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Friday, 19 April 2019 - Imphal Times

CPI lodges complaint for re-poll in 30 polling Stations

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Imphal April 19,

CPI candidate in the Inner Manipur Parliamentary Constituency, Dr. M. Nara today lodged compliant to ECI through the Returning Officer for conducting fresh re-poll in around 30 polling stations of the Inner Manipur PC.

The CPI candidate has been alleging booth capturing and malpractices being carried out during voting at various places mainly in the constituencies belonging to the ministers of the present government.

Speaking to media persons at Irawat Bhavan today, Nara said they have found that massive malpractices were done in the four assembly constituencies namely Andro, Heingang, Thongju, Keirao and also added that they have found evidence regarding it.

He said that he had lodged complaint to the Returning Officer to re-poll 13 polling stations of Andro, 7 polling stations at Heingang, 1 polling station at Thongju and 3 polling stations at Keirao.

Nara alleged that at polling station No. 7/39 in Andro assembly constituency, two persons voted for the whole voters, he said that documents regarding it have been submitted to the authority. He added that such practice is a criminal act.

He said that all the reports of malpractices and manipulations were confirmed seeing the details of form 17-A.

He further added that in Heingang assembly constituency, which belongs to the Chief Minister, Voter turnout is recorded 91.3 percent which is unbelievable where voters turnout is quite low for the Lok Sabha election for the whole of India.

Nara said that the complaint he lodged is not about for getting the lost vote but also to draw the attention of the ECI on how the beauty of democracy is being maligned. He further said that the government who rule doesn’t practiced democracy and demanded justice for protection of the sanctity of democracy.

He asked, “What harm is for the ruling party if voting was done democratically voting their own choices”.

He said that the attitude of doing wrong things by the people who claim to do welfare for the public should be stopped.

He finally urged for re-poll in the said polling stations.

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Allegations made by CPI to defame 3 sitting Minister a day before voting day in violation of MCC – CMO

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Imphal, April 19,

The holding of the press conference at Irawat Bhawan, Bir Tikendrajit Road, Imphal on Wednesday i.e., on the 17th day of April, 2019, by CPI Manipur State Council Secretary, L.Sotinkumar, when the poll was already scheduled to be held on 18th April, 2019 is per se, in clear violation of the Model Code of Conduct, said a statement by S Ranjan , PS to CM.
In the press conference held at Irawat Bhawan, Bir Tikendrajit Road, Imphal on the 17th April,2019, CPI Manipur State Council Secretary, L. Sotinkumar claimed to received reports from the party local units and made allegations about the CPI workers being threaten in the constituencies of as reproduced in daily newspapers of April 18, 2019
PS to the CM statement said that the  allegations have been made to defame the three sitting Ministers of the said three assembly constituencies and impute to the public at large that the said three ministers, the BJP candidate R.K.Ranjan and the Bharatiya Janata Party are unfair and indulge in illegal activities. The allegations are therefore aimed at lowering their good will, image and reputation in the society. It added that the statements made in the said press conference and widely circulated in newspaper and local TV news channels are also in violation of Model Code of Conduct as the said allegations are totally baseless, false and bereft of any truth. The said allegations are personal attacks against the three Ministers, solely aimed at tarnishing their images, good will and reputation and that too at a time, when voters would be casting their votes today. The malafied intention of holding the press conference on 17/04/2019 was to ensure that in the morning of the poll day on 18/04/2019, when the voters prepare to cast their votes for the Inner Manipur Parliamentary Constituency, they are negatively influenced against the said three Ministers, the BJP candidate and the BJP. It is aimed to mislead the voters to cast their votes against BJP and the BJP candidate, the statement added.

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Improper procedures in appointment alleges in WAM

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Imphal April, 19,

Wushu Association of Manipur (WAM) alleged to have been witnessing improper procedures of appointing office bearers for the last 29 years since its establishment.

Speaking to media persons Secretary of WAM Hanjabam Jayadeva said that Mayanglambam Biramani has been handling the association since its inception more like his own property. He has been holding the post of secretary for 29 years without any proper procedure, he added.

He also said that there hasn’t been any election for the association for selecting office bearers. He alleged that all the post were nominated according to his choice by him in appointing.

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No question of CM jumping queue while casting vote – PS to CM clarifies

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Imphal, April 19,

PS to the Chief Minister of Manipur Salam Ranjan Singh today clarified that the news item carried as various news channels  including a local daily newspaper under the heading “Manipur Governor Najima Heptulla and Chief Minister N.Biren Singh jumped the queue to vote in the election to the Inner Manipur Lok Sabha seat” as baseless stating that the news item is bereft of truth and is made with malafide intentions. It has been made to damage the image and reputation of Chief Minister, by a journalist without himself being present on site to cover the event being reported.
The Item was webcasted on 18.04.2019 on the websites of News 18  (www.news 18.com), Business standard (www.business-standard.com) , NDTV (www.ndtv.com) , Business Television India (www.btvi.in), India Today (www.indiatoday.in), and The Quint (www.thequint.com), and also at People’s Chronicle, a local daily newspaper of Manipur, in its publication on 19.04.2019, a clarification note by PS to the CM S. Ranjan said.
The statement further said that the news item was circulated by IANS.
“On preliminary enquiry, it has been confirmed that the report was prepared by a journalist, Iboyaima Laithangbam . The said journalist was not physically present by himself at the polling station concerned at the time of casting of vote by Chief Minister”, S. Ranjan stated.
The extract of the news item is as follows:
“Manipur Governor Najima Heptulla and Chief Minister N.Biren Singh jumped the queue to vote in the election to the Inner Manipur Lok Sabha seat on Thursday .
Voters, some of who had lined up even before the polling stations opened at 7 am, were not amused.
Some pointed out that many other politicians had stood patient in queues along with the general people.”
The statement by PS to CM said that N.Biren reached the polling station no.2/16- Srivan High School located at Luwangsangbam Mamang Leikai at around 9:am. The said polling station is also notified as a model polling station. At the said instant, there was a small crowd consisting of media persons, security personnel and five women relatives of Chief Minister, at the entrance of the polling station . There was no queue visible at the entrance. There was no jumping of queue as alleged by the journalist therefore. Chief Minister respects all electors of the state and respects equality of all voters, the statement added.

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Launching function of Wild Urban Bay Leaf Herbal Tea

By - Jilima Yengkhom

Imphal, April 19,

The bay leaf herbal tea product technology has been developed at ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Lamphelpat in collaboration with PJTSAU, Hyderabad in support of Department of Biotechnology, Govt.of India. 

The technology has been transferred to M/S Divine Enterprises with the trade name “Wild Urban “ is committed to process the best quality of herbal bay leaf products for greater heath benefits of the consumers.

The launching program was held at  Lamyanba Shanglen, Palace Compound.

Prof.M. Premjit Singh,Vice Chancellor, Central Agricultural University, Lamphelpat, Dr.I.Meghachandra Singh Joint Director, ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Manipur Centre, Lamphelpat, Padmashree L.Nabakishore , Father of Handicapped and Eminent Traditional Herbal Practitioner, Dr.H .Birakumar Singh, Sr.Principle Scientist, CSIR -NEIST, Lamphelpat, Kh.Shyam Singh,IFS, Chief Conservator of Forest, Manipur, Imphal, Dr.M.R .Sahoo, Sr.Scientist, ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Manipur Centre, Dr.S.S.Roy, Sr.Scientist ,ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Manipur Centre, Dr.P.Tikendrajit, Association D.M. College of Commerce, Imphal and Shri Y.Rajen Singh, Liaison Officer, Planning Dept, Manipur were the dignitaries of the programme.

The tea is Caffeine free and herbal tea specifically made out of herbal leaves namely bay leaf, cinnamon, ginger and mint leaves which is easily found in Manipur which will also helps in reducing fat in the body.

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Manipur Maoist says 16 students admitted to Catholic Schools through backdoor using the name of a Revolutionary group

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Imphal, April 19,

Maoist Communist Party Manipur (MCPM) today said that 16 students have been admitted in back door at St. Joseph Higher Secondary School, Little Flower School, Nirmalabas School and Catholic School Canchipur using the name of an underground outfit. Terming such misuse of revolutionary group as unfortunate, the Maoist said that two person involved in the admission of students through back door have been identified as one N. Gagari and M Subashchandra .
A statement by the Maoist said that the two had been warn time and again not to admit students in the name of revolutionary group however without listening to the Maoist warning admitted the 16 students to the Catholic run schools.
“These two person personally visited the catholic schools and identified themselves as representatives of the armed rebel group to the school authority”, the Manipur Maoist said. It said that they have warn N. Gagarin through his phone No. 8787667010 not to use the name of revolutionary group in admission to Catholic School but without listening to the warning of the Maoist they admitted in backdoor.
Meanwhile, the Maoist also stated that the Catholic School authority should clarify on how the 16 students have been admitted to the school amidst warning from the Maoist to follow strict academic curriculum.
The statement further said that after knowing that no Revolutionary organisation had interfere the admission process of the Catholic run Schools, the two representatives of the Parents Teachers’ Association admitted the huge number of students to the schools through back door. The Maoist said that two persons of the PTA should clarify regarding the matter failing which the Maoist is left with no choice but to teach them a lesson.
The Maoist also said that the two representatives of the PTA in connivance with some of the authority of the Catholic Education Society have been trying to trap the cadre of the outfit who had approach them not to use the name of revolutionary outfit for admission to the Catholic School.
The statement added the Maoist take serious note to the action of the two PTA members where they even use security force to arrest the Maoist cadre who went for correcting the wrong.
The Maoist said that the outfit has all the name of the 16 students admitted through backdoors. It warns the Catholic school of dire consequences if the name of the sixteen students have not been cancelled from the respective Catholic Schools. The outfit however said that disclosing the name of the 16 students would be a wrong thing as the children knows nothing about it and added that the parents of the 16 students who had bribe the PTA members should clarify the matter to the Maoist within three days or else the Maoist will announce the name of the students. The Maoist further warn the two members of the PTA and the armed revolutionary group to surrender to the party failing which the Maoist warn dire consequences.

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76th Birth Anniversary of Oinam Baldeva Singh

IT News
Imphal, April 19,

76th Birth Anniversary of the late Oinam Baldeva Singh was observed today at Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai Community Hall.
Late Oinam Baldeva Singh was a renowned theater activists and dedicated most of his life for the development of the arts and culture of the state.
Secretary of the Manipur State Kala Akademi , Imphal L. Kishorjit Singh, Padmashree Wareppa Naba , who is also the President of Theatre Centre Manipur , Retired Assistant Secretary (DDM) Manipur State Kala Akadami, H. Romoni Singh and President of Critics’ Forum Manipur Dr. L. Gojendra attended as Chief Guest President and Guests of Honours respectively.
Floral tribute was paid to the portrait of the late theater and culture activist Oinam Baldeva Singh

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Revisiting reality

With the increase in reach and dependence on information technology in the present world, detailed descriptions and knowledge on any subject matter can be had at the touch of a button. The virtual world has shrunk to such an extent that anyone can receive and relay information on someone or something as it happen, anywhere in the world. This has led to an unexpected broadening of one’s views and opinions of other people, places, religions, beliefs and customs.
A more tolerant temperament is the result of the ever shrinking virtual world today. The world as we know now is ever evolving and changing, and it is upto us to adapt and make the best of it. But just as everything that is continually changing, there emerges a breed of hardliners who are insisting on carrying on with the traditional way of life, and even thinking. While the concept of preservation of culture and tradition for posterity and more importantly, for the preservation of one’s own identity and those of the community is without doubt, a vital part of our responsibilities to the future generation, yet the insistence on keeping up and following the traditional way of thinking, to restraint ourselves to the set dogmas and beliefs is nothing short of denying ourselves the freedom to grow- spiritually and intellectually, to think and use our rationality and to pursue our dreams.
It is basically denying ourselves the freedom to life as we see fit, so long as our beliefs and practices does not infringe on that of others. Change is inevitable, and the sooner we accept and embrace it, the better will we be prepared to face the future, uncertain and unpredictable as it will be. Resisting change and attempting to cling on to the old ways of thinking which at one point of time would have served its purpose or even prove vital for survival would prove futile and even regressive.
Our way of life changes with the changing times. What was once a necessity, like the caste system which was vital for preservation of communities and races, becoming more rigid to keep the increasing intruders and invaders from mingling and diluting a particular race, has now become a major roadblock in the effort to integrate the nation which is intrinsic to its progress. The time to walk the line without questioning the rationale behind the diktat is well and truly past. It is time to develop and encourage a scientific temperament which questions and provides a reason for the things we do and think. Tolerance and understanding other’s point of view, while, at the same time, retaining the liberty to follow and practice one’s beliefs and principles will pave the way for a more inclusive society bound by trust and understanding. How one lead one’s life should not be a subject of discussion, it should rather be an accepted personal judgment that needs to be respected. There are more important and pertinent things to occupy our minds and collective concerns in these volatile times. Progress is not made by adjusting the changes to suit our needs and beliefs. It is through accepting facts and adjusting ourselves to the best we possibly can to these changes that we can prepare for a better future- our true gift to mankind.

Realisation Day; Echoes the wake up call of the indigenous people.

By – Safiur Rahaman Maibam

Manipur literally translated as the “Land of Jewels” is a society which is multi ethnic in character. Manipur is bounded by Nagaland to the North, Mizoram to the South, Assam to the West and Burma lies to its East. Manipur before the advent of British Rule in the year 1891, was able to fight back Burma and other neighbouring countries and its domination was extended to parts of Burma, Naga Hills District ( now Nagaland) and Assam. Manipur regained its sovereignty from British Rule on 14 August 1947 before India got it. The Manipur Constitution Act 1947 was promulgated on 1st July 1947 and election were held on 11 & 18 June 1948 in the valley, on 26 and 27 July 1958 in the hills area which was based on the universal adult franchise. The political history of Manipur is unique. After Manipur merged into Indian Union the right of the indigenous people is threatening because of immigrants and State arrogance. Series of popular hues and cries have been raised from time to time for the protection of Indigenous people of Manipur.

Immigrants issue & British Rule – Manipur lost its sovereignty to British following the Anglo-Manipur War of 1891. During the British period, Manipur devised a very effective system of controlling the entry of NonManipuri called the permit or passport system. The permit system was brought under the Foreigner’s Department in 1931 for revenue and Judicial purposes concerning the foreigners. This help in maintaining the distinct identity of Manipur. Immigrants issue & Manipur as an independent entity- Manipur regained sovereignty on 14th August 1947 and Manipur adopted Manipur Naturalization Act 1947. It differentiated foreigners (including the Indians) from Manipuri. The permit system to enter into Manipur was continued to retain by the Manipur Council Resolution No. 4 of 1948. It controlled and regulated influx of Non-Manipuri and formed and important item of revenue.

 Immigrants issue after Manipur merged into Indian Union- In 1949 Manipur became a part of India. In the first time Manipur was put in the Part-C status and the pre-existing permit system was arbitrarily abolished by the then Indian Chief Commissioner of Manipur Mr Himat Singh on 18th November 1950.

As a consequences, the uncontrolled & unchecked influx of nonindigenous people in all major, small town and most of the villages in the valley and hill district occupying the land,building,snatching away jobs, eroding/monopoly of economy affecting the day to day life and peaceful coexistence. This has caused slow transformation in outlook, identity and culture of Manipuri. It gives impact in demography, socio-economy and polity of Manipur. Migrants assimilated to Manipur society by marrying local woman & changing the surname to Meitei surname. Many localities of Manipur were flooded by the migrants such as    Serou,Sugnu,Seiton,Jiribam, Thangmeiband,Khurai,Nagamapal, Keisham pat,Chingmeirong etc. Two major economic hub Thangal Bazar & Paona Bazar are controlled by Non-Manipuri. Because of political unrest in Burma many people were infiltrating through the porous borders of Burma & settled in hills area but they are difficult to differentiate because of common in language with the local. Non-Manipuri has the potential to snatch the political rights of indigenous people. In the last Panchayat election of Manipur a student organization called Kangleipak Students Association pointed out that 66 Non-Manipuri were contesting in the election. The apprehension about the subordination of Indigenous People Rights, Human Rights and displacement of indigenous people from their own land by the outsiders in the course of Act East Policy, Construction of Big Dam, Hydro Project, Oil drilling and extension of railways is deep rooted in the indigenous people’s movement of Manipur.

 Series of indigenous people’s struggle for existence:-

First phase, after 1950s Manipur facing a demographic invasion because of the absence of an effective mechanism to regulate entry of non-Manipuri because of this foreigner issue erupted in Manipur. In 1980s, The All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU) & The All Manipur Students’ Coordinating Committee (AMSCOC) launched a strong agitation with the motto “Go Back Foreigners” demanding detection, deletion and deportation of foreigners from Manipur. The then HSLC examination was boycotted as a part of the movement & during the agitation two students martyr’s Potshangbam Premananda (Lukhoi) and Huidrom Lokendro were killed by the forces. Their death anniversaries were clubbed & are being observed as the “Realization Day” by The All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU) on 17th April of every year. This is the first awake up call of the indigenous people. Till date the indigenous people’s struggling for Rights was in a new direction. After a prolonged agitations, AMSU & AMSCOC come to an agreement with the then state government. Negotiations meeting were held on 22 Jul y 1980 & 5 August 1980. They entered into the final round of negotiation in the last meeting and signed the agreement consisting of 16-points. The agreement categorically mentioned that the government would start the process of detection, deletion and deportation of foreigners on the basis of the census report of 1951, National Register of Citizen 1951 and Village Directory 1951. It was also mentioned that a specific sub-section would be inserted in MLR & LR Act 1960 (Under section 158) as a preventive measure to check transfer of immovable properties from Manipuri to Non-Manipuri in the erstwhile central district. It was also clearly mentioned that the Government of Manipur agreed to send back foreigners in Manipur with citizenship certificate from West Bengal, Tripura and any other states of India to the state concern. But the government never implemented the agreement of detection, deletion, deportation of foreigners, the points of the agreement have remained only on paper.

Second phase, In 1994s the agitation on immigrants issue erupted which came to an end with a memorandum of agreement signed between the state government represented by Chief Secretary and AMSU in presence of the then Governor on 9th November 1994. The agreement reaffirmed the agreement signed in 1980 between the representatives of AMSU, AMSCOC & State Government. Unfortunately even after the second agreement, the provisions contained in the agreement were never implemented.

Third phase of the movement start for the protection of indigenous people with the demand of ILP system in Manipur by forming the ILP system Demand Committee on July 2, 2006. By induction of CSO, Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System was formed on 4 July, 2012.

The committee demanded ILPs which has to be framed by local modification within the framework of the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation 1873, which was implemented in the neighbouring North-Eastern states. The demand has been endorsed by the Manipur Cabinet Decision of 12 July 2012 & Manipur State Assembly Resolution of 13 July 2012. But the Government of India turned down the resolution. However agitation grew day by day to its highest momentum. A student volunteer called Sapam Robinhood lost his life during police excesses on the fateful day July 8 2015. Finally after a long struggle on 31 August 2015 there Bills – The Protection of Manipur People Bill 2015 , The MLR & LR (Seventh Amendment) Bill 2015 and The Manipur Shops and Establishment (Second Amendment) Bill 2015 were passed by the emergency session of Manipur Legislative Assembly. Following the passage of three bills agitation erupted in Churachandpur and termed the bills as “Anti Tribal”. It led to the deaths of Nine young & precious life allegedly due to police firing. The agitation is mainly because of miscommunication & misinterpretation. However the all efforts for passing the bills had gone in vain because the bills was withheld by the President of India. A new bill called the Manipur People Bill,2018 was passed on 23 July 2018 during the fifth session of the eleventh Manipur Legislative Assembly. The bill defines “ Manipuri” & “Non-Manipuri” and seeks to regulate the entry and exist of the later in order to protect the interests of the identity of the former. According to the Bill, the Manipuri included the indigenous communities of Manipur such as Meitei, Pangal (Manipuri Muslim) ,Manipuri Scheduled Tribe listed under the Constitution and the Indian Nationals who have been living in Manipur before 1951. Bill is to the President of India for his consent.

Fourth phase, Citizenship (Amendment) Bill is gaining momentum yet again as central government trying to pass it. If this Bill is passed in Parliament, illegal migrants from certain minority communities coming from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan will then be eligible for Indian citizenship. Moreover, these citizens gain permanent citizenship after six years of residency in India instead of 11 years – as mentioned in the Citizenship Act (1955). The indigenous people of North East in General & Manipur in particular strongly opposed this move. The intention of the indigenous people is that CAB is a population bomb that will wipe out the indigenous people from their own land. In name of social justice & human rights for the minorities community coming from Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan the social justice ,human rights and indigenous people rights of Manipuri will put on stagnant. It’s illogical. If India really care for the Human Rights & Social Justice, gives solidarity to the particular community to do Emancipatory politics for liberating themselves in their own land. It’s the voice of the indigenous people.

Coming to the conclusion, at this juncture, the Union government trying to pass CAB is the tyranny of majority at the expenses of those indigenous minority. Since 1950 the migrant in Manipur is a well crafted state sponsored migrants for suppressing the voice of dissent arises because of the series of political blunders committed by the state. The fate of Manipuri is uncertain! Indigenous people’s struggles for Right and existence became an endless struggle. In this moment the observation of “Realization Day” echoes the wake up call of the indigenous people. Wipe out the immigrants in Manipur not the indigenous Manipuri.

Reference :- Souvenir, The All Manipur Students’ Union ( Golden Jubilee, Commemorative Volume)


(***The author is presently Pursuing Post Graduate Political Science at DM University and can be contacted at Email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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