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Items filtered by date: Wednesday, 03 April 2019 - Imphal Times

Chief Minister N. Biren blow hard to Congress; says Congress only provide lip service with no action

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Imphal, April 3,

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh today highlighted the various developmental changes made after the coming of his government.

Speaking during the flag hoisting ceremony of Dr. RK Ranjan - the Inner Manipur candidate of the BJP, Chief Minister N. Biren Singh said that fear psychosis of the people of the state due to failure in the law and order situation of the state has been lifted.

“Many parents have no worry about their sons or daughter when they go out at night as the law and order problem have been improved”, N. Biren Singh said.

Attacking the Congress Party, Chief Minister N. Biren Singh said that the party serves only lip service, they talk but take no action.

Over the contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill, the Chief Minister still owned credit for not passing it in the Rajya Sabha. He said it was the love and blessing of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the Bill has not been passed in the Rajya Sabha after understanding the sentiment of the people of the state.

Biren Singh also blows hard to the Congress party saying that the Congress Party will not come back to power in the next 20 to 30 years. He also talks about the development project being taken up at Lilong. The government has already taken up project to build 2200 houses for people at Lilong , he said. He added that Imphal to Jiribam highway has been improved a lot.

“Everybody knows the condition of the Imphal Jiribam Road now and then”, Biren said.

The Chief Minister also blames the Congress Party tagging it as communal party.

Works Minister Bishwajit  in his speech elaborated on the reason for people joining politics.

“People joined Politics to bring development and welfare of the people”, Bishwajit said. He added that without connectivity there will be no development in the state.

The BJP leader also stressed on the needs for empowerment of women.

“Without empowering the women there will be no change in the society”, he said and added that the BJP fight for the development and empowerment of women.

Bishwajit also discredited the Congress Party over its inability to take up developmental works.

Bishwajit also slammed the Congress Party over misappropriation to the implementation of Ujjala Scheme. During Congress time only few people gets the LPG connection under the scheme but today almost all people across the country are getting LPG connection under the scheme.

BJP inner candidate Dr.RK. Ranjan singh said that he will serve for the people. He said that he will urge all the demands claims by the people voice  to the centre government.

Leaders of the BJP party including Ksh. Bhavananda, Th Chaoba, Kh Loken etc attended the flag hoisting ceremony. Lone member of the LJP Karam Shyam and President of NPP which are going in hands with the BJP also attended.  

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Arrested illegal drug traffickers released on bailed but BJP claims War on Drugs - Meghachandra

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Imphal April 03

Accusing the present BJP led government for the release of a drug kingpin, spokesperson of Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee K. Meghachandra said that the present government had set free many illegal drug traffickers after being arrested but the BJP still claimed to waged War on drugs.

Speaking to reporters in a press meet held today at Congress Bhawan, Meghachandra said that the released of drug kingpin Lukhosei Zou being related with the present government becomes clearer day by day.

He said that the government should know that it was not the business of the then SP of IW Jogeshchandra and the then AMBA President H. Chandrajit to delay the submission of charge sheet.

He further said that the government should hand over the case to CBI immediately and all the government machineries that are responsible for the release should be booked by law including SP of IE Jogeshcahndra and ex president of AMBA H Chandrajit.  

Meghachandra highlighted that during the time of Congress government every person connected to drug business were arrested and handed the case over to CBI irrespective of their positions.

Regarding the case of Yamthang Haokip where BJP brought up about the drug issue Meghachandra clarified that the case was taken over by the CBI and added that it was funny to make reference on Haokip. He further said that allowing to bail or not for the case taken up by CBI is completely on the hands of CBI and not on the state government. He claimed that the BJP spokesperson who brought the reference about Haokip as person who lacked the knowledge of legal procedures.

He further claimed that the recent case of Lukhosei Zou releasing through bail proved that pressure of government hinders the function of the judiciary. And he added that the present government should not bail a person who was caught with huge amount of drugs if they thought about the people of the state.  

Meghachandra accused that Nando who was an under trial prisoner for the murder of Lungnila Elizabeth was released during the election time. He questioned whether Nando will campaign for BJP and whether he is campaigning through underground.

Focusing on the custodial death of Md Manjoor, he said that Manjoor was previously suspended before Nando escaped. He added that Manjoor will probably not be a part in the release of Nando. Meghachandra further questioned BJP whether they can bring back Manjoor. He demanded that all the persons who are involved in releasing Nando should all be terminated from their services.

Meghachandra also questioned the role of BJP in the upcoming Parliamentary election with the release of Nando as well as Lukhosei Zou and added that it was very unfortunate for the people of Manipur

Highlighting on the mission of Go to hills and Go to village, he added that what has been done for the hills where the cost of rice which was rationed by the government under NFSA mounted up to ten rupees at Churachandpur where actually it should be only three rupees. They haven’t even control the prices of essential commodities, he added.

Meghachandra stressed that the government using their powers arrested Kishorechand Wangkhem under NSA for his facebook post even when the court declared his statement as not seditious violating the human rights but released those persons who even can’t be released under bailed.

He further demanded the present government to release Kishorechandra immediately and to arrest those who are taking part in illegal drugs and guns business.  

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NEFIP formed to address the issues of North East

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Imphal April 3,

The three day North East Peoples’ Convention which begins from April 1 concludes today at City Convention.  The meet resolved to christen a forum called North East Forum for Indigenous People to address various issues that confront the North East regions.

Speaking to media persons in a press meet held today at City Convention, Imphal Convenor of MANPAC Yumnamcha Dilipkumar said that the newly formed forum will opposed anti North East people laws, policies that are detrimental to the indigenous people of the North East threatening the lives, resources, habitats and demography of the region.

He further said that the aims and objectives of the forum will be thoroughly discussed on the next setting which will be organized at Meghalaya and added that Ningthouja Lancha was elected as the convenor of NEFIP.

He concluded that the forum will support all the organizations in various states in their demands for the implementation of ILP system, NRC and other alike influx regulated legislations in their resp[ective states.

Representative of United Naga Council (UNC) Asinpou Gangmei said that previously UNC was a passive supporter for the movement against the contentious CAB. He added that UNC will become an active supporter. He further said that not only the issues of CAB they will confront many others which the government tries to marginalized it. He concluded that the indigenous people of the region will stand together and fight to save the right, culture, identity and the land of the North East people.

Chairman of Confederations of Meghalaya Social Organization Robert June Kharjarin said that just because the mainlanders have the numbers they thought that they can make the minority communities minority in their own land. He added that the new forum will voice out the interest of the people of NE as a whole.

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Truck handyman assaulted to death; 1 accused arrested another on hunt

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Imphal, April 3,

A truck handyman was reported assaulted to death by two persons at Keimai area at Imphal- Jiri road in Tamenglong district on March 30 evening. Among the two involved in the killing of the handyman one has been arrested and another is on the hunt by a team of police led by Sub Inspector Ng. Arunkumar under the supervision of Officer in Charge of Tousem Police station Dorendra Okram.

As per report reaching here, the handyman assaulted to death has been identified as Ali Khan Choudhury (20 yrs) son of late Hauren Choudhury of Katampur , Silchar. The report further added that the deceased handyman along with the driver of the truck bearing registration number PBIO GW/5819 were driving towards Imphal on March 30 evening. At around 6 pm the truck broke down and halted at Kaimai area. The driver left the handyman to look after the truck and went towards Jiri to call mechanic. When the handyman was alone two persons reportedly approached and demanded money from him. As he had no money the two reportedly assaulted him inhumanly and later succumbed to injury.

The police team acting tough on the incident arrested one Titus Kamei (age 23) son of Atowa of New Mau Village Tousem on the following day. On his revelation another person accompanied the accused has been identified as Kaiminglang (Age 24) of kaimai Village. Police team are in search of Kaiminglang. 

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Governor addresses the 32nd Convocation of IGNOU Regional Centre, Imphal

Imphal, April 3,

Governor Dr. Najma Heptulla, today, addressed the 32nd Convocation of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Regional Centre, Imphal at Asha Hall, Asha-Jina Complex, North A.O.C., Imphal. The main Convocation of the University is also held today at Delhi campus with Hon’ble Vice President of India, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu addressing the Convocation. An exhibition was also inaugurated by the Governor as part of the Convocation organized by the Regional Centre, Imphal.
In her address as the Chief Guest, Dr. Najma Heptulla said that the occasion is a golden opportunity to share thoughts and views on higher education in a unique forum where almost all stakeholders are present - Students, Teachers, Academicians, Researchers, some policy makers both past and present and outstanding members of civil society.         
She congratulated the Professors and staff of the University who are behind the success of the students in some way or the other. 
The University, established by an Act of Parliament in the year 1985, with the main objective to promote open and distance education system in the country, has been constantly trying to bring about democratization in higher education and provide quality education irrespective of age, religion, gender and region. Governor added that in recognition of its benevolent services in the field of education, the University was conferred the centre of excellence award in distance education by Commonwealth in 1993 and also been recognized by UNESCO as the world’s largest higher learning institution. Apart from catering to the educational aspirations of millions of students worldwide through its 21 Schools of Studies, 67 Regional Centres and 4 Sub-regional Centres across the country, the University has a significant international presence with a networking of 12 overseas study Centres.  One can have a fair idea about its popularity from the fact that in 2017-18, enrolment status of the University was above ten lakhs seventy two thousand, she added.   

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EGM initiative Know your candidate

Preparation for “Know your MP candidate” a debate cum discussion program being organised by Editors Guild Manipur for both the outer and inner Manipur constitutions. Almost all candidates have agreed to participate in the event, which will help strengthen the democracy and “people rule.” Various stake holder which include eminent personalities from different professions, CSO’s, NGO’s. public leaders have also confirmed participation. Meanwhile venue for the Outer Manipur candidate has been changed to Imphal Hotel from Classic Grande. Date and time will remain same - 4th April 2019 , 1 PM. Citizens interested in the session may come at Imphal Hotel Sangai Hall on 4th April at 1 PM. As there is limitation to the seats, participation will be on first come first basis. Session for Inner Manipur constituency will be held in Hotel Classic Grande on 8th April 2019 at 1 PM. All are welcome.”

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Manipur Maoist boycotts Modi’s proposed visit against the escape of Rapist and Drug Kingpin

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Imphal, April 3,

Armed rebel group Maoist Communist Party Manipur has boycotted Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s proposed visit to Manipur on April 7 alleging government’s hands to the escape of Rapist Th. Nando and Drug King Pin Leikhosei Zou.

In a statement the armed rebel group said that prima facie evidences showed that there is a possibility of government hand’s to the escape of the two. It said that when professors of the Manipur University were guarded by a large number of Security Force when they were taken to the hospital, when Kishorechand Wangkhem was heavily guarded when brought for treatment at hospital how comes the drug King Pin arrested red handed along with weapon be allow to go to hospital without any security escort and why Nando the UTP was not properly guarded even after large number of extortion notes along with two mobile phones were recovered from his possession , the Maoist statement said.

The statement further said that Leikhosei Zou, is a former BJP Vice president and is a resident of Chandel district. As the Chandel district has been inhabited by two major communities the BJP need support from a specific community for the upcoming election. That is why support of Leikhosei Zou is a must for the Chief Minister; the Maoist said and added that that is reason for the Chief Minister to personally advice to a Senior Advocate and an IPS officer for giving pressure to the Court.  As a result for the first time in the History of Manipur Bar Association , a president resigned from the post. On the case of Nando the Maoist said that, the person has been maligning the communist ideologue revolutionary movement. In order to suppress the communist movement by using Nando the government released the Rapist intentionally, the Maoist alleged.

To make the boycott called success, the Maoist called general strike from 5 am of April 7 till 6 pm of the same day. Electricity, water supply, medicines, religious matters and media are exempted from the purview of the general strike, the statement added.

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Together lets’ save the future

Consider a building with a few broken windows. If the windows are not repaired, the tendency is for vandals to break a few more windows. The proverb ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ is worth remembering here.
Eventually, they may even break into the building, and if it’s unoccupied, perhaps become squatters or light fires inside. Or consider a pavement. Some litter accumulates. Soon, more litter accumulates. Eventually, people even start leaving bags of refuse from take-out restaurants there or even break into cars. If the concept is to be applied to the law and order situation in our society with special emphasis to the prevailing system of administration and governance, one would find the same psychological response to the prevailing situation. This very social phenomena is termed the Broken Window Theory - introduced by James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling in an article titled Broken Windows, in the March 1982 The Atlantic Monthly following an experiment by Philip Zimbardo, a Stanford psychologist who tested the theory in 1969. Unsurprisingly for many, the test concluded that vandalism, or for that matter, most forms of social disturbances occurs much more quickly as the community generally seems apathetic.
Similar events can occur in any civilized community when communal barriers – the sense of mutual regard and obligations of civility – are lowered by actions that suggest apathy. In other words, the theory posits that the prevalence of disorder creates fear in the minds of citizens who are convinced that the area is unsafe. This withdrawal from the community weakens social controls that previously kept criminals in check. Once this process begins, it feeds itself. Disorder causes crime, and crime causes further disorder and crime. A lot of social discrepancies- between the accepted social norms and the ground reality can be explained based on this theory. The snowballing effect of corruption, favoritism, unrest and elitism being increasingly experienced by the general public in the state can be understood more clearly and objectively when one understands the psychology behind the cause of such undesirable social occurrences. But understanding the cause is not the panacea to the festering problem, it is rather the beginning of a long and tedious process of reforms and redressals which should be pursued relentlessly. But the task at hand is easier said than done.
The present system of administration and governance which has been consciously shaped and engineered to comply and conform to the interests of a precious few having access to power and connections, with the added bonus of having in place various mechanisms to protect and cover the nefarious activities and conniving characteristics of those fortunate few, needs to be pulled down and a radical system to administration and governance has to be drawn up be implemented without further ado. In short, an overhauling of the deep rooted social evils and malpractices that has been inextricably intertwined with the present system is the need of the hour.
Its times that people make effort to change the system - Yes parliament election is just few days to go. Together lets make a change.

“Cyber Crimes”-Crimes by finger tips

By: Sanjenbam Jugeshwor Singh

Cyber Crime or Computer oriented Crime is the crime that involved a computer and a networks. The computer may have been used in the commission of a crime or it may be the target. Cybercrime can be defined as:  Offences that are committed against individual or groups of individuals with a criminal motive to intentionally harm the reputation of the victim or cause physical or mental harm or loss to the victim directly or indirectly using modern telecommunication networks such as Internet (networks including chat rooms, e-mails, notice board and groups) and mobile phones (Bluetooth, SMS, MMS).
Cybercrime may threaten a person or a nation’s security and financial health. Issues surrounding these types of crimes have become high profile, particularly those surrounding hacking, copyright infringement, unwanted mass surveillance, sextortion, child pornography and child grooming. There are also problem of privacy when confidential information is intercepted or disclosed lawfully or otherwise. Internationally both governmental and non-state actor engage in cybercrimes including espionage, financial theft and other cross-border crimes. Cybercrimes crossing international border and involving the actions of at least one nation state is sometimes referred to as Cyberwar fare.
A report sponsored by McAfee published in 2014 estimated that the annual damage to the Global economy was $445 billion. Approximately $1.5 billion was lost in 2012 to online credit and debit Card fraud in the US. In 2018 a study by Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Partnership with McAfee  concludes that close to $600 billion, nearly 1% of global GDP is lost to Cybercrime each year.
Computer crime or cybercrime encompasses a broad range of activities. Any dishonest misrepresentation of fact intended to let another to do or refrain from doing something which cause loss is known as Computer Fraud. Other forms of fraud may be facilitates using computer system, including Bank fraud, Carding, identity theft, extortion and theft of classified information. A variety of internet scams, many based on phishing and social Engineering target consumers and businesses. An act of terrorism committed through the use of cyberspace or computer resources is generally defined as Cyber terrorism. As such a simple propaganda piece in the Internet that there will be bomb attack during holidays can be considered as cyber terrorism. Cyber extortion occurs when website- email server or computer system is subjected to or threatened with repeated denial of service or other attacks by malicious hackers. These hackers demand money in return for promising to stop the attack and offer protection. Perpetrators typically use a distributed denial of service attack. However other cyber extortion techniques exist such as doxing extortion and bug poaching. Cyber warfare is not the least to mention. The U.S Dept. of Defense (DoD) notes that the cyberspace has emerged as
 a national level concern through several recent event of geostatic significance. Among those are included the attack on Estonia’s infrastructures in 2007, allegedly by Russian hackers. Russian again allegedly conducted cyber-attacks, this time a coordinated and synchronized kinetic and non-kinetic campaign against Georgia.
These crimes are committed by a selected group of criminals. Unlike crimes using the computer as a tool, these crimes require the technical knowledge of the perpetrators. As such, as technology evolves, so too does the nature of the crime. These crimes are relatively new, having been in existence for only as long as computer have – which explains how unprepared society and the world in generals in combating these crimes. There are numerous crime of this nature committed daily on the internet. Crimes that primarily target computer networks or devices includes Computer Viruses, denial of service attacks, malware (malicious code).
When the individual is the main target of cybercrime, the computer can be considered as the tool rather than the target. These crimes generally involve less technical expertise .Human weakness are generally exploited. The damage dealt is largely psychological and intangible, making legal action against the variants more difficult. Crimes that use computer networks or devices to advance other end includes: fraud and identity theft, information warfare, phishing scams, spam (the unsolicited sending of bulk e-mail for commercial purposes). The content of the websites and other electronic communication may be distasteful, obscene or offensive for a variety of reasons. Whereas content may be offensive in a non-specific way, harassment, direct obscenities and derogatory comments at specific individuals focusing for example  on gender, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation . These offences occurs in the chat rooms through newsgroups and by sending hate-email to interested parties. Harassment on the internet also includes revenge porn. Dark net markets are used to buy and sell recreational drugs online. Some drug traffickers used encrypted messaging tools to communicate with drug mules.
As technology advances and more people rely on the internet to store sensitive information such as banking or credit cards information, criminals increasingly attempts to steal that information. Cybercrime is becoming more of threat to people across the world. Raising a weakness about how information is being protected and the tactics criminals use to steal that information continue to gain in importance. 

Any suggestions and Comments can reach to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Or WhatsApp No: 9612891339

Need For India’s Veto Power at UNO

The much waited and cherish dreams for India’s to be the Veto power at United Nations Organisation(UNO) can be cited after Phulwana attacked by Pakistan based Jaish- e-Mohammad(JeM) terrorist master mind behind the Pulwana district of Kashmir India attacked in which 40 braved soldiers of Central Reserve Police Force(CRPF) had lost their life leaving their dear ones.
Jaish-e-Mohammad(JeM) to sanction their asset and to declare as terrorist organization at the UNO has been blocked by China the fourth times under the Veto power, why? Even India supported China candidature when needed for Veto power at UN, P-5 or UNSC.
But the Veto powers like US, Britain and France back India sponsoring JeM,  LeT and it supporter India historical neighbour Pakistan for  economic embargo or US F-16’s already supplied to Pakistan that uses one of the largest democratic country India since, 1947 when Pakistan got independence.
 What’s the needs for India’s - a must to  become one of the members of Veto powers country,  P-5 or UNSC at UNO future expansion else’s terrorists sponsoring by Pakistan could not be put into action and passed resolution at the UNO to be Vetoed by China.
The clarion calls for Veto power countries or the P-5 is to support India’s berth for Veto power at the UN as a responsible and country to counter the terrorist directly or indirectly.
The need of the hour lies the expansion of UNO Veto power expansionism one from Asia continent and another one from Africa continent and also another one from Oceania so as to deals with terrorists and the world peaceful co-existence amongst its member countries.
Lastly the charters of UNO can be put into action and sanctioned  or economic embargo to any  country like Pakistan sponsoring terrorist likes Jaish-e-Mohammad(JeM)  and Lasker-e-Toiba (LeT) organisations that effects India’s security concern throughout  the world. 

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