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Last rite of Constable SM Manjur performed

IT News

Thoubal, April 4,


Last rite of the dead body of Manipur Police Constable, SM Manjur Ahmed, who died in police custody while interrogation in police custody after being arrested in connection with the escaped of notorious UTP Th Nando from judicial custody, has been performed today at his village at Yairipok Ningthoumanai  in Thoubal district today morning.

Police constable Md. Manjur Ahmed, 35, son of M.V. Basir Ahmed was found dead in police custody and the body has been admitted to JNIMS morgue on the evening of March 30.

JAC formed against the custodial dead of the police constable has called off series of agitation including total shut down and accepted the dead body after Chief Minister of Manipur assured to hand over the case to CBI yesterday evening.

The lifeless body of the Police Constable was cremated at around 9.30 am today.

Speaking to media persons, President of AMMOCOC SM Jalal said that the body has been accepted and performed last rite today after the Chief Minister assured to fulfill the demand of the JAC. He said, as the JAC has lost trust to the Manipur police and that the case should be handed over to independent agencies like the CBI or the NIA.

Jalal also said that the JAC has been demanding justice for Manjur and that no compromise will be accepted. He also demanded to register an appropriate regular FIR in connection with the death.

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UTLA (SK Thadou) not satisfy with the State Govt.

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Jiribam, April 4, 

United tribal Liberation Front (UTLA) SK Thadou group expressed dissatisfaction to the state government over none fulfillment of the commitment.
A press statement issued by S. K. Thadou, chairman, UTLA (S. K. Thadou) said that the organization is feeling neglected by the Government of Manipur as it fails to fulfill the commitment made during the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding in the presence of representative of the Government of India. The commitment to provide Rs. 25 lakhs as one time rehabilitation to every cadres, construction of model village and providing govt. Job to every cadres are still yet to be converted into action
“ Though bank A/c numbers of all cadres were submitted no “one-time rehabilitation package” for 21 cadres is availed till date”, the statement said.
 Thadou draws the attention of both the GOM and GOI to clear the said pack- age before upcoming Lok Sabha election. Further. He ask/advice all the cadres of its Organization not to indulge in this election at any cost so that every citizen elector can exercise their voting right free and fair.

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NEIDP assures to extend all possible help in delivering justice to Manjur

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Thoubal, April.4,

Lok Sabha candidate of the Inner Manipur Parliamentary Constituency, R.K. Anand today said that the North East India Development Party (NEIDP) will extend all possible help to deliver justice to Manipur Police Constable SM Manjur Ahamad, who died during interrogation in police custody.

RK Anand was speaking to reporters while coming to join the last rite ceremony of the deceased constable at Yairipok Ningthounai today morning.  He further said that the custodial dead of SM Manjur is a serious case of human rights violation.

“ It is very unfortunate that, a police constable who was arrested in connection with the escaped of Th Nando from police Custody was tortured to death at the Police Custody”, RK Anand said. 

Stating that custodial dead is a serious crime, RK Anand said and added that NEIDP came to share the pain and the sorrow of the family of the deceased constable. He further assured all sort of help from NEIDP to the family of late Manjur.

“Even though investigation has been going on over the death, it should be handed over to some independent agency as the death occurred in police custody”, Anand said.

He further said that NEIDP have no difference with the demand of the JAC formed against the custodial dead of Manjur. However, such a crime of custodial death should be taken responsibility by the government.

Members of the NEIDP Central Working Committee (CWC), Advisor Dr Dhanabir Laishram, General Secretary  W. Khelindra and Y. Brojendro and State Vice-president of NEIDP Manipur Y. Nabachandra along with  N. Diten  also accompanied RK Anand.

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CorCom boycotts Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits to Imphal

IT News

Imphal, April 4,

Conglomerate of rebel group operating in the region has boycotted Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed visit in the state on April 7 and called 17 hour total shut down from 1 am to 6 pm of the same day.

A statement signed by Leibaak Ngaakpa Luwang (Media Co- Ordinator CorCom)  stated that erstwhile kingdom of Manipur (Kangleipak was forcibly annexed by colonial India on October 15, 1949.

“It’s been 70 years as we are under India’s control and we have been face a terrible  India’s rules”, the statement said. 

After India occupied Manipur the Indian regime had control the economy of the people and the identity of the indigenous people has been put into serious threat. Culture, traditions, identity of the people of the region has been put into serious threats by the Indian regime.

The Indian regime has been using all means to suppress the revolutionary movement of the people of the region. In order to rooted the colonial regime the imperialist India has been enforcing AFSPA and under the shadow of the draconian act the security force has been systematically committing various form of crime including killings , torturing in the name of fighting the rebel group.

The massacre of Patsoi- langjing , Heirangoithong, RMC, Tonsen Lamkhai ..,etc. still is being reminded by the people of the region.  1528 victims of fake encounter killing were still waits for justice. Even though 5 Cases were charge sheeted justice still is not delivered. The CorCom statement said that even the Supreme Court  does anything to stop state terrorism in the state.

The kind of brutal killing, torture to the people by arms forces will not be able to suppress the revolutionary groups, the CorCom said.

It further added that the dream of making India a one nation one religion will wipe out the indigenous people of the region.

It added that everyday many outsiders are entering to Manipur, people have been demanding a law to the Government to save the people from them. Citizen Amendment Bill- 2016 was proposed by the central government for erasing the indigenous people. Central government temp the people of Manipur for development when vote is near.

The statement further added that during the Total Shutdown,  media, water supply, Electricity, fire service, hospital service  and other emergency services will be exempted.

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BJP and Congress are the two faces of the same coin - Sotinkumar

IT News
Imphal, April 4,

Stating that BJP and Congress Party are the two faces of the same coin, State secretary of Communist Party of India, Manipur L. Sotinkumar said that people of the state know how clean are the BJP and Congress Candidates contesting the Upcoming Lok Sabha Poll.
Blame game on media every day will not be able to woo the voters as they knew the reality, Sotin added.
Speaking to media persons at Irabot Bhawan,  Sotinkumar said that all the rights of being a Member of Parliament will be strapped away if BJP or Congress party win the upcoming 17th Lok Sabha election as both their candidates will be disqualified in the near future because of the charges leveled against them.
He said that most of the candidates are crorepati and also added that the Outer Parliamentary Constituency candidate for Congress was allegedly charged with banking default. He added that if he won all the land and other resources will be looted by him.
Highlighting the qualities of their candidate Dr. Nara, Sotin said that no such charges and allegations can be found on their candidate. He further claimed that their party candidate Dr.M Nara will surely win the upcoming election as per the mandate given by the people during campaigns.
Drawing the attention of Election Commission Sotinkumar said that BJP as well as Congress Party were using money and muscle powers violating the Code of conduct to woo voters. He appealed to make this election as fair as possible without waiting for the complaints of the rival parties.
He further appealed the people of the state to vote with integrity of their choices but not because of few pennies and parties or else the state will be in grave danger increasing more issues that the people are now facing.
Sotinkumar questioned why the people should vote for BJP if the people were against the contentious CAB. He said that the anti people CAB will be passed if BJP won the election as it was assured many a times by their party president. He further said that the people of Manipur should and need s to defeat BJP.
Assuring some of the agendas Sotinkumar said that they will stand firm against the CAB and also will demand more autonomy for the state. He also added that they will primarily focus on territorial integrity.
Following on the issue of the recent custodial death of Md. Manjur, he alleged that it was a conspiracy of the present BJP led government. He also added that a high level enquiry should be done for it.
Recalling the silence and the non performance of the MP in the previous years in the parliament Sotinkumar said that the people of the state knew that they need a representative that can carry the voices and the needs of the masses.

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AMWJU distributes Rs. 2,55,000/- as medical aid to 10 journalists

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Imphal, April 4,

AMWJU’s charitable Trust, Paomee Welfare Foundation (PWF) on Thursday distributed medical financial assistance to ten beneficiaries, amounting to Rs 2,55,000/-PWF’s team led its chairperson, Wangkhemcha Shamjai handed over the financial assistance to each of the beneficiaries at a  simple distribution function held at the Manipur Press Club. The distribution of the financial assistance was carried out following recommendations of the high-powered Medical Board of the Foundation comprising representatives from three reputed hospitals, namely, Dr A Santa Singh, director RIMS, Dr Kh. Lokeshwar Singh and Dr. O. Guneshwar Singh of JNIMS and Shija Hospital’s managing director, Dr Kh. Palin.

This is the last round of disbursing medical financial assistance for the year 2018-19 to eligible beneficiaries. Every year, financial assistance will be handed over in two phases after every six months. Paomee Welfare Foundation came into being in 2017 to independently managed AMWJU’s corpus Funds of over Rs 85 lakhs, raised by way of a Mega Lottery organized in 2017 under the president-ship of Wangkhemcha Shamjai. The Foundation offers financial assistance to its retired and present members who may also nominated one of their immediate family members as beneficiary.  Currently, PWF funds its medical assistance scheme out of the interest earned from the corpus fund kept as fixed deposit with State Bank of India. As its first disbursement for the year 2018-2019, the charitable trust had doled out financial assistance to the tune of Rs 4,05,000/- (rupees four lakhs five thousand only) to altogether seven beneficiaries in 2018.

Ch. Bilanta Singh, sub-editor of Naharol Thoudang, who underway a Prostatic Hyper Plasia surgery was awarded an assistance of Rs  20,000/- (twenty thousand rupees only). The said amount was presented to Bilanta in the form of a cheque. Yensembam Samarjit, sports reporter of Ichel Express, received an assistance amount of Rs 30,000/- (thirty thousand rupees only) against his father, Y. Ranjit’s Haemo Dialysis treatment. Incidentally, Samarjit’s father had also suffered a stroke. IS TV newsreader, Ranjana Elangbam received a medical aid of Rs 30,000/- (thirty thousand rupees only) towards the management of her son’s Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Oinam Ibochouba, reporter of IS TV received Rs 20,000/- (twenty thousand rupees only) against his wife’s battery of test and treatment for Typhoid. Khangembam Shanker, reporter Sanaleipak was awarded an assistance of Rs 25,000/- (twenty-five thousand rupees only) against his wife’s treatment for first degree Prolapse with Cholelithiasis. Thongam Rupa, sub-editor, Naharol Thoudang received Rs 20,000/- (twenty thousand rupees only) against treatment for his TIA/ Focal Seizure.

Yumlembam Okendrajit, reporter DY365 who suffered a collarbone fracture in a road accident was given Rs 25,000/- (twenty-five thousand rupees only). Naorem Gyanan, correspondent of Hueyen Lanpao who underway a Cholelit Thiasis surgery was awarded Rs 20,000/- (twenty thousand rupees only). Indraraj Khuman, ISTV reporter whose mother is a cancer patient received the highest assistance amount of Rs 50,000/- against his mother treatment expenditure. Imocha Elangbam, Assistant News Editor of Poknapham who recently suffered a head injury, was given an assistance of Rs 15,000/- (fifteen thousand rupees only).

Out the 11 applicants received by PWF, one application for financial assistance against a Cesarean surgery was turned down by the Medical Board citing such surgeries are outside the purview of ailments covered by the scheme due to paucity of funds.

The other trustees present at the distribution function were Pradip Phanjoujam, Vice Chairperson, Sunzu Bachaspatimayum, Secretary, Sukham Nanda, Joint Secretary, Ningthoukhongjam Tombiraj, AMWJU Advisor and Trustee and Trustee Borun Thokchom.

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Training for women polling personnel of Kangpokpi held

Kangpokpi, April 4,

Training for women polling personnel of Kangpokpi District was held today at the DC Office Complex, Kangpokpi. Altogether 15 polling personnel for three women polling stations attended the training session conducted by the District Election Officer/DC, Kangpokpi Lalithambigai K IAS, SDO Chunglienmang MCS, SDO Sorokhaibam Imoshana MCS and other Master trainers.
The training was conducted in a very interactive way through role-play by the polling personnel where they were allowed to perform the actual duties which they will be doing on the poll day.

Addressing the gathering, DC Lalithambigai stated that it is a matter of privilege that three polling stations will be manned by women polling personnel and women render their duties very efficiently and they are more careful than their male counterparts. She also highlighted the importance of VVPAT machines which will be used for the first time in the district. She further instructed them to contact their concerned sector officers and AROs in case of any discrepancy on the poll day.
Motivating the trainees, DC stated that she is fully confident about the women polling personnel and also told that in her previous election experiences, women had systematically completed all duties assigned to them.
She also reminded that voter slips are no longer stand-alone identification documents and should be compulsorily accompanied with one of the 12 documents prescribed by the Election Commission of India. The training programme will continue till all personnel are well trained.
Master trainer S. Imoshana also enlightened the trainees about the importance of EDC and clarified the queries and doubts raised by them.
It may be noted that three polling stations of Kangpokpi AC are identified as Model Polling Stations and will be manned by women polling personnel.
Besides, second round of training for the Presiding Officers and other polling personnel for three ACs- Saitu, Saikul and Kangpokpi were also held at different halls of the DC Complex. Besides, three facilitation counters for above three assembly constituencies were also opened at front of the DC office where designated staffs will issue and receive the EDC forms for the polling personnel.  

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AFSPA on Congress Manifesto: Why the CM seems nervous?

On the inclusion of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) issue on the election manifesto of the Congress Party, here in the state of Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh seem to be nervous. Instead of following to what the BJP leader Nirmal Sitharam, the Union Defence Minister of the country, Chief Minister N. Biren simply criticize the congress party for inclusion of the AFSPA issue in their Manifesto. He Even said that the inclusion of the issue of AFSPA by the Congress Party is nothing but befool  the public. He had even stated that during sixty years of their rule there have been numerous cases of security forces murdering innocents, incidents, of crimes against women.
If one ponder on what N. Biren Singh had expressed regarding the inclusion of AFSPA issue in the Manifesto by Congress party – it is nothing but a statement of a nervous leader.
Every Manipuri remember Operation Blue Bird, Loktak Operation etc.., family  of over 1528 victims of fake encounter still fill their eyes with tears. If this is the case the Chief Minister of Manipur , who is a one time champion of Human Rights, before joining to politics should include a better option like AFSPA will be repeal if BJP come to power as what the Congress had stated about AFSPA was about reviewing it.
Everybody knows this could never be possible , as BJP leader Nirmala Sitharam , the Union Defence Minister, had already slammed the congress for inclusion of the AFSPA issue in their manifesto terming it as an aim to weaken the armed forces.
Perhaps for the first time in the history of parliamentary election of the country the Indian National Congress (INC) in its manifesto promises for amendment of the draconian act Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) and the disturbed area act. This is something that arouses the people of the country living in North Eastern part of India and at Jammu and Kashmir as many innocent has been killed and many are left live in fear and anguish under the shadow of the draconian act. Leave aside other states which the AFSPA has been imposed, many mass protests for repealed of the draconian act had been witnessed in the state. The onetime Irom Chanu Sharmila, which seems to be forgotten by the people had underwent 16 years of fast-unto death protest – the longest fast protest in the history of mankind. Victims’ families of extra judicial killing by the armed forces under the shadow of the draconian AFSPA still cry for justice with their eyes still wet with tears.
It is indeed a change seen in the Congress Party if it really concern about the draconian side of the AFSPA. The Congress before 2014 seems to be a different Political Party in 2019. The new president Rahul Gandhi is also seen changed in his performance. As per the new ideology of the party under the new leadership seem to have understood that India is a nation of various communities having diverse culture, traditions, religion and which followed different ideologies and speaks different languages. It is the exceptional beauty of India.

‘’Know Your Armed Forces’’ At NIT Tech Fest 2019

IT News
Imphal April 4,

Tulihal Battalion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) organised a “Know Your Armed Forces Mela” as part of the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Manipur Tech Fest 2019 on 03 April 2019. The event was organised on the concluding day of the three day NIT Tech Fest which had commenced on 01 April 2019 pivoting around Science & Technology exhibition and Cyber Security.
Youth of Manipur have contributed significantly towards nation building in all spheres, be it politics, academics, defence forces or sports. With such an inspiration and enthusiasm, over 200 young minds of NIT Manipur, equally motivated to contribute towards the development of Manipur and the country, witnessed a ‘Know Your Armed Forces Mela’ organised by Tulihal Battalion.
As part of generating awareness about the Indian Armed Forces, an interactive session was conducted by the team of Tulihal Battalion during which the students were informed regarding the glorious history and the timeless traditions of the Indian Army, types of entries to obtain commission in the Indian Armed Forces especially the options available to engineering graduates such as Technical Graduate Entry and University Entry Schemes. The students were inspired by the glorious history of the Indian Army and were highly motivated to join the Indian Armed Forces as an officer.    
The youth were fascinated by the new generation weapons and equipment being used by the Indian Armed Forces and showed tremendous inquisitiveness regarding the technical knowhow and functionality of the weapons and equipments. Various queries regarding weapon and equipment displayed showing arsenal of an Infantry Unit of the Indian Army were also answered during the event. The excitement and exuberance of the youth was visible when they expressed their sentiments about the Indian Armed Forces on a signature board wherein they expressed their love and respect for the Indian Armed Forces.
The NIT Fest thus provided a platform for the young people and the Indian Armed Forces to create a bond of mutual understanding and further enlightened them about the immense career opportunity in the Indian Armed Forces. The NIT faculty members and students appreciated the earnest endeavor of the Battalion and requested Assam Rifles to continue such meaningful association with the youth and conduct such events in future as well.

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Ayursundra announces launch of Health Kiosks

From Correspondent
Guwahati, 3 April

Ayusundra Diagnostics on Wednesday announced the launch of its Kiosks that would work as ‘Health Sentinels’ in reaching out to the last mile of the healthcare delivery chain. The event began at 11 am in the corporate office of Ayursundra Healthcare Pvt Ltd at Lachit Nagar in Guwahati.
Dr Abhijit Hazarika (Co-founder & CEO of Ayursundra Healthcare) said, “Ayursundra model is designed to reduce the gap between diagnosis and treatment, while easing the patient’s anxiety and making treatment more cost effective for him. The inter-connectivity facilitates optimal utilization of the available resources for patients to receive the appropriate medical attention. The unique approach of providing affordable and quality healthcare to the ‘last mile’ is based on the revolutionary ‘Hub and Spokes’ model. This ensures uniformity in deliverables and services. Patients will be able to access their reports in any of the centres regardless of where they are from.” Sanjib Dutta (Head of Marketing & Sales, Ayursundra Diagnostics) said “Ayursundra Healthcare has an edge over the other healthcare providers in the region due to to its unique interconnected model, the only private healthcare institution in the northeast with two verticals – hospitals and diagnostics. The Ayursundra vision is to create an
unique ecosystem that will provide quality and affordable services such as sample collection, e-consultation, tele-medicine, timely follow up of patientsand the Kiosks will help penetrate into the most remote areas of the region.” The Kiosk support will act as the ‘sub-spoke’ in the ‘Hub and Spokes’ model that will supplement the spokes and hub by reaching out to the last mile and providing quality and affordable healthcare services at their door step. This will reduce the hassle for patients in the remotest areas by reducing their expenditure on travel and time. It must be noted that a Kiosk is already up and running in Amingaon and another in Kalgachia will be started from now.
Ayursundra diagnostics has presence across several districts across Assam such as Kamrup (Metro), Kamrup (Rural), Barpeta, Jorhat, Tezpur and Tinsukia. By 2022, the company aims to set up kiosks to supplement all the existing hubs that are operational at the moment. Ayursundra is also looking to explore and expand in Silchar, Silguri, Shillong and Dimapur in the next few years.
Earlier the  opening address was given by guest of honour journalist Nava Thakuria, where he briefed the audience regarding the role of healthcare providers in the society and how quality and affordable
healthcare in the region was the need of the hour.
After the event, the journalists were also given a free check up at the premises. Blood samples were collected in order to check the level of uric acid, as part of a Guwahati Press Club survey to determine how many scribes in the city were  suffering from gout.
Arnab Jyoti Das
Head - Communications
Ayursundra Holdings (India) Pvt. Ltd. DMB Plaza, 3rd Floor, G. S. Road,
Lachit Nagar, Near Hanuman Mandir, Guwahati- 781007, Assam
Mobile: +91-9085341751

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