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Items filtered by date: Saturday, 13 April 2019 - Imphal Times

Thousands pay homage to PLA Martyrs on the occasion of Martyrs Day

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Imphal April 13,

At least three thousand people irrespective of communities today paid floral tributes to the PLA members who laid down their lives in the course of the revolutionary movement at Cheiraoching memorial complex on the occasion of the Martyrs’ day which was organized by Family Committee for Observation of 13 April. The ‘Martyrs Day’ is observed every year in memory of the Tekcham gun battle of June 16, 1981 where seven revolutionary cadres were killed and the Kodompokpi gun fight of April 13, 1982 where nine PLA combatants were killed. Speaking to media person, petitioner No.2 who is also a member of the Family Committee For Observation of 13 April, Khundrakpam ongbi Medha expressed gratitude to all the people of different communities who come all the way to Cheiraoching to pay homage to the departed ‘martyrs’. She said that the number of people who gathered to pay homage increases every year. She said that it was very unfortunate that the journalist weren’t allowed to enter the homage site from 8 am in the morning to cover it because of an order instructed by DC. She added that every year the journalist were allowed to cover the observation.  She also said that the ‘Martyrs Day’ was observed with due permission of Court. Floral tributes were paid at the memorial tomb starting from 6 in the morning and the offering of homage continued till 4 in the evening where it was previously extended up to 5pm but then shortened because of an order. However, police took up strict security measures in and around Cheiraoching in relation with the occasion where all the people who came to offer tributes and pay homage to the ‘martyrs’ were verified by police at the foothill. A medical camp was also organised at the foothill in connection with the ‘Martyrs Day’. The large number of people who came to pay homage to departed PLA cadres and leaders at Cheiraoching also paid floral tributes to the statues of National heroes Thangal General, Paona Brajabashi, Bir Tikendrajit and Hijam Irabot. It can be mention that the PLA cadres killed in the gun battle at Kodompokpi were Thoudam Kunjabihari of Kakwa Nameirakpam Leikai, Thoudam Loken alias Amujao of Kakwa Nameirakpam Leikai, Paka of Heirok, Pakhanglakpa alias Puki of Keishampat, RK Khorumba alias Gyane of Moreh, Sorokhaibam Kameshwar alias Kanta of Heibongpokpi, Khundrakpam Chaoban of Kwakeithel Moirangpurel, Naorem Rajen of Kakwa Naorem Leikai and Moirangthem Premkumar of Tera Sapam Leikai. And the seven PLA cadres killed at Tekcham were Ibohal alias Biramangol, Yaima alias Indrajit, Koba alias Rajen Macha, Langlen alias Kacichandra, Inao, Khogen and Joy alias Shanti.

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PAM appeals the people to boycott BJP regarding the agenda of CAB highlighted in its manifesto

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Imphal April 13,

People Alliance of Manipur (PAM) who spearheaded the movement against the Contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) in Manipur today appealed the people of Manipur to boycott BJP for its manifesto which assured to pass the contentious CAB if they come to power in the upcoming Lok Sabha Election.

Speaking to media persons at SSUM office Keishampat, Convenor of Pam SM Jalal appealed the people to support the democratic protest which will be organized by PAM from 15 April to 17 April against the Agenda of CAB highlighted in the election manifesto of BJP.

He further questioned BJP how they see the people of Manipur as they further tried to pass the anti people CAB which will wipe out the native people and will destroy their identity thereby neglecting various protest and agitations which was settle down a bit because of not tabling the bill at Rajya Sabha. In contrast to the various movements regarding the antiforeigner issue that has been doing since the 80s and to make a law for the natives, he said that BJP has ignored all the movements of the people where people have died because of it. He further highlighted the election manifesto which points out that the identity of the North East could be saved even though if the bill is passed and stated that such promise is a lie to the people of the state.

SM Jalal concluded that introducing the contentious CAB in the election manifesto and assuring to pass it if they come to power again showed that BJP doesn’t think about the welfare and the interest of the people and added that they stand against the people of Manipur.

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BJP slams Congress regarding Laws on Asylum

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Imphal, April 13,

BJP slammed Congress party in relation with the manifesto which highlighted to implement Laws on Asylum.

Speaking to media persons BJP’s spokesperson Bijoy stated that the Congress manifesto which points out to implement Laws on Asylum if they came to power will be very harmful to India as well as North East and Manipur in particular.

The Laws on Asylum was highlighted in the foreign section 16 clause 6 of the manifesto.

Bijoy said that the Laws on Asylum is more dangerous than CAB which will lead to demographic imbalance, social tensions and conflict to the nation.

 He said that India refuse to sign United Nation Convention on Refugee and there are 40 countries including India refusing to sign this convention on Refugee since 1951.

 Highlighting the threat which will be caused by the signing of Convention regarding refugee he added that if India signs the Convention on Refugee than any refugee around the world can enter the Indian soil and the illegal refugees cannot be driven away or arrested. He also said that food and shelter should be provided to them.

He continued that Congress manifesto has also a clause to sign such conventions. He added that Congress will surely sign 1951 United Nation Convention on Refugee and 1967 United Nation Protocol on Refugee.

Such signing of the two conventions and protocol regarding the refugees will lead to chaos throughout the entire nation, he added.

Bijoy said that United Nation Protocol on Refugee 1967 allows any international refugee that enter a particular country and also powered to provide a way of living for the refugee. He added that a travel card will be provided to the refugees by UN High Commissioner on Refugee to roam freely on other countries that signed the convention and protocol. Citizenship should be given to them

After Vietnam War, a massive refugee crisis occurred and the population was distributed to other countries that signed the convention and protocol.

He said that Congress always tries to bring up CAB issue misleading the people while they try to implement a more dangerous Law on Asylum.

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Demand to boycott 3 male executives of MSAD; Boycott prize distribution in Manipur by MSAD

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We have witnessed a serious issue raised by women’s executive, advisors and other concerned volunteers about the authoritative structure of the organization since International Women’s day was observed on March 8, 2019. The two women executive was intimidated and bullied for not following their orders in the preparation for International women’s day. There is a growing apprehension that the organization failed to acknowledge the collective voice raised by so many members within the organization to call for JBM. Above that there was also another incident of high-headedness by these three male executive to suddenly dismiss the former three advisors in an undemocratic ways without any prior notice. The three of them have also nominated new advisors violating the constitution and have published it to the Imphal Times on 10th March. The charges against them was brought up by considerable numbers of member, well-wishers and volunteer with serious conviction in a signature campaign on 18th March to resolve the unsettle issue in a JBM. There was not even a single respond to all those plead. Such behaviors only prove their incompetence to hold such position in an organization like MSAD. With no other option left in such toxic atmosphere of male chauvinism that suppress the voice of women, the women in MSAD jointly decided to resign from this tenure on 7th April as published it on Imphal Free Press on 8th April. In such a scenario it is our responsibility to raise our voice against such incompetence three male executive (President, Vice-President and General Secretary) to expel them from the student’s platform in order to safeguard the integrity and equality within the organization. We stand in solidarity with the women executive and advisor who was remove from her post by these three male executive.

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AITUC supports Inner parliamentary CPI’s candidate Dr Nara

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Imphal April 13,

All India Trade Union Congress along with their affiliated 52 organizations and unions give support to Inner Parliamentary Constituency candidate Dr Moirangthem Nara which was fielded by the Left and secular parties.

Speaking to media persons All India Trade Union Congress Manipur state unit’s Secretary Brojendro Mangang said that they have supported Nara in every way they can. He said that he along with the workers working in various units believed that Nara will fulfill the demands of the workers which they have been demanding for years. He added that their demands includes to pay at least a sum of 18,000 rupees to every workers per month and also to introduced a pension schemes amounting to 6000 rupees for the workers who worked in various unorganized sectors and also the drivers who risked their lives for the people.

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EGM & AMWJU Condemns media gag order

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Imphal April 13,

The Editors’ Guild Manipur (EGM) and All Manipur Working Journalists Union (AMWJU) takes strong exception at the 10th April 2019 order of the Imphal West district magistrate which barred the media from covering the floral tribute being paid by family members of deceased members of proscribed armed insurgent group, the PLA, at a memorial at Cheiraoching, Imphal West. The two bodies- EGM & AMWJU, observed that the floral tribute which is being organized by a committee of the families of the deceased PLA members were covered by the media year after year following a court order that allowed the families to pay their respect to the deceased members. It is, therefore condemnable that this government should choose to issue bar order to stop media coverage of the tribute paying.
We consider this as an attempt to muzzle the media and urge this government to not to resort to such measures in future, in the interest of democracy.

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Festival of Democracy hypes

The festival of democracy gains momentum with first phase polling in 91 parliamentary constituencies across the country concluded without much unwanted incidents.
Voters turn out reached 69.43% as per report of the Election Commission of India. 91 out of 543 seats is not a big number but the polling patterns showed the fate of political party in the remaining seats which will be held in phases. Congress party, the main rivalry of the ruling BJP seems to garner more confidence after the completion of the first phase poll, while the ruling BJP seems to be a desperate.
This has been opined as poll analysts cited Modi’s unusual address-to-the-nation for an anti-satellite missile, a biopic and webseries about him, an entire channel called NaMo TV devoted to his speeches, both Modi and party president Amit Shah making blatantly communal speeches and invoking dead soldiers to appeal for votes, and tax officers carrying out raids on opposition leaders. It seems as if the BJP scrambles to produce something new if its leadership seems to believe that it is unable to control the narrative for even two days.
The congress party seems more exited not because the party has succeeded in securing more seats in the first phase poll held on April 11, but because they are confident that other rival political party which are against the principal and agenda of the BJP have gone up its popularity.
Post election scenario on who will go with who is a matter yet to be discussed as everything is fair in love and war.
BJP’s electoral strategy not only remains the same but also harden on issues to make the nation a one religion nation. This has been opined in view of the content of the party’s manifesto at which they promise making the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016 as the law of the country and also ensure that the National Register of Citizens is implemented across the entire country if it forms the next government.
It’s a fact that people across the North Eastern states of India which have just 25 MPs with lion share in Assam had uproar when the BJP led NDA alliance had passed the Bill at Lok Sabha. This region was put on fire to the cost of human lives when the BJP and its alliance was all set to table the bill at Rajya Sabha. Yet, the leaders of the party including Party’s National President Amit Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi keep continuing saying that they will make CAB as law if comes to power. Even the architect of the BJP in NE state Sarbananda Sonowal, who is also the Chief Minister of Assam had been advocating the CAB bill. As for the BJP leaders of Manipur the tone for support of the Bill is different except for a BJP MLA Radhakishore, from Oinam Assembly constituency here in Manipur. While Radhakishore speaks straight the need for CAB, Chief Minister N. Biren Singh and the state president of the BJP says that there will be provision that CAB will not affect the state.
Sarbananda Sonowal chemistry on his support to CAB may benefitted the BJP. When NRC comes into force it was declared around 40 lakhs people in Assam as illegal immigrants. Among the 40 lakhs if CAB is introduced half or people who are not Muslim will get citizenship without much difficulties which means that the 20 lakhs plus voters will favour the BJP.
But why the Manipur BJP supports CAB is a matter need to be pondered. Worth mentioning here is the statement by one BJP spokesperson which stated that 60 to 70 % of the people of Manipur do not know what is CAB. He said so to let the people think that CAB will in no way effect in the election.
But why BJP national leaders are playing with fire in NE people is a matter need to be pondered too. 25 out of 543 + 2 MPs is not a matter. By playing with fire with the NE people the BJP is expected more MPs from mainland India including West Bengal. The BJP leaders not only play with the sentiment of the people of the NE but also stand tough with its policy at Jammu and Kashmir for abrogation of the article 370 and 35 (A). 6 MPs area there in J& K and losing seats in either NE or in J& K is not an issue but will add more support in Hindi heartlands which have maximum number of MPs.  
The BJP is in its right strategy whether it lost seats in the two parts of the country, they may come to power. Saying so desperateness of the leadership is easily noticed with the way they campaign. Yes, everything is fair in war and love but people expect a fair game in politics for the people get the real taste of Democracy.  

Assam Rifles Prompt Action Saves Village from Wild Fire

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Imphal,April 13,

On 11 April 2019, at around 1700 hrs a vigilant sentry in one of the duty post of Pallel Garrison of 26 Sector Assam Rifles under IGAR(South) spotted a wild fire approaching the parameter of the garrison and a nearby village Meipou. Swift wind and already spread out dried leaves/haystack further caused the fire to spread quickly beyond the control of villagers.

Responding promptly to the situation, two teams led by Officers rushed and reached both the locations simultaneously. The team cordoned the area immediately to ensure the safety of civilians followed by controlling the wild fire with all available firefighting equipments. Three water dowsers with pumps and pipes were quickly pressed into service and were stationed near the garrison parameter to control the wild fire. By 2230 hrs in the night, troops were able to control the situation. Timely and prompt action of the troops of Assam Rifles saved the village from getting engulfed by wild fire.

The fire rescue mission received an overwhelming response from the villagers and gratitude from the village chief. The action will further augment the bonhomie and positive relationship between the Security Forces and local populous.

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CNESPR held its 9th NE Annual day

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Imphal April 13,

Centre for North East Studies and Policy Research, JMI (CNESPR) held its 9th NE Annual day on 11th April 2019. The event was organized by the Centre in collaboration with Natural and Cultural Heritage Conservation Initiative (NCHCI) and hosted by North East Students Association (NESA) in the Engineering Auditorium, JMI. Natural and Cultural Heritage Conservation Initiative (NCHCI) is an independent not-for-profit organization based in Delhi and operating across the country. NCHCI is committed to preserving cultural and natural heritage.
The welcome remark was delivered by Prof. Simi Malhotra, the Director, CNESPR.The event was funded by North Eastern council.  The NE Annual Day is one of the major highlights of the University’s Cultural calendar. It is part of the Centre’s Cultural extension activities with the aim to bridge the existing cultural gap between the NE and the rest of the country. Many renowned personalities in the field of culture, music and traditional art forms have performed in the past events such Soulmate, Alobo Naga, Lou Mojaw, Reuben Mashangva, Mangka and others. She also acknowledged and thanked the North Eastern Council (NEC) particularly MR. Ram Muivah, IAS, Secretary, for his constant support and encouragement to all the Centre’s activities.
The rich cultural heritage of the NE was showcased by displaying the beautiful creation of Tangkhul Naga traditional attires by Tangkhul Models Team, Delhi. The Tangkhul delhi Models Team is a group of models who worked  in different profession such as air hostel, corporate employees etc.  The event was also marked by the mesmerizing performance Medley dance by the Northeast Society: Gargi College depicts the unique and diversified culture of the NE. The musical bands Red Light Passengers and the Frisky Pints enthralled the full packed auditorium music lovers from the NE.  Abhineet Mishra pulled off an spell bound performance incorporating rich content which was not only make us lough but in way take through the recent socio-political issues around the country. Especially his take on the issues of north east, allow audience to enter into the larger understanding of the region.  His unique way of presentation and engagement with the audience make it smoother to pass on the narrative
 The purpose of the festival is to connect the unique way of life of north eastern people with the rest of the country. The performance showed the diverse culture and dance forms of Northeast India. The event concludes with the votes of thanks from North East Students Association (NESA).

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Sveep Activity on Ethical and Informed Voting

Bishnupur, April 12,

The District Election Officer, in association with Nehru Yuva Kendra of Bishnupur organized stand-up comedy show on Ethical and Informed Voting and Mass Electoral Participation as a part of SVEEP activity at Thanga Public Ground today.
On the occasion, the general public formed a human chain in the form of India map with the words ‘VOTE’ and ‘LSE 2019’ with ECI logo inside the map. The participants were entertained by comedians from “NOKPHADE”. The group highlighted the importance of ethical and informed voting in a comical way for better understanding.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Salam Dhana Singh, Nodal Officer for SVEEP urged the people to participate in the election by casting their votes. He also informed the people that arrangements for people with disability (PWD) are also made and no one should be left behind in this election.
District Level Officers, staffs and hundreds of general public participated in the event.

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