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Imphal May14,

A three month pregnant woman who allegedly got conceived after eloping with her boyfriend today said that her boyfriend had denied to accept her as his wife.  

Speaking to media persons at Manipur Press Club the woman said his boyfriend identified as Chitttaranjan Sagolshem s/o S. Sobha from Langathel Keithel Macha who was a teacher at Shining Academy School eloped with her on Dec 21, 2018, to Bangalore and live there for almost two months.

She said that her boyfriend Chittaranjan had eloped two times previously before she met him.

Recalling the incident the woman said that they knew each other since school days and when a girl came to stay at his place he said that he can’t live with the girl and asked the women to run away with him.

“At first I denied, but after urging me time and again I finally accepted and went to Bangalore with him”, the woman said.

She added that Chitttaranjan also assured her to take all consequences.

She further said that after two months message came from his home to come back and assured them that their family would marry them and also added that the previous girl was negotiated with a sum of 8.5 lakhs of rupees. 

She further narrated that they came back on Feb 7, 2019, but unfortunately she was not allowed to enter the house of his in-laws. They were made to stay in one of his relatives.

She further said that one day Chitttaranjan said that he will convince his family to accept her as his wife and left for his home.

Later, she told that she was taken to her in-law and stayed there after her relatives told the families to take her back.

“I was then left alone to stay in one room at the house by my husband and insisted me to postponed the marriage for some time”, she added. 

After knowing that she was conceived with a baby her mother-in-law and his boyfriend forced to take contraceptive pill so that they could marry her after a year and she was then sent to her place.

The victim further said that when at home her boyfriend had blocked all contact with her. 

As her physical appearance was not quite normal, one of her relative told her to do a medical checkup and after taking an ultrasound she knew that she was still pregnant despite taking the contraceptive pill, she added.

She said that they have taken a copy of the ultra sound and gave it to her boyfriend by one of her relatives. But unfortunately no words from his boyfriend came.

Instead of taking the matter seriously the women alleged that her boyfriend told her that he didn’t believe it and if it happened he told her to do an abortion.

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Tuesday, 14 May 2019 17:26

Man drown in Thoubal River

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Imphal, May 14,

A 42 (forty two) years old daily wage earner who live by mining sand at Yairipok Leirongthel area of Thoubal River today went missing after he was reportedly carried away by the river current. The person is identified as Thangjam Kunje Singh, son of (Late) Lala Singh of Ukhongshang Mayai Leikai in Thoubal District. Witness said that the person drowned in the river at around 9.30 am unable to control himself to the river current.

Effort to search the person was underway. Rescue team of the State Fire Service also joined the search operation. Motor boats were used to search the body. The body remains is missing till the filling of this story.

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Imphal, May 14,

In an effort to flush out anti social element, state police team has been intensifying search operation at various part of the state. Recent bomb blast and attack to private schools as well as extortion threat to medical practitioners and traders has alerted the police team since the last couple of days.

Today morning too, a team of Imphal West district police conducted search operation at various places of Imphal area. Around 220 suspected persons were rounded up at Wahengbam Leikai Jiri Parking area and made them stand in line while the police team conducted verification one after another. Similar verification of suspected persons was also conducted at the road located to the eastern side of Nambul River.

14 persons who failed to produce valid identity proof documents were picked up for further investigation. 

 The Imphal West police team had conducted similar operation at Wahengbam Leikai Jiri Parking area some days back. 

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Tuesday, 14 May 2019 17:25

When vegetables slowly poison us?

Imphal Times news report carried yesterday questioning the safety of cucumber fruit; base on the conversation by two friends is not an attempt to panic the people. The objective of the news report is to alert the concern government department; particularly the Food Safety Authority as rampant use of pesticides and fertilizers by farmers become a common phenomenon. Imphal Times report under the heading “Cucumbers today are not safe for human” did not mention the site of village  where massive use of medicine on cucumber plant are being used as the similar activities are also being carried out by farmers all across the state. It is not only to the cucumber fruits but also to almost all the vegetable. The kind of vegetable medicine available in the market is increasing day after another and farmers do not hesitate in buying the vegetable medicine – including pesticide, chlorpyrifos, fenvelerate, dimethoate, spinosad, thiamethoxam and dithiocarbomates etc.
We are not sure about the safety of the vegetable available in the market. The day today vegetable that we are consuming for our survival may have been the reason for the various diseases that human kind are suffering. Saying so, we can’t blame the farmers. They need money and more money as they have to send their children to costly private schools as government schools are total flop. They want to live like government employees who owned multi lakhs rupees worth vehicle, built multi storey buildings in just 2 to 3 years with just some thousand rupees as salary per month. For living like them they need money and without proper production they some don’t care on using medicine of any kind , no matter whether it harms human health or not.
Sikkim is the first state in India to ban pesticide and other hazardous fertilizers. The state had announced ban on 27 non-organic. It was the state government authority initiative that ban the use of pesticide and other health hazard fertilizers or any kind of vegetable medicine. People in Dimapur also followed the Sikkim style but as Dimapur being a commercial hubs the state government seems to have trouble in imposing such ban. However, newspaper report reflected the concern for safety of vegetable selling in the Dimapur market.
Now the question is – what initiative has been seen being taken up by the food safety authority to check the vegetables, fruits and any other edible item. Well, there were some instances that the Food Safety authority conducted drive in Hotels or during food festival. But there are no report of any kind of checking to the vegetable selling in Imphal or other places of Imphal.
On the other hand the rise in the production of pesticide like vegetable medicine is a matter that is needed to be focused by the authority. Everyday new advertisement about new product to increase the food production to cultivators are notice either at print or electronic media.
Like a teenage wanted to wear new clothes the farmers too like to test new invention if it will increase their crop.
Having said so, not every farmer only think about increasing their crop production. There are some who practice inorganic farming. But name shake support from the government discourage these farmers and then they too are left with no choice but to use the pesticide or fertilizers to make good production of their crop. After all they are also human being.
If nothing is taken up to ensure farmers to produce only healthy crops then the government should immediately taken up some sort of measures either by framing policy or by ensuring all facilities to the inorganic farming.
Or else, today’s youths life span may not even last for 5o years.

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Imphal May 14,

Mantripukhri Battalion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) conducted an ex-servicemen Meet at Sawombung Company Operating Base (COB) on 13 May 2019. The forum was attended by ex-servicemen of Assam Rifles of the area.

During the meet various aspects concerning security in the area were discussed. There was also an interaction carried out on necessary measures required to be undertaken by ex-servicemen in synergy with the locals, village authorities, civil administration, police and the Assam Rifles for maintaining a strict vigil in the area.

In addition to the security issues, grievances of ex-servicemen, veer naries, widows and dependents were also addressed. Information about various welfare schemes and opportunities available to veterans, veer naries and widows were shared during the meet. Benefits of important schemes related to monetary benefits for veer naries/widows, scholarship assistance for meritorious students/wards of disabled soldiers, Ex-servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS), recruitment under unit Headquarters quota and job provision in Unit Run Canteen/School/Station institutes were also disseminated to the attendees.

The attendees accentuated the need of conduct of such meetings and interaction on a regular basis as it provides them a platform for interaction between the serving and the retired fraternity of the Assam Rifles so as to collectively accomplish all goals to bring peace and harmony in the area. The meet concluded with tea and refreshments for all the attendees.

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Tuesday, 14 May 2019 17:22

Assam Rifles Organises Iftar Party


Imphal May 14,

Tulihal Battalion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) organised an Iftar party for the locals at Bengoon, Mayang Imphal on 13 May 2019.

With an aim to create a harmonious atmosphere, connect with local populace and spread the message of unity, universal brotherhood, peace and harmony, Mayang Imphal Company Operating Base (COB) organised a grand Iftar party for the locals. During the event the troops interacted with the locals and conveyed best wishes and greetings to locals on Ramazan before breaking the day-long fast with them.    

The function witnessed an attendance of over 400 people from all walks of life including Maulvis of various Mosques, Ward Members, and Councilors. The event provided an opportunity to develop bonding among people and sharing of cultural and traditional values. The event was highly appreciated by the locals and members of various NGOs. Post Iftar party prayers were conducted in the mosque for peace and harmony in Manipur.

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