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Imphal, May 13,

Perhaps, with no intention to sabotage human health, but due to requisite for family maintenance besides, heavy demand in the market, farmers are reportedly using some kind of insecticide that may cause serious health hazard to consumers.

A telephonic conversation between a person who live in an area with large number of cucumber cultivation and his close friend reveals that – eating cucumber may cause serious kind of health problem like stomach aching , Diarrhoea, headache etc.

Who does not want to make money? But for Kunjeshwar (not real name), who live in the area for the love of his friend Rajen (not real name) told him that he will not allow him to enjoy cucumber party which the two use to share every season. There are many farmers who use to earn by cultivating cucumber. As the village that he live is appropriate for cucumber plantation almost all farmer plant it as maintenance is also reduced.

As per the telephonic conversation between the two, due to scarcity of water and rise in the mercury level, most of the cucumber shrunk and the farmers were worried as they will be left with no option to feed their family.

“Many diseases were notice to the cucumber plant this year due to lack of proper rainfall”, Kunjeshwar said.

He added that they bought some medicine for the plant from a shop called ‘Agri Tech’ located at Uripok. The farmers also consulted some expert and as per their advice they spray the medicine to the cucumber plants.

“I was shocked to see many empty bottles lying in and around the cultivation site and I am sure that it will do no good to human being”, Kunjeshwar said.

He added that farmers who are planting the cucumber do not allow their children to eat the cucumber that they planted as they know that it will be harmful to them.

Some children who have no idea of the things happening at the cultivation site sometime stole and enjoy the cucumber fruits. These children developed symptoms of stomach pain and finally Diarrhoea and other diseases.

“Just a few moment back I had help one child who have complain of loss motion after he consumed the cucumber and I gave him some medicine”, Kunjeshwar said while talking to his friend Rajen.

Use of pesticide or any other medicine to fruits and vegetable is  cause serious health problem if not immediately it will cause after some times.

As the harmful medication is not only confined to a specific cultivation site, this reporter did not disclose the location of where the situation happened. This report is a wakeup call to those in the Food Safety department as well as to the people of the state.

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By a Correspondent

Imphal, May 13,

The Rongmei Students’ Organisation Manipur (RSOM) has demanded fresh recruitment of both teaching and non-teaching staffs of Eklavaya Residential Model School (EMRS) particularly in the Tamenglong district by advertising the notice in all major local newspapers.

The demand of the RSOM was conveyed by its General Secretary Jeanthui Panmei of RSOM during a press conference held at the Manipur Press Club in Imphal this afternoon.

The students’ body also demanded immediate cancellation of the recruitment process of 210 teaching and non-teaching staffs of EMRS located at Moreh, Saparmeina and Tamenglong.

RSOM secretary Panmei also alleged that the recruitment notification of the said 210 posts including both teaching and non-teaching staffs has not been published in any state daily local newspaper or print media.

Similarly the holding of the recruitment process during election time is also a violation of election model code of conduct as Election Commission of India, he alleged.

Condemning the alleged “misconduct and practice” in education sector, the student leader also appealed to the concerned authorities of the state government to check the recruitment process.

Alleging that concerned authority of the EMRS in the above areas conducted the recruitment process “on their behest and favour,” the leaders of the student body who were present at the press conference threatened to launch various forms of democratic agitations in collaboration with like-minded students bodies of the state if the concerned authorities in the state fails to address the matter within a month’s time.

EMRS for Scheduled Tribe students are set up in States and Union territories with provisioning of funds through “Grants under Article 275(1) of the Constitution”, according to official sources. The establishing of EMRSs are based on demand of the concerned States and Union territories with availability of land as an essential attribute. As per the budget 2018-19, every block with more than 50% Scheduled Tribe population and at least 20,000 tribal persons, will have an Eklavaya Model Residential School by the year 2022,the sources added.

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Imphal, May 13,

Following the crumbling of a portion of shops at BT Road near Pologround Imphal, where a person died and another three injured, authority have been forcing the owners to shut their shops.

“We are facing lots of inconveniences, we don’t know how we are going to recover our loss”, a shop owner said.    

The tragic accident occurred on May 10 where a part of an old building of shops near fly over bridge collapsed killing one person and injuring three others. And as an aftermath the shops were forced to shut down till the whole buildings were checked properly by the concerned authorities. Unfortunately the building was not checked even after two days after the incident.

Because of the closure of shop the owners felt discontentment over the order for closing the shops to inspect the building where they haven’t checked it till the time of this report even after the two days incurring a huge loss on their business.

It can be mentioned that around 80 percent of the total building in the Imphal area especially the market areas need repairing.

Meanwhile the sun shed of the shops were also taken down yesterday upon the order of the authorities.

Speaking to media person a shop owner who waited on the footpath of BT road waiting for the authorities to check their shops said that they have incurred heavy loss on their business around 30-40 thousands per day after their shop was forced to close down. He added that they have faced a lot of inconveniences.

All the shops which are on the stretch of BT road where the unfortunate incident took place were all closed except for a few ones.

Speaking to media person one of the shop owner questioned how the authorities can meet the people if their shops were closed. He further said that as they were hand to mouth people they incurred heavy loss which affects their livelihood.

Regarding the taking down of sun shed he added that as it were all taken down the shops will get flooded as the level of their shops is below the road. He also appealed to look into the matter also.

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By a Correspondent

Imphal, May 13,

A day long training programme on ‘Orientation course for trainees/support team of district level for functioning of Panchayats like Right to Information (RTI), Panchayat Act & Rules, Social audit etc’ was held in Imphal on Monday.

The orientation programme cum training course which was held at the Kuki Inn in Imphal was organised by the State Institute of Rural Development (SIRD) Manipur.

The training course was attended by around 45 key representatives of the village authorities under Island tribal development block under Saikul sub-division, Kangpokpi district.

In his key note address, the Joint Director (Training) Okram Lokendro Singh of SIRD highlighted the importance of holding such training to jointly understand the various rural development programmes and schemes of the government and the public participation in its implementation process for a better livelihood.

Some resources persons in diverse fields made different presentations on the issues relating with the rural development.

Former additional secretary W Nimaichand Singh of the Manipur Public Service Commission made a presentation on RTI and its importance in the implementation of development programmes while Under Secretary Kh Chaoba Singh of the Rural development and Panchayati Raj government of Manipur on Panchayat Act and Rules/Autonomous District Council.

Kh Ibochou Singh State nodal officer (Mahatama Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme) also delivered a lecture cum presentation on key issues in the implementation of Rural Development programme and preparation of labour budget under MGNREGS.

Island block under Kangpokpi district has around 86 recognised villages, according to the village representatives who attended in the day’s programme.

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By a Correspondent
New Delhi, May 13,

In India, doctors have traditionally been regarded highly by society. The present impression of private business-mindedness of some in the profession has led to a poor image of doctors. However, one of the factors that contribute to this poor image of doctors is the sensationalization of every news item, often ignoring information that would gloss over mundane details, exonerating a doctor in an incident of alleged medical negligence. There are many causes for the increase in violence against medical personnel, not restricted to a general increase in aggression in society as evidenced by incidents of road rage and other acts of violence witnessed in schools and colleges across India.
“Violence against doctors and other medical practitioners in India has been reported as an increasing problem. On an average, one in 2 doctors faces violence at hospitals. Violence is much more common in healthcare industry compared to any other, taking up a variety of forms. There are many ways to reduce the potential for violence and total episodes. One of the most serious problems in worldwide healthcare, it needs to be addressed in a well-thought-out way” Said  Dr Vinay Aggarwal,  Past National President, Indian Medical Association and Chairman, Pushpanjali Medical Centre, New Delhi.
Violence may stem from patient dissatisfaction with care, costs associated with insurance premiums, unrealistic expectations, and overworked and underpaid hospital staff, as well as the rising cost of health care due to the government’s inability to subsidize hospital operations. Lack of a third-party formal dispute resolution system in many hospitals has been suggested as a factor, and the acceptance of bribes or good-faith money in the form of red packets has been implicated. Media coverage, and a lack of health literacy amongst the population are also some of the contributory factors.
Violence against doctors – Global Phenomenon
Violence against doctors and hospital is not only restricted to India, but a global phenomenon. In the USA, between 1980 and 1990, over 100 healthcare workers died as a result of violence. Another survey conducted in 170 university hospitals revealed that 57% of all emergency room employees had been threatened with a weapon over a 5-year period before the survey. The main reason behind violence is ignorance about disease and prognosis, lack of knowledge regarding medical science. Today mob mentality has become a pre-dominant trait.
“Among other causes of violence against doctors in India are the pathetic conditions in which patients are treated in government hospitals. There is overcrowding, long waiting time to meet doctors, absence of a congenial environment, multiple visits to get investigations done as well as consult doctors, sharing a bed by two and sometimes three patients, and poor hygiene and sanitation”, He added.
Causes of violence
There is lack of communication and overwork leading to numerous patients and understaffing of doctors. The junior doctors mostly get attacked as first responders in critical situation, because they lack training in proper communication. There is also lack of surveillance, security and restriction on movement of multiple attendants inside hospital premises. The government should be very transparent with lack of institutional/organisational policies, and prepare action plans to deal with such violence.
There are various types of healthcare violence like verbal abuse, mobbing, threats, psychological harassment, physical violence, vandalism and cyber trolling.
Put an End – The solution
Aspects of patient–doctor communication such as ‘receiving an explanation for the occurrence of the symptom/ sign, likely duration of treatment and the lack of unmet expectations’ were found to be key predictors of patient satisfaction. Caregivers must be trained in breaking bad news, empathizing and communicating with their patients. Given the patient load, lack of time, gross deficiency of staff and other resources, these issues receive only lip service in India, especially in the government sector.
The relationship between a doctor and a patient is paternalistic where patients are still not considered equal partners by their caregivers. This at time leads to arrogant behaviour, condescending attitude and use of jargon by doctors, which confuses the patient. This is an area where much emphasis needs to be laid especially during medical training. Doctors are taught clinical behaviour but not empathy. Effective patient–doctor communication has been shown to correlate with patient satisfaction with healthcare services.

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Monday, 13 May 2019 17:23

Will Sharmila have a Third Life ?

At one of his speech, renowned Journalist Pradip Phanjaobam, who is also the editor of the prestigious Imphal based English News Paper The Imphal Free Press said – Human dies three times.
“There are three deaths. The first is when the body ceases to function. The second is when the body is consigned to the grave. The third is that moment, sometime in the future, when your name is spoken for the last time.”
Pradip Phanjaobam ( whom we called Tamo Pradip) was quoting David Eagleman , the American neuroscientist  who is also an author and science communicator.
Logical interpretation makes this philosophy an - Universal truth, which deserves appreciation from all wakes of life.
If one believe in this than, person like Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Nathuram Godse (the person who shot dead the father of the nation), some other leaders whose name are still the talk of today’s generation, and as for the state of Manipur Lamyanba Hijam Irabot, have died twice and are on the third lives.
Their name, their works and their essence of patriotism are still the talk of the town and as days added their names become more popular among the people. However, on Nathuram Godse who shot dead Mohandas Kramchand Gandhi – the father of the nation, one wander whether he is having a third live or not. It is confusing as the name of Naturam Godse appeared as protagonist to some few people only few years back in considering whether he lives a third live.
Notorious terrorist Osama Bin Laden- the leader of the terrorist group Al-Qaeda  is a hero to thousand of Middle East people even though he had been wanted death or alive. His name still is the talk of the world.
When Tamo Pradip gave an explanation about the  third life, it sometimes confuse whether the way people remember after his or her death does not require the kind of good deed in his second life.
Well, a girl, popularly known to the world as Irom Chanu Sharmila was given birth and started living her second live sacrificing her youth life by staging the longest hunger strike. She fasted for over 16 years protesting excess human rights violation committed to the people of the region and she had heard promises after promises for supporting her demand. 16 years she live for the cause of the people without meeting even her mother and by not taking a single food from her mouth. She was kept alive by detaining in judicial custody and by force feeding her.
It is an open secret almost all the people stand by her side. To the Congress, the BJP and all other political party as well as rights activists, it became a fashion meeting the lone fighter which follows the doctrine of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi – who always believed in non-violence.
A pertinent question arises her is that can we said that Irom Sharmila’ second live has been dead as she had given up everything for the state of Manipur after she found that the support she get turned as a mere drama after she got only few voters in her support in the last general election.
Sharmila, today settled with her once upon a time controversial husband Cotinho.
A somewhat, interesting news is that the once upon a time “Iron Lady” of Manipur had deliver a twin baby girl at a Bangalore Hospital. After taking leave from the cause of the issues of the Manipur (probably because people don’t support her) she now live a peaceful live with her husband and now she will be with her twin girl. She and her husband will now focus more on their children and definitely , the once upon a time Iron Lady will be living as a second live or not a matter that need to be elaborated.       
On the question of giving birth of the third live, how could the incomplete 2nd live re-borne a third live.

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Imphal May 13,

Timely administered first aid by Sehlon Battalion of 28 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) saved the life of two young men from succumbing to their injuries caused by a road accident that occurred on the roads of Samtal Salient on 11 May 2019.  
Truck driver Mr Thang Meinlein, aged 27 years and assistant driver Mr Malsam, aged 21 years both from Moljol village were driving their truck from Moljol to Tuitong when their truck skidded from the road and toppled down into a nala. The individuals were brought to Assam Rifles camp at Tuitong by the villagers where first aid was given by the medical assistant present at the camp. Thereafter they were evacuated to community health centre at Sugnu for further medical treatment.   

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Imphal May 13,

Moreh Battalion of 26 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) conducted a medical camp at JJ Orphanage Moreh, Tengnoupal district on 12 May 2019. Medical team of Moreh Battalion provided medical aid and distributed free medicines to the children of orphanage home. A total of 37 children and staff were given medical aid. The children were investigated for the deficiency of Hemoglobin, Iron, anemia, skin infection, fever, cough and cold.
In addition, the Medical Officer conducted a lecture on general health and hygiene. She also conducted the sanitary check up of the orphanage home and encouraged the children to keep the surrounding clean and sanitised.
Moreh Battalion has been making dedicated efforts in improving the living standards of the children of the orphanage by creating adequate infrastructure and providing them with basic amenities on a regular basis. Recently, apart from distribution of sports items, a toilet cum bathroom block was constructed at JJ Orphanage home.
The relentless endeavours of Moreh Battalion of Assam Rifles in providing healing touch to the orphanage have been widely appreciated by all.

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Imphal May 13,

Keithelmanbi and Tulihal Battalions of 9 Sector Assam Rifles and Chassad Batallion of 10 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) commemorated this year’s Mothers Day on 12 May and carried out various activities to celebrate the day with the local populace.
As part of the commemoration activities, Lilong Company Operating Base (COB) of Keithelmanbi battalion organised a lecture cum interactive session on health at Waithou Chiru village. A lecture was delivered on “Benefits of Good Health” by the Unit Regimental Medical Officer during which the attendees were informed on the various health related issues and associated measures to overcome them. In addition special prayers were also made for well being, good health and prosperity of the mothers. The event witnessed an attendance over 250 locals of the area.
Continuing with the activities, Tulihal Battalion celebrated the day by felicitating Meira Paibis. The event was aimed to compliment and appreciate their fight against drug abuse, crime against women and various other initiatives for the society.  Over 30 Meira Paibis from different villages were felicitated in the ceremony for their selfless dedicated devotion to the well being of the civil society. The felicitation ceremony concluded with tea and refreshments for all.
As a tribute to all doting mothers, Chassad Battalion organized a special event at Nampisha to celebrate the day. The celebrations commenced with prayers for peace and harmony followed by interaction with the womenfolk of remote border villages. The village authorities and pastors were also present during the event. The event culminated with refreshments and distribution of sweets wherein Assam Rifles conveyed their heartfelt greetings to all the women present during the event.  
The Meira Paibis, womenfolk and the local populace were touched by the kind gesture of the Assam Rifles on the occasion of Mother’s day and further assured their cooperation in maintaining peace and harmony in the area and also work on improving synergy between the Assam Rifles and local populace.  

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By Dr. Aditya Gupta,  

Cyberknife has emerged as one of the latest inventions useful for treating all types of tumors (benign and malignant). Being a non-invasive radiation therapy, it is the most advanced tool for treatment of all types of tumors anywhere in the body. AThe therapy works on the principle that high dose of precise high frequency radiation is targeted on the tumor site and without affecting or harming the adjoining healthy tissues and cells. The treatment uses a sophisticated imaging system which guides high beam directly to the tumor.
“It is a no pain, no risk and 100% safe procedure that usually take half an hour session. Being a day care procedure requirement for hospital stay is eliminated and the patient recovery is quicker in comparison to any other conventional therapy. The most important aspect of the therapy is that the radiations can reach upto any depth which otherwise would be impossible to reach through conventional or open surgeries.”
The CyberKnife radiation therapy has clinically proven success rates, however, it works the best for tumors upto which are 2-2.5 cm in size. However, in a few rare cases it is also used as a treatment option to cure brain tumors that either cannot be operated because of their location in the head, or the patients who cannot undergo brain tumor surgery due to their poor medical condition, etc.
Cyber Knife Vs conventional Gamma Knife
For brain tumor or cancer patients, Gamma Knife treatment is not as convenient or comfortable, largely because Gamma Knife requires an invasive head frame be bolted into the skull. Compared to this, the CyberKnife is a non-invasive, real-time motion tracking technology for accurate delivery of high-dose radiation therapy. Instead of a bulky head frame, CyberKnife patients are provided with a soft, mesh mask during the treatment. Moreover, treatment with CyberKnife is flexible; imaging is performed few days in advance, thereby leaving the radiation oncologist with enough time to design and finalise a customised treatment plan. Once the plan is set in place, the patient will return for a non-invasive, pain-free experience. Using advanced tumor-tracking technology, the CyberKnife system is able to either deliver one single high-dose treatment or smaller doses (upto 5) over the course of two to five days. This approach limits side effects and enables most patients to return to their regular routine the same day. Additionally, clinical studies have shown that patients with certain cancerous and non-cancerous conditions in the brain, neck and spine have a better outcome with a lower dose of two to five fractionated radiation treatments than a single, large dose.
Future of Cyberknife
Cyberknife M6
Cyberknife  is a surgical device that uses combination of robotics and sophisticated image-guidance technology.  The new model is pain free, safe and the most comfortable radiology treatment available in India. The earlier version of Cyberknife treatment involves a stereotactic mask which covers the face of the patient whereas the latest Cyberknife M6 comes with the mask where the patient can breathe and see through it.   The mask used for the cyberknife treatment is very painful because the four pins of the frame into the skull of the patient. Cyberknife M6 is series is more like mobile radiation head which shoots individual beam of radiation. Patients with claustrophobia can be easily treated. Cyberknife m6 treatment can be performed within 45 minutes just like CT Scans, MRI, but the same procedure in traditional style i.e. gamma knife will take 2.5 hours.  
“The most common type of tumors like which can be treated with Cyberknife are acouste neuroma, ademonas, and other benign tumors. The m6 version of Cyberknife is highly precise who have larger or more irregular shape tumors which are resistant to conventional radiation. It also helps in cases where surgical tumor is inaccessible. In many western countries out of 100 cases 40 requires radiation for the deposit. However in our country, every case of tumor goes for full brain radiation which has several side effects like memory loss, forgetfulness, mental and behavioral changes.  So Cyberknife M6 is a boon for those patients”.
In a time of five years or so the detection of tumors would be made easily and at an early stage. Many physicians are not aware about the latest advancements but they would be sooner or later. With more health insurance penetration this treatment would be available to larger sections people and expected to be cheaper.

******Dr. Aditya Gupta, Director Cyberknife Neurosurgery, Agrim Institute for Neurosciences, Artemis Hospital- Gurgaon.    

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