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Imphal May 20,

The Bill passed by the state government to deal mob violence seems to be in vain as even lawyers who are the custodian of laws of the land are left with no choice but to stage protest after a mob attack one of their colleague after vandalizing the court complex at Uripok.

The Sit-in-protest staged today at Cheirap court complex was against the assault of a lawyer by a mob inside the court complex on May 18. The mob also vandalized property of the court.

The protest was organised jointly by All Manipur Bar Association and High Court Bar Association.

Speaking to media persons President in charge of AMBA Brajit Singh strongly condemned the mob violence. 

He said that the court have full responsibility for under trial prisoners.

He also said that no one is above the law, even the ministers and MLA’s can’t escape the punishment if found guilty and added that the court should decide it. 

Highlighting various incidents regarding damage of court by mob he said that there might be lapse of security. He added that the state government and home department should arrange adequate security measures for such cases which may spark violence.

He appealed the people not to take part in such violence. Even though many legal awareness were done in many places to avoid mob violence there seems to be of no positive result for such awareness, he added.

Brajit stressed that such mob violence becomes a trend in our society. He added that it takes time to deliver justice as per Indian law and concluded that justice will surely be delivered.

Mention may be made that Manipur Legislative Assembly passed the Manipur Protection from Mob Violence Bill that proposes ways to stop the increasing number of lynchings in the state in December last year.

The law recommends punishment for lynching, public humiliation through exclusion from public services and forcing a person to leave his or her home without their consent. It recommends a rigorous life imprisonment term and a fine of Rs 5 lakh if the crime results in the death of a victim.

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Imphal, May 20,

Long pending demand by the All Manipur College Teachers’ Association (AMCTA) for implementation of the 7th UGC pay gets support from the All India Federation of University & College Teachers’ Organisations (AIFUCTO). The apex body of associations of teachers of state Universities and colleges of India, which represent more than 6 (six) lakh teachers of the country had submitted memorandum to the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh, Education Minister Th Radheshyam and also to the Chief Secretary of Manipur urging the government to fulfill the 10 points charter of demand submitted to the government by the AMCTA.

The AITUCTO memorandums submitted separately appealed the concern to implement the 7th UGC Pay Scales to the College Teachers and equivalent cadres of Manipur and fulfillment of the genuine demands of AMCTA.

The memorandum stated that almost all the respective state governments in India have implemented the revised 7th UGC Pay Scales to university and college teachers and equivalent cadres.  The AIFUCTO expressed strong dissatisfaction to learn that Manipur is the lone state in the entire North East where the revised 7th UGC Pay Scales are not yet implemented till date.

It also stated that the college teachers of the state are denied to enjoy the two allowances  i.e., SCA & TA of the 6th Pay Scales till date due to the violation of the decision of state cabinet mentioning as - “College Teachers presently serving under the Department of Higher Education & Technical Education, Government of Manipur be given Academic Grade Pay (AGP) in place of Grade Pay”. Unfortunately, ROP was issued in form of contradiction to the cabinet decision as - “AGP shall not be equated to Grade Pay provided to other government employees for whatsoever “ laid down in Para 4 of the Govt. orders No. 7(7)/3/2009-HE(Misc)Pt.(1) dated 12.8.2011 (ROP 2011) which has till been hurdle in releasing the two allowances and which have not been mentioned in 6th UGC Pay revision orders of all states of India except Manipur.

The AIFUCTO also expressed strong supports  to the AMCTA’s 10 - point charter of demands submitted to the Government of Manipur on 29th September, 2018 and of which reminder of the same had submitted on 14th February, 2019 and urges the government to fulfill the same without delay.

The apex body of university and college teachers’ organisations in India and pioneer in the upliftment of higher education across the country urged the Government of Manipur to implement the 7th UGC Pay Scales in TOTO to the college teachers of the state as done in other states where the same have been implemented.

The memorandum submitted was signed by Prof. Arun Kumar, General Secretary of AIFUCTO.


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Thoubal, May.20,

As part of the International Day of Biodiversity, a division level painting competition under the theme “Our Biodiversity Our Food Our Health” was held for students of Class V to XII on Sunday at KM Blooming Higher Secondary School.

The painting competition was jointly organized by the Wildlife and Biodiversity Conservation Committee (WBCC) Manipur and Divisional Forest Officer, Thoubal under the leadership of L.Debala DFO, Thoubal Forest Division.

Over 350 students from different educational institutions from the ThoubaI division area took part in the painting competition.

The prize distribution ceremony for the competitions will be held on May 22 along with International Day of Biodiversity -2019 at Divisional Forest Office, Thoubal.

DFO Thoubal L.Devala, Dy RO Forest Martin, President of WBCC Rabi Takhellambam, Secretary of WBCC and Forest Staffs & WBCC members were also present on the Competition.


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Imphal May 20,

Joint Students coordinating committee’s youth task force today seized and destroy tobacco products sold in and around Educational institute.

The youth task force comprising of 20 volunteers under the anti drug campaign seized tobacco products from the shops situated in 100 m radius of Imphal College and Children Ideal High School.

Speaking to media persons Convenor of JSCC Sarangthem Manjit said that the campaign was to make educational institute a free zone against drugs and tobacco. He further said that they will continue the drive against drugs and tobacco which is sold within 100 m radius from Educational institute.

He warned that if shops near Educational institute were found selling tobacco products, they will force to shut it down forever.

Manjit stressed that various acts and laws were also passed not to sell tobacco products within 100m radius from Educational institute.

In order to make a healthy society he said that the youth should stay away from such intoxicants and added that intense drive against tobacco will be done further.


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Monday, 20 May 2019 17:14

Miscreants cut BSNL cable

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Imphal, May 20,

Miscreants cut BSNL cable at Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, Leirak Machin in Imphal west creating inconveniences to land line BSNL customers. Line men of the BSNL took almost half the day searching the defected connection after they received complaints from customers including Imphal Times media houses.

Imphal Times staffs along with the BSNL line men search for the defected area at all connection junction. The team found the cable being chopped using sharp cutters for reason best known to the miscreants. As per the line men of the BSNL 100 pair cable, 50 pair cable and 20 pair cable were cut off using sharp cutters.

“We received complaints from 3 customers and have been tracing to find out the defect since early morning”, a line men said. He added that the way the cables are being cut off seems intentional but the motive is not known.

The area where the BSNL cables were left cut off is at Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai Leirak Achouba Machin.

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By - Nava Thakuria
Guwahati, May 20,
Senior Indian journalist and researcher on environment and development issues, Keya Acharya expressed concern over the state of environment across the country and said that Bengaluru can be an
example of environmental mismanagement for northeastern (NE) provinces, which still have comparatively less pollutants.
Ms Acharya commented while interacting with journalists in Guwahati Press Club through video conferencing and said that fifty four percent of India has become water stressed now.
“While cities like Bengaluru are already suffering due to environmental degradation, northeastern States could definitely learn not to follow examples from States like Karnataka,” she said while emphasizing on rain water harvesting to be made mandatory in all growing cities while initiating new high-rise constructions.
“Rain water should be considered as a resource and used as a resource as well. This is more relevant for northeastern States including Assam which receives more rainfall,” observed Ms Acharya adding that the government should also lay more stress on city garbage disposal system.
“The garbage disposal system in Bengaluru has affected the water bodies negatively triggering series of environmental problems. The stress should be on segregation of waste so that agencies could pick them up and dispose properly,” she pointed out.
Presently functioning as the President, Forum of Environmental Journalists in India (FEJI), Ms Acharya also expressed concern over the lack of political will and public awareness to address the environmental problems in the large country and revealed that she had not come across a single speech that is focused on environment during the current general elections. Most political parties had some environmental issues included in their manifestos but those were superficially addressed.
Travelled extensively to countries in south America, south and southeast Asia, south & east Africa and Europe on various assignments ranging from forestry to renewable energy to solid waste management to rural development etc Ms Acharya however expressed dissatisfaction over the media’s inept role in highlighting environmental issues.
She stated that the influence of media editors in India had slowly diminished, which had impacted the quality of news. The editorial space in media has been encroached by interest of the owners, Ms Acharya claimed, adding that it has led to shrinking media space for people-centric issues including the environment.

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A disturbing news appeared in one of the leading Imphal based newspaper is the temperature reaching 40 degree Celsius in Chandel district of Manipur. June / July the summer season is yet to arrive and if the mercury level reached 40 degree Celsius in May, it is likely that people may not be able to go outdoor in June and July.
20 years back, May season’s favourite outfit for the people in the state of Manipur was either a jacket or Jersey. Today, we can’t even wear a full man’s casual shirt or a long pant. Reason – the mercury is rising, by next year the temperature is likely to reach 40 degree Celsius.
In during late 90’s, when people, particularly the environmentalists showed serious concern to the rise in the mercury, the temperature recorded in Manipur On April 14, 1999, was 36 degree Celsius. That was the hottest day people.
April normally was most of the pleasant days during 80s. The climatic condition was excellent. The temperature those days was much lower than 30 degree Celsius. Months with Maximum temperature was during June and July. Everyone who are in the 40s know that the mercury level during the hottest month here in the state did not exceed 35 degree Celsius. Summer in Manipur was equivalent with those of the Indian states close to the Rajasthan cities.
Temperature recorded today here in Imphal is 31 degree Celsius and is expected to rise tomorrow. As of today there are no report of any dead due to the rise of temperature, but for sure news paper of tomorrow will have to reserve space for news story about dead of human by the scorching heat.
Well whom are we going to blame for the kind of happening? Is the drastic change in the climatic condition a natural phenomenon or is it because of the kind of crime committee by the human being? – A matter everyone needs to ponder.
Leaving aside the environmentalists, it now becomes a fashion for the ministers and bureaucrats to talk about environment. A selfie while planting trees in their best outfit seem to be pride for them.
As according to environmentalists, the geographical character of the state is perhaps a boon. The climate of Imphal and other valley districts are maintained by the hills surrounding the valley. As for the Imphal Valley, it the Langol Hill Range and the number of trees on it that has been controlling the carbon emission. The Khoubru Hill range, the Baruni etc. too are also important factor that control the climate of the state. Saying so it was the number of wild trees that grows on those hills that actually controlled the climate. When there is no trees in the mentioned Hill range they are too helpless in maintaining the climatic condition of the state.
Is it the common men that has to be blamed for cutting of the trees? Wel common man always struggle for live and they do whatever available to feed themselves as well as their family. Those in the village are left with no choice but to cut down the trees for earning their livelihood. As for holding top job in the government and those ruling the state, they know that trees should be saved. Crore and crore of rupees have been spent to make plant grows at barren land of the state. They also know that until a proper planning is taken up by framing a policy for those who are depending on the forest product, the hills of the state which had been controlling the Imphal valley will look barren. So, it is definitely the government that is responsible for the kind of destruction of forest that has been taking place in the state.
Seizure of truck loads of woods is also a means to help in protecting the forest, but if it is done for photo session and publicity matters, then Manipur may perhaps become a desert like state someday.
Government authority’s commitment is reminded as the recent plantation of saplings by volunteer of Manipuri Students’ Federation at the peak of the Koubru Hill will make no sense.
Villagers of Koubru should be rehabilitated so that they themselves started protecting trees in the hill range. On how to change the mindset of the villagers, it is left upto the bureaucrats to think on it, or what is the use spending so much public money for each of them in the form of paying salary and allowances.

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Dr. Ashish Vashistha, Director & Head Department of Surgery, Advanced - Laparoscopic, Bariatric & Robotic Surgeon, Max Super Specialty Hospital Saket  

 With increased urbanization and changing lifestyle, sedentary lifestyle has become a major contributing factor for obesity to become and epidemic. Obesity among middle aged persons is very common now a days, that it is the root cause of several serious illnesses like Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disorders, sleeping disorders, joint pains, infertility and increased chances of cancer.
The mesh of interactions between genetics, nutrition, lifestyle, sleep pattern and psychology contribute to weight gain. People often say, ‘Zip your mouth, have control, be motivated enough’, but little do they know this may not work for everyone. Getting the numbers on the scale down is an uphill battle that many struggle with almost all their lives. The weight management is beyond calorie balance as there are several other factors that come into play which need to be understood and dealt with.
“Fundamental to any weight loss effort is lifestyle change, diet, and increased physical activity. Following our biological clock is the key to good health and well being. Altered sleep patterns that is untimely sleep at odd hours contributes to eating at wrong times thus disturbing metabolism. 7- 9 hours of daily sleep at the right time is imperative. Obesity can be treated. But it involves more than just swallowing a pill or sticking to a diet. It needs a multidisciplinary assessment involving a coordinated approach by different specialists such as dietician, endocrinologist, psychologist, internist, cardiologist, family doctor, bariatric surgeon. The last resort is surgical management i.e. Bariatric surgery which has proven to be the most effective treatment option for sustained weight loss and significant improvement of all obesity related illnesses.”
Urbanization and improved economic status has led to easily available means of transport that has cut down the physical activity to almost zero. Furthermore, easily accessible processed foods with calorie dense constituents and little/ no nutrient value inevitably add to the waistline circumference.
Bariatric (Obesity) surgery, or weight loss surgery or metabolic surgery, includes a variety of procedures performed on people who are obese. Weight loss is achieved by reducing the size of the stomach through removal of a portion of the stomach (sleeve gastrectomy) or by resecting and re-routing the small intestines to a small stomach pouch (gastric bypass surgery/One Anatomises Gastric bypass).T
Robotic bariatric surgical procedures are offered to patient with high Body Mass Index (BMI) and other medical conditions related to obesity. Also good results are seen in revisional bariatric surgery cases.The main advantages of Robotic system are seen with Gastric bypass.

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Imphal May 20,

An ex-servicemen interaction was organized by Somsai Battalion of 10 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) for the veterans of Ukhrul District on 19 May 2019 with an aim to reach out to the ex-servicemen of the remote border villages.
The interaction saw a total of 55 participants including ex-servicemen, their families, Veer Naris and dependents from Ukhrul District. The interaction was aimed at addressing the concerns of the ex-servicemen with respect to their pensions, canteen facilities and welfare schemes. They were also briefed about the latest policies introduced for the benefits of ex-servicemen and their dependents.
The event saw a healthy participation of ex-servicemen and their dependents who appreciated the thoughtful gesture of Assam Rifles.

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Imphal May 20,

Moreh Battalion of 26 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR South constructed a Toilet Block for children of J J Children Home, Moreh under Assam Rifles Civic Action Programme. The toilet block was inaugurated by Town Commander Moreh on Sunday. The inauguration ceremony was attended by the children, the caretakers of the children’s home and the representatives of Assam Rifles.

Moreh Battalion of Assam Rifles has been making continuous efforts to address the grievances and ensure a better and dignified living standard of children at the orphanage. A number of initiatives have been taken by the Battalion to include free medical camps, provision of basic amenities, creation of sports infrastructure and provision of sports equipment.

The care takers of the orphanage conveyed their heartfelt gratitude to the Assam Rifles for the noble gesture as the non availability of toilet block for such large strength of 35 children was affecting the basic hygiene and sanitation of the complex. The Assam Rifles representatives also assured their continuous support for the well being of the children. In addition the proposal for construction of a separate toilet block for girl children has already been approved and will be completed expeditiously by July end. Supplementing the effort of civil administration and bringing prosperity for a meaningful life for the residents of border area has been the focus of the border guarding force.

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