heart Disease, Severe Mitral Stenosis (blocking of blood flow through the main valve of the heart called Mitral Valve). He was advised to undergo open heart surgery for the replacement of the blocked valve. On careful cath study and angiogram in the highly specialised cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory (Cath Lab) of SKY Hospital on 4th May, 2019. Dr. L Shyamkishore and his teammates found that this patient’s heart valve stenosis could be treated with Balloon Dilatation of the stenosed (blocked) valve and open heart surgery could be avoided.
After obtaining an informed consent, Mr. Guite was treated with Balloon Dilatation of the stenosed mitral valve (Mitral Stenosis). In the Cath Lab with additional help of Echocardiography machine, the Balloon (made in Japan) in deflated state was inserted in the right femoral vein at the groin level. It was negotiated into the heart through right atrium then through the already punctured interatrial septum into left atrium, then through the stenosed mitral valve into the left ventricle. The final position of the Balloon was precisely adjusted across the mitral valve under fluoroscopy screening (Fig.1). All precautionary measures including Defibrillator, Ventilator, Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump were kept ready for any eventuality during balloon inflation. During such inflation, the circulation through heart stops and also throughout the body. During this momentary arrest of circulation cardiac arrhythmia (VT/VF) can occur. For Mr. Guite, no untoward complication occurred and he tolerated procedure well. Echocardigram done just after the procedure revealed that the stenosed (blocked) mitral valve has successfully opened up very well allowing blood to flow freely
Notably, Dr. L. Shyamkishore was one of the team of cardiologists of AIIMS who started this procedure (Mitral Valve Balloon Dilatation) at AIIMS, New Delhi in 1986. He appealed to the people of Manipur to be aware of the recent and modern treatment of heart valve stenosis with balloon without open heart surgery. Such facility is available in the state of Manipur at SKY Hospital.

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From a Correspondent
Jammu May 25,

To encourage and motivate the children of displaced kashmiri Pandit families, Sonu ORZU gym organized a stellar event today. The main aim of the event was to felicitate the meritorious children of class X and XII who had performed exceptionally well in the recent board exams.
The felicitation ceremony was exclusively organized by the leader of the youth Organisation at Sonu Orzu Gym, which is a center of physical and social activities for children of displaced Kashmiri Pandit families at Jagti township in Jammu. Many students and their family members were present at the highlighting event.
Present on the occasion were Chief Guest Dr Sameer Kaul, Nationally renowned cancer specialist and Chief National Spokesperson of National Conference, along with guest of honor Relief Commissioner migrants Mr TK Bhat, MrYogi, Mr Raina and other prominent dignitaries.
The felicitation of the meritorious students was done by Dr Sameer Kaul. He further addressed the enthusiastic crowd of students and their parents, congratulating them on their success achieved under dire financial and other constraints.
“It is a very happy and prideful moment for all of us, that even under such ominous circumstances; many students have secured good scores. I congratulate each and every parent and student for achieving such feat and would want to keep the success story going. It is now important for the students to choose the right career from wide variety of options. In such situations follow your heart and mind while choosing a diverse career.  You shall rise again and claim yours and your community’s rightful place in the future J&K, India and the world” said Dr Sameer Kaul, Nationally renowned cancer specialist and Chief National Spokesperson of National Conference.
Such felicitation ceremonies are organized every year to provide some kind of hope, motivation and fill passion among the youth to come up in the society
Sonu Subhash, the leader of this youth organization and convenor of this sensitive event said” We hold this function every year to encourage our youth traumatized by exodus from their homes in the trouble torn valley, so that they do not lose hope. Instead we goad them to focus on their studies, remain physically and mentally fit.”’

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