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‘It is a fake arrest; we don’t have any camp at Kamjong area’

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Imphal May 12,

Armed rebel group operating in the region today rubbishes the Assam Rifles’ claim of arresting 7 cadres along with arms and ammunitions from Indo-Myanmar border in Manipur’s Ukhrul district.

  1. Sak-hen, Director , Department of Publicity of the proscribed group United National Liberation Front, (UNLF) Manipur, in a statement called the claim as ‘Fake arrest” while A. Yaiphaba, Secretary, Publicity and research of another proscribed group Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup ( KYKL) term the claim of the AR as fabricated story to discourage the revolutionary movement. Achouba, Publicity Officer, Deptt. Of Publicity and Propaganda of armed rebel group People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) terms the claim of AR as a cheap propaganda.

The Assam Rifles in a statement issued yesterday had claimed 7 cadres of the three rebel groups were apprehended during an operation conducted on May 9, 2019 from Indo-Myanmar border in Kamjong district. The Security Forces claimed to have arrested five cadres of PREPAK, one cadre of KYLE and one cadre of UNLF along with a large seizure of weapon and ammunition which included one 7.62 mm AK 56 Rifle, a 7.62 mm Assault Rifle Type 81, one 9 mm Pistol, 79 rounds of 7.62 mm AK, six 9 mm rounds, three Chinese Hand Grenades, two rounds of Lathod High Explosive, three Detonators and one magazine of AK and 9mm pistol.

“ There is no base camp or any kind of camp of the PREPAK or its army wing Red Army at border Pillar 8 and Border Pillar 9 in Kamjong district neither we have lost any of our weapons nor any cadres have been arrested”, said Achouba of PREPAK. The statement further added that the security forces false propaganda to spew venom to the neighbouring country is nothing but an attempt to cross a bailey bridge by a bull. The PREPAK has been fighting for the freedom of the country and it is the trust, believe and support of the people that gives strength to the movement. The cheap propaganda will never succeed to defame the PREPAK, the statement added.

KYKL on the other hand said that the kind of news spread by the security forces is the usual practice to cheat the people of the region. The reality is that the Indian army are now exhausted and want to stay indoor as they have no more courage to face the armed rebel group, however their hunger for promotion, incentive and award and it comes to the public sphere day after another.

The KYKL mock the Indian Army saying that they always look for a place to hide as they have no courage to fight their enemy and they are now number one in spreading false story to the world.

The person that they claim to be a member identified as Mangle @ Budhi of Heirok Part III has been discharged from the KYKL due to an illness. While leaving KYKL he did not carry any weapon, the KYKL statement said.

The statement by the UNLF also said that the person which the Army claim to have arrested as a member of the UNLF, identified as Laishram [email protected] Ningjaba of Khurai Angom Leikai is an absconder since 2017 after he failed to follow the rules of the party.

“It is another drama of fake arrest”, the statement by Sakhen said and added that it is the nature of the Indian army to stage drama of Fake Surrender, Fake Encounter and fake arrest. Such fake drama has never or will never affect the revolutionary movement of the UNLF.

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Imphal May 12,

An under trial person accused for allegedly raping a minor was once again caught for raping another person.

The accused is identified as one Oinam Robinchandra S/o late Oinam Chandramohan about 49 years of age from Tokpa Ching Mayai Leikai, Thoubal District.

A case was registered by the family of the victim at Bishnupur Women police station.

The alleged accused person Oinam Robinchandra was caught today around 10 in the morning by Imphal West Cybercrime unit led by SI Abhijeet from Uripok Bachaspati leikai as per the requisition of Bishnupur Women police.

It can be mention that the incident took place on the month of April at one of the restaurant of Utlou by threatening the victim.

Further, Robinchandra was also in under trial at Thoubal for raping a minor.

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Imphal, May 12,

Suicide attempt by two sisters unable to bear the pain of the conviction to their father as rapist whom they felt it as a wrongful judgment seems to wake up the people of Charangpat.

Additional Session Judge First Track Court (Crime Against Women Manipur) Bini Ngangom sentenced Konsam Poirei @ Inaoton of Charangpat Maning Leikai in judicial custody on charge of rape. The petition was filed by his second wife who married to Kongsam Poirei after knowing that he is the father of 3 children.

Denouncing the judgment the people of Charangpat today staged a sit-in-protest at Charangpat Maning Leikai Community Hall yesterday.

Placards with slogans –”save the life of the three kids”, “we condemn court’s ruling” were displayed during the protest.

A protestor while speaking to reporters said that Konsam Poirei and Rebika (d/o late H. Gopal sharma of Pishumthong) both had been staying for around 10 years after they married in 2009. When Rebika married to Poirei she even bought cloths for the three children. It was her family who forced to leave her husband on the ground that Poriei had already children.

After that Rebika got married to another person identified as Khamba @ Bobo of Mayang Imphal Upokpi Awang Leikai and have a 7 years old baby. Poirei too had married another wife.

The sudden order of the court to convict Poirei on charge of harassing and raping Rebika is not reasonable, said the protestor.

“If Poirei is punishable , Rebika should also be equally punished”, the local protestor said.

It was after the order of the court that the two daughters tried committing suicide (March 9).

The protestors further questioned on who will be responsible if anything happen to the three children. They appealed the court to give equal punishment to both Poirei and Rebika so that justice is delivered.

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Sunday, 12 May 2019 17:09

BIHU in Assam Syllabus

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Imphal, May 12

Even as Manipur government is yet to introduce any of its cultural heritage, the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC) is all set to introduce Bihu as an elective subject for the higher secondary curriculum from next year. Students choosing Bihu as their elective subject would have to appear for a 100-mark question paper, which would have both theory and practical segments.
AHSEC organised a workshop with a number of Bihu experts and academicians to chalk out a roadmap for the same as well as to deliberate on the contents of Bihu textbooks and decide on the curriculum and syllabus.
However, any recommendations of workshop to include Manipur rich culture is still a far away dream.
It may be noted that Sattriya dance is already an elective subject in the HS Arts Stream.

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Imphal,May 12,

Lamp lightning and Oath taking ceremony of the Students of Manipur Nursing Institute 9th batch, Tentha was held today at NICA cultural hall, Tentha, Thoubal District.
Moirangthem Hemanta, Former Minister Wangjing Tentha  Assembly Constituency, N.Ingobi, President, Manipur Nursing Institute, N.Pradeep, Pradhan, Tentha Gram Panchayat and James Heikrujam, Program Executive, Diamond Radio Khongjom attended the function as dignitaries.
Students of the institution paid floral tribute to the portrait of Florence Nightingale. Cultural programme was also performed as a part of the programme
Awards were conferred to the Position holders in the examination of Manipur Nursing Council.
Principal of Manipur Nursing Institute, Tentha, Mrs Sarda Devi administers oath to the newly passed nursing students.

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Imphal May12,

Demanding the information on whether Kabaw Valley was a part of Manipur or not and whether it was given to Myanmar or not Samungou asked to give clear cut information from the authorities about it.

Speaking in a press meet held at Manipur Press Club General Secretary of Manipur Peoples Democratic Front Salam Samungou said that by forming a fact finding committee the Indian government should give a clear cut answer in a white paper about the information they demand.

He further said that under the agreement signed between the king of Manipur Gambhir and Commissioner F.J Grant and Captain R.B Pemberton on Jan 25,1984 where a sum of five hundred sicca rupees was compensated to the king of Manipur every month from the day of the transfer of Kabaw valley to Myanmar took place.

He said that he strongly believed that Kabaw valley was a part of Manipur and under the logic that compensation given to the king by Myanmar was the proof that it was a part of Manipur.

He further said that after Manipur was annexed by India, Kabaw valley was given to the present day Myanmar on March 29, 1953 by the then Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru. The information was written vividly on the book Kanglasha Amasung Matam gee Manipur penned by Moirangthem Irabot.

Samungou further questioned why India government doesn’t want to acknowledge Kabaw valley as a part of Manipur but still claimed China occupied Kashmir and Pakistan occupied Kashmir of Jammu and Kashmir as a part of India.

He further demanded to bring out on a white paper regarding the issue.

Samungou concluded that they plan to submit a memorandum to Prime Minister, Home minister and other related ministers to clarify about the issue.

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Sunday, 12 May 2019 17:04

Dear Mother

By : Dr. Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

No matter how old you’re, I need you around;
I believe most ‘love’ at first sight’
You’re there ‘mother’ since I opened my eyes;
You’re the one ‘reason’ love begins and love ends;
You taught me ‘not’ to fear but ‘strengths’ to learn;
You aren’t perfect when you’re real and I ignored;
You challenges differences; you’re skills and abilities;
You speak as if I’m the wisest of all;
You told as if I’m the most beautiful of all;
You speak as if I’m the kindest child you have;
You’re perfect when you’ aren’t real, I miss and I cried;
No matter I go through; No matter we argue;
You’re there at the end; you hold together;
You’re still there even I deserted you;
‘Dear Mother’ you’re the world.

No matter how you mess with things’
You aren’t super woman so carving;
You struggle hard and you never give up standing;
You try on every turn and you’re fearless, no option;
You begin your joy with a ‘life’ so dearly motherhood,
You believe in ‘God’ and all strengths greatest;
You trust and care much about whole world;
‘I’m’ your beginning, hope and a dream of possibilities;
Oh Heaven! There isn’t more loving than;
‘You hands’ on my forehead, in your arm around;
So tenderly protecting, I sleep in with no worries;
No laws guarded; no rules apply and no pity;
Yours stronger than any other,
You’re always there finding ‘me’ forgiven;
Sorry mother we’ll make mistakes.

No matter I move on to do away deep pains,
You taught me everything, to live without you;
The ‘hug’ you gave me nourishes, I’ll ever forget;
You’re my home I dream of; you’re my playfield;
Nothing last forever when you aren’t ‘home’;
I miss you; no matter you let us go;
No good bye is brave enough separating you;
Your voice so treasonable;
Your smile so unforgettable;
You’re holding so precious, leading my way;
Your presence unheard and unseen;
Your tears so hurting; when you cry, I promise;
Remembering you is beauty heaven;
Still missing you isn’t go away that easy;
‘Dear Mother’ you’re the world.

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Sunday, 12 May 2019 17:04

Assam Rifles Conducts Security Meets

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Imphal May 12,

Keithelmanbi and Mantripukhri Battalions of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) conducted security meets at Canchipur and Sagolmang Company Operating Bases respectively on 11th May 2019. The security forums were attended by village Pradhans, ward members, councilors, members of village youth club and locals of the respective areas.
During the meets the locals were sensitised and updated on the current situation existing in the area of responsibility. An interaction was carried out on necessary measures to be undertaken for maintaining a strict vigil against illicit activities in the area, future action plan in respect of civic action projects like medical camps, recruitment in the Assam Rifles and the Indian Army as well as career counseling for youth.
The locals expressed their gratitude and appreciated the efforts of Assam Rifles for conduct of such security meetings and ensuring peace in the area and assured their commitment and assistance in maintaining the same. The security meets concluded with tea and refreshments for all the attendees.

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Imphal May 12,

Assam Rifles Public School, Mantripukhri celebrated National Technology Day on 11th May 2019 at the School Assembly Hall. The aim of the celebration was to highlight the achievements of our scientists and engineers in the field of science and technology and also to encourage students towards the same. To commemorate India’s nuclear tests at Pokhran in 1998, 11th May is celebrated as National Technology Day.
As part of national technology day, a science exhibition was organised in which large number of students participated with their working models, prototypes, charts and display models. Out of the total models, best 69 models were selected and displayed. The students worked on various theories and scientific principles of Physics, Chemistry and Biology to make their models.
It was remarkable to notice the concern of primary students towards environment and society. All their models were based on topics like Traffic Light, Global Warming, Pollution, etc. The senior classes also showcased really interesting and innovative models and prototypes.

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Imphal May 12,

In a major breakthrough against subversive elements operating in Manipur, Security Forces apprehended seven insurgents and recovered a huge cache of arms and ammunition in Kamjong district of Manipur on 09th May 2019.
On specific intelligence input regarding movement of insurgents with weapons, an operation was launched in Kamjong District towards Indo-Myanmar border. The Security Forces successfully apprehended five cadres of PREPAK, one cadre of KYLE and one cadre of UNLF along with a large seizure of weapon and ammunition.
The seized arsenal included a 7.62 mm AK 56 Rifle, a 7.62 mm Assault Rifle Type 81, one 9 mm Pistol, 79 rounds of 7.62 mm AK, six 9 mm rounds, three Chinese Hand Grenades, two rounds of Lathod High Explosive, three Detonators and one magazine of AK and 9mm pistol.
The apprehended insurgents and recovered items were handed over to Imphal Police Station, Imphal West district for further inquiry.
The apprehension of UGs and recovery of large quantity of arms and ammunition is a major success on the part of the Security Forces to thwart nefarious designs of the UG groups in Manipur and also to maintain peace and tranquility in the state.

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