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Imphal, May 16,

“I feel proud of the fact that nurses of Manipur are very popular for their mild mannered and behavior and skill”, Dr. Najma Heptulla, Governor of Manipur lauded the nurses of Manipur while speaking on the International Nurses Day observance at Jubilee Hall, RIMS here in Imphal.

This year’s theme for the International Nurses Day is “Nurses: A voice to lead – Health for all”. The Train Nurses Association of India has been observing the day commemorating the service of the Florence Nightingale popularly known as ‘the lady with a lamp’, to mark her birth anniversary on every May 12. Train Nurses Association of India Manipur state branch observed the day today to remember the day.

Dr. Najma Heptulla, who attended as the Chief Guest of the observance said that nurses from the state are very much in demand in other state and even abroad. The governor also expressed acknowledgment to the present state of health care service which needed to be improved.

“The service delivery role of nurse practitioners in primary healthcare has not improved as much as many originally envisage”, Dr. Heptulla said and added that the reason for that were many and for that the government is making serious efforts to address them.

She however said that improving the health service with greater numbers of more widely qualified nurses is not the whole answer. To focus properly on safe, quality care and spend the maximum time caring for patients, rather than messaging keyboards and endless paperwork, she said and added that better service can be provided to the patients with a stronger emphasis on quality and improving patient contact time.

On the occasion rich tribute was paid to the Florence Nightingale. The observance was also attended by Vumlunmang Vualnam, Principal Secretary ( Health & Family Welfare), Dr. K. Rajo Singh, Director ( health & Family Welfare) and Dr. A Shanta, Director RIMS as dignitaries on the dais. 

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Imphal May 16,

Education Minister Th. Radheshyam today break silence to the criticism by students bodies on the state government ambitious mission “Go to School”.

“ School Phagathansi” which literally means lets improve School campaign is an initiative taken up for improvement of the schools by the government and it is in its initial stage, said the Education Minister in a press conference held at his office Chamber today afternoon. Radheshyam was responding to allegations and claims by students’ bodies which questioned the credential of the Go to School mission.

The Education Minister while responding to the students’ body DESAM which they called the ‘Go to School” a namesake mission said, “There is no mission in the name of “Go to School”.

DESAM had grilled the state of the government schools and after finding government failure to fill the needs of the school, had came down heavily to the authority of the school education department.

Th. Radheshyam, however said that there is a campaign called “School Phagathanshi” and not ‘Go to School’. And the mission to improve the condition of the school is at initial stage.

“Criticism to a mission which is at initial stage is no different from killing a baby before giving birth, the angry Minister said while adding that it will still take time to make a change in the school education sector”.

He said that the campaign started by selecting 60 schools from every constituency to upgrade it to a certain level. He added that they have taken as a holistic approach to reinforce the school by upgrading lab, furniture, lack of teachers and many more.

Radheshyam further said that as different schools have its own unique problem and they focus on finding solution for the problems in a unique way.

Highlighting various improvements in the educational sector Radheshyam said that the pass percentage for the government schools has been increasing in recent years. He added that the pass percentage of class 12 for government schools increased from 51% to 62% this year. He further said that the enrolment in government schools has increased drastically this year.

 ”We can’t focus on all 2000 government schools at one time”, Radheshyam added.

 He said that everyone from all spheres should work together with the intention to bring quality education so as to bring qualitative change in government schools similar to the private ones.

 The Education Minister appealed the student body not to repeat such acts which will demoralize the students defying all the government efforts but sought suggestion to the respective departments and the concerned ministers.

 He assured that the people of the state will surely see the change the people expected.

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Imphal, May 16,

Staff of the State Veterinary Department allegedly threatens the President of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) Kumbi Branch for complaining about the death of nearly 12 cattle in Wangoo area following the spread of an unknown disease.

Speaking to media person Sh. Bangkimchandra , President of the BJYM, Kumbi Assembly Constituency said that his attempt to meet the Joint Director of the State Veterinary department was foiled by a staff of the department for around five times saying that he was not in the office.

He said that one Field Assistant identified as Biren called him to meet the Joint Director. But when he went to meet him the said person threatened of dire consequences if he did not say that no cattle are dead due to epidemic in the area. Bangkimchandra however said that he stand by his word as there had been cases where around 12 cattle died due to a mysterious disease at Wangoo area of Kumbi Assembly constituency.

He further said that he can prove that there are cases of cattle dying of the mysterious disease. The BJYM President while demanding an enquiry on the incident urged the Veterinary Minister to head the enquiry committee as he and the villagers have lost faith in the department authority.

He also stated that the Veterinary offices located at Terakhong , Borayangbi and Wangoo are not functioning.

“We can show the proof that these Veterinary offices are not functioning properly. 


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By- Chingkhei Luwang

Imphal May 16,

Just 20 percent of the total mentally disorder patients consult doctors for treatment of their illness while the rest fails to meet the doctors for their own treatment.  

Highlighting the reasons for the patient in their failure to attend to medical experts, HOD of Psychiatry dept. Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) Dr Lenin told Imphal Times reporter that four main causes hindered the treatment of mentally disorder patients. He stressed that one of the main reasons is ignorance and doesn’t have the appropriate knowledge about it. He further said that superstitious belief also hinder in consultations with the doctors and also with the lack of facilities people fail to consult them. He added that lack of affordability was also a reason behind where he highlighted that as mentally disorder patients need man power as well as money, people can’t afford it. 

According to National Health Mission survey the percentage of mentally disorder patients of Manipur with lifetime prevalence is 19.9 % which is much higher than the national average which is only 13.9%. And the percentage of the current prevalence where the surveyors found out about mentally disorder patients in the past one month for the state is 13.9% which is also again higher as compared to the national average which is 10.5%. 

“People considered that mental disorder only affects and disrupt the mental condition of the person but it can affect other parts of the body highlighting symptoms of back pain, headache, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, constipation, and diarrhea which is the symptoms of Somatoform disorder”, added Dr. Lenin. 

Highlighting the frequency and changing pattern of patients Dr. Lenin said to Imphal times Reporter that as more people became aware of mental disorder around 150 patients came to doctors per day on an average which is very quite different with the earlier days as 20 was the maximum no of patients that came to seek doctors help. He added that even students in school uniform came to consult psychiatric doctors nowadays revealing their identities removing the previous stigma of consulting psychiatric doctors where they considered as a brainsick in the past days. 

“Mental disorder treatment needs a prolonged treatment but unfortunately people thought of treating it as a short term. After seeing some improvements patient neglected to see the doctors again which than started to see the symptoms of the same old sickness. Thus creating a misled idea that mental disorders can’t be treated”, Dr. Lenin stated. 

He further clarified that satisfactory improvement for the patients can be seen. He added that many of the patients can still go to work and have a normal life even having a family too. 

He also said that various positive steps have been taken up in recent years. Nowadays NGOs and CVOs have also focus primarily on mental health, he added.

Efforts were taken up by Government as well as NGOs like ‘Share and Care’ for promoting positive mental health and treatment of mentally disordered patients. 

Under National Mental Health program which was established in 1982 various efforts have been taken up to make aware about the mental health and the treatment of it.  

Highlighting various needs for Psychiatry department Dr Lenin said that as the number of patients increased there arises the need for the increased of staffs and faculties. He also added that a state mental hospital is a must for every state and unfortunately there isn’t any mental hospital for Manipur. 

He appealed to all the people to not hinder in consulting psychiatric doctors by stigma considering mental health disorders is more like a harebrained. 

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Imphal, May 16,

Teaching and the non-teaching staff of Catholic School Canchipur today denied the allegation leveled by an armed group KCP-MC against the school Principal. A meeting held today discussed the allegation leveled against the school principal today afternoon at the school premises.

On the allegation, a statement released by the Teaching and the non-teaching staff of Catholic School Canchipur after the meeting today evening appealed to the outfit that to the knowledge of the staffs the school has received no complaints about the molestation charges so far.

And about the school admission policy, each school under Catholic Educational Society is independent in the decision making; there is no question of handling the admission of other schools. We acknowledge our sincere and honest appeal to the outfit that the allegation is false. If the allegation is true, let there be a proper procedure for the establishment of justice.

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Thoubal, May 16 ,

A new outlet of Sales Service and Spare part outlet of Vespa /Aprilia was opened under the proprietorship of Okram Shymananda Singh at Thoubal Okram .The outlet was inaugurated by Soubam Deepu Singh, General Manager of Piaggio 2 wheeler Main Dealer Imphal with a team from HDFC two wheeler Loan. 

This is the fourth outlet of Vespa /Aprilia after CC.Pur, Sangaiprou and Kakching. With increasing Customers demand and need ,it is very much required to open many outlets at various place and Thoubal is the most awaited place to open .The outlet aims  to minimize the servicing issue of Thoubal customers said Sobam Deepu Singh ,General Manager of Piaggio  Main Dealer Imphal who was  also  present at the event .

The New outlet is offering the loan Facility at lowest interest rate and easy documentation. Thoubal customers can get Vespa /Aprilia on loan instantly and also get their servicing done without any hassle. 

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Some opines the threat by the Naga Peoples’ Front (NPF) as a setback for the BJP lead coalition government, but the fact is that the arithmetic in the political conundrum is always depended to the number game. Four (4) plus (4) is always eight (8) and there is no logic that the withdrawal of the NPF from the government will give any impact to the N. Biren Singh government. The must talk about the possibility of Nationalist Peoples’ Party (NPF) will also make no difference as N. Biren Singh now have required number of MLAs even if both the NPP and the NPF withdraw support to the government.
If one calculate the total strength of the present N. Biren Singh led government is 40, even though they got only 21 seats in the assembly election. 4 MLAs each from NPF and the NPP raise the number to Twenty eight  (28) excluding the Speaker. Three (3) other number – one from the Tinamool Congress , another from the Lok Janashakti Party and the independent MLA from Jiribam Assembly constituency plus a Congress MLA who joined the BJP makes the number to 32. Now 8 more Congress MLAs are with the BJP. Neither the Congress party tried to challenge their defection from the party seriously nor the Speaker of the State Assembly take the defection with extreme seriousness. So the total number of MLAs in the govt. is 40. If NPF and NPP withdraw their support the N. Biren Singh Government will still have 32 MLAs.
However, the drama in the political theatre, particularly in the state of Manipur may change if there is a change in guard in the centre after the declaration of the result of the 17th Lok Sabha Election.
When the arithmetic on the survival of the government is well formulated, the threat for withdrawal of the NPF definitely has reason to worry for N. Biren Singh government.  
Well it is open secret that NPF is the brain child of the NSCN-IM and the outfit which is hoping for a solution with the Government of India is utilizing the party as their puppet for political purpose.
Yesterday declaration by the NPF on whether to remain with the government or not will be decided on May 18 speaks volumes about the motives of the political party.
Source already told that there will be a major reshuffled in the N. Biren Singh Government after the declaration of the 17th Lok Sabha Election. There is possibility that the lone Minister of the NPF who hold portfolio of PHED, Loshii Dikho may be dropped to be replace by the BJP MLA as there is a disturbing wind blowing inside the BJP over not getting Ministerial berths. This is being speculated as the NPF did not say that they have taken resolution to withdraw support in the meeting of the highest decision making body of the party but said that the decision will be declared on May 18. It is more likely that the NPF gives times for the government to rethink if the government has any plan to drop the NPF Minister.
Another thing that needs to be worried is – the NSCN-IM factor. If the decision to withdraw is related to the peace negotiation going on between the outfit and the government of India then the government is in serious crisis. The whole effort that has been taken up by the N. Biren Singh government to bridge the Hill and Plain people will be sabotaged. After all it is an open secret that the cease fire between the government of India and the NSCN-IM is unofficially extended to the state of Manipur and the NSCN-IM has a long hand in interfering to any problem of the state if they desire.  


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Thursday, 16 May 2019 17:22

Women Bring Life to the World

Dr Manoj Johar,
Dept of Plastic Surger,Max Hospital

Any woman who is aspiring to be mother if interested and dedicated can make significant improvements to their physical appearance.
Nutrition and Diet:  We are what we eat. The importance of a healthy diet and portion control cannot be over-emphasized. Keeping a journal of your daily intake is a really good way to see what you are consuming and how to improve your diet.
Exercise: This is another piece of the equation that we all know, but it is hard to coordinate exercise with work, family, household duties and community service. It doesn’t seem like there is possibly enough time in the day, but exercise needs to be part of your weekly routine. Find something that you like to do so you can stick with it. Start slow and be patient. Some possibilities include joining a club or hiring a personal trainer, trying a DVD that will allow you to work out at home or signing up for a group training class to keep you motivated, downloading an app or using a computer program to help you set goals and track your progress, or trying something more low-impact like yoga to help your mind while you tone your body.
Quick Fixes: In-office procedures like Botox and fillers can rejuvenate the face and make you look and feel younger and more rested. These are simple and safe procedures that are performed in the office and can make such a difference in your appearance.
Skin Health & Care: This obviously will include no smoking, staying out of the sun and sunscreen. Laser treatment, microdermabrasion, facial peels are some of the effective tools to help rejuvenate the face.
Personal Shopper: Finding the right clothes that flatter your figure can make a huge difference. Face the issue rather than hide.
General health/wellness/fitness/hygiene – This should not be ignored and keep yourselves healthy and fit with no compromise to general hygiene.
Hair health- Eat the correct balance of the nutrients including protein,  vitamins and minerals to supply hair with all that it needs to remain shiny, lustrous and strong hair.
Pregnancy is an exciting, but somewhat uncertain time in a woman’s life; a time when a woman has constant queries about what she should and shouldn’t be doing with her body, as not to harm the health of her unborn child. Many pregnant women wonder if they should stop having beauty or aesthetic treatments, but it’s during these nine months and after when a woman needs to feel and look beautiful and regain her pre-pregnancy beauty. For this reason, we have entered into the domain of Preventive Aesthetics.
Diet During Pregnancy - The type of diet we encourage during pregnancy refers to fine-tuning your eating habits to ensure you are receiving adequate nutrition for the health of you and your baby. Healthy eating during pregnancy is critical to your baby’s growth and development. In order to get the nutrients you need, you must eat from a variety of food groups, including fruits and vegetables, breads and grains, protein sources and dairy products.
Exercise During Pregnancy - To have success in completing exercises during pregnancy, it is a good idea to plan the days and times during the week when you will exercise. Prenatal yoga is a great, low impact exercise that can be highly beneficial for pregnant women. It helps reduce backaches, constipation, swelling, improves your energy and posture, promotes muscle tone, strength and stamina.
Facial treatments: When a woman is pregnant, her body is awash in hormones, which may cause acne, dermatitis or dry skin. This is why it’s important to offer moms to be a skin treatment as soon as possible. Consult reliable experts so that you are advised only those remedies that are safe for you and unborn child.
A Prenatal Massage: This type of massage is especially recommended for pregnant women, as it relaxes their muscles, which improves circulation. This massage also has positive effects on the fetus, and at the same time it improves the health of the uterus. During pregnancy, in general, it is beneficial as it relieves tension and accumulated tiredness, caused by the constant expansion of the uterus, which displaces the center of gravity in the body. This type of massage is recommendable after the third month of pregnancy.
Prevention of Stretch marks/Striae - Some of the changes that come with pregnancy can be less than appealing. Stretch marks are one such change that we’re sure you could do without. Gently massaging stretch mark-prone areas offers four benefits:
1.    It keeps skin supple and elastic
2.    It pushes the cream/oil deep into your skin where it can do the most good
3.    It breaks up any stretch marks that may have started to form
4.    It directs blood to the skin to keep everything healthy
Lymphatic Drainage Massage: This massage is just the thing future moms, who suffer from water retention and swollen legs. This massage reduces the size of the leg because it moves any excess fluid into the bloodstream, where it is drained and any toxins are eliminated from the body via the urine.
Massage Oils: It’s important that you realize that not all oils are recommendable for pregnant women. For this reason, we advise you to use oils such as rosehip, sweet almond, jojoba, hazelnut or wheat germ. In this way, you can ensure that the fetus will be protected, and mom will be happy.
Give yourself extra quality of life and your unborn babies!

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Thursday, 16 May 2019 17:21

RIMS Executive Council Meeting held

IT News
Imphal, May, 16

The 48th Executive Council Meeting of RIMS, Imphal was held today i.e. 15th May, 2019 at Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi under the chairmanship of Secretary, Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India. During the meeting, the Executive Council agreed to increase MBBS seats and PG seats for Economically Weaker Section (EWS). It was also agreed to start M.Sc. Nursing course, DM in Nephrology, Sports Medicine, strengthening of super specialty doctors, and also to start paramedical courses like B.Sc. MLT, X-Ray, CT Scan, ECG etc. It was also agreed to increase retirement age of faculty having M.Sc. Nursing from 60 to 65 years for academic purposes.
Preeti Sudan, Secretary, Health & Family Welfare, Government of India also appreciated the hard work done by the Director, officials, faculty members and staff and for getting ranked 28 in medical category under National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF), Government of India.
Ram Muivah, Secretary, North East Council, Director General of Health Service, Government of India, Additional Secretary and Joint Secretary from Health & Family Welfare, Government of India and officials from the institute attended the meeting.

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Imphal May 16,

Mantripukhri Battalion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) conducted a friendly Basketball match at Sawombung Company Operation Base (COB) on Yesterday.
With an aim of strengthening the bond and mutual trust between locals and Security Forces, Sawombung Company Operating Base organised a friendly Basketball match between the team of Raising Star Club of Pourabi village and troops of Sawombung COB. Both the teams played with great zeal and enthusiasm and displayed great sportsmanship during the course of the match. The match was followed by tea and refreshments for all.
The event provided a forum to the youth of the area for interaction with the troops of Assam Rifles. The villagers and youth appreciated the efforts of Assam Rifles to promote sports and ensuring healthy environment by developing healthy relations with local populace.

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